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Nutritional Cleansing

U n l o cking the Miracle

o f t he Hu man Body
Restore Optimum Health
Revive Vitality
L o s e We i g h t
Tr i m I n c h e s
Build Muscle

Isagenix has improved upon

the ancient health practice
of cleansing by creating a
system to infuse nutrients into
t h e b o d y. T h i s a c c o m p l i s h e s
two things: it speeds the

Jim and Kathy Coover

removal of impurities and


rapidly accelerates the body

toward optimum health.

Our goal is to make a

difference by impacting

Help us accomplish our

world health. By bringing

mission by making nutritional

exciting new discoveries

cleansing a regular practice.

in science and nature to

Yo u w i l l b e h e l p i n g y o u r s e l f

the marketplace, we are

l i v e h e a l t h y, c l e a n a n d l e a n

accomplishing our mission.

for life!

The Human Body

is Amazing.

Why Cleanse?

It was created to sustain life

using a myriad of complex,
beautiful interactions that
start at the cellular level.

accumulates impurities.

Yo u r b o d y l i k e e v e r y o n e s

Whenever your body has

too many impurities due
to stress, pollution or bad
food, its ability to eliminate

When your body is at peak

health, you have the energy
and desire to be active, are
able to maintain a healthy
weight and you feel so good
that you believe you can
accomplish anything.

t h e m i s w e a k e n e d . Yo u r
body then stores the extra
waste in fat cells.

This stored waste makes

your body less efficient.
This includes slowing down
your metabolism, which

Wouldnt you like to feel health

emanating from every fiber
of your body? It creates such
confidence that you believe
yo u c a n l i ve yo u r d re a m s . Yo u
can feel this waywith the help
of nutritional cleansing.

regulates nutrient use, energy

production, and weight
resulting in a glut of pounds
and inches.

Yo u m a y a l s o

feel sluggish, have trouble

concentrating and could fall
victim to illness.

Who Needs Nutritional Cleansing?

All adults who live with stress,

losing weight, improving

pollution and incomplete

athletic performance or

nutrition should cleanse.

creating a healthier life

Anyone who is interested in

should cleanse.**

improving the quality of their

l i v e s b y r e g a i n i n g l o s t e n e r g y,

N u t r i t i o n a l C l e a n s i n g : Im provi ng o n a n A nc i e nt Pra c t i ce
T h r o u g h o u t h i s t o r y, c u l t u r e s

system packed with life-

have cleansed by fasting to

enriching nutrients to

help support good health.

strengthen your bodys

E v e n t o d a y, i t s c o m m o n p r a c -

ability to cleanse and replenish

tice to cleanse with liquids,

n a t u r a l l y. W h e n y o u r c e l l s

such as juices and broths.

are clean and replenished with

H o w e v e r, f a s t i n g o r c l e a n s i n g
with juices and broths rarely
provides the nutrients to:
P r o m o t e c o m p l e t e c l e a n s i n g

nutrients, you unlock your

bodys incredible potential:
Safely lose unwanted pounds
a n d i n c h e s **

S u s t a i n e n e r g y

Cleanse harmful impurities

f r o m y o u r s y s t e m **

R e b u i l d h e a l t h

Burn fat and build muscle**

P r e p a r e y o u r b o d y t o
perform at its peak

R e d u c e u n h e a l t h y c r a v i n g s **

S u s t a i n a h e a l t h y w e i g h t

Gain energy and improve

m e n t a l c l a r i t y **

Yo u d e s e r v e t h e b e s t n u t r i e n t s

Nutritional cleansing, when

from a nutritional cleansing

combined with a nutrient-

system. The Isagenix

dense, reduced calorie diet

Cleansing and Fat Burning

and regular exercise, can help

System is an inclusive

you arrive at a healthy weight.

Nutritional cleansing updates

the ancient practice of cleansing
by using nutrients to drive out
impurities stored within our
bodies. This practice unlocks
our bodies true potential, so
we may experience increased
e n e r g y, e n h a n c e d p h y s i c a l a n d
mental performance, safe weight
loss and optimum health.

He believes the partnership of

cleansing and nutrient infusion
is the key to vibrant health
and to sustain optimal weight.
His vision inspired the creation
of the Isagenix Cleansing and
Fat Burning System.

The Cleansing and Fat

The Visionary Behind Our

Burning System was created

Revolutionary Formulas

as a complete system to

John Andersons 30-plus

accelerate a return to optimum

year career as a Master

wellness. Included are the

Formulator has given him

nutrients required to enhance

a unique perspective about

cleansing, replenishment and

the transformative power

revitalize health.

of nutrients.

IsaOmega Supreme

Allow your body to be the

miracle it was intended to be
with nutritional cleansing.
Ta l k t o y o u r I n d e p e n d e n t
Isagenix Associate today
about the Isagenix Cleansing
and Fat Burning System.

The Isagenix Cleansing

and Fat Burning System
Wo r k s !
I lost 20 pounds* and am now
a comfortable size 6. My sugar
cravings were gone. I began
to sleep better and the
energy! I felt good. I look 10
y e a r s y o u n g e r. * *
Debbie E. Washington

I lost 14.5 pounds* using

the Isagenix System and have
seen significant improvement
in my conditioning. I also feel
g r e a t e r s t a m i n a a n d e n e r g y.
My medical doctor told me I
was healthier now at 72 years
of age than 95 percent of his
patients ages 35 45.**
George L. Arizona

I implore anyone who feels

hopeless to take a step of
faith and try the Isagenix
Cleansing and Fat Burning

When a friend introduced me

System. Ive lost 142 pounds*!

to Isagenix products, I

Isagenix has proved to be

decided to be open-minded

one of the greatest blessings

and try them. Afterward, I felt

in my life.**

great and after two months

S h a r o n B . Te x a s

time, I jumped two levels in

my training.
M a s t e r Lo n g F e i Ya n g N e w
Yo r k

* R e s u l t s m a y v a r y.
** The statements in this publication have not been evaluated
by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
I f y o u a r e p r e g n a n t , n u r s i n g , d i a b e t i c , o n me d i c a t i o n s h a v e
a me d i c a l c o n d i t i o n , o r a r e b e g i n n i n g a w e i g h t c o n t r o l
program, consult your physician before using Isagenix
p r o d u c t s o r ma k i n g a n y o t h e r d i e t a r y c h a n g e s . Di s c o n t i n u e
u s e i f a l l e r g i c r e a c t i o n s o c c u r.

M e d i c a l D o c t o r s a r e Ta l k i n g A b o u t t h e I s a g e n i x
Cleansing and Fat Burning System
Since my successful experience

The Isagenix nutritional

with these products, I have

technology has positively

started many of my patients

improved more lives in the

on the Isagenix Cleansing

past two years than Ive

Systems. My patients are

seen in my medical practice

having similarly good results

for 12 years. My conviction

as Ive had. One of them has

is that everyone, regardless

released over 65 pounds* and

of age and health status,

has experienced many positive

can benefit from this

shifts in her overall health.

i n c r e d i b l e t e c h n o l o g y.

J u d i t h M o s s , D .O . ,

Becky Natrajan, M.D.,

Fa m i l y P ra c t i ce


* R e s u l t s m a y v a r y.

L o s t 218 P o u n d s *
Kept it off
for 3 years!
I used to be known
as the big kid in
school. Throughout
my entire adult life,
I have tried to lose weight.
The day I decided to try the
Isagenix System was the day
that changed my life. I have
lost 218 pounds* the best
part is all of the compliments
on my new look.
Jason D. Illinois
* R e s u l t s m a y v a r y.

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