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Knowledge about IDOC (Intermediate Document)

IDOC is simply a data container used to exchange information between any two processes that
can understand by system.
When we execute an outbound ALE or EDI Process, an IDoc is created. In the SAP System,
IDocs are stored in database. Every IDoc has a unique number (within a client).
Key Features

IDOCs are independent of the sending and receiving systems.(SAP-to-SAP as well as


IDOCs are independent of the direction of data exchange e.g. DEBMAS which contain
the customer master update.

IDOC contain three record as below

Control Record
The administration part (Control Record)- which has the type of IDoc, message type, the current
status, the sender, receiver etc. This is referred to as the Control record.

All control record data is stored in EDIDC table. The key to this table is the IDOC

It contains information like IDOC number, the direction (inbound/outbound), sender,

recipient information, channel it is using, which port it is using etc.

Direction 1 indicates outbound, 2 indicates inbound.

Data Record
The application data (Data Record) Which contains the data or information that is going to
transfer (Such as Invoice value, Payment Information or any master data information) these, are
called the data records.

Data record contains application data like employee header info, weekly details, client
details etc

It contains data like the IDoc number, name and number of the segment in the IDoc, the
hierarchy and the data

In Data record you can able to view all the details which are transfer from or transfer to
systems (such as billing doc no, Dr/Cr amount etc.)

Status Record
The Status information (Status Record) - These give you information about the various stages the
IDoc has passed through.

Status record is attached to an IDOC at every milestone or when it encounters errors.

All status record data is stored in EDIDS table. Where you can easily view the details of
the status /who triggered the IDOC and time of processed.

Statuses 1-42 are for outbound while 50-75 for inbound

Example of IDOC status


IDoc generated
Error passing data to port
Syntax check OK
Error during interchange handling
Application document not posted
Application document posted
IDoc ready to be transferred to application
Error - no further processing

We can display IDOC using transaction WE02 or WE05, Nestle we use ZCMCL for display an

Message Type
A message represents a specific type of document that is transmitted between two partners Ex.
Payment, Invoices customer/Vendor master etc. An IDoc type can be associated with many
message types
Also a message type can be associated with different IDoc types. Which we can modify as per
the client requirement via transaction WE81

Partner Profiles :
A partner is defined as a business partner with whom you conduct business and exchange
documents (IDOC)
In the partner profile of a partner that we exchange IDocs with, we maintain the parameters that
are necessary for exchanging the data. The transaction used is WE20

Partner number can be a unique number which can be used with partner type which classify
partner is belong to which category
Partner Type
Benefits provider
Business Partner
Logical system
User (first 10 characters, no check)
If you know the IDOC number, how do you know which function module is responsible to
process the IDOC and what data it is carrying ?
Need to select the Partner type and partner number as per the highlighted area

Then you can go to WE20 , Need to select the partner number and type.
Press execute which will take you into the correct partner data .

You will find details on the partner profile, where you can find the two sections such as inbound
parameters and outbound parameters. Where we can maintain message type for the IDOC

Choose the message type which was capture from the IDOC and double click which will take
you into parameter set for the message type. (/GLB/RGTTAB - Replicate custom table entries)

Processing by Function module:

Trigger by background program: Need a background program to process the IDOC, It
will wait for a specific job to process the IDOC.

Trigger Immediately: IDOC will not wait for any job/program, it will trigger once it reach
to SAP.

If you double click on the process code it will show you the details in the process code such as
Function module.

Use of Transaction code ZCMCL

This transaction code was designed with more validation on the T.Code WE02. Where we can
search the IDoc with specific field value

If you have only customer number and you want to search the IDoc relating to the same
Can go to Field in segment and can specify the field as KUNNR and 20039625 (Customer
Number) and press execute

You will found the list of IDoc which are created with relating to customer: 20039625 it will
display. (Same way you can search for any company code, vendor etc)
Issue on ALE
1. Ticket: IM0012015638
Message type /GLB/XGTDEBMAS

Issue on ALE
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