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relax respiratory muscles to decrease the depth of breathing

2. The nucleus of the method is reduction of breathing depth. How? Best of all, via
relaxation of respiratory muscles. What happens then? Feel of lack of air, if
breathing reduces. These are basically all instructions, the method in a nut-shell.
3. The deep breathing disease theory is given out in my lecture, "The Discovery of
Deep Breath Being the Main Cause of Allergy, Sclerosis, Psychosis, Tuberculosis,
Precancer and Other Western Civilization Degeneration, Degradation, and
Ailment Symptoms and Death".
4. Overeating, especially on the animal proteins (fish, chicken, eggs, milk, and,
naturally, meat), intensifies breathing drastically. It-s worth noticing that animal
products intensify breathing more, vegetable food v less; cooked food v more,
raw v less. Another breath deepening element is the lack of motion, absence of
physical work, idleness. Physical loads stimulate production of carbon dioxide
and raise its level in the organism. That is why the people who work physically
live longer and are healthier. Breathing deepens through hypodynamia, rest
cure, horizontality (lying, especially on your back), and longer sleep.
Recommendations to sleep more or even the carotic therapy have cured no one.
5. Moreover, about the end of sleep, about 5 a.m., there may be attacks of epilepsy,
asthma, stenocardia, infarction, stroke, palsy and death. In other words, this is
the death zone.
6. Breathing intensifies due to various emotions, positive or negative, overheating,
and stuffy rooms. Reversely, rest, tempering, and cold relax breathing. Breathing
deepens through sexual promiscuity and perversions, while continence
decreases the breathing depth. So, it turned out that the key bases of traditional
medicine, such as deep breath, much rest, or lying and sleeping intensify
breathing. Hyperventilation also develops from smoking or drinking alcohol.
Hence, the reverse idea: less breath, less rest, less sleep, less fun, less
promiscuity, but more physical work, work until you sweat since sweat removes
many toxics from the organism. This is how the ascetic principles are proven to
be right.
7. Mind it, the deep breathing diseases and nervous system intoxication (i.e. the
greed factors) deteriorate human thinking by affecting the nervous system and
the brain cortex first of all. So, the faster the process, the less understanding
humans have they destroy themselves. In other words, the man is like a lunatic
who is climbing up a rotten bow to unavoidably fall down. That is why we believe
our discoveries may deliver us from the coming catastrophe, the end of earthly
8. Academician Guly has proved that simple rise of CO2 level in the organism
doubles the milk yield in cows and weight increment in pigs and chickens,
though feeding does not change. In other words, carbon dioxide is the syrup for
protein, fat and carbohydrate synthesis. This means we could enhance meat,
milk, egg and other food production without additional investments.
9. The conventional principles of deeper breathing, more breathing, more lying,
sleeping, much eating are the principles of greed.
10. Mens sana in corpore sana.
11. Our method does not only purge the organism physically, but also takes away
moral disfigurements and vices. There-s one other thing to say in favor of our
method. It can help reduce food consumption, and this is much like the
triplication of production facilities or agricultural yields. And the last. It-s clear for
us that deep breathing and its ally-illnesses affect the nervous system. The
principle of greed deprives people of sound judgment, and that is fraught with

far-reaching consequences. Therefore my method is a realistic and effective

measure in the struggle for peace against war. If people breathe less, they-ll
become calmer, fairer and more generous to eradicate any chances of war.