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University of Melbourne appointed representatives may only submit applications deemed to be genuine
students using the indicators listed below. Representatives are required to determine the genuineness of an
applicant through questioning prospective students and their families (where applicable) and sighting original
Representatives are required to complete this checklist and attach it to each application (for a Bachelors,
Masters, PhD and Study Abroad application) submitted to the University of Melbourne. An application can
only be submitted if an applicant has demonstrated that each of the key genuine student indicators has been
satisfied. A copy of this checklist will be retained on the applicants file for audit purposes.
Applicant Name:___________________________________ Date of Birth: ________________________
Counsellors Name: _______________________________________________
Company Name:


Genuine Student Indicator

The name and date of birth of the applicant has been verified by me against official
documentation (eg passport, birth certificate)
All original academic transcripts (including completion statements) and English language test
results submitted with the application have been sighted and certified by me.
The course/s applied for are appropriate to satisfy the applicants interests.
I have provided information relating to the tuition fees and living costs and the applicant
understands that if they are unable to pay their tuition fees their enrolment will be cancelled
by the university.
The applicant has provided sufficient evidence (eg financial statements, scholarship letter,
confirmation from parent that they have the resources to pay the tuition fee and living costs)
to demonstrate their ability to fund their tuition and living costs for the duration of their studies.
Note: If the applicant is relying on a scholarship their academic performance must be at a
high enough standard to be considered as a genuine applicant for a scholarship.
The applicant understands that while they are allowed to work 40hours per fortnight according
to student visa regulations these funds will only be sufficient to supplement living costs and
must not be relied upon as the only source of income to pay tuition fees.
The applicant is likely to meet the universitys English language requirements prior to the
commencement of the semester in which the applicant wishes to commence studies.
The applicant understands that their visa application will be rejected if it is found that their visa
documents are fraudulent or DIAC is not satisfied that they are a genuine student.


I am satisfied that the applicant has demonstrated that they are a genuine student and I have sighted the
relevant original documents.
Signature of Counsellor: ________________________________________