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Ras al khaima


The following Rules and Regulations shall apply to all employees of the Company while in the
Companys premise at all times including break times and overtime:
1. Each employee must act in accordance with the companys policies, orders, rules, regulations,
guidelines etc. applicable from time to time.
2. The Company expects each employee to maintain proper decorum. Employees are expected to
conduct themselves on the job in a manner that contributes to operating effectiveness,
productivity, safety and a harmonious work environment.
3. The duty must be performed in good faith and a brief reporting of the work done in the entire day
must be given to the head office.
4. Proper registers must be maintained for easy tracking and record keeping.
5. No employee shall be under the influence of or using alcoholic beverages including drinking such
beverages during the work hours. Any employee arriving to work under the influence of alcohol
or an illegal substance will not be permitted to work.
6. No employee shall drive a Companys vehicle or operate any equipment while under the
influence of alcohol.
7. You are required to be at your appointed work place and ready to begin work at the appointed
starting time. Irregular attendance or tardiness will not be tolerated and may result in termination.
8. Employees who will be late or absent from work must inform their Supervisor at least two (2)
hours prior to normal starting time.
9. Under no circumstances should employees leave the assigned work area early without express
permission from a Supervisor.
10. Designated break times are assigned to have meals.
11. Employees who work late or on overtime must ensure that all lights, air-conditions and
Equipments are shut off when they leave the work place.
12. Dress code is to be followed strictly. Employees must wear their uniforms at locations where
uniforms are required. You are expected to look neat and presentable while on the job.
13. An increment based on individual performance shall be given every year.
14. If employees do not meet the companys expectations of performance or conduct, necessary
corrective action may be taken. It is within managements discretion to determine what measure
would be appropriate under each circumstance.

Leave Rules
These rules will be applicable to all the employees of the Company excluding trainees &
The entitlement of privilege/earned leave, casual leave, sick leave, Maternity leave & Study
leave are as under:Sr.

Mgr./Asstt. Manager.
Executive / Officer / Asstt. Officer.
Staff Cadre







As per


As per


Leave for
every 20
Leave for
every 20

* If the employee is covered under ESI act-1948 ,will not be entitled for sick leaves.
Privilege / Earned Leave
1. Earned Leave will be credited in the account of an employee as on 31 st December for the
period worked by him during that year.
2. The employee will be entitled to Earned Leave after working of minimum 240 days.
3. Earned leave shall be granted to the employee only after completion of one year of
4. The application for availing earned leave should be submitted to the sanctioning authority
on the prescribed format at least one week in advance so as to enable the management to
make alternative arrangement.
5. In case of the death in family or on medical ground application for leave shall be made on
the same day.
6. The management can refuse any kind of leave to any person, or can cancel the sanctioned
leave or recall a person from leave if the presence of the employee is necessary.

7. The Earned Leave cannot be availed more than three times in a calendar year as provided
in section 69 of The Factory Act, 1948.
8. Holidays & Sundays prefixed & suffixed shall not be counted as leaves. However,
intervening holidays falling within the period of earned leave shall be part of leave.
9. Earned leave will be accumulated up to 18, beyond 18 balance leave will be encashed.
10. In case of Production, Maintenance, Engineering Workers no earned leave shall be
accumulated and their earned leave shall be encashed in the subsequent year or at the
time of cessation of employment.
11. Earned Leave will not be granted to any employee during probation period.
12. Earned leave cannot be combined with casual leave or with any other kind of leave.
13. Earned leave cannot be availed for half day.
Casual Leave:
1. Seven days casual leave in one calendar year shall be admissible to all the employees.
2. If in urgency/emergency an employee is not able to take prior sanction before availing of
Casual leave, he shall inform his superior within 24 hours of his having availed of this
3. Casual leave shall not be allowed for more than three days at a time.
4. Where casual leave taken by an employee for more than three days at a time, the same
shall be treated as earned leave.
5. The employee on probation period shall be entitled to casual leaves in proportion to the
period of service rendered by him.
6. Combination of Casual Leave, Weekly Off and holiday shall not exceed four days at a
1. Seven days sick leave in one calendar year shall be admissible to all the employee.
2. The employees who are covered under Employee State Insurance Act, 1948 are not entitled
for Sick Leave.

3. Any Employee availing of more than two days Sick Leave at a time must produce a Medical
Certificate from Registered Medical Practitioner/Government Dispensary/Govt. Hospital to
support his sickness.
4. Holiday intervening the sick leave shall be considered as a part of sick leave.
5. Sick leaves can be accumulated up to 28 days.
6. The Sick leave may be combined with Earned Leave in case of prolonged illness.
7. Employees on probation period shall be entitled to sick leave in proportion to the period of
service rendered by them.
8. The accumulated sick leaves will not be encashable ,when an employee leaves the
organization or during the tenure of service
1. Maternity Leaves shall be granted to female workers as per Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
on full day pay for a period of 90 days or 12 weeks, 6 week before delivery & 6 weeks
after delivery.
2. Maternity Leave shall also be granted in case of miscarriage/abortion including abortion
induce under the Medical Termination of pregnancy 1971 Act, not more then 45 days
from the date of miscarriage/abortion as certified by authorized Doctor.
3. Maternity Leave shall not be granted to employee if she already has two living children.
4. Maternity Leave shall be granted to those employees only who are not covered under
Employee State Insurance Act, 1948.
5. The women employee who Claim Maternity benefit must have worked for not less than
80 days in the 12 months immediately preceeding the date of her expected delivery.

All kind of leaves shall be recommended and sanctioned by the concerned HOD on the basis of
duly filled in leave application in prescribed format.

1. The Company reserves the right to modify/cancel/amend all or any of these rules and to
issue supplementary rules or amendment there on.
2. In exceptional circumstances advance leave may be granted by GM/CEO/Director/JMD
of the Company.
3. Leaves without pay shall not be counted as period of service.
4. During the period of leave employee shall not take-up or accept any employment or work
either on remuneration or without remuneration.
5. During the period of suspension, an employee shall not be granted any leave However,
during the pendency of disciplinary proceedings the competent authority may grant leave.
6. An employee on sick leave may not return to duty without producing a medical certificate
of fitness.
7. The management reserves the right to modify or cancel or amend any of these rules.

Work Rules Acknowledgement Form

I have received a copy of the Company Work Rules and have read it.
As a condition of employment, I agree to abide by all Company rules,
regulations and policies.







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