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This Subcontractor Agreement (herein referred to as "Agreement"), made this ______ day of
___________, 2010 between Border Construction Services,
and___________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Subcontractor").
Subcontractor agrees to perform all services generally performed by the Subcontractor in
Subcontractor's line of business, including, but not limited to, the following:
Subcontractor further agrees to furnish all materials and perform all work described herein, all in
accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications of the General Contract, Accepted
Proposal or this Agreement.
1. General Contract. The Contract between Border Construction Services, as prime contractor
and the owner or owner's representative.
2. Accepted Proposal. Border Construction Services, proposal as to the work to be done and the
amount that the work will cost that has been agreed to by the owner or owner's representative.
3. Allied Operations. Operations by Border Construction Services, and all other subcontractors
that are being performed at the specific job site.
Border Construction Services, and the Subcontractor intend that an independent contractor
relationship will be created by this Agreement. Border Construction Services, is interested only
in the results to be achieved while the conduct and control of the work will lie solely with the
Subcontractor. Subcontractor is not to be considered as an agent or employee of Border
Construction Services, for any purpose and the employees of Subcontractor are not entitled to
any of the benefits that Border Construction Services, provides for its employees. It is
understood that Border Construction Services, does not agree to use Subcontractor exclusively
for the type of work that is described in I - SUBCONTRACT above.

Subcontractor agrees to start performance of the awarded work within a reasonable length of
time after notification by Border Construction Services Subcontractor agrees to use due diligence
in the completion of such work and to complete such work in accordance with the program of
Allied Operations of Border Construction Services, and other Subcontractors, if any.
Subcontractor has sole control of the manner and means of performing the work specified in the
General Contract or Accepted Proposal and shall complete it according to its own means and
methods of work.
If the Subcontractor, at any time, fails in the performance of the terms, stipulations and
agreements of the General Contract, Accepted Proposal or this Subcontractor's Agreement or
fails to use due diligence in the work awarded them, so as to interfere with or in any way impede
Allied Operations of Border Construction Services, and other Subcontractors, this will be a
failure of performance. Failure of performance will rest solely in the judgment of Border
Construction Services, which will provide notice to anyone representing the Subcontractor at the
job site or Subcontractor's place of business. Such notice will state the nature of the violation of
the Agreement or contracts. If the failure is continuing for two (2) days after notice to the
Subcontractor, Border Construction Services, may precede thereupon to complete the work
under the terms of the General Contract, Accepted Proposal or Subcontractor Agreement at the
cost and expense of Subcontractor. Border Construction Services, may re-sublet the work, and
any monies due the Subcontractor on that project will be held until the Subcontractor's portion of
the project has been completed by Ask for Mike, Inc., or a new Subcontractor. These monies will
be paid to Border Construction Services, or the new Subcontractor for the work done.
Subcontractor further agrees that if Subcontractor should delay the material progress of the work
so as to create any damage or cost overage for which Border Construction Services, shall
become liable, then the Subcontractor shall indemnify Border Construction Services, for the
amount of any damages so caused.
In entering into and complying with Agreement, Subcontractor is at all times performing as an
independent contractor. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute or be construed as a creation
of a partnership or joint venture between Subcontractor and Border Construction Services, or
their successors or assigns.
Border Construction Services, shall pay the Subcontractor for performance of the work described
within the General Contract, Accepted Proposal or Subcontractor's Agreement, subject to
additions and deductions agreed upon in writing by the Subcontractor and Border Construction


Subcontractor will be paid weekly. Payments will consist of ninety (90%) percent of all labor
and materials which have been performed by the Subcontractor on the job site and for which
payment has been made by Owner to Border Construction, shall retain the remaining ten (10%)
percent until thirty (30) days after work has been fully completed and delivered and accepted by
the Owner. This provision is limited to the work done by the Subcontractor. All weekly draws or
invoices are to be turned in to Border Construction Services, by 5:00 p.m. each Wednesday and
payment will be made on Friday of the following week. All monthly draws will be turned in no
later than the 25th day of each month and payable by the 10th day of the following month.
Payment will only be approved for the percentage of work completed on the turn in date. All
Subcontractors draws are subject to the fund availability.
Subcontractor shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend Border Construction Services, from
and against any and all costs, expenses (including reasonable counsel fees), liabilities, losses,
damages, suits, actions, fines, penalties, claims or demands of any kind and asserted by or on
behalf of any person or governmental authority, arising out of or in any way connected with,
Border Construction Services, shall not be liable to Subcontractor on account of (1) any failure
by Subcontractor to perform any of the agreements, terms, covenants or conditions of the
General Contract, Accepted Proposal or this Subcontractor Agreement required to be performed
by Subcontractor, (2) any failure by Subcontractor to comply with any statutes, ordinances,
regulations or orders of any governmental authority, or (3) any accident, death or personal injury,
or damage to or loss or theft of property, with shall occur performing under the General Contract,
Accepted Proposal or the Subcontractor's Agreement regardless of whether such liability, claims,
demands, damages and costs were caused in while or part by Border Construction Services, or
the concurrent negligence of Border Construction Services, or any other person or entity.
Subcontractor shall warrant all work performed by Subcontractor for one (1) year from date of
completion of the job. Subcontractor shall satisfactorily remedy any and all deficiencies or
problems within three (3) days of written notice from Border Construction Services
Subcontractor shall provide and furnish all insurance coverage relating to Subcontractor's portion
of the General Contract/Accepted Proposal. This coverage shall include, but is not limited, to
workmen's compensation, general liability and automobile insurance. Evidence of such insurance
coverage is to be furnished to Border Construction Services, when an application is submitted by
a Subcontractor and thereafter, once a year. If Subcontractor does not carry general liability
insurance, a five (10%) percent fee will be deducted from each invoice and each draw. An
approved waiver for the absence of workmen's compensation insurance must be on file with
Border Construction Services. Subcontractor agrees to waive all right of subrogation against
Border Construction Services.


Subcontractor shall be bound to Border Construction Services, in the same manner as Border
Construction Services, is bound to the Owner to the extent of the portion of the work covered
under the General Contract/Accepted Proposal.
Subcontractor shall abide by the Safety Policy and Subcontractor Policy that has been read and
signed simultaneously with this Agreement.
Subcontractor must sign a lien waiver in order to receive payment for work that has been
This Agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of
the State of Texas.
If any legal action is instituted to enforce this Agreement or any part of this Agreement, the
prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's and court costs from the other
This Agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Any prior
understanding or representation of any kind proceeding the date of this Agreement shall not be
binding upon any party except to the extent incorporated in this Agreement.
Any modification of this Agreement or additional obligation assumed by either party in
connection with this Agreement shall be binding only if evidenced in writing, signed by each
party or an authorized representative of each party.
The titles to the sections of this Agreement are solely for the convenience of the parties and shall
not be used to explain, modify, simplify, or aid in the interpretation of the provisions of this

If any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the
remaining provisions hereof shall in no way be affected or impaired and such remaining
provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

In witness whereof, the Parties hereto have duly executed this Agreement on the date indicated in
the first paragraph.
SUBCONTRACTOR: By: _______________________________________________________
Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________

Border Construction Services

By: ___________________________________________________________
Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________

Border Construction Services

DATE: ________________

TAX ID # __________________________

DBA (if applicable) _______________________________________________________
ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________
CITY ___________________________________STATE ________ ZIP_____________
PHONE ( ) ______________________ HOME ( ) ____________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS _______________________________________________________
YEARS IN BUSINESS_____________ YEARS AT THIS ADDRESS ______________
DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER _______________________________ STATE ______
SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ____________________________________________
BANK REFERENCE _____________________________________________________
ACCOUNT # ____________________________________________________________
GENERAL LIABILITY ___________________________ LIMITS _________________
WORKERSCOMPENSATION_____________________ LIMITS _________________
AUTOMOBILE __________________________________LIMITS _________________




NAME ___________________________________ PHONE_______________________
ADDRESS ________________________________ CONTACT____________________
CITY _________________________ STATE _____ ANNUAL PURCHASE_________
NAME ___________________________________ PHONE ______________________
ADDRESS ________________________________ CONTACT ___________________
CITY _________________________ STATE _____ ANNUAL PURCHASE _________
NAME ___________________________________ PHONE ______________________
ADDRESS ________________________________ CONTACT ___________________
CITY _________________________ STATE ______ ANNUAL PURCHASE ________


NAME _________________________________________ PHONE ________________
ADDRESS ______________________________________ CONTRACT ____________
CITY _______________________________ STATE _______ ZIP _________________
NAME _________________________________________ PHONE ________________
ADDRESS ______________________________________ CONTRACT ____________
CITY _______________________________ STATE _______ ZIP _________________
NAME _________________________________________ PHONE ________________
ADDRESS ______________________________________ CONTRACT ____________
CITY _______________________________ STATE _______ ZIP _________________

In signing this application, I certify all of the information is true and correct to the best of
my knowledge. I further authorize Border Construction Services to perform any
background checks that are deemed necessary.
____________________________________________________ ___________________

*******************DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE ********************

BUSINESS CARD _____________________CONTRACTOR RULES ______________

LETTERHEAD _______________________ INSURANCE W / C _________________
ADDRESS ______________________________________ LIAB __________________
PHONE/PAGER ______________________ BANK REF ________________________
NUMBER OF BEHICLES USED _________ COPY OF I.D. ______________________
LIST OF LEAD MEN __________________ COPY OF S.S. ______________________
AGREEMENT ________________________

The Border Construction Services Subcontractor Policy

1. WORK HOURS. Standard field operations for subcontractors are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday. However, there can be changes due to work conditions such as
emergency repairs. If a subcontractor would like to work on a project outside of these hours or
days, permission from the project superintendent and the client must be obtained beforehand.
2. DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE POLICY. It is the policy of Border Construction Services,

(also referred to as the Company) to promote excellence in the products and service offered to
the industry. This policy requires that our personnel, equipment, subcontractors, and operating
practices be consistent with high standards of health and safety. The abuse of drugs or alcohol by
Company subcontractors and their employees does not agree with the Company's objectives.
Accordingly, the Company is implementing this drug and alcohol abuse policy:

1. To establish and maintain a safe, healthy workplace for all workers.

2. To reduce the number or accidental injuries to persons or property.
3. To safeguard the reputation of the Company, it's subcontractors and workers.
4. To reduce absenteeism and tardiness and thereby improve productivity.
5. To comply with Section 7.10 of the Texas Workers' Compensation Act.
1. The Company strictly prohibits the use, possession, sale, transfer, purchase or being
under the influence of any drug or alcohol by subcontractors or their employees at any time on
Company premises or while conducting Company business.
2. Subcontractors or their employees shall not report for duty or be on Company property
or projects while under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol.
3. No prescribed drug will be brought on Company premises or job site by any person
other than the one for whom it is prescribed. Such drugs can only be used in the manner,
combination and quantity prescribed and providing there is no safety concerns involved with
their use.
4. The Company will not condone the off-duty use of any drug or alcohol that results in
excessive absenteeism or tardiness or which may result in accidents or poor workmanship.
1. Alcohol is any beverage that may be legally sold and consumed and has an alcohol
Content more than 3 percent by volume.

2. Drug means any substance that can alter a person's mood, perception, pain level or judgment. Drug
also includes alcoholic beverages, inhalants and illegal drugs.
3. Prescribed drug is any substance prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner.
4. Illegal drug is any drug or controlled substance whose use, possession, sale, transfer or purchase is

1. Any subcontractor found to be in violation of the Company's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
will be immediately terminated from all current or future contracts with the Company.
2. Any subcontractor employer found in violation will require that the subcontractor immediately
terminate that employee from any further work on any Company property or project.

All subcontractors and their employees shall, at a minimum, comply with all applicable laws, codes,
rules, regulations and requirements pertaining to the performance of its work, including the Federal
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).
Prior to performing any work activities, the subcontractor shall evaluate the safety of the work in place
and the working conditions in the area in which its employees and the subcontractors will work and will
notify Border Construction Services in writing of any unsafe work conditions or defective work in place.
It shall be the subcontractor's responsibility to furnish and pay for special tools, equipment and personal
protection equipment necessary to comply with OSHA standards or other agency regulations that pertain
to the work.
All Subcontractors are required to comply with Border Construction Services Subcontract Safety
4. INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT. Any subcontractor or their employees that see any misconduct which
may be detrimental to the contractor or themselves should report that occurrence to that project
superintendent immediately. Failure to do so may result in suspension of current or future work.
5. CLOTHING. All subcontractors and their employees are required to wear appropriate clothing at all
times while on the contractor's project. No bare back, tank tops, mesh shirts, or any article of clothing that
displays lewd or vulgar illustrations or language will be permitted.

I have read the Border Construction Services Subcontractor Policy statement and any questions I may
have had were answered to my satisfaction. I understand that abiding by its provisions is a condition of
my association with Border Construction Services. I further acknowledge my understanding that the
Company may add to or change these policies from time to time and that I will be appropriately informed.
Subcontractor's signature ____________________________________________ Date ______________
Printed name _____________________________________________________

Border Construction Services Subcontractor Safety Agreement

1. It is the subcontractor's responsibility to ensure that all its employees, including lower tier
subcontractors, are provided a safe and healthful work environment. The subcontractor will take all
reasonable safety precautions in the performance of the work to protect its employees and other persons at
the job site. The subcontractor and its employees will, at a minimum, comply with all applicable laws,
codes, rules, regulations and requirements pertaining to the performance of its work including the Federal
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).
2. Subcontractor agrees that prior to performing any work activities, it will evaluate the safety of the work
in place and the working conditions in the area in which its employees and subcontractors will work and
will notify Border Construction Services in writing of any unsafe conditions or defective work in
place. Failure of subcontractor to notify Border Construction Services of any unsafe conditions or
defective work prior to beginning work shall establish subcontractor's acceptance of the work in place and
safety of the working conditions related to its work.
3. The subcontractor should establish its own safety program implementing safety measures, policies and
standards conforming to those required or recommended by governmental agencies such as OSHA that
have jurisdiction over the subcontractor.
4. The subcontractor is expected to enforce its own safety program for the scope of work in progress.
Under no circumstances will Border Construction Services release the subcontractor of its
responsibility concerning safety issues on the job site. It is the subcontractor's responsibility to furnish and
pay for special tools, equipment and personal protective equipment necessary to comply with OSHA
standards or other agency regulations that pertain to the work.
5. The subcontractor shall immediately stop any part of the work deemed to be unsafe by any
entity/government agency until corrective measures have been taken.
6. The subcontractor acknowledges that to the extent that any entity/government agency identifies any
safety defect or safety failure, such information or direction will not constitute interference by such
entity/government agency with subcontractor's means and methods of providing and enforcing safe
working practices for subcontractor's work.

I have read the Border Construction Services Subcontract Safety Agreement and any questions I may
have had were answered to my satisfaction. My employees and I will comply with the applicable safety
rules and regulations that pertain to my trade.
Subcontractor signature: ___________________________________________Date ___________
Printed Name: ____________________________________________________
Company Name: __________________________________________________

Subcontractor Consent for

Drug/Alcohol Screening
If and when you are offered and have accepted a contract to be a SUBCONTRACTOR for Border
Construction Services, you may work with/be around machinery/equipment that may cause
injury to you as well as others. In the safety interest for yourself and all that are concerned. All
subcontractors will be required to take a urine test to screen for drug and/or alcohol use, this is
one of the conditions that must be met for contracting with this company.
I__________________________, have been fully informed by my potential contractor of the
reason that a drug and alcohol screening is being required. I understand that I am being tested for
illegal drugs or alcohol use that may inhibit and or alter my ability to fully function while using tools
or machinery while performing my job description. I am aware that I am giving my consent at will. I
also understand that the results of this test will be sent to my prospective contractor and will
become part of my record.
If the test results come back positive for any drug or alcohol use, I aware that this maybe grounds
for being denied the contract and or grounds for immediate termination of the subcontract. You
may be given the opportunity to explain the results of this test if positive results are returned.
I authorize the screening test as stated above. The results are to be released to Border
Construction Services.

Print Subcontractor Name


Subcontractor Signature