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Holstein Fun in the Sun ~ Cancun

Edition ~ Updates
All genomic information has been updated on master genomic list
titled Fun in the Sun-Cancun Highlights! Please refer to this
recently updated PDF File for the latest GTPI info!

Additional Information
Many photos of individual consignments can be viewed at The Cattle
Exchange Facebook Page! Sale order is simple; we will star at #1
and end at #50B to make it easy to follow for online viewers! Sign
up immediately at Cowbuyer.com & pre-register for the sale of the
Lot 1: Ready to conventional flush or IVF! Over achieving genomic
cow family!
Lot 2. This Fancy heifer is the FRANCHISE kind! She is a Top 100
GTPI heifer in North America
at +2752. Her first 4 dams are still in herd and her
Supersire dam is sure to be a VG
cow when she calves again. Born in July you wont have to
wait long to start making
Lot 3. This nice Rubicon is a Top 75 NM$ (highest heifer in the sale)
and Top 150 GTPI heifer
making her a dual threat. Her sire stack in unique and this
family knows how to make
them high!
Lot 5. If you want milk, protein and a fancy calf, this is your pick!
This family is churning out
big results and this heifer will put you in on the ground floor.
Lot 6. One of the highest GTPI calves in the sale at +2749, she is a
top 100 GTPI heifer in North
America. Huge CFP at 155 and 191 Feed Efficiency! Great
maternal cow family and
Supersire free.
Lot 7. See February official evaluation on spreadsheet.
Butlerview Holsteins, IL

Housed at

Lot 8. Sired by Rubicon, this family is really throwing the high GTPI
offspring! Dam sold in 1st
Fun in the Sun Sale!

Lot 10. This heifer is ready to go home and make calves. She made
20 Oocytes 1st time & 15
2nd time using pre-release semen. Big milk and protein,
one of the highest flush age
heifers in the sale.
Lot 11. Dams new record 3-00 260 28932 4.1 1196 3.3 955.
Lot 12. One of the highest protein heifers in the breed at +74P and
she will be ready to work
soon! Supersire free pedigree and we think you will
recognize the cow family. 156
Lot 15. Only the Denver calf listed in the catalog is selling, a
beautiful balanced calf!
Lot 22. Maybe the sleeper of the sale, ready for IVF soon. High
PTAT and UDC and a no holes
genomic profile. This is a nice heifer from a world famous
cow family-the Ravens!
Lot 23. Housed at GenoSource - Blairstown, IA
Lot 27. She had 112 pounds on 2-1-16 & she looks to be VG-87 or
88 w/high scoring MS! She
is one of the highest protein cows in the breed ready to go
home and make you
Lot 28. +2638 GTPI and ready to flush from the Juror Faith family.
Lot 29. Huge Milk and Protein heifer from the Ramos 1200 family.
IVF history: 1st time- 11
transfers; 2nd 10 transfers; 3rd 11 transfers; 4th 6
transfers! A money maker!
Lot 30. PREG - Ready to IVF - Housed at TransOva, Maryland. NO
Lot 31. Donor dam: IVFd one time, 17 Ovacytes resulted in 6
Lot 32. High NM$ at 868 and +55P heifer from the great
Cookiecutter cow family. Mogul free
pedigree! This family doesnt miss.
Lot 34. +59P Rubicon x Fancy Halogen x Ostyle x Planet.
Something a little different that still

packs a production punch!

Lot 35. Housed at GenoSource - Blairstown, IA
Lot 36. Housed at GenoSource - Blairstown, IA - EARLY DELCO!!!
Lot 39. Extreme Feed Efficiency! Housed in Iowa. Looks the part!
Huge Protein!
Lot 40. Some of the highest GTPI/NM$ PA's to ever sell on Public
Auction - 6#1 females!
Lot 41A.

5#1 from one of the hottest cow families in the world!!!

Lot 42.


Lot 43.

4#1 and 3#2

Lot 44. Is *TV and simply the most valuable RED heifer in the World
being #1 for Type!
Lot 46. #3 Heifer in the breed for Type at +3.87! And a stunning
Lot 50B. There are 3#1 & 3#2 IVF female Sid embryos!

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