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This Agreement of Tenancy is made at Karachi on this 15th day of

August, 2013.
Muslim, adult, holding CNIC # 42101-1739239-0, Resident of House No.
B-421, Block No.13, Gulshan-e-Mustafa, Federal B Area, Karachi,
hereinafter referred to as the LANDLADY (which expression shall
wherever the context so permits mean and include her legal
representatives, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) of the

MR. NISAR AHMED son of ABDUL AZIZ, Muslim, adult, holding CNIC
No. 42201-7057126-3, Resident of House NO. D-194/1, Block No. 7,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, hereinafter referred to as the TENANT (which
expression shall wherever the context so permits mean and include

his/her legal representatives and assigns) of the OTHER PART.

Contd P/2
WHEREAS the LANDLADY above named is the sole and absolute owner
of an immovable property GROUND + ONE STOREYED HOUSE No.
A-161, measuring 240 Square Yards, Situated in Block No.3,
Gulshan-e-iqbal, Karachi, She has offered 2 nd Floor of the
aforesaid property to the Tenant or Rental basis (HEREINAFTER

AND WHERE AS THE LANDLADY has agreed to let out and the TENANT
has agreed to take the said premises on rental basis on the terms and
conditions hereinafter appearing:
1) THAT this Tenancy shall be deemed to be effective from
1/08/2013 and shall remain enforce for a period of ELEVEN
MONTHS expiring on 30/06/2014 which may be extended on
mutual consent of both the parties with revised terms.
2) THAT the monthly rent of the said premises has been mutually
agreed upon at Rs. 19,845/- (RUPEES NINETEEN THOUSAND
EIGHT HUNDRED & FORTY FIVE ONLY) which shall be paid by the
TENANT to the LADLADY, month to month in advance on or
before 10th day of each English Calendar Month positively. If the
Tenant fails to pay the monthly rent for two consecutive months,
the TENANT shall be liable for ejectment.
3) THAT the TENANT has already paid to the LANDLADY a sum of Rs.
the SECURITY DEPOSIT which shall be refunded to the TENANT
at the time of vacating the said premises and handing over
peaceful and vacant possession of the same to the LANDLADY
subject to adjustment of any loss/damages or dues, if any. And
the Tenant shall not demand/claim for any interest on the
Security Deposit.
4) THAT the Tenant has received the peaceful vacant physical
possession of the said premises in good and perfect condition and
all the fittings/fixtures in working order. In case of any loss or
damages to any item of the said premises, the TENANT shall be
liable to repair or replace the same at his/her own cost and
expenses to the entire satisfaction of the LANDLADY.
5) THAT the Tenant shall pay the Electric, Gas, Water and
Maintenance Charges to the authorities concerned and shall

handover photo copies of the paid bills/challans/counter foils to

the LANDLADY every month regularly. THAT TENANT will not use
Electricity through Kunda System. That incase use of Huck the
Tenant shall be responsible.
6) THAT the Tenant shall use the said premises for his / her own
RESIDENTIAL purposes. The TENANT shall have no right to sublet,
relet, underlet or part with its would violate the terms and
conditions of this Agreement, the Agreement shall be terminated
immediately without assigning any notice period and the
LANDLADY shall get the peaceful vacant possession of the said
premises at the cost and risk of the TENANT.
Contd P/3
7) THAT the Tenant will occupy and live in the said premises in
peaceful and harmony with other occupiers/neighbours of the
said premises/building and shall live like a law-abiding citizen of
Pakistan. THAT the Tenant shall not store any dangerous,
offensive, explosive, inflammable, hazaradous, combustible
and/or any objectionable items, materials, goods, commodities in
the said premises, which is prohibited by law.
8) That in case the Tenant will not compliance any term of this
agreement the LANDLADY shall reserves his rights for legal
proceeding against him at his (Tenant) own cost & expense &
9) THAT the TENANT shall not make any addition or alteration to the
demised premises under any circumstances without written
permission of the LANDLADY.
THAT One Month PRIOR NOTICE shall be served on either
side in case the said premises is vacated before the expiry of
tenancy period.
THAT the TENANT shall permit the LANDLADY or his/her
agent/servant, during reasonable time of the day, to enter into
the demised premises to view the state of repair and condition
thereof or for any other reasonable purpose as may be required
with the prior permission from the Tenant.
THAT the terms and condition of this agreement have been read
over and explained to both the parties which they admit to be
correct as per their instructions and agreed to abide by the same.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF both the parties hereto have set and
subscribed their respective hands to this Agreement at Karachi on
the day, the month and the year first above mentioned.


CNIC No. 42101-1739239-0
Sig. ________________________
1) Mr. ______________________
S/o _________________________
NIC No. _____________________
CNIC No. 42201-7057126-3
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2) Mr. ______________________
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