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Pheer gor Gor te s8° a UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum Ye TO} DIRECTOR, BALTIMORE DISTRICT DATE: February 12, 1963 FROM : Washington Resident Station 4 o93 ¥ SUBJECT: 1, Ron Hubbard Investigation L. Ron Hubbard, Distribution ir> Joseph C. Etteinann. Genter, Inc., Founding Church meio enced ‘Ave. Kensington, Md, of Scientology, et al Arrangements were made with(fir. Malcolm Houston, 1010 Vermont Ave. Washing ton, D. C., to interview his client {Mr. Joseph C. Ettelmann. Mr. Houston, 3 currently Thvolved in a civil action against Mr. L. Ron Hubbard on a harge of ‘false arrest of Mr. Joseph Ettelmann, vhich was brought about ‘ollowing ‘the acquittal of Mr. Bttlemann in a Civil Action No. 14-60, enter Jed in the District of Columbia, June 14, 1962. Information concerning this particular court action was previously submitted in a memorandum to the vision of Regulatory Managenent. . ". Ettelmann,) during 1957 and 1958, was involved in Gre Gate of property 'No'ur. L. Ron Hubbard. In order to consumate this salé, Mr. Hubbard re- wired Mr. Ettelmann to take) courses in the Founding Church of Scientology. © G:. Etteinang) took courses"in processing, and actually completed only four ‘sessions. [fhe civil action interrupted additional sessions which Mr. Ettelmann)was planning on taking at the Founding Church of Scientology. i. Eetelnanpeurplied the following informétion. Most of the information which he supplied cannot be documented and is his personal opinion. DIVISION OF REGULATORY HANAGEHENT: For your information. GORDON G. THOMPSON GGT: fw Oscc-DRN oe a Blt Fat Ny 2. L, Ron Hubbard Invest. re:(Mr. J.C. Ettelmann, 72/12/63, 6DT (fir. Etteimann) stated that during 1957 and 1958, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. and Mr. Glenn Elliot were ministers of the church who presided over the religious sessions. Miss Marilyn Routsong was, at that time, treasurer of the various organizations. lle stated that until October 1958 Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. vas present full time at the Washington facilities. In 1958 Hubbard left to reside in England. (Mr. Ettelmann indicated that several meetings vere held by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. during which he attempted to alleviate the fear of the members of the church about the use of the atomic bomb. To do this he indicated that clearing of the various individuals would protect then from atomic fall-out. {Mtr. Ettelmann)described Dianetics as the bible of the organization and Scientology as the practice. Qor. Ettdmann)stated that uring his husiness dealings)with Mr. L. Ron Wubbard, Mr. Hubbard indicated to him that the church’ had been set up as a means of eliminating tax payments, as the church is a tex free organiza- tion. ,He indicaed that Hubbard told him, that through this church affiliation much of the businesses handled by L. Ron Hubbard could be handled through this tax free organization. (During 1957 and 1958, mr. Ettdmann received many thecks from Mr. Hubberd, all of which were (signed by L. Ron Hubbard. jost of the checks received were also countereigned by Marilyn Routsong and/or wary Sue Hubbard. Mr. Ettelmann indicated that most of these checks were drawm on the Lincoln National Bank of Washington, D. C. (fr. Etteimann) stated that "processing" was definitely indicated as a means of eliminating various physical afflications. He stated that they indicated that after one was processed and had becone clear, that these physical ail- nents vould be eliminated, He further indicated that’, one can be audited without the use of an z Meter, but that an., individual cannot be cleared without the use of an £ Meter. He then went on to say, however, that the practice of Scientology was indicated as a cure for various ailments even though the E Meter was not used. An individual interested in being processed or becoming an auditor would go through a series of several sessions learning this practice. At the time of the first session, the E Meter would not be used. However, during the second and/or third sessions of’ processing, the E Meter would be an essential component. He indicated that the beds bcated in the various rooms of the building axe used in the processing procedure when the E Meter is used. The patient being placed in a reclining position at the time of the processing. &r. Bttelmann)stated that he could definitely testify to the fact that Dianetics was promised as a cure for physical ailments. He stated that he knew this by overhearing a converoation between an auditor(name unknown) and a female patient who had lesions on her legs. He also recalled another incident where an individual with lung trouble was promised help by the use of the Scientology practices. He stated that his only knowledge of the use of the E Meter and the attempted cure of a patient was with regard to a female who suffered from “female trouble". He stated that he could not remember the patient's name or the exact details, except that the auditor had inserted the cord of the E Meter into the vaginal opening to obtain his E Meter readings and that complications(believed to be infection) had resulted, +L. Ron Hubbard Invest. revUr. J.c. Ettelmann,) 2/12/63, GDT ffir. uttelnann) stated that the organization freely practiced"free love". He ‘indicated that Mr. L. Ron Hubbard continuely philosophized that "what the body is capable of the body shall do". He further indicated that most of the rooms in the various buildings had tape recordershidden beneath the beds and/or under various pieces of furniture, He felt certain that this information, obtained on the recorders, was used in a mild form of blackmail. fir. Ettelmann)stated that he,himself had been blackmailed by Hubbard when he vas hesitating about the signing over of a piece of property to Mr. Hubbard.) He stated that Hubbard had indicated to him that it would be wise for him (to/sign over the property)if he did not want information concerning @ previous;divorce of Mr. Ettelmann}to come out into the public. 7 bbard indicated that the (divorce action]was not legal. (Mr. Ettelmann} stated that he had checked into this end as far as he could tell it was a legal (divorce, however, Jhe would not take the chance that it was legal, knowing of Hubbard's ways’ arid means of obtaining information. He also stated that Hubbard let him know that he knew of (an arrest that had beét Made in Georgia on charges that Mr. Ettelmann had committed armed robbery and rape. Mr. Ettelmann had been acquitted of these charges. The infor- mation concerning this robbery and rape charge was obtained by Mr. Hubbard from the security check list which Mr. Ettelmann had filled out. (Mr. Ettelmann)was questioned as to his knowledge of various individuals who have been connected with the organization. He stated that Mr. Richard Steves did auditing during 1958, as well as Mildred Dean Galusha. Mr. John Galusha was said to have been in charge of all auditors, with particdar emphasis on those auditors who traveled throughout the country, [Mr. Ettel- man also)jindicated that Mr. Bonnie B. Turner had made several advances to- vard fir.” Ettelmann}and on one occasion had been "slugged". He also stated tht Mr. George T. Elliott performed marriages at the church. ‘ix. Ettelmann)stated that he recalled hearing of a 13 or 14 year old girl, ‘who had resided at the Acadeny of Scientology for over one year. Qe in- dicated that this girl had been classed as mentally retarded(this indivi- dual may be the Helene Mason referred to in my previous memo). ffir. Ettel} stated that Mr. Brinkman(the attorney presently handling the FDA seidure action) was,at one time, a member of the Founding Church of Scien- tology and a close associate of L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Brinkman is said to be intonstant personal contact with Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and was believed to have been connected with Dianetics during its reign in Kansas. (itr. Ettelmann) was questioned as to his knowledge of the reasons for the change of name from "The Church of Man's Religion" to the Founding Church of Scientology. He indicated that L. Ron Hubbard.had informed him that this change was made due to tax implications. Hubbard had indicated that the New York Founding Church of Scientology was a tax free organization, whereas the Washington Church was not. The change of name was brought about to facilitate the purchase of equipment, supplies, etc. through the New York City Church on a tax free basis. The equipment then was turned over to the Washington church by means which lower the tax rates. fur. Ettelman|stated that menbers g¢ the church and auditors may buy E Meters.

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