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Although Ive spent major time in hostel, I have a disciplined lifestyle. To devote
time to my work I maintain schedules so that time isnt wasted.On some
occasions if Im unable to stick to the schedule I make adjustments and spend
more time working to compensate the loss.
I believe that individual ideas areimportant even when someone works in aq
collectivce. I try to uphold the iodeas as i tghink interminglinmg of individual;
ideas can give rise to new ideas.
The environment i grew up in taught me that overall development is necessary in
onres life. I have followed this principle and i have worked on this.
From my experience of working with theatre groups, Ive realised that audiovisual media is very effective in enriching people. Its like a combination of work
and play where people can learn new things without being bored. Hence, I want
to apply this concept to reach large groups. Moreover, I want to provide
platforms for people to discuss about social issues so that they can understand
various perspectives.
As mentioned earlier I rejuvenated the Drama Club of my university. I guided new
students who were interested and they developed skills. I believed that they will
carry on the legacy of the club because I invested time but sadly when I left the
club it fell apart. I thought that I had worked enough to build them but later I
understood that I failed.
Organising a reunion is a hectic work. When I was in third year we faced
problems in arranging funds for the reunion. I took major responsibility and
pushed myself enough to gather funds from seniors and got sponsors. The
reunion was a grand success.
During my first and second years of college I spent my time watching plays of
various theatre groups. I also joined many groups and worked in various
productions. To develop my skills and ideas I attended many workshops and
practiced whenever I got time.
Living in a hostel makes it hard to maintain schedules but I tried to work as per
my routine.
Why Gandhi
The statistics of India show that there is a large section of children who are
deprived of basic education and awareness. I want to contribute towers their
development. This fellowship will also help in my personal development as I can

mix with a variety of people and understand many sections of Indian society. I
can apply my ideas and solve problems. This can help in developing managerial
qualities which will be handy in any situation later in life. I also believe that Ill
have a wonderful --experience.
Ups and downs:
I was born in Murshidabad but moved to Farakka. At home I grew up in a cultural
ambience.Despite being an Engineer, my father has interest in performing arts,
under his guidance I did my first performance at age of five and traveled to many
places from Murshidabad to Lucknow with our theatre group.
In 1999 I took admission at Patha Bhavan, Santiniketan after clearing the
entrance examination & interview. Santiniketan was a giant leap in my life as the
education system is totally different from other conventional system. The growth
period from being childhood to adolscence is very influential in
development.Being away from home at age of seven I spent this major part of
life in Santiniketan studying, playing football, painting, actng in dramas on
various occasions and trying to help people from near by villeges, conducting
medical camps and cloth distrbution. I believe I had an allround development at
santiniketan. From my school I came first in class 10th board exams though our
school have no prize system. But the moment was worth rejoicing.
After that I took the decision of doing my +2 from a different school as I wanted
to focus majorly on studies and get into engineering college but this I think was a
mistake. I realized that it s impossible for me to do nothing but study
academically. I suffer depression during this time as I couldn't connect people
outside ,there was less cultural activity. However,I passed H.S with 83%.
I enrolled for mathematics honours at VISVA-BHARATI, Santiniketan. I had
returned to the life I use to cherish but I didnot enjoy the theoretical aspects of
my course work.
My friends encouraged me to appear for JEE and I cleared the exam and joined
JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY to study civil engineering.
People said that J.U was a different place and so it was for me. Here I got an
environment to start afresh the thngs I loved doing. I joined the Drama club and
successfully acted and directed in a few productions.I made installations,public
art decorations during SANSKRITI,the cultural fest of the Engineering faculty of JU
and thus I initiate a practice to student participation in campus decoration as a
part of fest. formed a group of few students and spent two evenings in a week
teaching children at slum area od Bidhannagar Station.
Life was well balanced here but in the final year things became confusing, as
people said I had to choose a "career". I never wanted a career which provides
nothing but money. At times, I thought about doing masters in Civil
engineering.Mean time I got job in PINNACLE, a multinational company but I
didnot join because I was not sure about the purpose of the job.

I passed with firstclass degree and then decided to join a kolkata based
structural design farm, STRUCTCON ENTERPRISE to get ample time so that I
could engage myself in developing skills in various fields I love.During free hours
I go to slum area's children and try to provide education, arts & music.At times, I
also visit public places and love to meet new people.Thats all, this is all about my
journey till now.

I can motivate myself to work hard to achieve things I want.
In the field of academics I have studied in two elite institute PATHA BHAVAN &
I believe hobbies are not only for leisure but require regular practice.
I have interest in performing art & visual art and have tried to excel in these
fields through rigorous practice.
I have a profound sense of humor and can easily mix with various type of people.
Want to improve:
Be it a field of study or practical work.When I begin and start to loving that I get
very much involved and thus it hampers other aspects.

I want to balance all these things.

In last three years I developed interest in ESRAJ(an Indian classical instrument) &
I have enrolled in the classes.
At times, unable to express my self, I would like to improve my power of