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ALFA 200

Our story began with a friendship. Freshly graduated

from the Czech Technical University and armed
with little more than a few simple ideas and
some big ambitions, Ji Kejval and Martin Kulk
established TECHO a.s. in 1991, initially designing and
manufacturing interior lighting fittings.
That friendship grew into a productive business
partnership and those simple ideas developed into a
solid creative vision which, by 1996, saw TECHO a.s.
established as the market leader for the design and
manufacture of office furniture in the Czech Republic.
Expansion naturally followed and having created
offices in various European countries, TECHO UK was
formed in 2000, in partnership with Barry Foley. This
was followed by successful integration into the Dutch
market-leading Royal Ahrend Group of companies in

It is that ideology of friendship and a commitment

to partnership that is at the very core of what we do
and why were continuing to grow today. Its enabled
us to form strong, meaningful bonds with our award
winning designers, develop environmentally conscious
strategies with our suppliers and most importantly
to establish and sustain long-term, successful
relationships with you, our customers.
At TECHO we are unfaltering in our belief in those
partnerships and unwavering in our commitment
to maintaining them. For us, its never about selling
you furniture. Its about working with you to design
your dreams and staying with you to maintain your


We believe what we do makes a difference to

your world. We also believe how we do it makes
a difference to the planet. Thats a responsibility
we take very seriously and a partnership were
determined to protect.
Our products are designed to last. Yet we constantly
evaluate our development, production and
distribution systems to ensure that were making
the best use of raw materials and the most efficient
manufacturing processes, with the smallest impact on
our worlds natural resources.
TECHO proudly promotes sustainable forest
management, underlined by our Chain-of-Custody
certification and on-going collaboration with the PEFC
(Pan European Forest Certification Council).

We never use tropical hardwoods in our production

and insist on strict, transparent compliance with
European environmental standards.
No toxic or harmful materials are used in any of our
products, our materials and fabrics are recyclable
and our environmentally conscious manufacturing
processes resulted in TECHO becoming the first
member of FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability
We insist on strict compliance with European office
furniture standards and certifications, an on-going
commitment to a reduction in waste and a clean,
energy efficient manufacturing and supply system. We
believe what we do makes a difference to your world.
How we do it is an essential part of what we like to
think of as our partnership with the planet.


Alfa 200 combines a simple and elegant construction

with robust functionality and contemporary, minimalist
style. The system comprises shared beams and
components, with an integrated cable tray to ensure
that you get the most out of your office space and
create minimal interference to practical day-to-day
office functionality.
The Alfa 200 system is available in single
configurations, benching and meeting tables to keep
a consistent flow and modern minimalist aesthetic
throughout the office space.

TECHO is a client driven

company that delivers the most
effective solutions for modern
interior environments to
dynamic organisations across
the region and the globe.

Techo Design Team

ALFA 200

Functionality and aesthetic appearance, simplicity and

flexibility are all characteristics of the contemporary
workplace and each element is embodied in the Arkus
office desk. It has been designed for sustainability
regardless of the changing workplace trends.
Simple to specify, install and reconfigure, Arkus is an
ideal choice for open plan offices. With a high degree
of variability in either the C leg or A leg with optional
integrated cable ducts through the profiled steel
legs, the desk can be easily adapted to suit use as
office workstations, conference tables and furnishing
individual offices.

The Arkus desk system has aged so well

because of its versatility. TECHO is primarily
a project furnisher rather than a furniture
retailer. The big advantage of Arkus is that
it is very good in a supporting role. It can
always be adapted for a given project.

Hans Verboom, NL

From the creative minds of renowned design studio

ADR, the Horizont desk system can be adapted to fulfil
the demands of multiple situations and environments.
The system has proven popular with architects and
designers alike for its sleek aesthetic and flexibility,
available in a choice of work surface finishes made
from MFC with laser edging or Ekotech with a
chamfered edge.
With several options for cable management, all of
which are concealed under the desktops to maintain
its sleek aesthetic, Horizont is the ideal solution for
managing office tasks and creating the most effective
utilisation of space.

I like simple forms that are

completely subordinate to
function. The new engineering
solution of the desktop material
helped to achieve this, and it is
also environmentally friendly.
Ales Lapka, CZ
Petr Kolar, CZ


Because we understand the changing needs of

modern office spaces and the desire for flexibility and
adaptability from our customers, our desk systems
have continued to evolve and develop. With this
philosophy, our designers have added an elegant and
integral storage system to create the ultimate TECHO
The Hybrid option is available for all our desking
systems, comprising a pull-out storage unit, lever
arch file shelf and suspended filing frame, promoting
ergonomic user comfort and office productivity.

TECHO is a client driven

company that delivers the most
effective solutions for modern
interior environments to
dynamic organisations across
the region and the globe.

Techo Design Team


ICE (Inspiring Contemporary Environments) is a

contemporary desking system with a simple set of
intelligent core components that give maximum
performance as well an aesthetically pleasing and
modern frame.
With a robust horizontal beam structure and an option
of aluminium, chrome and powder coated leg frames;
it can be adapted to suit the needs of your space, from
executive veneer desks, to creative hubs.
ICE is an essential ingredient in any dynamic forward
thinking working environment thats looking to stand
out from the competition.
ICE was created to enhance our portfolio
of contemporary office solutions, however
it was also designed to be used in various
forms and environments; whether to enrich a
contemporary office or breakout space or to
create an elegant benching configuration. We
believe it hits the brief perfectly.
Techo Design Team


The never ending desk bench system has its origins

in the offices of British architect Sir Norman Jones.
Designed by Craig Jones, Platform is ideal for hot-desk
or call centre environments and its design encourages
both flexible working and active communication
between workers.
Where required, Platform can also be divided using
screens to create closed workstations and a broad
range of accessories, monitor arms and CPU holders
are available. The system incorporates flip-up access to
a discreet central cabling system for power and data.

Design is about searching for excellence - fulfilling

the clients brief, but also looking beyond the
bare specification to incorporate feelings as well
as perhaps things that the client didnt realise he
needed. This synthesis of design brief and designer
inspiration can result in something special that
stands apart from other products. Such products
stand the test of time and become classics.

Craig Jones, UK


Seating selection is an essential element of your office

space and few understand this better than Sidiz.
Designed from the outset with ergonomics given equal
consideration to aesthetics, the T50 task chair is an
ideal option for any contemporary office interior.
From the stability of its 5 polyurethane casters to
the multi-point adjustability and signature S-curve
backrest, the T50 has been created to provide
maximum musculoskeletal support in unity with the
natural movement of the human body whilst seated.
Easily adjusted to accommodate the broadest range
of height, body shape and weight, the chair can be
adapted to suit individual preferences including a
5-step tilting angle for the perfect seating position.
Available with a polyurethane mesh to provide comfort
and an effective release of body heat as standard,
Sidiz understand the benefit of choice and can offer a
selection of colours, fabrics and finishes to suit your
individual office design requirements.
The Sidiz is available in task, conference (with
cantilever base) and communication (with auto-return
to position) variants.


Designed to perfectly compliment our desking systems

and maximise efficient use of your office space,
TECHO offers a comprehensive range of Steel and MFC
storage units available in multiple widths and heights.
Created with functionality and flexibility in mind, our
cabinets provide a simple, spacious and unobtrusive
storage solution. In addition, each unit can easily be
adapted to suit changing media, with internal fittings
allowing complete customisation to your individual

Practical by design and stylish as a result.

Thanks to the four types available, Element
configurations can be made to suit every
The personal storage system you can have
confidence in.


Combining a timeless elegance in design with a lasting

durability fit for the modern working office space, the
Club sofa range hails from revered British furniture
designer Robin Day OBE.
Most famous for his creation of the first polypropylene
shell chair, Robin Days philosophy centred on the
design of functional, elegant, economic and durable
In keeping with TECHOs belief in using responsibly
sourced, sustainable and recyclable materials, the soft
seating range is manufactured and hand-upholstered
in the UK and offered in a choice of contemporary
colours, fabrics and leathers.

I would think twice about

designing stuff for which there was
no need and which didnt endure

Robin Day, UK


Designing your dream is something were always

pleased to help with. But we also fully understand that
the challenges of turning that dream into reality can
sometimes feel more like a nightmare.
Thats where our experience, our contacts and
our partnerships with everyone from architects to
installation engineers can be of enormous benefit to
your project.

Whether its for a luxury holiday site like the Velaa

Maldives Resort, the high security cashier environment
of a high street bank such as Raiffeisen or a multiplatform events arena like O2, we can provide the
knowledge, experience, manufacturing and end-toend project management to make it happen.
Whatever the scale, wherever the location,
whenever your deadlines are stretched thin and
your budget even thinner: let TECHOs cost effective,
comprehensive and customer-centric service be the
solution to the problems that youll never have to


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