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Perceiving the Imperceptions of Seventh-day

Adventism in
Finding the Way of True Healing

The world is in turmoil and full of disease. Are we at the end of times? What will become of
everything and how will people recover in health to survive the conspiracies to kill us? Do
Seventh-day Adventists really know, and if so, why do they appear to be hidden? The
name Seventh-day Adventist was introduced in the mid-1800s. This short writing will look
at the roots behind this name for an appreciation to study the matter further, both on your
own and in other works done by this author. What you have seen, heard, thought, or
perhaps experienced of "Seventh-day Adventism" may not have been Seventh-day
Adventism. The case will be made that Seventh-day Adventism is often placed under the
wrong light based on two perspectives. You are encouraged to pray continually, even if
you are not yet a Christian, and make sure that your conclusions are based on sound
biblical facts and not supposition or certain feelings. What is presented here is very
profound, and only an introduction to extraordinarily profound principles that God wishes
for people of our time to understand and experience. Realize that the concepts laid out
here are for you, and everyone you can share this with. It is a life and death matter, so do
not put off reading. You will be introduced to how you can get rid of all sickness and be
restored to fullness, while also given references to several resources for your journey to

Please understand that concepts presented here are on ideas, not individual people or
organizations, and are meant to challenge thinking to promote further unity in the truth. No particular
organization is being endorsed at this time, nor is one criticized. Jesus in you is alone encouraged.

The words Seventh-day Adventist entail two massive concepts—the seventh-day Sabbath and
the second advent of Christ. We will begin by briefly examining Adventism and then examine the
Sabbath, before bringing them back together. You need to be informed with the truth as you are very
precious in the eyes of God, and He wants you saved and not lost. We are all slammed with differing
views on life, but know that only one truth can exist on any topic and here we are investigating the most
important ones that exist. We need to have religious tolerance and respect the views of others;
however, the theories that there is more than one right way and that no one can really know the right
way, are false. The Bible and the Holy Spirit are available. We are all deceived in one way or another,
and people are deceived in different ways to different extents, but our work is to let go of cherished
opinions that are wrong and be open to new ideas that may be correct.
The Bible always interprets itself and the Holy Spirit leads the mind to those connections, so
judge everything by these divine agencies, and reject anything here that is thus found in error when
thoroughly prayed, studied, and thought through.

The earth is in the climate of fear, and at some times and places, panic. Matthew 24 and the
books of Daniel and Revelation in whole, when brought into the light of current events, are clearly being
fulfilled as foretold. Many see this, and you ought to as well. After reading this, you will not want to
miss The Everlasting Gospel for the Great Conflict currently at http://everlastinggospel-
greatconflict.blogspot.com. Your mind will be opened. A very real conspiracy—being fact, not
theory—is behind much of what goes on at planet Earth, both naturally and supernaturally, and Bible
prophecy has foretold it all. One example is Ez. 22:25-29. Many are nominal Adventists under many
different denomination titles; however, much confusion exists on how the Bible, especially Revelation,
should be interpreted. This is where the problem lies.

Never! Never should the Scriptures be interpreted by human beings! Let God alone speak in
His Word and Spirit!

Revelation focuses on one primary theme—the difference of those who receive the mark of the
beast on their forehead or hands, and those who receive the seal of God. The spiritual elements
associated with this are found throughout the Bible. True, the climax of this takes place in the very last
days, which we are quickly entering. However, most stop at this point. The same goes for many themes
in Scripture. People adopt a human theory because their pastor whom they trust believes it or because
of some other illogical conclusion; their view may even be correct; however, the deep spiritual truths
inside that God wishes to convey to His people are all but lost. Is there a people that has the truth in its
fullness? This is what we must unravel.

Two main camps exist based on differing religions, neither is completely wrong; however,
neither is close to correct. One is that we should bring all religions into harmony; that each one has
elements of truth and when all unite, it will bring peace. This is what is behind the powers at be, yet the
same have created the conflicting “religions” in the first place so that the day will come—and that is near
—when everyone will be tired of being separate with wars. The powers who created these religions—
virtually all, including subdivisions—really only created one religion, one that always places man as
eternal and above God.

Given this light, we can view the second camp. These are the decoys and many of them are cults.
Is Seventh-day Adventism a cult? This will be answered later. The cults are designed to show the
people the evils of “fundamentalism,” so that it can be shown to shun all forms of it, just look at Al-
Qaida for a perfect example. The cults and sects of the like usually exhibit religious intolerance, some
very extreme.

The world is sick. The world is dying.

Do you want to be completely healed? You shall be if you so choose; not just physically in the
end, but also spiritually and emotionally. This takes fundamental principles of truth, yet not the cult-
like form of fundamentalism. God will use two forms of healing to heal everyone; one complete, the
other incomplete. The complete is no more sickness and no more death, while the incomplete does
include death. Sin causes sickness, friend, and ultimately death. Read carefully, as always, the
following Bible texts: I Jn. 3:1-7; Rom. 5:12; 6:13, 23. All, except the righteous when our Lord shall
soon come, will experience death due to our lineage from Adam. He sinned as tempted by another
person [Eve] and the devil through yielding to selfishness under the motives and desires of appetite,
covetous lust, and fear of want—the same way we sin today.

There are two deaths, both are unconscious states. Carefully think this through. The first death
is temporary, lasting either until Jesus comes the second time [when the first resurrection occurs] or
again 1000 years thereafter when He comes with these redeemed to restore the earth [when the second
resurrection occurs]. The first resurrection is for those who by faith chose His righteousness for
salvation, while the second resurrection is for those who chose Satan’s unrighteousness for destruction.
The latter group will experience an excruciating interlude between the two deaths. There is no way out
for them. No life is on the other side of the second death. After their interlude ends in an everlasting
fire [in terms of sufferers’ everlasting destination of death] which burns for “ever” [until the earth is
healed from all sin], the state becomes one of non-existence with body and spirit destroyed. No one in
the universe suffers again.

Would not only a loving and just God as ours designate it this way? Read Ez. 33:11-20; Prov.
14:32; Ps. 16:8-11; 115:17; 146:4-6; Job 14:11-14; Eccl. 9:5, 6; I Thess. 4:13-18; Rev. 20 considering that,
just as God’s is, our spirit is a mystery containing everything we are; yet ours cannot live without a brain
inside of a body, unlike with God or angels or as popular belief has it. It is sad that many view the God
of the Bible as a tyrant, and then turn into either atheists or extremists who obey God on based fear
alone and lead others to do such. It is well to study these concepts until an understanding is made.

If you just found that you learned an immense depth to the theme of Adventism than you knew
before, there is even more to learn; but wait until you learn about the Sabbath theme as we now
transition to it. It will blow your mind, so to speak! Hopefully you realize that Adventism is real, but
who really are the true Adventists? Who is preparing for the end of probation? You will know when
you learn the fullness of the Sabbath. An in-depth book with this same title and written by the same
author can be found at http://sabbathfullness.blogspot.com. The much underknown truths of the
Sanctuary coupled with the Three Angels’ Messages and Loud Cry is integral to this massive theme, yet
lack of space does not allow it here. Do read it at a later time so that, if you are willing, you may become
a top expert on advanced prophecies and other critical biblical principles to undeceive yourself while
helping others to. Heal. Let confusion roll away. It is not difficult; it just takes concentration and
cooperation with our Lord.

The Sabbath, by definition, is not merely a day. It means resting in God’s presence. This rest is
refreshing. It heals us. Let Jesus explain to you the underlying principle: “Come unto me, all [ye] that
labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am
meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke [is] easy, and my burden is
light” (Matt. 11:28-30). When He lived on this earth, the Pharisees and Sadducees, forming the bulk of
the population in the area, thought and made others think that keeping the Sabbath was a burden. How
far from the truth! Alas, it is the opposite, just as Satan always turns the truth completely around.

God’s presence is repelled by sin. It is repugnant to Him, and those who profess to be His
followers yet love sinning makes Him feel sick. The people as a whole, especially in the Western
“Christian” society, have entered into the Laodicean state today where everyone lives sin-loving selfish
lives, absent of love yet always speaking of it. Let Jesus tell you just how He feels about this by opening
up your Bible or going online to: Rev. 3:14-21. Do not skip the Bible texts and just keep reading. Also
read I Jn. 2:15-17. Buy faith and love [spiritual gold tried in the fire], the character of Christ [spiritual
white robes (raiment)], and also discernment of good and evil [spiritual eye salve]. It is all free, except
your will must change so that you can experience Sabbath rest in Christ! This is the key,
friend! This is what the whole Bible is about, but satanically inspired, pride-driven humanity has taught
us to see an entirely different picture.

The Sabbath goes right down to the thoughts and desires, the key ingredients to the will. The
motives are the expression of the will at any given time, which is open to ourselves [if we want to be
shown], God, and His angels. Motives lead to words and actions, which is open for everyone to see.
Motives [with associated thoughts and desires], words, and actions are all recorded in the Book of
Remembrance. To be sure, read Mal. 3:16-18; Ps. 56:8. Can thoughts really be sinful, even when we
have no opportunity to carry out a sin in word or deed? If unsure, read Prov. 24:9; 12:5.

God does not give us these things to threaten us, but rather to awaken us to the need of having
Him control our mind by resting in Him, and Him in us. As He sees us making an effort to purify our
minds by praying and watching, that we are allowing only good influences into our mind through
wisely managing our time—for, every influence dwelt on has an effect on our mind, and thence on
others through our words and actions that come out—as He sees our willingness to do this, then He will
draw our mind [thoughts and affections] like a magnet to Him. Powerful! When we acknowledge His
presence, that we are His through Him creating us and purchasing us back from sin on the cross, and
that we are willing to cooperate with His will—He will change us, inside [unlike the Pharisaical legalists
consider] and out [unlike most moderns consider]! Christ will then be glorified in and through His
saints of Zion as they reproduce His love in thought, then deed! This may be all new to you but it is all
biblical. Provided are some texts: II Cor. 10:5; Phil. 4:8; Ps. 55:22; Matt. 26:41; Mark 13:33-37; Luke
21:34-36; Is. 26:3; 55:6-9; I Cor. 13:4-7.

We are coming to the climax of Earth’s history. It is not about some physical stamp being
placed on our heads or hands. It is not about some grand event to take place in the physical Jerusalem;
rather, it is about God’s true people who come to personally know Christ in their allotted single
probationary time and will inhabit the heavenly Jerusalem. It is not about what will bring on World
War III. It is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is about love, true love. It is all found in
Jesus, the true Jesus, not another Jesus who teaches another gospel other than as contained in the
Word (see II Cor. 11:3, 4). The Word is Jesus, it is His very thoughts. Read the following powerful
texts: I Pet. 1:22-25; Ps. 33:6-9; 119:9, 133; Heb. 4:12; Jn. 1:1-4; 6:63; Prov. 4:20-23; Col. 3:2-4). We
receive by believing Him and we are saved (see Luke 8:11-15; Matt. 1:21; Acts 16:30, 31; Mk. 11:24).

Will we receive His character in our mind—forehead, or temporal lobe where our reasoning
power is—or will we receive Satan’s? Remember, our thoughts lead to actions which are done by our
hands. Though we must develop it further, no other theory can explain the Mark of the Beast; for it is
logical and biblical—read Deut. 6:4-8; 11:18.

The Three Angels’ Messages are given in the Revelation 14, specifically in verses 6 to 9. Before
this (verses 1 to 5) tells of the Seal of God placed on those who heed to the messages and after (verses 10
and 11) is the effect of those who receive the mark of the beast that the third angel warns about, for they
must suffer the wrath of the seven last plagues [if living at the time] and ultimately the second death.
The first angel tells us to fear God—the sign that they do is that they keep His commandments, the same
ten that have always existed, as demonstrated in verse 12. Also read Deut. 5:29; 13:4; Ps. 111:10; Eccl.
12:13, 14; Prov. 3:5-7; 8:13; 16:6; 19:23. Revelation verse 7 is loaded with more information. We give
glory to God by having His seal placed upon us—His name—the Word—His character. Read Ex. 33: 18,
19; 34:5-7.

We are to be holy as God is holy as He comes into our being. We are to be merciful and full of
truth. It gets even more interesting. The latter part of Revelation verse 7 is the seal of God! Check out
how by seeing where else it is quoted. His character is contained in the Ten Commandments. The
Sabbath commandment, being the longest, is the seal of His character as it contains His name [“the
Lord”], title [Creator, insinuated by “made”], and territory [“heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in
them is”] in Exodus 20 verse 11. To put into simple words, resting in Jesus by actively acknowledging
Him as Creator and Re-creator allows us to keep all the Ten Commandments as we cannot keep the Law
with our own natural minds which are enslaved in sin and the selfish motives thereof. We cannot
recreate in us the perfect character of Jesus, but He can and will if we rest to let Him! Realize that we
must keep all His commandments always. When we do not, we must repent, thus the concept behind
the First Angel’s Message and the courtyard of the Sanctuary.

Keeping all of the commandments includes the rest of the fourth one, which tells us to keep a
day, and not any day. Is this “binding” today? Is it Saturday, Sunday, any day, or every day? How can
we know? Do not fret. We will work through these things in a concise, yet clear and logical manner,
and God will lead you to a deeper study if you will later. No one can decide for you but your own self.
Just remember to watch and pray always.

Four main types of biblical laws exist: civil, ceremonial, moral, and health. The old civil laws,
most agree, are no longer in effect, for we do not sanction stoning practices anymore; yet, many of the
principles contained therein apply today and have roots in our modern laws of the land. Ceremonial
laws have been necessarily taken away due to many factors; these include evidences in the writings of
Paul, Christ’s sacrifice fulfilling many of them, the temple of Jerusalem being destroyed and no High
Priest to officiate services, Jesus not keeping all the feasts when He was here, and many others. Still, we
must study the Old Covenant as it is necessary in knowing the significance of the New Covenant. The
study of the Sanctuary is the most important and profound study in the entire Bible and directly relates
to these last days, yet beyond the scope of this writing.

Moral laws, friend, have not changed. It is and has always been wrong to have other gods, lie,
cheat, steal, and murder. The law is deep and spiritual. It is love. God is love. This is the kingdom of
heaven which must spiritually come here, in the hearts of people, before the literal fulfillment can come.
Jesus will not literally come until He sees Himself in His people, and this is what we are all waiting for.
Refer again to The Fullness of the Sabbath to understand the depth and how the law is inward and
outward, as well as spiritual and literal, and how the Sabbath is the key to it all. The fourth
commandment is the one we are specifically told to remember, yet it is the one most often forgotten and
the sole reason why many say that, referring to all the Ten Commandments, that “the law was done
away with” or “nailed to the cross.” Nowhere does Scripture say this. Only earthly civil, ceremonial, or
ecclesiastical ordinances [Greek: dogma] can change or cease when men impose them for either a
worldly or divine purpose that is temporary. Only one Law has been written in stone by God Himself.
He with the eternal principles of His character change not! Study this for yourself; here are some texts:
Mal. 3:6, 7; Jas. 1:17; Rev. 22:13, 14; Ps. 19:7; Mk. 7:7, 9.

Now compare with these texts: Luke 16:17; Matt. 5:17, 18. In the original Greek, the fourth
commandment is the only one with a jot and a tittle, which are similar to our dotting I’s and crossing T’s
in English. God would rather zap the earth out of existence than let one small part of the law change,
including this one! History and prophecy point to which world power “changed” the law and when. We
will not go into it here, but the prophet Daniel indicates this power in Dan. 7:25 which also removed the
Second Commandment and broke the Tenth into two to still have ten left. This is also significant,
because anciently Baal was the sun god and became idolized throughout the world while being
worshiped on the day of the sun (Sunday). Paganism was sought to become Christianized around the
fourth century and has since spread throughout Christiandom. This amalgamation became spiritual
Babylon—or, confusion—according to the Second Angel’s Message of Revelation 14. Satan from the
beginning wanted to be the light, so he used the light that God created on the first day to make people
forget who their Creator and Redeemer is; for he is jealous of Him and human beings who were created
in His image. Jesus happened to be resurrected on this day, so this made it very convenient. He has
been very successful; thus, the seventh day—being the sign of creation and sanctification—is forgotten.
Please read Ex. 31:13-17; Ez. 20:12, 20.

People were to keep the seventh day as the Sabbath day both before and after the Old Covenant
period; read all of the following, it will not take long: Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 16:4, 5, 22-31; Ps. 119:103; Jn.
6:47-51; Rev. 2:17; Matt. 12:8; Luke. 4:16, 31, 32; 23:54-24:3; Acts 17:2; 18:4; Is. 58:13, 14; 66:22, 23.
Do not think for a moment that changes in the calendars has changed the weekly cycle, for this is
impossible; just take leap years for an example. Besides, Jewish people today still have not lost track of
this cycle which began at creation.

The fact that people believe in these kinds of changes in the Sabbath day is because they are not
experiencing the beauty and healing of the spiritual Sabbath. If they would permanently put to rest
their carnal desires which—through also the inspiration of Satan—view God’s law as unfavorable and
exacting, and instead rest their minds in Christ, they would then love the law as Psalmist David as it
becomes a safeguard to them of their peace and health. Worries then would vanish, worries from:
financial cares, fear of losing fun or friends due to obeying God, a conscience seared with guilt of sins,
fear of the unknown, and much more. Notwithstanding their past, they would know that they are
forgiven by Jesus and trust Him in everything in knowing that He is in control of everything:
circumstance, thought, trial, everything! Sabbath day would be a delight, knowing that they have the
special presence of God while they take time to heal from their non-stop week and increase in spiritual
strength for the week ahead.

This brings light to the health laws, which are also in effect. Though people do not often stop
and think about it, laws do govern how our body functions. We are fearfully and wonderfully made to
withstand many stressors, yet God still gave us health laws to teach us that we must respect His most
prized creation—the human being—as another sign in conjunction with the Sabbath that we respect
Him as Creator.

Every abuse to our body decreases our life expectancy. We have just covered how a lack of
weekly rest and separation from God is an abuse. Deficiencies of pure water, exercise, sunlight, fresh
air, cleanliness, cheerfulness, temperance, and especially a nourishing diet free of carcinogens are all
abusive. These principles are most clearly outlaid in Genesis, particularly where is stated the conditions
of Eden. In order for the last generation to keep God’s law in the fullness, these laws must be obeyed as
physical, mental, and spiritual health are all interconnected. Satan induces people to sensualism—as
He did Adam and Eve, those who lived before the Flood, those in Sodom and Gomorrah, and does to us
in the last generation—because He knows how effective it is in stealing our allegiance to God and His
law. Yet, if people would only think about it logically they would find that obeying God, particularly
having Sabbath rest in Him, makes a life far less miserable and far more splendid than a vain life of
lusting in the corruptions of this world. Be healed and remember these things, friend!

A very wise health book is The Ministry of Healing, written by a key figure of Seventh-day
Adventism, Ellen White, who has been much ridiculed but never holds back truth and stands the test of
the Bible. Prophetically inspired by God, her writings have a beautiful quality that one can only
experience by reading. Unlike with false prophets, her writings do not add to the Bible but rather reveal
its splendor and fullness. Others were strategically placed next to Mrs. White in her time to act as

We have raced through most of the principles that have historically been present in Seventh-day
Adventism. Yet, you are asking, “Well, how is it a lie then?! What is written here is not popular, but it is
the biblical, logical truth. Historic Seventh-day Adventists sought to redeem the time in the 1800s and
onward—redeem all what was lost in the Dark Ages of history. However, much has changed.

Speculation on what will happen between now and the very end with God’s people is vain. We
can only hope all things and believe all things that are true. The truth does not change. The same
principles that existed in Eden exist now. Through the pages of history since the fall of man, God has
been trying to reveal more and more light to successive generations on how He plans to restore man—
first the Flood, then Mount Sinai, then the Cross, then the Pentecost, then the rise of Protestantism
after martyrdom, then the revival of God’s law and true doctrine, and now finally the full light of the
Sabbath as it wraps in all other light. Apart from this light—this rest in Jesus—is only darkness that the
Third Angel of Revelation 14, echoing much louder by another angel in Revelation 18, calls us entirely
out of.

Let us view the two big counterfeits of Seventh-day Adventism, keeping in mind that people part
of them often have good intentions and are doing what they think or know is best; also that no
individual person or entity may be in all parts of the counterfeit, yet we have all been guilty of believing
parts of both counterfeits no matter our profession of faith.

The first counterfeit is from the perspective of fake, yet not uncommon, Seventh-day Adventism.
It is portrayed as follows. Let the name be legally retained yet keep it much hidden to not “turn anyone
off.” Keep what the name stands for hidden to “fit in” with people. Teach that the seventh day is the
Sabbath day but miss the whole essence of the Sabbath. Teach many of the original biblical doctrines
but miss the more controversial ones. Adjust to the ungodly worldly practices to attract the world even
though they will be repelled by the same Pharisaical hypocrisy that is abundant in other religions. Be
proud of the doctrines but do not honor God in heart and deed. Adopt legalistic motives when
worldliness does not appeal, yet still practice worldly principles such as gossiping, arguing, serving
appetite, enjoying others’ sins while condemning them, and cherishing vain thoughts and talk; hardly
ever hearing sermons against these things or ignoring them if heard. I’m right, you’re wrong.

The second one is counterfeit based on perception. We now portray the perspective of the non
Seventh-day Adventist when viewing the Seventh-day Adventism. Follow man and traditions. Listen to
the multitudes who teach of a Jesus that forgives all and forces the will so that most, if not all, will be
saved. Follow lust and fear. Go back and forth from indulging to get more and more—yet not being
satisfied—to being often upset, sick, and afraid of what will come next. Since “Seventh-day Adventists”
are so much like the others out there, why not join instead with those, not having to be in “bondage” to
restricting laws? Sin is not bondage, obeying God is bondage. Believe cunning arguments, perhaps on
the internet, opposing God’s commandment-keeping people even though they logistically and biblically
weak. Believe the common misperception that Seventh-day Adventists believe that people are saved by
their works. Or, just ignore the Judgment and the record books and live for the present like everyone
else is doing, for God would surely not burn so many in hell for eternity. Choose a religion that makes
people feel good [carnally] and allows people to express high feelings during worship so that boring
doctrines can be all but forgotten. I’m right, you’re wrong.

Friend, is it not clear that these two perspectives are counterfeits being whispered to the people
by Satan so that the genuine can be hidden? God loves and pities you. He wants you to be restored. Do
you want to be on the bright path of truth which leads to life everlasting? Then get out of the two
ditches—false SDA or false perception of SDA—as well as the two ditches inside of each—self-
righteousness or fake “faith” and “love.” You probably still have doubts, perhaps many—and you should
—but a deeper study of prophecy and the associated light God is revealing in our time will lead to a
more thorough understanding if pursued.

Just do not give up yet. Feelings may deceive. Question what you have been taught as the Bible
reveals the majority have always been in the wrong. Also, do not label this material as sectarianism. A
sect believes that only their group will be eternally saved and adopts mysticism or satanic spiritualism if
they are a cult, a good example being what happened when Paganism was introduced into Christianity.
Forms of cultism are present in all world religions—including fake Seventh-day Adventism—yet every
single one also has adherents which will be found in heaven primarily due to the Sabbath rest principle.
Those who rest in Jesus and His Spirit according to all the light they have on the truth will be saved; for
this is what faith is, and only faith brings everlasting love. Truth rejected, however, turns into darkness
and smothers the soul into hatred for what God loves and eventually death. Furthermore, just before
the very end of time, the truth of the fullness of the Sabbath in coordination with the Three Angels’
Messages will have gone out to all the world—all will need to choose one way or the other.

How will it be with you? Listen. The Bible says, “This [is] the way, walk ye in it” (Is. 30:21). The
genuine Seventh-day Adventism empowered by the Word of God is the way and has gathered from
behind the light from all previous ages on this heaven-bound path. We must dwell in His presence now
—resting in him in spirit and on a weekly basis, putting aside our sinful thoughts that weigh ourselves
down as well as everyone else with our hurtful words and actions. We must dwell in His presence now
so that we may endure Him at His second advent with extremely terrific light and countless
thousands of angels to take His patient people home. This is the same home that they came to love with
all of their being—at wherever the lovely presence of Jesus is—and finally the rest and the home will
become literal and eternal. Read that this is so in Hebrews 3:12 through chapter 4; then read
Revelation 22. Did you read them? Yes! Now you have the hope—the hope of being perfectly restored
from all your sickness, but only if you will.


Now is not the time to hide our colors by hiding name which distinguishes the most precious
faith. Live the faith of freedom! Now is not the time to unite with the world but rather to press together
and warn the world to be ready. Fake Seventh-day Adventism creates bondage and hides away the
genuine. The genuine are also hidden because they are unpopular and the adherents themselves are in
need of shining more light to this dark world.

We all must grow in grace, but this will not happen until Jesus comes into the hearts through
willing surrender. The Jesus inside, seen from the outside, will attract others. The company will no
longer be hidden but open for everyone to see, though still despised and rejected by those who will all
too late find that their Jesus was not Jesus but the great deceiver—Satan impersonating the final
Antichrist. The company that stood firm will have been sealed by the Sabbath while the massive other
one will have been blinded by the sun thinking they had looked to Jesus—marked with cruel thoughts
and filthy hands, sealed to die because they had no rest. Sure this mass could ever buy and sell, but they
could never buy genuine faith and love. Was it their own selfish will or did no one direct them to the
true Light that shines on this spiritual gold?

Those who store up their wealth and health with gold glistening from the Light of heaven will
naturally give to others to share, but those with the counterfeit gold are the blind that lead the blind,
never part of the faithful company whose treasure is in heaven; for they cannot discern the difference,
being blinded by the sun—too blind to find the only clothing available to cover the naked soul. Will they
only find fig leaves to cover their shame, not knowing their soul is bare to the continual attacks of the
enemy? Let us share of Jesus, let us share Him now; but we must first truly know Him as our continual
First Aid.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree
bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
neither [can] a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and
cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall
enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me
in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy
name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that
work iniquity.”

– Words of Jesus, Matt. 7:15-23