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Compressors, in addition to generating wind he was also producing

water at high enough levels. This is caused by the wind generated
enough heat, so immense possibility of condensation.
Condensation is a process of change in a more solid form such as a
gas or vapor into another form, in this case turns into a liquid. These
changes occur at temperatures below the dew point.
Refrigerated air dryer is one tool or machine that serves as t he air
conditioning / wind. As the name implies, refrigerated, then it works
like a refrigerator (fridge) key to how the air dryer or other cooling
system work is refrigerant. Are substances like Freon refrigerant which
has a low boiling point and the changes between the gas as it passes
through air dryer. As a liquid, the refrigerant absorbs heat energy from
the cold in the water and turns into a gas dryer. As a gas, then a
transfer of heat energy to warm air outside air dryer and changes back
into liquid form, and then discharged through the drainage.
air dryer applications commonly used in factory Plastic Injection,
Blow Moulding PET, Sandblasting, Furniture, Food, Printing, Painting,
and many more. Untukpengecatan, the function of this tool is very
central and very help them drain the water content contained in the air
or wind in the supply of the compressor so as to reduce the bad result
of painting that causes patches of water or water kandugan when
sprayed rub off on field in the paint so that the results of the painting is
less smooth and less good.
For use in fabrication, if at the factory or in the workplace are using
machines or pneumatic tools are in motion by the wind (air compressor)
it is better if you use Air Dryer after of compressed air, the benefits that
can be very good for machine- and other pneumatic machine, reducing
the occurrence of corrosion (rust) on the machine-mesian pneumatic
because the air has passed through refrigerated air dryer was very dry
and clean.
For technical data itself of Refrigerated Air Dryer can be up to 2 -10
degrees Celsius to Dew point is and to Ambient The temperature can be
2-42 degrees Celsius, Air Dryer often people call it has two choices:
Refrigerated Air Dryer Low Pressure and High Pressure Refrigerated Air
To obtain maximum results, air dryer must be equipped with:
Pre Filter (Filters are installed before the dryer to clean the dust
particles carried by wind produced by the compressor to the size of 1-3

After Filter (Filters are installed after the dryer that works to clean
up the oil vapor carried by the wind resultant compressor up to 0.01 to
1 micron size)