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Tehneyat Waseem
Elbagade 22B,
2300 København S
Telefon: +45 2684 0856

Personal data
Age: 27
Civil status: Single, no children

Work experience
Sep 2008 – Information Officer, International Rehabilitation Council for
Torture Victims (IRCT)

Campaign Specific:
Responsible for the day to day running and management of the 26th June
campaign, the Photo Exhibition made by the IRCT in 2009, The Good-
will Ambassador Project. Broadly, this covers:
• Coordinate activities and campaign set up
• Liaise and coordinate input from colleagues
• Develop new ideas to implement to the campaign
• Organise input for campaign material
• Analyse previous evaluations of campaigns and keeping up to
date on how to better facilitate IRCT’s member centres
• Understand the competitive landscape and the impact of the
politics of torture with regards to the different member centres
in the different regions and their need to promote different po-
litical agendas.
• Ability to enhance cross-unit coordination and collaboration
• Ability to facilitate, administrate and monitor projects.

• Plan small to medium scale campaigns
• Ability to present clear rationale on ideas for campaigns and for
media selection and confidently communicate choices where
• Ability to think creatively and see areas of opportunities to pro-
mote the IRCT
• Ability to liaise and establish new partnerships with other agen-
cies (creative, PR, etc) as necessary
• Ability to formulate terms of reference for new partners
• Ability to research online market and communities
• Ability to develop in-house social media strategy
• Ability to develop idea, concept and strategy behind increasing
support from individual donors
• Ability to develop membership strategy and approach for
IRCT’s members.

External relations:
• Ability to converse on a business level with partners and stake-
holders and promote organizations’ profile
• Ability to confidently liaise with clients via the phone and email
and follow up requests quickly and efficiently, seeking the guid-
ance of the line manager where necessary.

Tehneyat Waseem • Elbagade 22B, 3. th • 2300 Copenhagen S • Telephone: +45 2684 0856 •
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Mar 2009 – Creative Assistant, Mindjumpers

Creative and Campaign specifics:

• Responsible for contributing to Mindjumpers online blogs about

use of social media by different companies
• Keeping up to date on social media news from different search
• Attending debates and other relevant events regarding social
media and network with people
• Understanding the competitive landscape of NGO's and their use
of social media in relation to campaigning and promoting a
• Brainstorming and developing concept and ideas behind Mind-
jumpers social media campaigns.

Mar 2009 – Dec 2009 Board Member and Programme Manager for the Asylum Pro-
gramme, Red Barnet Ungdom

Project management and Strategic Development:

Overall responsibility for the four different projects in the Asylum pro-
gramme, strategic development and maintenance of these.

• Coordinate, initiate, facilitate, prepare and follow up on meet-

ings with project coordinators and volunteers
• Plan, develop and approve guidelines for project coordinators
and volunteers
• Prepare and present a three year strategy for the asylum pro-
gramme to the Board of Save the Children Youth
• Ability to coach and motivate project coordinators to implement
the three year strategy with use of strategic benchmarks and
• Plan and carry out fundraising activities with respects to the four
different projects under the Asylum programme
• Approve applications and budgets for asylum projects in relation
to funding
• Develop terms of reference for the Project coordinators and for
the Communications Group working with the Asylum pro-
• Develop the overall strategy for Save the Children Youth with the
Board members, and conveying and disseminating this knowl-
edge to the project coordinators and their volunteers.

Mar 2008 – Sep 2008 Project Coordinator Face2Face, Amnesty International

6 months, fixed position

Project management:
Overall responsibility for Fundraising Campaign on Fyn

• Organize, recruit, and manage between 8-10 members of staff.

• Develop terms of reference for staff and delegate responsibili-
ties accordingly
• Training staff on human rights issues
• Coaching and guiding individual members of staff to improve
overall performance as a team

Tehneyat Waseem • Elbagade 22B, 3. th • 2300 København S • Telefon: +45 2684 0856 •
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• Plan staffing schedules, develop organisational charts

• Develop project schedule in form of milestone charts, text ta-
bles, cash flow projections
• Conduct and implement findings of risk assessments
• Define, sequence and execute project activities
• Develop monthly reports on status of fundraising campaign
and bench marks
• Report and monitor individual and team performances daily,
weekly and monthly
• Develop time plan, estimate durations for activities and re-
sources required
• Manage budgets and spending plan
• Liaise with the Copenhagen and Aarhus Fundraising team
• Liaise and cooperate with other humanitarian organizations.

Sep 2007 – Mar 2008 Volunteer, Death Penalty Campaign, Amnesty International

Creative and Campaign specifics:

• Coordinate input from country coordinators on the develop-

ment/status on death penalty within their respective countries
• Update Amnesty's Death Penalty World Map
• Update Death Penalty database
• Write country descriptions on countries
• Delegate tasks to other volunteers and coordinate the overall
• Attending relevant events and debates regarding death penalty
and human rights issues
• Brainstorming and developing the blueprint for the creative
outlook for the Death Penalty website

Jan 2006 – Jun 2006 Internship, Peace Brigades International

Project management:

• Liaise with similar organisations

• Prepare, create and maintain correspondence with network
• Maintain and update contact with individual donors
• Update individual donors on new projects and campaigns
where relevant
• Update and disseminate newsletter
• Archiving and keeping track of database and correspondence
with politicians
• Report and monitor individual and team performances daily,
weekly and monthly
• Develop time plan, estimate durations for activities and re-
sources required
• Manage budgets and spending plan
• Liaise with the Copenhagen and Aarhus Fundraising team
• Liaise and cooperate with other humanitarian organizations.

Sep 2005 – Sep 2006 MA (Hons.) Human Rights – Kingston University
My master thesis was about the UN system and structure, and analysied
this through an evaluation of the termination of the Commission on

Tehneyat Waseem • Elbagade 22B, 3. th • 2300 København S • Telefon: +45 2684 0856 •
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Human Rights and the creation of the Human Rights Council (2006)

Understanding Human Rights, Achieving Human Rights, Politics of

Mass Murder, Human Rights & Armed Conflict, The Rwandan Conflict,
Strategic Planning & Integrated Campaigns, Research Methods and
Skills, Upper Second Class Honors.

Sep 2002 – Jun 2005 BA (Hons.) English Lit. w. French – Kingston University
Upper Second Class Honors.

Aug 1999 – Jun 2001 Mathematical student, Metropolitanskolen

Language skills
Danish and English: Fluent in speaking, understanding, reading and writing.
French: Average understanding overall.
Urdu: Fluent in speaking and understanding, average in reading and writing.

In my free time, I enjoy running, exercising, swimming, playing tennis and travelling. I particularly
enjoy spending Sundays having brunch with family and/or friends. I love relaxing by going to art exhi-
bitions, galleries, or concerts with my boyfriend or friends.

Most of my free time, in all honesty, is spent on things I love to do such as socialising, networking and
building new relations with people from different academic and social backgrounds. I am genuinely
interested and enjoy learning about new things, keeping myself busy, up to date, and pushing myself to
the limit, which is why, apart from the above-mentioned work positions, I also work as a

• Consultant to the 'You and Me Foundation'

• Liaise and brainstorm with Claudia Havi Goffan, President and CEO at Target Latino and at
Nothing is Impossible, regarding their campaign to target obesity in children in Latin Ameri-
can communities
• Spend a lot of time learning about social media and campaigns
• Teach English and mentor a young adolescent
• Participate in IRCT's Strategic Planning Retreat, discuss and set programme for the the dis-
cussion of the development of the strategic priorities of the organization with Head of Fund-
raising and Project Managers.

So, to sum up everything, I spend time on and love doing, I am looking for a position that will allow me
to combine and work with the elements I am most passionate about: program/project management,
human rights, social media, campaigns and being in a position where I can use my skills to improve
the daily lives for individuals around the world.

Tehneyat Waseem • Elbagade 22B, 3. th • 2300 København S • Telefon: +45 2684 0856 •