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MGT4070 Complete Course Week-1 to 5

MGT4070 W1A2 An Organization Its Mission and Strategic

An Organization: Its Mission and Strategic Intent
In this assignment, you will decide on a company's strategic intent, its mission, and the role of
stakeholders in developing an organization's strategy.
You have learned that stakeholders have profound impact on the direction and the success of a
company. Based on your readings and learning, complete the following tasks:

Define the various classifications of stakeholders in a company and their role in strategic
management decisions.

Explain the connection between stakeholders and competitive advantage.

You learned that strategic intent is an extension of a company's organizational culture and the
cornerstone of the firm. Based on your readings and learning, complete the following tasks:

Discuss the importance of strategic intent and its impact on organizational success.

Discuss why it is important and how an organization can move from intent to

Based on your readings and learning, complete the following tasks:

Describe the attributes of an effective strategist.

Explain how you would create and sell a strategic mission to stakeholders.

We cannot always control political, technological, economic, or cultural issues. Given that,
answer the following questions:

How often would you reevaluate your business strategy to maintain a competitive edge in
the market place?

What factors would you use to evaluate the need for change, and what tools would you
use to make the changes?

While performing an external environmental analysis, how important is it to use all four
components and why?

MGT4070 W1A3 Case StudyMotorola, Inc.

Case StudyMotorola, Inc.
Read the case study located on page 225 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document concerning the following situation:
As the end of the year comes to a close, the CEO is evaluating Motorola's strategic approach and
its ability to produce desired results for the company in the future. The CEO has asked you to
prepare a report assessing the company's current situation, reviewing its strategy, and making
recommendations to maximize effectiveness.
Your report and overview should address the following key strategic issues:

Establish criteria for judging strategic performance by considering successes and

strategies. Use a balanced scorecard framework to make sure that both financial and
strategic controls are used to assess performance.

Define the company's core competencies.

Determine if the company has a sustainable competitive advantage. If you determine that
a sustainable advantage exists, support your claim. If you find it lacking, recommend
actions that would secure a sustainable competitive advantage.

Identify any external environmental forces that have future strategic implications for
Motorola, Inc.

Determine if Motorola's business strategy provides an integrated and coordinated set of

commitments and actions that are based upon the company's core competencies, guides
behavior toward achieving performance goals, and fits existing external environmental

Evaluate Motorola's acquisition strategy, taking into consideration its integration efforts.

Evaluate Motorola's strategy and its use of strategies to achieve company objectives.

Discuss the company's organizational structure and if it effectively supports Motorola's


Review the company's vision and the CEO's efforts to promote strategic entrepreneurship
throughout the organization. What suggestions can you make to stimulate innovation?

MGT4070 W2 A1 Strategic Management and

Strategic Management and Competitiveness
In this assignment, you will decide on strategic management plans, a company's strategic
competitiveness, and the best model for above-average returns.
In current market conditions, companies need to gain and then maintain a competitive edge over
their competitors. They do this by employing a compelling and dynamic strategic management
process to create a strategy that helps them achieve their goals before one of their competitors
Discuss the following questions in relation to strategic management:

What factors make up this process?

How important is it to change, and what criteria determine the changes in a strategic
management plan?

Discuss the following questions in relation to strategic competitiveness:

How would you describe the twenty-first century competitive landscape and the various
challenges it brings to businesses?

Why will a traditional mindset not lead a company to strategic competitiveness and what
values must managers adopt to overcome these challenges?

Such companies also measure performance in terms of the degree and the speed of growth.
Discuss the following questions in relation to above-average returns:

What are the differences between industrial organization (I/O) and resource-based models
of above-average returns?

Which is a more successful model?

Which model will you use to help shape your strategic management plan and why?

Applying your understanding of strategic management, answer the following questions:

How can business-level and corporate-level strategies be best used to gain a competitive
advantage and earn above-average returns? Explain.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of competitive rivalry?

How can a company use competitive rivalry to its advantage? Provide examples.

Under what conditions would you choose a single or dominant business corporate-level
strategy versus a more diversified strategy and why? Discuss.

MGT4070 W2 A2 Case Study Nintendo's Disruptive

Strategy Implications for the Video Game Industry
Case Study: Nintendo's Disruptive Strategy: Implications for the Video Game Industry
Read the case study located on page 277 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document concerning the following situation:
To consider the viability of Nintendo's new strategy, the CEO of Nintendo, has brought you in as
a consultant. Your task is to use the company's competitive analysis to predict potential
competitor behaviour. To do so, complete the following tasks:

Identify and describe the competitive rivalry that Nintendo can anticipate in its business
o Determine the extent to which Nintendo competes with other companies in its
industry by assessing the levels of market commonality and resource similarity
for each major competitor.
o Evaluate the drivers that will influence each of the competitors' actions and
o Consider the factors that impact the likelihood of attack and response from
competitors, and discuss any relevant conditions that might influence Nintendo's
competitive moves.

Discuss how Nintendo's fast-cycle markets affect the competitive dynamics facing it.

In order to increase the company's top managers' understanding of Nintendo's corporate-level

strategy, the CEO has also asked you to prepare an overview of diversification practices that can

help the company successfully implement its strategy in the various new markets where it has no
proprietary advantage. Based on the situation, complete the following tasks:

Define Nintendo's level of diversification and the type of diversification strategy it is

using. Identify ways that the company can build upon or extend its resources to create

Based on the predictions and results of this study, discuss how Nintendo can plan to build
and sustain competitive advantages, which are critical for creating value for shareholders.

MGT4070 W3 A1 Business-level, Corporate-level, and

International Strategies
Business-level, Corporate-level, and International Strategies
Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about the following:


International strategic alliances

Cooperative strategies

Part 1
Based on your research and reading, complete the following tasks:

Define liability of foreignness and regionalism. Discuss how it relates to and how it
impacts international strategies.

Describe corporate strategic alliance and discuss why a company would want to develop
one. Are strategic alliances necessary for a company to expand internationally?

Describe the primary reasons for failure of an international strategic alliance. Identify at
least four fundamental issues that affect trust between partners, and explain when an
acquisition is more favorable than a strategic alliance.

Part 2
Cooperative strategies seem to be a good idea. Using what you have learned about strategic
management and in relation to cooperative strategies, respond to the following questions:

Discuss the difference between a business-level cooperative strategy and a corporatelevel cooperative strategy. Under what circumstances would you choose to develop a
cooperative strategy? When is it not a good idea?

Explain the approach you would adopt to manage a cooperative strategy between two

Describe the three types of strategic alliances and the reasons why companies develop

Describe situations when each is most appropriate to adopt.

MGT4070 W3 A2 Case-1 Baidu Beating Google

Case Study 1: Baidu: Beating Google at Its Game
Read the case study located on page 16 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document, based on the following situation:
At the conclusion of Baidu's final strategic planning session, Robin Li (Cofounder, Chairman,
and CEO) assigned you to prepare a written report and announcement that would be presented to
the company's shareholders and included in a public statement. The purpose of the report is to
summarize the strategic direction for Baidu moving forward and to highlight key decisions made
to exploit the company's capabilities, address competitive realities, maximize performance, and
secure a long-term position for the company.
Your report should address the following key strategic issues:

Summarize Baidu's current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

Define the company's strategic goals.

Discuss the characteristics of Baidu's competitive landscape and the need for strategic

Considering the company's current situation, summarize the strategic direction Li has
decided to pursue.

Explain how this strategy will stand up against the competition and conditions in the

Discuss the uncertainties and risks of doing business in different regions throughout the

Discuss the elements and objectives of Baidu's cooperative strategy. What potential risks
can interfere with achievement of immediate and long-term strategic goals? How should
Baidu protect itself to sustain success?

MGT4070 W3 A2 Case-2 United

Case Study 2: United Airlines
Read the case study located on page 421 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document, based on the following situation.
You could append this report to the report you prepared for Case study 1.
As the industry watches to see how United Airlines' strategy performs against American Airlines'
strategy, management at United Airlines is anxiously monitoring market signs to determine its
next competitive move. It has underestimated American Airlines in the past, and despite the fact
that with billions of dollars invested and strategies that cannot be easily abandoned, United
Airlines needs to be prepared to respond to changing industry needs as quickly as they are
You have been asked to join a strategic planning discussion, and hoping to contribute to the
meeting, you decide to take one more look at United Airlines' situation to see if you can
formulate some insight that could give the company an edge against American Airlines.
Your analysis should include the following elements:

Compare the two competitor's strategies. Based on your knowledge of the industry, what
conclusions can you draw?

Outline a rough competitor analysis. What does the level of interdependence between the
rivals reveal about competitive behavior that can be expected from American Airlines?

Evaluate the pros and cons of United Airlines outsourcing strategy. Do you agree with the
company's decision to offload parts production?

Review United Airlines cooperative strategy. What are the risks of its partnership

Discuss the ways in which United Airlines can improve international strategy.

Identify and describe some of the near-term and long-term results you anticipate in the
airplane production industry.

MGT4070 W4 A1 Corporate
Corporate Governance
Governance mechanisms are considered to be effective if they meet the needs of all stakeholders,
including shareholders. Governance mechanisms are also an important way to ensure that
strategic decisions are made effectively. As a potential employee, how would you go about
investigating a firm's governance structure? Would that investigation weigh in your decision to
become an employee?
Identify a firm that you would like to join or one that you just find interesting. Complete the
following research on your target firm:

Find a copy of the company's most recent proxy statement and 10-K. Proxy statements
are mailed to shareholders prior to each year's annual meeting and contain detailed
information about the company's governance and present issues on which a shareholder
vote might be held. Proxy statements are typically available from a firm's website (look
for an "Investors" submenu). You can also access proxy statements and other government
filings such as the 10-K from the SEC's EDGAR database.
Click here to access SEC's EDGAR database.
Alongside the proxy, you should also be able to access the firm's annual 10-K. Here you
will find information on performance, governance, and the firm's outlook, among other

Identify one of the company's main competitors for comparison purposes. You can find
this information using company analysis tools such as Datamonitor.

Some of the topics that you should examine include:

Compensation plans (for both the CEO and board members; be sure to look for any
difference between fixed and incentive compensation)

Board composition (for example, board size, insiders and outsiders, interlocking
directorates, functional experience, how many active CEOs, how many retired CEOs,
what is the demographic makeup, age diversity, and so on)

Committees (how many, composition, compensation)

Stock ownership by officers and directorsidentify beneficial ownership from stock

owned (you will need to look through the notes sections of the ownership tables to
comprehend this)

Ownership concentrationevaluate the firm's outstanding stock owned by institutions,

individuals, and insiders and identify the no. of large-block shareholders (owners of five
percent or more of stock)

In addition, answer the following questions:

Does the firm utilize a duality structure for the CEO?

Is there a lead director who is not an officer of the company?

What are the activities by activist shareholders regarding corporate governance issues of

Are there any managerial defense tactics employed by the firm? For example, what does
it take for a shareholder proposal to come to a vote and be adopted?

What is the firm's code of conduct? List them.

Prepare a double-spaced memo summarizing the results of your findings with a side-by-side
comparison of your target and its competitor. Your memo should include the following topics:

Summarize what you consider to be the key aspects of the firm's governance

Attach to your memo a single graph covering the last 10-year historical stock
performance for both companies. If applicable, compare both using a representative index
such as the Standard & Poor's (S&P), National Association of Securities Dealers
Automated Quotation (NASDAQ), or other applicable industry index.

Highlight key differences between your target firm and its competitor.

Based on your review of the firm's governance, discuss any change in your opinion of the
firm's desirability as an employer. How does the competitor stack up, governance wise?
Why or why not?

MGT4070 W4 A2 Case Studies

This assignment comprises of two case studies.

Case Study 1: Blockbuster Acquires Movielink: A Growth Strategy

Case Study 2: Under Armour: Working to Stay on Top of Its Game

Case Study 1: Blockbuster Acquires Movielink: A Growth Strategy

Read the case study located on page 72 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document, based on the following situation:
As the investment community watches to see if Blockbuster will be able to sustain a double-digit
growth rate under the new direction, the CEO is reviewing his actions as the strategic leader of
Blockbuster over the past couple of years. The CEO has asked you to analyze the effects that his
decisions have had on the company and to make suggestions to enhance their impact on the
Your report should address the following key strategic issues:

Define and discuss some of the steps taken by the CEO to demonstrate that Blockbuster
is not overly dependent on acquisitions to fuel the company's growth.

Contrasting previous CEO leadership with the latest CEO, what results are expected as
the organizational culture evolves under the latest CEO's direction?

Outline suggestions to further stimulate strategic entrepreneurship (internal innovation) at


Suggest other recommendations you can make to improve the latest CEO's effectiveness
and drive performance results to meet stakeholder expectations.

Case Study 2: Under Armour: Working to Stay on Top of Its Game

Read the case study located on page 410 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document, based on the following situation.
You could append this report to the report you prepared for Case study 1.
You are scheduled to interview with the Board of Directors for the open Chief Operating Officer
position at Under Armour. To fill such a key executive role at the company, you know Jeffries
will expect you to be completely familiar with the specialty retail industry environment and to
have fully researched the internal conditions at Under Armour.

In addition, to really stand out, you will need to offer solutions to the most pressing competitive
and strategic issues facing the company.
With the meeting just days ahead, you decide to sit down and review your notes on the following
key discussion points:

Outline the greatest environmental threats that have immediate implications for Under

Discuss the greatest opportunities available in the marketplace for Under Armour to

Explain Under Armour's greatest organizational strengths and weaknesses?

Outline how can Under Armour's strengths be used to deflect environmental threats and
take advantage of opportunities to further the company's success in the industry?

State what can be done to overcome the company's weaknesses?

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

MGT4070 W5 A1 Organizational Structure and

Strategic Leadership
Organizational Structure and Strategic Leadership
The business firm is no longer just a place where people come to work. For most of the
employees, the firm confers on them that sense of belonging and identitythe firm has become
their "village", their community. The business firm of the twenty-first century is not just a
hierarchy, which ensures maximum efficiency and profit; it is also the community where people
belong to and grow togetherwhere their affective and innovative needs are met (Lim, Griffiths,
& Sambrook, 2010).
Lim, M., Griffiths G., & Sambrook, S. (2010). Organizational structure. Mind
Map Route. Retrieved from http://www.mindmap.0rg.pl/?mindmap=
Discuss the following questions in relation to organizational structure and strategic leadership:

How important it is to be able to identify and distinguish between the organizational

structures used to implement business-level, corporate-level, and international strategies?
Give examples of various organizational structures and how they are used to develop

What is the relationship between organizational structure and organizational controls?

Are they always interrelated? What will happen to a company's competitive advantage if
one or the other isn't in place?

What are the attributes of an effective strategic leader? Discuss the value that person
brings to the strategic management process.

MGT4070 W5 A2 Case Study eBay, Inc. Bidding for

the Future
Case Study eBay, Inc.: Bidding for the Future
Read the case study located on page 144 of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook and
prepare a 5- to 6-page report in a Microsoft Word document, based on the following situation:
The CEO, John Donahoe is preparing to move the company forward. The company has invited
your consulting firm to meet with the new board of directors and discuss the situation at eBay,
To familiarize yourself with the client; your first task is to prepare a background report which
analyzes eBay's business environment and strategy. Your report should include the following:

Analyse and discuss the external forces and industry conditions that have impacted
eBay's performance over the years?

Analyze and discuss how the internal organization and culture at eBay influence its

Discuss how eBay has strategically responded to its competitive environment and internal

Identify the causes and consequences of the Board of Directors' ineffectiveness?

Discuss and highlight other governance weaknesses that have made eBay vulnerable to
managerial opportunism?

Discuss how governance mechanisms at eBay have been used in the past, and what was
their effect?

Discuss the unprecedented maneuvers that were made by eBay stakeholders to overcome
internal governance weaknesses?

In your report, you should be able to demonstrate an insightful look at eBay's situation, make
recommendations for establishing effective governance practices, and support the need for
governance mechanisms despite the appearance of performance success.
Support your responses with examples.

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