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By Jacob Solis

UK approves first studies of
gene editing technology
The U.K.s Human Fertilization
and Embryo Authority made the
decision Monday to move forward
with research into a gene-editing
technology called CRISPR, according to Time Magazine.
This marks the first time CRISPR
has been sanctioned for use on
human embryos. CRISPR, which
was first developed by scientists
last year after they discovered
it inside bacteria, allows for the
direct removal or addition of any
gene in the genome.
It has so far been used to cut
out HIV and alter cancer cells to
make chemotherapy more effective. However, the gene editor
has prompted a fair amount of
controversy, as people are wary
of designer babies or a possible
butterfly effect that might emerge
from tampering with genes.
The embryos being modified
in the U.K. will not be allowed to
develop beyond 14 days, with the
point of the exercise lying in better understanding human biology.

Ted Cruz pulls ahead in Iowa
caucus while Dems stay in a
dead heat
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pulled out a
come-from-behind victory Monday with 28 percent of the Iowa
caucus firmly in his camp. Real
estate mogul Donald Trump came
to a disappointing second, while
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio rose
quickly to a strong third-place
Meanwhile, on the other side of
the aisle, former Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen.
Bernie sanders are deadlocked
with approximately 50 percent of
the vote each. The tie is so close
that as of print time on Monday
night, it is too close to call.
Though he hasnt technically won, Sanders virtual tie with
Clinton is a marked step up from
the start of his campaign, which
was marked by obscurity on the
national stage.

WCSD focuses in on increasing
graduation rates
Monday, Feb. 1 the Washoe
County School District Board
of Trustees and Superintendent
Traci Davis came together for the
2016 State of Education address.
The discussion is part of an effort
to strengthen the relationship between the school district, Board of
Trustees and families in Washoe.
During the conversation, Davis
highlighted the districts Building Blocks of Success, a sevenpronged plan to help students
find greater academic success.
Some aspects of the plan include
the importance of the various
roles of more than 8,000 district
employees and the strategic
plan known as Envision WCSD
2020 Investing In Our Future, a
roadmap for the Districts current
goals and mission.
Davis also discussed an emphasized focus on student success,
which includes greater usage of
Social and Emotional Learning
Ultimately, the districts plan is
an attempt to reach a 90 percent
graduation rate by 2020. A goal
that seems more attainable than
ever with the rate reaching 75
percent in 2015 a 9 percent
increase from 2012.
Davis believes the goal is well
within reach and stated, our
64,000 students are depending on
us, and we are up to the task, reiterating on the districts adjusted
Jacob Solis can be reached at jsolis@
sagebrush.unr.edu and on Twitter


Nevada alumna
an entrepreneurial
force of nature

(Top) Marcus Lavergne/

Nevada Sagebrush. (Bottom)
Photo courtesy of Kylie Rowe

By Marcus Lavergne
University of Nevada, Reno alumna, 4.0-grad
student, assistant director, womens empowerment advocate and activist, business owner
these are just a few of the many hats that Kylie
Rowe wears on a daily basis. Her newest venture
explores ways to introduce women on campus
and in the community to entrepreneurship.
Rowes passion is serving and representing
people, which helped lead her to choose to

study economics during her undergraduate

term and the Master of Social Work she eventually received. Shes currently working on a
second masters in business administration.
Rowes talents have made her an invaluable
faculty member on campus as well. This year
marks a decade of scholastic and professional
work at UNR. One notable milestone comes in
the form of her partnership and friendship with

See ROWE page A2

ASUN election season gets underway

By Jacob Solis
With the chilly arrival of February, the
83rd session of the Associated Students
of the University of Nevada continues to
draw steadily to a close. As such, ASUN
election season has emerged from its
annual hibernation as the election filing
period officially closed last Friday. Now
a record 50 candidates are set to hit the
proverbial campaign trail on Wednesday
in their effort to win one of 22 senate seats
or a spot in the executive board as either
president or vice president.
Between Feb. 23 and 25, candidates
from all the colleges on campus will face
off in senatorial debates while the executive board candidates meet for their own
debate on March 1. Those debates are immediately followed by the primary election on March 2 and 3, which will narrow
down the field for the general election on
March 9 and 10. Receptions will be held
following both elections to announce the
winning candidates.

UNR digs into

silver roots
to transform
Staff Report

Breanna Denney/Nevada Sagebrush

Students pass by a campaign sign for last years Associated Students of the
University of Nevada presidential election on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. Signs for
this years election will show up on campus come Wednesday, when candidates
are officially allowed to begin campaigning.


The University of Nevada, Renos

current academic curriculum hasnt
seen much change since its initiation
in 1989. Students starting their undergraduate careers at UNR in fall
2016 can anticipate aligning their
schedules with the new Silver Core
Transfer students and those on
track to graduate after fall 2016 can
switch to the new curriculum or keep
their old requirements.
Rather than overhauling the entire
system, administration set up a task
force to dig through the ins and outs
of the current curriculum over five


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m Control
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Control Shot B
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an u










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Student voice of the University of

Nevada, Reno, since 1893.

Volume 122 ~8bbdT (



















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Henry MacDiarmid

The Nevada Sagebrush is a
newspaper operated by and for
the students of the University of
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this newspaper do not necessarily reflect those opinions of
the university or its students. It
is published by the students of
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and printed by the Sierra Nevada
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Published every Tuesday at
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Continued from page A1

Chris Howard, an entrepreneurial

scholar and professional. Howard is
the director for the Ozmen Center for
Entrepreneurship, an organization that
offers classes, lectures, workshops and
more resources to help developing entrepreneurs. He recruited Rowe to open
the Center about two years ago after
instructing her in a grad-level course.
Smart, engaged, involved and charismatic are just some words Howard uses
to describe Rowe. According to him, she
fits perfectly into her position at the
Shes very outgoing and presents
well, Howard said. Shes able to speak
well in front of groups and people are
drawn to her, and thats helpful. Shes
very involved and she wants to improve
basically the entire program and the
Howard calls Rowe the perfect package when discussing her role as an
entrepreneur at the Center and within
the community. He also points out
her willingness to help out when shes
Matt Sikora is the founder for one of
Renos newest start-ups, Candel, as well
as another proponent of Rowes supportive nature and inclination to serve and
connect with all kinds of community
members. Sikora, whos known Rowe for
years, commends her for her impressive
ability to link people together.
Shes one of the nicest people Ive ever
met, Sikora said. Shes always been
that. Shes always such a good friend to
everybody, and thats definitely carried
over into her entrepreneurial role.
Sikora believes there arent too many
people that can do what Rowe does.
Because of her success in building
relationships, she became an important
part in helping him make advances in
his newest endeavor as well as broaden
his own communication network.
She knows other people and has
outstanding relationships with these
people, Sikora said. She can just call
somebody up and say, hey, Matt needs
to talk to you about this, and they would
take her seriously, set up a meeting and
theres very few people who are like
Both Howard and Sikora point out
Rowes leadership skills, especially when
it comes to being a role model for other
women in a male-dominated business
world. For Rowe, being a woman is a
crumbling barrier to entry. She realizes
that the doors are opening wider for ladies aspiring to become entrepreneurs.
She Pitches is the Ozmen Centers
newest strategy to promote women in
entrepreneurship. The initiative will
feature some of Renos most lucrative

Photo courtesy of Kylie Rowe

Kylie Rowe addresses an audience at TedXUniversityofNevada on Saturday, Jan. 23. Rowe is a team member with the TedXUniversityofNevada team and helped organize the event.

female business leaders as well as passionate students whove started carving

out their own paths toward success.
Rowe hopes the program will get more
women excited about the field.
I dont know that theres any one thing
thats promoting all of these women,
Rowe said. Im really excited just from
the initial feedback it seems like theres
going to be a lot of support around it.
According to Rowe, when it comes to
pitching, many different factors decide
if youll find success through your idea
or if youll have to take things back to
the drawing board. It takes confidence
and conviction as well as presentation
skills and drive, but a power also lies in
the support of others, something Rowe
credits much of her success to.
Growing up, Rowe faced one of her
lifes greatest challenges in going through
the divorce of her parents, something
that she called mortifying and embarrassing in a family that highly regarded
familial values. Throughout a good part
of her adolescent life it was a struggle
she internalized, wary of revealing any
weakness to the people around her.
After realizing that it only made things
more difficult, she changed her way of
thinking and shifted her lifestyle.
I finally got to a point where I knew
I needed to do something and change
something and be healthy, Rowe said.

I was still moving forward every day

but I was still having a lot of internal
personal issues, so my senior year in
high school I finally realized I needed to
do something about this, so thats when
I started seeking out this idea of holistic
Rowe finally hit a turning point when
she was finishing up her undergrad career. Opening up to others was a healing
factor for her. Communicating about
her struggles and putting trust in others
helped her develop a lifestyle thats essential in pushing her through her busy
That lifestyle focuses on not only
physical health, but also mental and
emotional health. According to Rowe,
paying enough attention to those easily forgotten facets of life has given her
strength and plays a large role in her
own success. It also helped her realize
just how important it was to help others
take their own steps towards a healthier,
more fruitful life.
Because I had gone through this
experience of struggling internally for
such a long time and then getting to
this point of being healthy and happier, I was so passionate about it that
I really wanted to help other people,
Rowe said. Thats why I originally went
into social work because Im like theres
hope, people can do this.

From being yoga instructor to owning

a real estate investing business with
properties in Midtown, Rowes daily
life involves being around people and
holding a prominent place within the
community and on campus. Shes also
built strong relationships within the
Graduate Student Association as the
organizations former president.
When shes not helping to coordinate
events with the Ozmen Center, or putting together TEDxUniversityofNevada
talks as a team member, an extrovert like
Rowe finds a little personal time to do
something, well, normal and relaxing.
I love spa days, Rowe said. I think
a nice steam room and massage are
amazing, definitely few and far between,
but [I] love those. Everybody loves Netflix, and exercise is definitely [a hobby]
for sure.
Rowes approach to some of lifes difficulties is both refreshing and inspirational to many. Her considerate attitude
has helped her construct sturdy bridges
to an expansive and diverse community of people with an array of different
talents and skills. Still, she awaits the
opportunity to dig her roots even deeper
into a blossoming area.
Marcus Lavergne can be reached at
mlavergne@sagebrush.unr.edu and on
Twitter @mlavergne21.

Silver Core
Continued from page A1

years ago to search for areas in need of improvement. Plans to

implement the system in 2016 were presented by the universitys Core Curriculum board in 2014.
Core Director Elliot Parker is in charge of making sure the
new program is implemented smoothly, but making what
Parker calls a hybrid system function properly has proven to
be a challenge.
We havent really kept up with the times, Parker said. One
of the big issues is the fact that a lot of the courses that were
part of our core ... once they got in we never really looked at
them very hard to decide if they should stay in. You would have
syllabus drift, that is, you had a course that changed over time
and wasnt covering what it once said it would.
The university never developed an efficient system or
mechanism to measure if a course was or is sticking true to
the purpose behind its original implementation. Silver Core is
designed to change that.
Through the new curriculum, assessment of courses and
their content takes first priority. According to Parker, the purpose of Silver Core shows a shift in administration objectives.
It represents a desire to analyze if a class is teaching the material that needs to be taught, in accordance with the universitys
values, rather than just satisfying students credit needs.
A lot of universities across the country are moving toward
doing a better job of assessing, Parker said. Now we already
assess, we already give students grades. The problem is the
grades we give students [are] not an independent, objective
measure of what theyve learned; its a measure of how hard
we think theyve worked.
Colleges, which each gain accreditation through independent agencies and organizations, also have different levels of
assessment. Simply put, different colleges assess differently,
some better than others. That accreditation is important for
colleges. The better their assessment of classes, the more
efficiently administration and faculty can improve the department or schools that need changes. This also makes the
accreditation appear more credible.
Silver Core is a way to accurately feed the scholastic needs of
the students based on 14 polished Silver Core Objectives also
known as the Silver Plan. The general requirements have been
divided into four silver veins. The administration has identified several categories through which it believes students can
achieve a broad, well-rounded education.
Silver veins I and II can be compared to the core requirements that college students must fulfill based on national
standards things like core math, English, science and social
science courses. Veins III and IV are specific to UNR and consist of higher-level courses like core capstones.
The idea is trying to judge what students learn, Parker said.
We still have to make it course-based; we havent been able to
figure [that] out ... were not ready to test the students on what
they know per se, but at least were saying theres a variety of
ways, for example, that a student can learn about ethics.
Flexibility is an important feature of the new curriculum.
According to Parker, the requirements in place are too static
and dont allow for many changes. He and the administration
hope to be able to adjust things at least every five years.
Through a redeveloped reporting system, the university
plans to keep track of student progress in the Silver Core system, making sure that it meets each new core objective before
With the revamped curriculum, UNR hopes to mine into a
shining pool of new opportunities and map out a path to a
higher level of education for the university.
The News Desk can be reached at jsolis@sagebrush.unr.edu and
at Twitter @TheSagebrush.

ASUN reminds you to request a ride from ASUN Campus Escort Services at www.unr.edu/campus-escort or call 742-6808
if you need a ride after an event. ASUN supports providing equal access to all programs for people with disabilities.
This is Nevada
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ASUN bills keep working through the system

Staff Report
Last weeks senate meeting may
not have had any legislation on the
table, but that doesnt mean there
isnt any working its way through
the system. Senators brought up
several pieces of legislation during their reports last week: below
are three of those bills.


Technically a resolution, it
was proposed by Sen. Makayla
Ragnone of the College of

Agriculture, Biotechnology and

Natural Resources. The resolution
encompasses a proposed $2 fee
increase that would pay for new
technology in classrooms around
campus. Currently $7, the fee
pays for both WebCampus and facilities like computer labs, in addition to projectors and computers
in lecture halls and classrooms.
The increase would add $30 in
fees per semester for a student
taking 15 credits, netting the
university an extra $1 million annually.
To become a research university, you need to have that

Continued from page A1



FEB. 23-25


Escort or the Campus Cadets, if

they feel unsafe walking at night.


Sen. Sam Bruketta of the College
of Engineering is working on a
proposal that would raise the pay
for ASUN senators. ASUN passed
a referendum nearly 10 years ago
that allowed the senate to raise
its own pay via legislation. Even
so, the senate has yet to actually
enact a raise since that time.
I was a senator myself, and I
certainly felt that I was underpaid
for the amount work that [I] did,

but itll certainly make for an

interesting debate, Fabbi said.
Senator pay is currently tied
to credit hours and raises naturally with raises in tuition, as per
ASUNs bylaws.
All of these efforts will make
their way to the senate floor in
the coming weeks as they work
through the various senate committees. Only the last bill, regarding senator pay, is currently in
The news desk can be reached at
jsolis@sagebrush.unr.edu and on
Twitter @TheSagbrush.




50 22


MARCH 9-10








SOURCE: ASUN elections commission

for the Division of Health
Jacob Springmeyer, deputy
chief of staff

(two available seats)

(one available seat)

Alberto Garcia
Hannah Jackson
Jason Littleford

(three available seats)
Jacob Chaparian
Margaret Duvall
Cheril Gabbidon
Trenton Jackson
Nima Jafarkhani
Haider Rafique
Hayden Smith
Noah Teixeira

Lucas Bishop
Brittany Blair
Carissa Bradley
Makayla Ragnone
Tim Stone


Austin Mathias, senator

Proposed by Sen. Alex Crupi

of the College of Engineering,
the bill would aim to improve
lighting around campus so that
all of campus might be as well-lit
as the newly erected William N.
Pennington Student Achievement
Center. Crupis plan would in-


Brandon Boone, senator
for the College of Business
Millie Carro, senator for
the College of Education
and senate speaker pro
Marissa Crook, director of
Legislative Affairs
Marquis Lawson



corporate better lighting into the

universitys master plan, which
covers the next several years of the
universitys development.
Though Crupis bill implies that
lighting on campus, and by extension safety on campus, is somewhat lacking, Fabbi disagreed.
Though everyone talks about
campus safety, to be honest, I
havent seen a lot of action on it in
the past few years, Fabbi said.
Fabbi added that, in his opinion,
the lighting situation on campus
is not all that bad and implored
students to explore other campus
safety options, such as Campus


Voting for each election will
be available online through
WebCampus, or in person in the
Blue Fish Bowl on the second
floor of the Joe Crowley Student
Im so excited, said Dalton
Mack, ASUNs elections chair.
[The number of candidates]
surpassed the goal I had; its
great to see that students are
getting involved.
Mack also hopes that the
record number of candidates
will help boost turnout as well.
His goal this year is 25 percent,
6 percent greater than last years
relatively massive turnout of 19
Below are the candidates for
each position, with senatorial candidates presented in the
order they will appear in the
debate schedule. Candidates for
executive board positions will
also include their current position within ASUN, if any.

modern tech, said Associated

Students of the University of Nevada President Caden Fabbi. Its a
necessary issue on our campus
these are steps that we can take to
solve these problems.



Infographic by Nicole Kowalewski/Nevada Sagebrush

(three available seats)
Mireya Ambriz
Veronica Charles
Haydon Cook
Dahlia Henderson
Brennan Jordan

(four available seats)
Sasha Bond
Keely Eshenbaugh
Dennis Green
Katie Lou Hickman
Zachary Jacoby
Nathalia Luna

Jose Marroquin
Stephan Page
Brandon Rusk

(three available seats)
Alex Crupi
Neil Dodds
Ali Olivia
John Urquidi

(two available seats)
Donovan Kohler
Robert Lovern IV

(three available seats)
Luis Barragan
Kyle Feng
David Kassisieh
Paul Macaballug
Deanna Page

(one available seat)
Noelle Crooks
Jordan Dynes
The news desk can be reached at
jsolis@sagebrush.unr.edu and
on Twitter @TheSagebrush.





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Seniors who graduated in August 2015, December

2015 or will graduate in May 2016 are eligible for
the Outstanding Senior Award. Criteria are based on
academic accomplishments, campus leadership and
community service. Two seniors will receive a $500
check. Awards will be presented at the Honor the
Best ceremony in May.
ASUN supports providing equal access to all programs for people with disabilities. Reasonable efforts will be made to provide accommodations to people with disabilities attending the event.
Please call 784-6589 as soon as possible to arrange for appropriate accommodations. For more information contact amyk@unr.edu.

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By Blake Nelson


DATE: Tuesday
TIME: 8 p.m.

Concert Hall
INFO: Indie classic Dr. Dog
is playing with the up-andcoming freak-folk ensemble
Hop Along. This show is for
anyone who enjoys melodic
songs and gut-wrenching
vocals, all underneath the
Reno Arch.



DATE: Thursday
TIME: 7 p.m.
LOCATION: Davidson Math

and Science Center, Redfield

INFO: Science author David
Quammen will be giving
a lecture on the topics
of arising new viruses
including MERS and Ebola.
He will speak about his
reporting on the recent
Ebola outbreak for National
Geographic and other
themes relating to virus

DATE: Thursday
TIME: 7 p.m.
LOCATION: Riverside

INFO: From the Coen
Brothers (guys that brought
you The Big Lebowski)
is another film premiering
this Thursday. Expect more
dark comedy and quirky
storytelling, this time set
in Hollywood during the

DATE: Friday
TIME: 8:30 p.m.
LOCATION: The Holland

INFO: Lo-fi punk band
Useless Eaters is coming
back to Holland after the
release of their new album
Bleeding Moon. With
them is post-punk band
Marauder, garage-rock
band The Staches and
locals Taste Buds. This bill
is packed and for only $5.

DATE: Sunday
TIME: 3 p.m.

Local artists display mixed

feelings toward Nevada

By Blake Nelson

fter little over an hour of driving, a few

turns onto and off highways and miles
of characteristically drab northern
Nevada scenery, you arrive at Oats Park
Art Center. Oats Park sits on the eastern
side of Fallon, Nevada, an out-of-theway small town east of Reno. Out of the way because
not only is it on the Loneliest Road in America, U.S.
Highway 50, but unless you want to visit a Pizza Hut or
one the other miscellaneous pizza joints in town, then
there isnt really much there for the average person.
Making the trek to the historical yet culturally sparse
town last weekend would have been one of the few
times Fallon appealed to the average person. The receptions for I Wonder If I Care As Much and Cirque
both happened on the same Saturday at Oats Park Art
I Wonder If I Care As Much is a collaborative,
mixed-media exhibit by Reno artists Tim Conder, Nick
Larsen and Omar Pierce. The exhibit also included
music from Kyle Walker Akins, Shane Oakley, Lauren
Baker and other musicians.
Cirque, on the other hand, is an exhibit by Michelle
Lassaline that showcases watercolor paintings and
found object sculptures by Lassaline.
As we entered Oats Park we were greeted by a large,
warmly lit hall. Groups of people were bustling about
the early 20th-century building.
Oats Park, a location funded and run by the Churchill
Arts Council, shows art exhibits and performance art
pieces, including music. The building houses some of
the best lighting and gallery spaces in Nevada, which
may seem a bit odd considering the somewhat isolated
location of the venue.
Toward the north of the building is the E.L. Wiegand
Gallery which currently houses the I Wonder If I Care
As Much exhibit. The focus piece as you enter the gallery is an inverted image of Nevada, posed in such a
way to symbolize the theme of the exhibit and slightly
unsettle the viewer upon entering due to its being dark
black and made of waxed horse hair.
[The] shape of Nevada upside down recalls the
silhouette of a house or, more specifically, a house on
fire, reads one of three handouts that go along with
the exhibit.
This symbol of Nevada upside down or a house on
fire lends its melancholy and various interpretations
to the overall theme of the exhibit: an ambivalence
toward a home that no longer holds the same value as
before wanting to leave, yet haunted by inaction.
The title of the exhibit itself is derived from a song
of the same name by The Everly Brothers. This song
chronicles the tale of a lover who is wondering whether
they care about their partner in the same way they
once did.
A video plays on loop in the exhibit: images of bears
heads, Pyramid Lake and people being tattooed appear on the screen for around 30 seconds, long enough
to become symbols to the viewer. A particularly portentous image in the video is that of a crossroads street
sign that reads Darkhorse Ct. and Rock Bottom Rd.
The video is set to a soundtrack composed by the con-

tributing musicians. Each song is a reinterpretation

by the musicians of I Wonder If I Care As Much by
The Everly Brothers, all of which are slow and haunting, awash in reverb and ambivalence. The sound of
the video is just loud enough to be mildly distressing
throughout the gallery.
Each of the main artists collaborated on three pieces
to flesh out the shared interpretation of the theme of
the exhibit and contributed a single individual work to
give their own take on the theme.
Collaborating with artists is always really hard,
but [Conder and Larsen] are really good guys to work
with, Pierce said.
The three artists put the exhibit together as a farewell
to the Reno community. Each of the artists is leaving
their home state soon after the exhibit comes to a close.
In the Classroom Gallery across from a full bar is
Lassalines exhibit Cirque. On the walls are vibrant
and detailed watercolors by the artist depicting various
landscapes in the Nevada area. In the conjoining room
are sculptures, also part of the exhibit, of found objects
crafted into flagpoles and other contraptions.
The artist statement for the exhibit describes the
dual meaning of the word "cirque." And both rooms
play with this dualism derived from the word in various ways. One is the geological term referring to the
formation of land that occurs when a glacier carves out
an amphitheater-like valley in a mountain. The other is
the French word for circus.
Lassalines beautifully detailed watercolors depict
landscapes she experienced while hiking. The colors in
each were vibrant and the skill that went into making
them shows; some of the pieces looked more like prints
than hand-painted pieces. Paying close attention to
the geography of the landscape, each piece is crafted
around her intimate relationship with it.
The paintings are fraught with nuances that could
only come from an experience by the artist, lending
themselves to the overall subjective nature of a hike
in solitude. How the rich landscapes presented show a
side of Nevada that some overlook when getting to and
from different parts of the state. Lassalines portrayals
help open the eyes of the viewer to what an experience
in the high desert landscape could consist of.
On the other hand Lassalines sculptures play to the
circus aspect of cirque. Looking almost like Dadaist
works that include found objects, each piece evokes
a lightheartedness through its smaller size and soft
colors. I found myself spending more time in this room
studying the various ways Lassaline reimagined small
items into sculptures that represented flagpoles all the
way to ballasts.
Although the works were personal, the artists didnt
let on that they felt overly exposed or in any way
uncomfortable. The artists all seemed excited by the
turnout of people, milling about and thanking all the
To the favor of both exhibits, their differences in tone
were able to play to each of their strengths without
overshadowing the other, allowing the viewer to partake in two unique experiences. The exhibits are available for viewing through March 12. Although Oats Park
is around an hour outside of Reno, its worth the trip.
Though the drive isnt very interesting, the long and
lonely road might instill either the sense of melancholy
that is represented in I Wonder If I Care As Much or
the geographical awe in Cirque. Either way, youll
appreciate it.
Blake Nelson can be reached at tbynum@sagebrush.unr.
edu or on Twitter @b_e_nelson.

LOCATION: Joe Crowley

Student Union, Ballroom

INFO: Watch the Super
Bowl this Sunday with the
rest of the student body
at the Joe. There will be
free drinks and food for the
game and a huge screen to
watch it on.

Photographer/Nevada Sagebrush

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Blake Nelson can be reached

at tbynum@sagebrush.unr.edu
and on Twitter @b_e_nelson.

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A&E | A5

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Missoula sheds light on rape in America

By Blake Nelson
Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town is not an easy
book to read, I imagine, for anyone.
Jon Krakauers nonfiction narrative is
harrowing, graphic and hard to stomach at most points, only exacerbated
by the reality of the story that unfolds.
That being said, Krakauers book
is well-researched. Without a doubt,
he did his homework. If anyone is
familiar with his well-known works,
which include Into the Wild and
Into Thin Air, then you know that
Krakauer extensively researches for
his books. The authors note at the
beginning states that Krakauer not
only interviewed almost everyone
that he quotes, but he also poured
over thousands of court files, laws
and academic studies.
The narrative follows the accounts
of multiple victims and alleged
victims of sexual assault at the
University of Montana, involving
Missoula, Montanas mishandling
of reported rape cases a scandal
that is just coming to light. Following
each persons accounts of the attack
and eventual pursuance of justice,
Krakauer weaves a narrative that time
and again surprises the reader with
harsh realities of a legal system that is
biased against the plight of the victim.
Each victim that Krakauer focuses
on takes a different path to justice,
with differing results. Whether it was
through the University of Montanas
disciplinary process or through the
legal system, each story highlights the
respective process faults, which can
inadvertently allow a perpetrator of
sexual assault to go free.
A case in the book involving a
football player and a young woman
accusing the football player of committing sexual assault shows the ways
that defense attorneys will forgo the
truth in order to have their clients acquitted of charges. In this section my
blood was boiling as I read how the
lawyers for the football player twisted
the victims words and attacked her
character to make her seem untrustworthy and vindictive.
The story that Krakauer tells sheds
light on many of the issues in the legal
system as well as general misconceptions about victims of rape and what
rape actually consists of. Finding the
best research on the topics of rape and
non-stranger rape, otherwise known
as date rape, Krakauer is essentially

Flickr photo provided by SSShupe

The clock strikes 11:40 a.m. on February 23, 2013, on the University of Monatanas clock tower, This is the setting of Missoula.

dispelling any false claims that may

surround victims of sexual assault.
Krakauer does point out multiple
times that the cases in Missoula
are not singular in any way compared with the rest of the country,
certainly not the Rape Capital it
has been perceived as by the media
surrounding the controversy. This
fact alone gives the story an urgency
that comes with the knowledge of a
nationwide epidemic. The number
of reported rapes from 2008 to 2013
in Missoula was over 80, not differing much from the national av erage,
I dont mean to single out Missoula: its rape rate is a little less than
the national average, said Krakauer
in an interview with NPR. I think its
problems with dealing with rape are

I dont mean to single out

Missoula ... I think problems
with dealing with rape are
pretty depressingly typical.
Jon Krakauer


pretty depressingly typical.

This book acts as both a nonfiction
narrative and as an investigative piece
into the flaws of a justice system that
allows 97 percent of accused rapists
to walk free. It informs in a clear way
and in doing so, opens the eyes of the

reader to the injustice within

the so-called American justice
Blake Nelson can be reached at
tbynum@sagebrush.unr.edu or on
Twitter @b_e_nelson.


@TheSagebrush | nevadasagebrush.com




Dont fall victim to political poll-sh*t

Dont rely on polls
when making final

he Iowa caucus, the first

nominating contest of
the year, has finally come
and gone (at least by print
time, anyways). And, gratefully, the
caucus and upcoming primaries will
have taken with them the scourge of
pre-election polls. Finally, for the first
time since this election cycle began last
April, Americans will have a true sense
of which politician has the lead in this
years battle for the nomination.
The issue here is that polls, especially
the kind of pre-election polls that have
dominated the news cycle for nearly a
year now, are usually terrible. Whether
they lack accuracy or predictive ability,
pre-election polls are very good at giving
a false sense of whats actually going on.
First and foremost, national primary
polls are just pure entertainment. If there
was a national primary, then the fact that
Donald Trump leads the rest of the GOP
contenders, often by a margin of 2-1 or
greater, would actually be important
because it would spell certain victory for
The only problem is that there is no
national primary.
What matters instead are the state
primaries, all 50 of them. The lead that
Donald Trump held over the once No. 2
contender, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, was in
the single digits in Iowa. Yet after the dust

of the caucus was settled, Cruz came

out on top. However, things dont look
so good for Mr. Cruz in New Hampshire,
where Trump still leads him and the rest
of the field by 22 points, according to the
RealClearPolitics polling average.
Add on to that the fact that not all
polls are created equal, and suddenly the
horse race begins to lose its meaning.
Take, for instance, the Internet straw poll.
After every single debate so far, whichever outlet ran the debate took to Facebook
or their own websites to conduct a straw
poll to find out who won. The problem
here is that there is no scientific basis for
this poll and the results are often skewed
beyond usability.
While Bernie Sanders may or may
not have won whichever debate, we
will never truly know how the public
felt about it because ardent Sanders
supporters, who are more likely than not
to perceive a Sanders victory regardless
of his performance, will quickly flood
Facebook or Reddit with their assertions
of his victory. Once that happens, the
results are skewed and the opinion of
actual undecided voters, who often actually care who wins a debate, is buried.
Thats not to say there arent good polls
or that polls cant be predictive. Established pollsters like Gallup and the Pew
Research Center and even new internet
pollsters like YouGov pay close attention
to methodology and try their hardest
to minimize sampling errors and other
kinds of bias. Being even more specific,
pollsters like the Des Moines Registers
Ann Selzer are held up as the gold standard of polling, according to both the
Register and industry professionals, for a
remarkable string of historically accurate

Lets meditate instead

of getting inebriated

ts 5 oclock on a Friday in the streets of the

bustling Big Apple. The work week is finally
coming to a close and the trendy inhabitants of
up-and-coming hotspots like Soho and Brooklyn
get ready to take the nightlife by storm. Happy hour
is just beginning and with that being said it is first
nature for us to assume booze will be in the mix. After
all, the notion that its 5 oclock somewhere dawns
upon us and the infamous drinking
hour has only just begun.
An inaugural happy hour known
as Shine, premiers at The General
Assembly, an institute of technology
located in the heart of the beloved
city. However, something seems
unfamiliar about one particular
new happy hour in New York City.
A regular attendee of any happy
hour seems to be absent. Alcohol is
nowhere to be found.
Schultz Happens
A pretty unconventional idea,
right? A happy hour with no alcohol.
What is the point?
Upon reading about the new trend sparking, it really
started turning wheels for me. What a healthy alternative for a night on the town. This idea really resonated
with me on a personal level. It forced me to think
about all of the things I have done with my friends in
the last six months that could be considered substantial. And aside from the concerts, music festivals
and other rare occurrences I cant remember many
instances where my weekends werent consumed
with hopping between bars. This mentality couldnt
help but make me think there has to be a lesson to be
learned from the very hipsteresque happy hour taking
place nearly 3,000 miles away.
Dont get me wrong, I know just as well as any of my
peers that drinking can be a real riot. Im not saying
college students should cut drinking out of their
lives and stop going to bars in order to lead a more
meaningful life. That just seems like a silly notion to
even propose.
But something new is happening in the four walls
of those New York City bars that are holding events
like Shine. People are leaving feeling a sense of
enlightenment. They are going to happy hour to
meditate instead of to get inebriated. They are
winding down with green tea drink specials and vegan
appetizers, while having a few sober laughs. Theyre
exhibiting healthy habits while still being able to
enjoy the nightlife. No regrettable mistakes are made
during these happy hours and the girls you meet in
the bathroom will actually remember your name after
leaving this gathering.
I hold it to be truly evident that college students do
not always receive the recognition they deserve for how
much is expected of us. Most of us are expected to go to
school full time, while holding a job to keep us afloat,
while juggling a social life, maintaining relationships
both personal or romantic on top of having to explain
to those around us where we see ourselves in 10 years.
It is scary being a college student. Living for the
weekend is an easy escape of reality. We have one
too many drinks and wake up the next day feeling
unrefreshed and repetitive. Drinking can be a nice
easy escape of the daily pressures we face. But maybe,
just maybe we should adopt some similar sober Soho
practices and ditch the Patron for a more placid Friday
night with our friends.
I encourage my peers to take a night off the booze.
Its 5 somewhere. Pass on the invitation to half-off
margaritas and welcome with open arms the chance of
quality time for meditation and enjoying the ability to
remember your new night on the town.
Alexandra Schultz studies journalism. She can be
reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on Twitter

Staff Predictions

Trump 73%
Cruz 9%
Clinton 25%
Rubio 9% Sanders 75%
Fiorina 9%
Infographic by Rebecca Day/Nevada Sagebrush

polls. It is a cruel irony, however, that

Ann Selzer was proven wrong on caucus
day as Cruz pulled ahead of Trump a
reversal of her own prediction.
We might also take solace in the
fact that as the various caucuses and
primaries draw closer, the polls become
more accurate and more predictive.
To look at a poll from June of last year
as a real measure of who will win the
election is really a silly idea. But to look
at Saturdays poll out of the Des Moines
Register is a relatively sound notion.
Even so, polls just arent always right
and they shouldnt be used, under any

circumstances, for any kind of voting

decisions. For a historical example,
turn to the famous 1948 Chicago Daily
Tribune headline, Dewey defeats Truman, which incorrectly called the
victor of that years presidential race.
For a more recent example, take Mitt
Romneys 2012 loss to the incumbent
Barack Obama a loss no one save a
few outliers predicted.
With that in mind, it is evident that
polls can be useful for tapping the pulse
of the American public, if and only if,
those polls are solid in their method and
taken close to the actual contest. Look

for how the poll was conducted, who

did the surveying and how many people
remain undecided and
Despite the fun in watching the political horse race, be sure to look past polls
when you make your final decision at
the caucus. Use policy, review platforms
and really get to know what a candidate
wants to do in the Oval Office before you
cast a vote their direction. Polls will never
tell whos actually qualified for the job.
The editorial staff can be reached at
tbynum@sgebrush.unr.edu and on Twitter

It was not about winning the race,

but instead getting to a happy place

he other day I was asked by one of my

professors to recall my favorite sports
moment of all time, and instantly
I was brought back to a time that
taught me the greatest lesson I could have
ever been taught. Although it may come off on
the surface as not much more than a cliche, I
know that the happiest people know exactly
how to live life. Stop trying
to figure things out or make
a perfect life for yourself.
Not all of us get that turningpoint moment in life that
changes our paths course,
so it is imperative we stop
searching for answers and
seeking out a medium of
happiness. Instead of trying
to micromanage life, take
time to leave your mind at
home some days, and just let
your heart take the wheel. Sometimes you just
have to live.
At 16 I lost the first person I ever loved to
an overdose. He was my boyfriend of two
years, and I felt like the world was crumbling
beneath my feet. I was never like him in the
sense of a drug user, but at that time I guess
you could say I didnt even know he was still
His death took me by complete and utter
surprise. Junior year of high school was
already hard enough. Trying to balance track,
ACT prep, school and applying for colleges
was taking its toll on me. It was safe to say I
was losing my sense of self.
I felt like the only personal time I had to
connect with Scott was when I ran, so I kept
doing the only thing that came naturally.
So there I was, on the starting line of my
regional race. This was the big race before
the state meet and would also be the race to
position me with a state rank. My heart was
pumping fast, but I felt oddly relaxed. I felt
that this moment was meant to be mine.
Starters, take your marks, the announcer
I took a deep breath. Get set. OK, Reighan,
you got this. Go!
My race transpired into an out of body
Scott, be with me was the mantra I
repeated over and over again.
I took control of the race and made every
move cautiously, perfectly. Every motion
and every breath were in harmony with one
another all the way around the track. Then I
reached the final stretch. I was in the lead, but
slowing down. I pumped my arms and legs,
and I felt as if everything was going to shut
down. Everything.
Scott, be with me, I repeated to myself. I
looked at the clock 2:08, 2:09, 2:10 the
seconds ticked away. I looked straight ahead,
gasping for air, somehow moving my legs
while they were completely numb. I staggered,
slid and fought my way across the finish line,
collapsing to the ground.
At that moment I was filled with an
unexplainable amount of emotion because I
realized that my race wasnt only dedicated to
Scott, but it was dedicated to me.
It is not every day that a 16-year-old figures
it all out. It was not about learning how to
race, but instead learning how to live.
A perfect race. Theres just no such thing. A

Photo courtesey of Reighan Fisher

Reighan Fisher competed in her track and field race her junior year of high school in Commerce,
Michigan. Reighan went on to win regionals and set a record at her high school.

perfect life? Ha.

Ive raced hundreds of times before that
moment, but this race was by far my best performance. It didnt matter how much training I
did or how much strategy I applied. Statistics I
knew about my opponents beforehand played
no role in a victory. All that truly mattered was
what was going on in my head that day and
what I felt in my heart.
If you have your mind right and your heart
leading your lifes path, youll be unstoppable.
With that said, its easier said than done to
get your mind and heart just right. Its easy to
spew cliches and make no life changes.
The world we live in is a beautiful place,
but it is also good at deceiving us and making
us think we want something we dont. Life
can blind our senses to whats important. We
follow the money, try to learn the tricks of
the trade and let go of things that may hold

personal value to us in order to please the ones

who think they know whats best.
But that moment was different. It was a
game-changing day. That day I did me. I got
mine. I followed my heart and turned off my
I will never forget that moment. I broke the
school record by four seconds, was ranked
third in the state of Michigan in the 800 meters
and was recognized for great athletic achievement by my high school, but thats not why I
was happy. I found myself that day. I learned to
live and to just let go and be. My race that day
became a metaphor for my life and how I want
to live. Theres no such thing as a perfect life,
but there can be perfect moments. Just let go.
Reighan Fisher studies journalism. She can be
reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on
Twitter @TheSagebrush.


@TheSagebrush | nevadasagebrush.com


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But just as many coaches tell their teams

practice how you play,

concealed weapon carriers should be
placed in scenarios that will test their
will, wit and reaction time.

Digital illustration by Rebecca Day/Nevada Sagebrush

Consider the safety in self-protection

Dont discount the option of concealed weapons on our campus

hen the University of

Nevada struck down Assembly Bill 148 in March
2015, a bill that would
allow concealed weapons on campus,
I firmly believe The University acted
too hastily in choosing its stance on
gun control. Instead, the university
chose to not allow
students to exercise
their Concealed
Carry Weapons
permits on university property. While
this preventative
measure is meant to
protect the student
body, there are
instances in which
it has hurt students
and may continue to
if a change isnt made.
In 2007 former UNR student

Amanda Collins was traveling with a

group of friends from her night class
on campus. As the cluster of students
approached the eerie parking garage,
Collins realized she had parked her car
a floor above her peers. She ascended
the staircase just as she would any
other day. Unknowingly to Collins,
that nights happenings would be
seared in her mind for years to come.
Upon reaching the floor she was
parked on, she began to approach
her car. Just as she reached the tail
end of her vehicle she was taken
hostage and forced to the ground.
Her assailant was a man by the name
of James Biela, who went on to rape
her at gunpoint. Collins states she
would have been carrying her firearm
and been able to protect herself had
campus rules permitted it. Now the
argument can be made that campus
police would intervene in most

situations of distress, but Collins was

roughly 300 yards from a campus
police office when she was attacked.
The expectation that police can
protect the 20,000-plus students the
university boasts is far-fetched at best.
If allowing students to exercise their
right to carry a concealed weapon
on campus helps keep hardworking,
law-abiding students like Collins safe,
its hard to see why CCWs are forbidden on campus.
Commander Todd Renwick of the
university campus police department
acknowledged a fear that everyone
shares, when it comes to everyday
citizens carrying concealed weapons.
If placed in a situation in which
they must act quickly and without
hesitation, Renwick fears People with
concealed carry permits could crack
under pressure, and possibly make
matters worse. While this is a valid

Show some freaking respect.

Please be politically correct.

eing politically correct isnt

about opinion or freedom:
its about respect. As the
2016 presidential election
draws closer, the ongoing battle
against political correctness seems
to be discussed as often as more
pressing issues like gun control
and government
spending. The war
against PC is
one-sided, fought by
the more conservative candidates, for
reasons unknown,
but most likely in
the hopes of gaining
respect from fellow
The battle against
PC takes advantage
of the first amendment by making
comments that could be racist or
sexist. The vilified liberal candidates
are supposedly trying to make people
think the same. In reality, being PC
is the result of respecting who each
person is as an individual. Being PC is
not a move to make everything more
black and white, but instead intends

to add color through the promise

of people living in harmony and
understanding. Nice, huh?
Republican candidate Donald
Trump is one of several conservative
candidates who has successfully
grabbed the attention of an American
audience who is tired of feeling
forced to play nice with people it
dislikes for surface reasons, like skin
color. Trump seems to be feeding
off this groups anger, and is heavily
applying its dissatisfaction to his
presidential race. Trump supporters
are often quoted saying that they
respect Trump for speaking his mind,
and not listening to what is deemed
respectful. The reality is that everyone keeping up with the 2016 race is
watching Trump slowly dig himself
into a hole, one slur at a time.
All in all, being politically correct
isnt about making people stop
having opinions. The point is to
encourage people to think before
they speak. The idea of being PC is to
inspire people to educate themselves
on what is considered respectful and
what is not. Being politically correct
does not slow down or hurt anyone;

the world is a better place if everyone

can take time to be considerate to
one another.
Skeptics who argue that other
people trying to enforce political
correctness are too easily offended
are making victims of themselves,
which is honestly just confusing for
everyone. Lets be real: no one is
more offended than someone who
hates political correctness.
Here is some advice for people who
hate PC or feel personally attacked
by PC: instead of being offended by
the possibility of someone calling you
out for saying something inappropriate, take the time to educate yourself
on what you might have said or done
wrong. Society works well when we
can all play nice and respect people.
Being politically correct is not a
liberal ploy to brainwash people. Its a
cry for everyone to take notice of who
is around them, and bask in the glory
that is Americas diversity.
Caroline Ackerman studies journalism. She can be reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on Twitter

argument, the solution to the problem

is right at our fingertipsIncrease
the difficulty of obtaining a concealed
carry permit.
In the state of Nevada, obtaining a concealed carry permit is
straightforward. First you meet a
few qualifications regarding age and
lack of criminal history, then obtain
firearm training. Training consists of
one eight-hour session in which you
are educated about the laws pertaining to lethal weapons. Shortly after
youre tested on your knowledge, of
the information given in the session.
If you pass the written test you are
then asked to hit a target at 3, 5, and
7 yards. If you pass this simple task,
youll head down to your local police
department, where itll take your
fingerprints and administer an eye
test. Upon passing your eye test you
will finally take your picture and wait
a few months to receive your permit in
the mail. Its not a challenging process.
The requirements dont prepare the

carrier for a situation in which they

must act quickly. To solve this, Nevadas government must intensify the
training while acquiring the permit. If
it put people in live gunfire scenarios
with blanks, the individuals who cant
hack it, wouldnt get the permit and
the ones who can are more adept to
protect themselves and the masses.
Gun control is undoubtedly a touchy
subject one that must be handled with
care. Granted, intensifying training
will cost extra money. But just as many
coaches tell their teams practice how
you play, concealed weapon carriers
should be placed in scenarios that will
test their will, wit and reaction time.
Through extra effort from both the
government and the permit holder,
students may never have to face the
fate Amanda Collins had to.
Brandon Cruz studies journalism.
He can be reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on Twitter


Contact adnevadasales@gmail.com for

more information on display advertising.

Court Report
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Top 5 Super Bowl

halftime shows

AND JT - 2004

Now known as nipple

gate, Janet Jackson having
her top ripped off in front
of over 100 million people
is arguably the most iconic
moment in Super Bowl
history. YouTube founder
Jawed Karim claims the
inspiration for creating
YouTube spawned from
Janet Jacksons wardrobe
malfuction. Janet Jacksons
nipple created YouTube.

BEYONC - 2013

- 2006

U2 - 2002

at Colorado
1 p.m.

at San Jose
7 p.m.

vs. Fresno
4 p.m.


Musselman hates losing, Coleman redeems

himself, and Pack rides bus to victory
By Jack Rieger
Nevada basketball entered last week following its biggest win
of the year against UNLV, and established itself as a top-half
Mountain West team. The Wolf Pack had to turn the page quickly
as it faced off against San Diego State, the best team in the
Mountain West.


Many fans and members of the media felt Nevada would
have a hangover from the win against UNLV and concede
the matchup against San Diego State. Instead, Nevada had
a seven-point lead at halftime, while making over twice as
many field goals as the Aztecs.
San Diego State came back after the halftime break
to tie the game with just over 14 minutes left. Nevada
then responded by regaining a seven-point lead, and
was six minutes away from capturing the biggest upset
in the Mountain West this season. But in the pivotal
moments of the game, the Wolf Pack offense stalled,
as San Diego State scored the final 13 of 16 points,
and won the game 57-54.
Its logical to suggest that losing to San Diego State
by just three points could be considered a moral
victory, but coach Musselman will never be content
following a loss, even if its against an undefeated,
first-place team like San Diego State.
I hate losing, said coach Musselman. Hopefully
every person in that locker room hates losing. I
dont care if we play the NBA champions, you come
into the building every night trying to win; thats
the competitive nature that you have to have.
Am I gonna smile tonight because we were
close? Absolutely zero chance that I will be
happy until we win our next game.
In the final six and a half minutes,
Marqueze Coleman went 2-6 from the
free-throw line, which ended up being the
difference in the game. When asked what
he learned from the loss, his answer was
I got to be a better senior leader and
make my free throws down the stretch,
said Coleman.

Mick Jagger, at 72
years old, still puts on an
incredible live show and
he was no different at the
Super Bowl, performing
Satisfaction, Rough Justice
and his infamous Start Me
Up, one of the best opening
songs of the past 40 years.

U2s emotional
performance came
five months after 9/11, as the
Patriots beat the Rams. U2
dedicated its song Where
the Streets Have No Name,
as the TV backdrop displayed
the names of every victim of
the terroist attack. The band
finished with its most popuar
song, Its a Beautiful Day.


As fate would have it, Coleman
found himself in another senior
leadership position late in the game
against Utah State on Saturday night.
This time he made six consecutive free
throws to clinch the game, all within
the final minute.
I owed it to my guys, said Coleman.
I feel like I let them down and we
would have had a good chance to beat
San Diego State if I hit my free throws. I
owed it to them to hit six in a row down
the stretch.
Nevada was facing an uphill battle well
before the game even started, as the teams
flight was canceled on Friday because of
wind. The team reached out to the Boys &
Girls Club for a bus, which wasnt capable of
fitting the entire team. The Wolf Pack didnt
arrive in Logan until after midnight, where the
team was 3-18 in its last 21 appearances.
As if that werent enough, Marqueze Coleman
missed Thursdays practice because of a lingering
hip injury, and Lindsey Drew, Elijah Foster and DJ
Fenner were all battling illness. Despite illness, injury
and travel issues, Nevada put on an offensive show in
one of the toughest visiting arenas in the Mountain West
Conference, making 10 of 22 3-pointers.
This bus ride is going to be a lot better, said senior Tyron
Criswell. A lot better. We didnt want to lose and bus back
home 10 hours with a mad coach. It definitely motivated us to
get this win.
Nevada (13-8, 5-4 MW) currently stands at fifth in the conference, with the next game on Saturday at Colorado State.

- 2009

Highly regarded as the

greatest live performer
in recent memory, Bruce
Springsteen is notorious for
putting on four-hour shows. So
performing for 12 minutes at
the Super Bowl was like asking
an all-star pitcher to throw out
the opening pitch. The Boss
of course played the crowd
favorites including Born to
Run, Tenth Avenue Freeze
Out and Glory Days.


Nevada at Colorado
When: Saturday, Feb. 6.
Where: Moby Arena (8,745)

Jack Rieger can be reached at jrieger@sagebrush.unr.edu and on

Twitter @JackRieger.

TV: Campus Insiders

Nevada vs. Air Force

When: Wednesday, Feb. 10.
Where: Lawlor Events Center
TV: Campus Insiders

vs. Utah
7 p.m.

7 p.m.

Nevada splits a pair

Beyoncs Super Bowl

halftime show was
the second most tweeted
about event at the time, with
300,000 tweets per minute.
Her dress was lit on fire (purposefully), she emerged from
a cloud of smoke and she
even reunited with her old
Destinys Child band members. Beyonc is the queen.

vs. Air
7 p.m.


Breanna Denney/Nevada Sagebrush

Nevada forward Elijah Foster (12) goes for the rebound against San Diego States Zylan Cheatham (14) at Lawlor Events Center on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Foster grabbed seven rebounds in the first half.


Standings Conference Overall




New Mexico



Boise State



Fresno State






Colorado State









Utah State



San Jose State



Air Force




On Jan. 30 at the Buchanan
Natatorium, Nevada
demolished UNLV and
squeaked by Wyoming to end
the regular season undefeated
at 10-0. UNLV appeared more
like a high school program,
as the Pack dominated nearly
every facet of the game,
downing its long-time rivals
213-87. Wyoming did not
intend to roll over as UNLV
did, as the team took Nevada
down to the wire. With only
two events remaining the Pack
and the Cowgirls were tied. The
tie didnt last long, as Yawen
Li, Ary Medina and Teresa
Baerens won first, second
and third place, respectively,
in the womens 200-yard
intermediate medley. The
Packs final win in the 400 free
relays would seal its victory
over Wyoming 161-139. Nevada
must now switch gears and
focus on the postseason, as
it travels to College Station,
Texas to compete Feb. 17-20.

Nevada falls to 4-16 and 3-6
in conference play with its
devastating loss to Utah State.
The Pack led through the
first two quarters and looked
to be in control heading into
the third, until the Aggies
huge resurgence. Utah State
exploded for 36 huge points
and the lead in the third
quarter. The Aggies would
go on to keep the lead for
the remainder of the game,
defeating the Pack 79-66.

The Pack logged its first win
of the spring season, with a
victory over Montana. The
doubles competition didnt go
Nevadas way; the Pack won
just one of three matches,
but it wasnt deterred.
The competitors stopped
themselves from falling into a
tailspin, by taking five of their
six singles matches, silencing
Montana and improving their
record to 1-3.

Brandon Cruz can be reached at

neil@sagebrush.unr.edu and on
Twitter @SagebrushSports.


Luck is a very thin

wire between survival
and disaster, and not
many people can keep
their balance on it
Hunter S. Thompson


The media take every single aspect of the week and
try to spin it into a huge story. When asked about his
arm strength, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton
Manning said, My arm is what it is. Useless!
Manning was also quoted saying that he is trying
to stay in the moment for Super Bowl 50. Another
ESPN article had the headline Panthers to show
Manning respect in Super Bowl. Unless theres a
fight in the streets like Miami and Florida before the
2001 Sugar Bowl, I dont care. Im just going to skip all
coverage until 15 minutes before the game.


Neil Patrick



Normally I would say the long halftime show, but this year
its the commentators Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Every time
Im forced to listen to them on CBS, I walk away wondering
how Simms was hired by a network to talk about anything. If
youre a player that gets kicked out of this game, you are one
word ... not very smart. That is a direct quote from Simms,
who is undoubtedly on pain killers 24 hours a day. Somehow,
he is the color commentator for the biggest televesion event
of the year. Im worried that Simms wont be able to stay
coherent for four hours and CBS will have to wrestle the
Vicodin bottle away after the two-minute warning.


@SagebrushSports | nevadasagebrush.com




Neil Patrick Healy


Continued from page A10

Mariano has won 10 fights in a row with

his last loss dating back to the national
championship fight his sophomore
season. He looks to continue his
dominance against West Points Colton



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis
Kelce is due for an interesting offseason.
After Kelce signed a five-year, $46
million contract extension, it was
announced by E! that the NFL star
will be the centerpiece in a new reality
dating show called Catching Kelce.
Fifty women, one from every state in the
country, will compete for the tight ends
affection over eight episodes. Its The
Bachelor meets Hard Knocks and Im
hoping theres just a little hint of Flavor
of Love in there too. Is the show going
to have the girls going through tackling
drills? Training camp-style fights?
Is this going to be glorified lingerie
football? Its going to be so intriguing!
Im also hoping that J.J. Watt makes an
appearance somehow. Its not the worst
thing in the world to have 50 gorgeous
women fighting over you while you
make money off it. Kudos, Kelce.

Felling will make his home debut

against Army as he looks to continue
to dominate. After losing on the second day of the Olympic trials back in
October, Felling has made the jump
in weight to 205 pounds and will look
to fight in the heavyweight division
for the rest of the season. This will be
Feelings first fight where he competes
as a heavyweight after winning two
185-pound national championships


Continued from page A10

Sophomore forward Teige Zeller said

that the topic of 500 wins was such a
non-issue with coach Albright that the
players didnt even know that the game
against San Diego State was the land-

his freshman and sophomore years.


Legendary Nevada football coach
Chris Aults grandson Davis Ault will
compete in the Mighty Mite Division
for high school fighters prior to the
undercard on Friday. Davis Ault is only
a sophomore at Reno High School, but
has been training with the boxing team
during the football offseason.
Nevada boxing goes into its fight this
Friday with three of its four fighters
looking to position themselves favorably going into regionals in March.
If events play out the way they are
expected to, Nevada will qualify at least
three fighters for regionals, and these
bouts will be a major indicator for who
goes and who has to wait until next

128 Mac Pham UC Davis vs. Alan Alvardo USMA

132 Eric Pan Cal vs. Jacob Petit USMA
137 Hang Thao UW vs. Jordan Isham USMA
163 Tristan Harriman NV vs. Cody Dillard USMA
147 Patrick Avila Cal vs. Vonn Grant USMA
166 Zach Smith NV vs. Joe Broderick USMA
185 Nik Guitierrez UC Davis vs. Egbezien Obiomon USMA

195 Edgar Cortes UW vs. James Pontius USMA

147 JJ Mariano NV vs. Colton Sterk USMA

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mark win until it was over.

The only moment where we were
like oh my gosh was on the bench in
San Diego. The last seconds running
down and we were like guys, this is
coach Janes 500th! Zeller said. It was
a really cool moment. She tries to take
the spotlight off of herself. She deserves
so much. We love coach Jane so much


205 Garrett Felling NV vs. Matt Reyes USMA

and shes such an awesome woman. You

want to do your best for her and you
want to help get she deserves.
Albright is known for not only being a
good coach, but she also takes pride in
being a people person.
I told my team after the game that I
dont remember where I was after 400
wins or whom we played, Albright said.

Someone asked me whom my first win

was against and I had no idea. It doesnt
really matter, but I can tell you every
player Ive ever coached and every staff
member Ive ever worked with.
Neil Patrick Healy can be reached at
neil@sagebrush.unr.edu and on Twitter

Video surfaced on Wednesday, Jan.
27, of Australian rugby player Michael
Pierce being so drunk that he forced
a lesbian woman to give him a kiss
before urinating on himself and her
couch. The Rugby star proceeds to take
the girls dog and simulates having sex
with it. Obviously, Pierce drank too
much at the booze cruise he and his
teammates were at in Sydney earlier
that day. The worst part about this
story is that this incident is the newest
controversy in a line of head-scratching stories of rugby players doing questionable things while theyre drunk.
Playmaker Todd Carney was released
from the Cronulla Sharks back in 2014
for being photographed peeing into his
own mouth in a club bathroom. Back
in 2010, centre Joel Monaghan was
released by the Canberra Raiders for
being photographed posing having sex
with a dog. Two cases of simulating sex
with dogs and one guy peeing into his
mouth, and these are just the stories
we do hear about.
Neil Patrick Healy can be reached at
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Photo courtesy of Alex McIntyre/Daily Wildcat

Arizona guard Gabe York (1) creates an A with his hands in reference to the Arizona student section. Going into last Thursdays game against Oregon, Arizona had won
49 straight home games at the McKale Center, which was the longest active streak in college basketball.

The Univer sit y of Nevada, Reno College of Lib eral Ar t s Pre s ent s

2016 Forum for Excellence Series

An Evening with
Naomi Klein

This Changes Everything:

Capitalism vs. the Climate
Thursday, February 11, 2016
7:00 p.m.


Continued from page A10

paid a visit to my friends in Tucson, Arizona

for a basketball game in hopes of discovering
the advantages or disadvantages of attending a
prominent school like U of A.
Heres the first thing I noticed: Arizona is sexier
than Nevada. Im sorry, but it is. It was 78 degrees in
Tucson this weekend. The sun was out. It seemed
like everyone was subscribed to the same P90x
diet. People wore bathing suits. As Im writing this,
there is close to a foot of snow piling up outside of
my window in Reno. Are there downsides to having
perfect weather? Skin cancer, air-conditioning bills
and it provokes naps. But the biggest downside of
great weather: it is expensive to enjoy.
Arizonas out-of-state tuition hovers around
$35,000 per year, while Nevadas is about $19,000.
Were Arizonas infrastructure and facilities significantly better? Is it a remarkably better education?
Not really. You could argue that the majority of the
difference in tuition is due to weather, and for many
people, thats worth the price.
Its not exactly fair to compare Arizonas basketball program to Nevadas. Countless students apply
to Arizona primarily to experience 17 home games
a year. Going into Thursday nights game against
Oregon, Arizona had won 49 home games in a row,
the longest active streak in all of college basketball.
Thats almost three consecutive seasons without
losing at the McKale Center. It just so happened
that I was in attendance for its first home loss in 35
months. As the kid sitting a few seats next to me put
it, Ive never seen us lose in person. For the sake
of its basketball team, maybe it was a good thing I
didnt end up going to Arizona.
The McKale Center is an awesome place to watch
a basketball game. Its not really that large of an
arena; in fact the Thomas and Mack holds 4,000
more people. But what makes the McKale Center
great is the drama and chaos created by the fans,
and specifically the student section, otherwise
known as the ZonaZoo.
Two weeks ago at Lawlor, Nevada beat UNLV
in front of a nearly sold-out crowd that had great
energy and spontaneity that Reno had lacked for
years. The McKale Center was like Lawlor Events
Center injected with Peyton Mannings alleged
human growth hormones. And it didnt happen
overnight; its the product of 40 years of high-level

success, including 32 NCAA appearances, four final

fours and a National Championship. Basketball is
Arizonas single greatest sense of pride, and it was
evident from the minute I stepped off the plane
and saw the Arizona basketball signs hanging in the
airport and the countless jerseys worn by fans.
Besides having a notoriously good basketball
team, Arizona is also known for being a great party
school, which I was able to confirm last weekend.
Greek life has an enormous presence, with over 49
Greek organizations on campus (although many
organizations have recently had their charter
revoked). If you want to regularly attend parties
and be plugged into Arizonas social scene, your
only choice is to go Greek, and incoming freshmen
recognize this quickly.
The problem for many people is that these
organizations place a premium on exclusivity;
they dont want to let just anyone in. Theyre after
a specific look: attractive, sociable, in-shape and
white. This exclusivity and lack of diversity creates
a disconnection between Greeks and non-Greeks,
and with this disconnection comes resentment
from people who are left out and entitlement from
those who are included.
Greek life acts as an identifier in Tucson. Just like
fans want to support a successful basketball team
they can be proud of, students also want to identify
with a Greek organization that is highly thought of.
So what happens when your friend you grew up
with is rejected from the high-profile fraternity or
sorority that just accepted you?
At Arizona, if you accept, it probably means
youre headed down different paths, and I think
thats the primary difference between Arizonas and
Nevadas culture. Greek life is relevant in Reno and
has a presence, but it doesnt have to dictate whom
you spend your time with. Nevada does a better job
of integrating Greek and non-Greek students and
creating a tolerant landscape. Nevada has better
So while Arizona has obvious advantages
(basketball, weather and parties), going to Nevada
presents an opportunity to graduate with minimal
student loan debt, ski and snowboard four months
a year and, experience a more diverse group of
That being said, its hard to beat pool parties in
Jack Rieger can be reached at jrieger@sagebrush.unr.
edu and on Twitter @JackRieger.

Nightingale Concert Hall, Church Fine Arts Building

For more information visit www.unr.edu/liberal-arts.

Photo Courtesy of Tyler Baker/Daily Wildcat

Joe Cavaleri, otherwise known as Ooh Aah Man, brings the Arizona crowd to their feet during a basketball game. Cavaleri is a cultural icon in Tucson and has been an unlikely cheerleader since 1979.


@SagebrushSports | nevadasagebrush.com



Winning 500 career games

Photo courtesy of Nevada Athletics

Nevada womens head basketball coach, Jane Albright, celebrates her 500th
win with members of the Nevada athletic program after the Wolf Packs game
against Utah State on Saturday, Jan. 30, at Lawlor Events Center. Albright
beat San Diego State on Jan. 27 to reach the 500-win milestone.

Albright celebrates her

500th career victory
By Neil Patrick Healy

ore than 30 years after accepting

her first coaching job back in
1984, Jane Albright has won her
500th career game. The Nevada
head coach came into the 20152016 season with 496 career wins
and beat San Diego State Jan. 27 to reach the career
milestone. With the win against the Aztecs, Nevadas
record improved to 4-15 overall and 3-5 in Mountain
West Conference play.
Albright, who is ranked 31st among active womens
basketball coaches, began her career as the head
coach at Northern Illinois from 1984-1994. Albrights
tenure with the Huskies resulted in a 188-110 record
with four NCAA tournament appearances in her final
five seasons before getting hired by the University of
Wisconsin. From 1994-2002, she compiled a 161-107
and finished the 2002 season as the all-time leader in
career wins. After a successful career with the Badgers, Albright became the head coach of Wichita State
University, where she went 48-95 from 2003-2007.
Albright took over Nevada in 2008 and has

compiled a 103-137 record. Over the course of her

career, Albright has made nine NCAA appearances,
is the all-time leader in wins at both Wisconsin and
Northern Illinois, won the 2000 WNIT with Wisconsin, was named the conference coach of the year on
four separate occasions and has a career record of
Albrights last two seasons have been plagued
with injuries, including the loss of three starters to
torn ACLs this season.
At the beginning of the season when no one had
gotten hurt it was a conversation where we were talking about championships, so 500 was kind of on the
checklist, said senior forward Nyasha LeSure. After
all those injuries happened it was something that we
were trying to get her before the season ends. If we
dont have a good season, at least we were there for
Coachs milestone to hit 500.
Despite the attention fixed on her, Albright made it
a point to shift the attention away from her.
After the game we were excited that we won and
Coach was excited that we won and then we were like
oh shoot, its 500! and we freaked out for her because
shes not going to freak out for herself, LeSure said.
It was just really exciting to be a part of that and just
see how humble she really is. After the game she was
like no, its you, guys.


2000 WNIT Champion

See ALBRIGHT page A9

Three days in
Tucson, Arizona

Wolf Pack boxing team to

square off against Army
By Neil Patrick Healy
With less than two months to go
until regionals, the defending national
champion Nevada boxing team will
begin its final surge to defend its title. On
Friday, Feb. 5, the Wolf Pack, along with
UC Davis and Cal Berkley, will square
off against the United States Military
Academy in the Eldorado Convention
Center. Heres what to watch for in each
Wolf Pack matchup.


Tristan Harriman is still winless
on the season after his loss in Seattle
last Friday. Harriman has been in a
number of close calls in each of his
three fights this season, including a
disappointing loss against Air Forces
Johny Wells in Nevadas last home
fight on Nov. 13, in which Nevada
fighters had a combined 2-4 record.

Seattle last weekend and was named

most outstanding fighter of the tournament.

hen I graduated high school,

like most students, I applied
to many different universities.
I applied to reach schools
universities that I didnt expect to get into
and were way out of my budget. I applied to
a few moderate schools, places I anticipated
would accept me but were out of state. And
finally I applied to a couple
safety schools, in-state
universities I was sure I
could get into and pay for
I ended up going to my
safety school. In fact, most
students do and it absolutely has its advantages
(Ill get to those later).
But at the time, I sort of
resented my friends who
were capable of attending
larger, nationally recognized universities
like the University of Arizona, Oregon, TCU,
Gonzaga, etc. This past weekend, I finally

See BOXING page A9

See ARIZONA page A9

Nevada boxing takes on
the United States Military
Academy on Feb. 5 at the
Eldorado. Student tickets are
free with valid student I.D.


Zach Smith did not participate in
team activities in the fall semester
due to personal reasons, but is
coming off a win against the University of Washington last Friday
in Seattle. Smith was a member of
the 2015 national championship
team, but was the only member not
to win either a regional or national
championship individually. Smith
used his semester off to make his
move up in weight from 147 pounds
to 166 pounds. His intention is to
qualify for regionals at 156 pounds
in March.

Henry MacDiarmid/Nevada Sagebrush

Nevada boxer Garrett Felling (left) spars with head coach Pat Jefferson (right)
in the boxing gym on Fourth Street last October. Felling is the two-time 185
pound national champion, but is moving up to the heavyweight division.


Defending 139-pound national
champion JJ Mariano is coming off
winning two fights in two nights in