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Jupiter, the largest planet of our Solar System, is in retrograde motion for

approximately 4 months every year. This means that approximately one

third of the population is having the planet retrograde in their natal chart. A
retrograde natal planet is signifying that its energies are turned inwards, at
least for the beginning of the natives life.
Any planet being retrograde during the natives birth, indicates that the
planet and the things it rules in his life are strongly connected with previous
lives through karma. As Jupiter is the planet responsible for expansion,
such a natal condition makes him expand inwards instead of manifesting in
the material reality. Hi can act like a huge sponge, absorbing positivity from
the surroundings. As Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house, he is
tending to inhale abstract knowledge and aids the formation of
philosophical systems in the natives mind. Eventually, the planets energy
will turn outwards and all its cumulated energy will radiate towards the
world. If natal Jupiter is in a house connected with material ownership such
as the 2nd or the 4th, his retrograde natal status will help in developing
wealth or possessions that will later be used for a prosperous living.
Most people have more than one planet retrograde in their natal chart, and
it is rather difficult to find a person that has all his natal planets direct.
Therefore, we should understand that the karmic connection to previous
lives is a rule affecting most of the population, and should be regarded as a
tool to understand ourselves.
Jupiter is the most benefic planet and thus even when natally retrograde,
his traits remain positive. Yet, he will have an influence on the time when
his powers start acting benevolently, making the individual a late bloomer.
By looking in which house he is natally placed, one can understand which
life are will bloom and develop later in life.
The native will experience a feeling of preparing for a big jump in life, and
will subconsciously structure himself to be ready for the correct time.

Jupiter will help him absorb all the needed information and make other
preparations, so that he uses his experience wisely. People with Jupiter
retrograde should not rush concerning the matters of the house he is
present, as waiting for the right age to make steps forward can be quite
beneficial. In fact, Jupiter usually triggers himself the positive events that
will lead towards expansion.
The individual must understand that Jupiters expansive tendencies can
also bring some troubles, mostly connected with overflow of things. The
planet can give too much of something, even if that something is desired.
When its energies are turned inwards, there are dangers of over-thinking.
In addition, it can make one indulge into abstract and higher meanings that
do not really have some useful functions in everyday reality, no matter how
wise and correct they can be. The person may be lazy and impractical,
especially if Jupiter is adversely aspected. On the other hand, the time
dedicated to procrastination might help him develop interesting
philosophical models in his mind.
A common effect of a retrograde Jupiter is doubts in self-esteem. Actually,
the native can be even quite sure about himself and his qualities, yet can
be shy and unsure about whether the world will also value his
characteristics the same way that he does. A retrograde Jupiter can bring
feelings of guilt about pride, even if the native totally deserves praise for
certain things and can be proud about his accomplishments.
Retrograde Jupiter indicates that during previous lives the individual may
have experienced trouble concerning the law or the church, due to different
opinions about how the system should function. In addition, he may have
also experienced difficulties during long travels, or connected to foreigners
and people of other cultures and religions. This pattern can be recreated in
the current lifetime, making the individual yearn for traveling but postponing
it, or elsehow keeping himself reserved about 9th house life matters

expansion. Instead, he can spend a lot of time fantasizing about distant

journeys and read a lot about foreign traditions.
During the present lifetime, Jupiter will make the native reevaluate moral
and religious systems. He will not accept new types of beliefs easily, and
will have a lot of doubts about the correctness of the law. In addition, the
retrograde status of Jupiter can bring disappointment considering the
dominant laws and morality of the social system.
On the other hand, the hesitation to jump into new spiritual systems can
protect a person during his young age from joining religious organizations
that can harm him or lead towards delusions. The native will tend to raise
an eyebrow before accepting theories, and will not easily become a fanatic
or a zealot of a new spiritual road.
Of course, the retrograde condition of a natal Jupiter gives a lot of different
traits depending on the house where it is located. Even though there is no
general rule of when a retrograde planet starts to function properly, expect
that by your 30ies you will notice the planet to have operating outwards too.
Different astrological systems suggest various ways of calculating the
change of a planets direction through progressions. Yet it is quite safe to
say that the more we mature the more Jupiter opens up towards the world
around us.