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[To be issued on Societys Letter Head]


LIC Housing Finance Ltd.

Dear Sir,
We confirm that the above Society has been registered under No. _____________________________________
Dated__________________ with the Dy.Registrar of Co-op. Societies. The society is the owner of the building
known as ___________________situated at ______________________________________________as per the
Conveyance dated ___________________executed by_____________________________ and registered under
No._______________ on ________________ with the Sub-Registrar of Assurances______________________

The land is yet to be conveyed in favour of the society. Flat No.________________________ measuring
____________________ Sq .ft .built up area situated on _______________________ floor of the above
Building is owned & possessed by Shri /Smt.____________________________________________ the
Transferor. He/She is entitled to a firm allotment of a flat No.__________________________________
Measuring ______________________ sq .m /ft.


The agreed cost of the flat is Rs.____________________ and sum of Rs._________________________

Has been paid by Shri/Smt.__________________________________ (the Transferee/Purchaser/Buyer)
to the Society, as transfer fees & no dues to the society are outstanding against the
Shri/Smt.____________________________________ the present member Transferor /Vendor/Seller in
relation of the said flat.


Shri/Smt.____________________________________________ (Transferor/Vendor/Seller) is a
bonafide member (Membership No.____________________________) of our society and has been
issued Share Certificate No. /s______________________dated__________________ comprising of
distinctive shares Nos._______________to_________________.


We have no objection to the Transferee/Purchaser/Buyer Shri/Smt.__________________________

Mortgaging the said flat to you as security for loan agreed to be advanced by you for the purpose of
purchasing the said flat.


We will not issue duplicate Share Certificate/s to the above transferor Shri/Smt.____________________
__________________And/or transferee Shri/Smt.___________________________________________
Without obtaining the prior written consent of the LIC Housing Finance Ltd.


In the event of default by the buyer/s Mortgagor/s if the LIC Housing Finance Ltd., enforces the security
by sale, the society would accept the purchaser/s of the flat as a member on such purchaser/s complying
with the necessary requirements for becoming a Member of the Society.


The Transferor/s Shri/Smt._________________________________________________________and/or

Transferee/s Shri/Smt.___________________________________________have not availed of any loan
From the society.


In the event of the cancellation of the above allotment / purchase of a flat before actual possession
thereof by him / her either on account of his/her withdrawing the application or on canceling the
allotment for any reasons whatsoever, We - the society undertake that we will not allow the transfer of
the said flat and shares without obtaining NOC from LICHFL.


We have not created any charge, encumbrance of whatsoever nature in relation to Building Flat / Land in
question till date.


We confirm that we have complied with all the necessary conditions set out in the orders of the
Competent Authority under the Urban Land (Ceiling & Regulations) Act, 1976.


We also confirm that we have complied with all the conditions set out by the local authorities while
sanctioning the layout plan etc.


We also confirm that there is / are no pending litigations in respect of the said land Building and/or flat


We have no objection for Shri/Smt.______________________________________________________

(Transferors/Vendors/Sellers) to transfer the said Flat No.__________________________________ to


We are ready and willing to accept Shri/Smt._______________________________________________

(Transferee / Purchaser / Buyer) as a member of our said society in place of Shri/Smt. ______________
____________________________________ (Transferor/Vendor/Seller).


We shall also note the charge of LICHFL on the said flat in our society Register


Yours Faithfully,
Authorised Signatories