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Do you think self-assessment can be implemented in the language


Yes, of course, as a matter of fact, self-assessment can be a powerful drive to guide

students into metacognition. It is well known that the most successful learners are
usually those who do self-monitoring, self-assessment, and they always reflect on their
own learning skills. Helping students to practice self-assessment is one of the most
valuable skills we could ever teach them, because it is a way of helping them maintain
their intrinsic motivation (the only type of motivation that is powerful enough to move
students to really acquire a new language)

Atte. Rossana.

Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using self

assessment in the classroom.
• Students can learn how to do self-assessment.
• They can practice a level of metacognition.
• Some problems can be detected if the results do not match our teachers’
• A stronger motivation can be the result of self-assessment.
• Help students become responsible for their learning.
• Give autonomy to students.
• Give them an opportunity to look at themselves as mature learners.
• Self-assessment can be a tool to evaluate our teaching process as well.

• It consumes time out of the scheduled classes.
• Not all students are mature enough to be sincere when they do self-assessment.
• Students are not familiar with this technique they might not feel comfortable.

Atte. Rossana
Auto evaluación de alumno. Calificarse del 1 al 10 en cada criterio de

I. Mi participación en este curso es:

1. Participo en todas las actividades_____

2. Trabajo en equipo_____
3. Llevo todos mis apuntes_____

III. Mi asistencia a este curso es:

4. Siempre llego puntual______

5. Nunca falto_______

IV. Mis tareas son:

6. Presenté todas las tareas que el maestro solicitó __________

7. Terminé todas mis tareas________
8. Si falté, entonces investigué con mis compañeros sobre la tarea de la próxima

V. Mi aprovechamiento es:

9. Realicé todas las actividades al mismo ritmo del resto del grupo_____
10. Si encuentro nuevo vocabulario en las tareas entonces lo investigo ____

Suma total de los diferentes criterios: ______________________________

Purpose: to identify those descriptors that might be applied to

this course and self-assess your performance in this course of
1. Design one instrument.
On a scale for 1 to 10 rate your
Your learning experience: 10
Participation in the forums: 10
Punctuality to accomplish the tasks: 10
Replies to your e-mates: 10
products developed during this course (your blog, assessment plan, feedback
plan, self-assessment instrument): 10