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GSK DMS (Document Management System)

GSK-DMS is a Secure Online Document Management System, written in PHP and it runs inside any
popular web server. Here are some of the key features of the Document Management System:


Runs inside any PHP5-enabled web server (Apache2, IIS, etc.)

MySQL 5.

Runs on all modern operating systems: Linux, Unix, Mac Os X, Windows 2000, Windows XP,

Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.
Very lightweight and easy to install.
Automatic installer and updater.

All files are stored locally on the web server for easy backup.

100% Web Based Interface: No FTP required. Upload files directly from your web browser.


Unlimited File Types: Add any file type to the system.

MDF (Meta Data Fields) for each file.

Assign a Department/Category to each file.

Check-out feature to prevent over-writing of edits.

Revision history.

Documents are stored physically on the server.

File expiration.

Create custom document properties to match your company needs.


Automated document review process.

Automated file expiration process.

Reviewer can approve or reject a new document or a changed document.

E-mail notification options prior to and after a review.


Quick-Browse search by Author, Department, or Category.

Full search by meta-data, author, department, category, file name, comments, etc.
No external indexing processes required.


Secure URL feature to obfuscate URL parameters.

Fine grained user access control for each file.

Departmental access control for each file.

Three user types: User, Admin, and Super-Admin.

Control the size limit of files independent of higher server limits.

How companies can use GSK-DMS?

GSK-DMS was designed to be used for a variety of situations and solve many problems. Besides the
common features of document management that GSK-DMS handles, here is a list of some other
things you could do with GSK-DMS:

Store your company training documents so that employees always know where to find the

latest copies.
Eliminate the emailing headaches of large documents.

Print Houses: Use GSK-DMS to let your customers Approve your proofs.
Store all the technical manuals for equipment used at your company.

Engineering: Store your CAD files.

Store your media files (Audio, Video, Pictures).

Not-for-profits can use GSK-DMS to store their Minutes of Meetings, and their Internal

Documents so that all members could have access to them.

Developers: Store code snippets.
Property Management: Keep track of all of your bills for each of your properties.

Trucking Company (Imports & Exports): Store manifests and bills of lading.