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Cost Effective Design / Assessment & Design Improvement
Creative Design / Project Management / Analytical Software

A dynamic team spirited and performance driven engineering professional with an extraordinary blend of
leadership, business, and manufacturing industry knowledge. Recognized for keen ability to improve
component designs, increase efficiency, and decrease the need for re-engineering. Ability to communicate and
motivate team members to enhance strategic goals and bottom line objectives. Creative problem solving and
troubleshooting skills complemented by meticulous and creative detail to drawings and specifications.
M.App.Sc. (Honors) Mechanical Engineering with Scholarship & Research Assistantship Currently Pursuing
University of Windsor, Windsor ON.
Concentration: Engineering Thermo Fluids, Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

B.App.Sc. (Honors) Mechanical Engineering with Minor in Mathematics (E.I.T) Graduated Oct, 2008
University of Windsor, Windsor ON.
GPA: 3.7 Equivalents (11.0/13.0 @ University of Windsor). Appearances in Deans List, Presidents Roll
Core Competencies
Efficiency Improvements Creative Problem Solving Database Management
Product Improvement Multi Project Coordination Assessment / Design / Implementation
ASME & ISO Standards Root Cause Analysis Process Validation

 CAD Tools: CATIA V5 (Assembly/FEA/Animation), Solid Works, Solid Edge, Autodesk, AutoCAD
 Programming: MasterCAM, MicroTech CNC Simulator, Matlab, Simulink, Engineering Equation Solver
 Engineering: Statics, Dynamics, Stress Analysis, Machine Design, Noise, Vibrations, Materials
 Drafting/Design: Manual drafting, Blueprint Reading & Interpreting, GD&T, Tolerance Testing
 Fluid Mechanics/Thermodynamics: Fluent, Gambit, Pneumatics/Hydraulics, Micro Channel &
Conventional Heat Exchangers, Radiators, Compressors, Centrifugal Pumps, Thermal Management
Highlights of Relevant Experience
University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada 2007 – Present
Employment and academic projects allowing experience in different positions throughout Engineering Dept.
Design Engineering Sep 2007 – Present
 Leader of Capstone 4th Year Single Passenger Vehicle Design project, coordinating with materials
managements and procurement to ensure all standards are met within deadline & budget constraints.
 Served as liaison coordinating projects and communicating design changes with product engineering,
manufacturing, procurement, program management, and various other personnel as needed.
 Coordinated efforts with project supervisor working with component design, preparing drawing
release, and bill of materials for new/redesigned parts.

Test Engineering Apr 2008 – Present

 Co-Developed, maintained and assembled automated testing tools and data acquisition systems.
 Supported technicians in resolving manufacturing issues in order to meet the production schedules
 Executed test plans & test cases for Micro Channel Heat Exchanger research facility & vehicle design.

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Research & Development Assistant Apr 2008 – Present
 Assisted in running experiments, collecting data, recording into database & ordering necessary supplies
 Assisted with assembly and disassembly of laboratory hardware and troubleshooting data acquisition
software packages.
 Participated in ensuring the smooth functioning of the research facility operations and organizations.
 Served as liaison coordinating in grant applications and execution
 Supported professors, project members, & technicians by acting as resource person for policies and
 Performed numerical analysis of fluid flow & heat transfer in heat exchangers using FLUENT & GAMBIT.

Stress Engineering May 2007 – Present

 Performed finite element analysis and maintained database for static, fatigue, and fracture analysis of
various components in Vehicle Design project, Pump Jack design project, and research laboratory
structural components using CAD packages CATIA, SolidWorks, and ANSYS.
 Ensured proper static analysis for repair and overhaul material review tags to verify structural
acceptability of the designed vehicle, pump jack mechanism, and research laboratory structures.
 Solely responsible for accurately incorporating and updating various component fatigue files with new
custom supplied load information.

Product Engineering Jan 2008 – Present

 Provided technical support to all aspects of Micro Channel Heat Exchanger research program and
Vehicle Design Program.
 Served as research facility liaison communicating with suppliers, vendors, and shop floor personnel.
 Created drawing change notifications, new bill of materials, & assisted in design for proposed changes.
 Participated in product & process improvements & made improvements within manufacturing facility.

Automotive Engineering May 2007 – Aug 2008

 Performed extensive testing of automotive engines, emissions control and alternative fuels
 Performed analysis of various suspension geometries, vehicle handling, steering characteristics, noise
characteristics, tire and ride behavior
 Provided technical support and assistance in testing vehicle thermal management and HVAC systems

Quality Engineering May 2008 – Aug 2008

 Improved efficiency of inspection by providing accurate engineering guidance to quality inspectors
 Tracked, Analyzed, Inspected, and tested to assure the functioning quality of electronics
 Conducted quality cost tests using requirements & data provided by inspectors & relevant sources

Teaching Assistant Sep 2006 – Present

 Assisted in the educational development of students under guidance of the professors since 2006.
 Supported the implementation of Individual Education Programs for students & help monitor progress.
 Provided instructional and clerical support for professors, allowing them more time for lesson planning
and teaching.
 Supported professors with administrative tasks and other tasks from time to time as required,
enforced regulations and kept current with internal communications, timesheets, schedule, etc.

Continuing Professional Development & Involvements

 Enrolled as Engineer In Training member in, Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)
 Member of Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers
 Member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
 Gained solid understanding of CAD/CAM by completing a short course in CNC programming at college
References available upon request