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MIS Course Reflection

Nikhil Reddy Gudur


In all the courses, I had observed following two common goals,

1) Cognitive learning:
The outcomes of cognitive learning are following
Understand organizational, managerial and behavioral issues surrounding the use
of information technology (IT) in organizational change and know about the links
between business, organization, and information strategies.
Ability to design and implement applications as per organization requirements.
Understand different types of information systems and have exposure to ethical
and legal issues related to information systems.
Learn about business organizations infrastructure and know different business
Have awareness about troubleshooting on different situations of developing
framework and security issues related to it.
2) Behavioral learning:
Learnt to be team player and also team leader in few situations. This has improved
decision-making skills and critical thinking skills in analyzing the situation and
framing strategies. Overall in person the courses improved time management and built
leadership skills for every student.
Improved my communication skills by giving in-class presentations and especially
the writing skills have been improved.
Learnt how to utilize all the resources available for UIS online library and other
Internet sources while doing several assignments and projects.
I would like to even mention about few key areas where I had gained knowledge
because of the course work.
MIS 502 (Technical Foundations of Information Systems): Had great experience

learning about Android platform by developing mobile applications through eclipse

MIS 513 (Management Information Systems): The additional classwork in every class
hour had MS-Access. The knowledge gained playing through database from the
textbook gave enough experience of MS-Access to show on my resume.
MIS 542 (Management of Database Systems): The learning outcome of this class is
completely achieved as I had got enough experience of SQL and Oracle. Writing of
SQL queries in exam and working on project assignment gave me real time
experience working on the database.
MIS 573 (Project Management): The learning experience in this course is completely
different. I was project manager for 3 weeks and played a key role as team member
every week. Addition of individual assignments on MS-Project tool gave handful of
experience of displaying working skills of it.
MIS 575 (Technology Management and Organizational Transformation): In every
class, the first session of discussing about technology updates and knowing about
latest business trends built up personal interest in going through different business
news. The case study and assignments from CIO (Chief Information Officer) Journal
gave us enough knowledge about roles and responsibilities of CIO and study on
various cases through review of literature made me see things differently specially in
business perspective.
Before taking up first course of MIS, I had already done bachelors in computer
science engineering and masters in business administration. In my bachelors degree,
I had gained knowledge about different technologies and it was completely theoretical
based didnt have any practical experience of doing any assignments and didnt have
practical exposure to tools. In my masters level of education have studied business

model of various organizations having global presence. Studying in business school

gave me opportunity to go through Harvard case studies on operations management,
finance and marketing. I had worked in a startup IT company so I had enough
knowledge about startup company problems and hurdles they get while delivering the
final product to clients.
During the complete course of MIS, I have improved my technical skills in Microsoft
SQL Server 2012, Oracle 11g, Microsoft Access, MS Project, MS Visio, SAP, Bizagi
Modeler and have got very much perfect about Mac OS and Windows operating
systems. I am able to write SQL queries and run reports for any given database offline
or online. I have gained enough knowledge on troubleshooting techniques while
working different assignments and project work.
The business skills that I had previously was only related to few departments of an
organization, during the course the business skills have been improved to different
level. I started seeing each and every advertisement in business language knowing
how they are projecting themselves in the market to attract more customers. The new
concept which I got attracted during the start of my course is about cloud computing. I
am very much happy now, as I have learnt about cloud computing to core depth and
different organizations functional model that are in cloud services.
I have gained knowledge about information security issues in an organization and
different ways of telecommunications used for doing business while using different
modes of communication to share confidential data. Basically the academic integrity
policy was so helpful in going through different journals and articles, which has given
immense knowledge about different topics related to information technology.
I feel that my current skill and knowledge have improved very much and reached the
learning outcomes of each and every course I have studied for completion of degree.

The three critical lessons learnt during my course that will help me growing myself in
professional and personally in society. These skills will help me fetching job in
fortune 500 companies and be as support to get promotions to be as key person in
1). Communication skills: Developing communication skills will help me in all
aspects of life especially in professional life to interact with peers in social gatherings
and while working. Communication skills will help me fetching job and get ability to
attract people that is a key ability now a days any employer will look before hiring.
One of the important part in communication is writing, which is very important while
expressing our views and ideas on paper and specially while writing emails to team
members and top management.
2). Leadership: A person having leadership skills is always respected in society and
even in organization. An effective leader will be able to motivate their team members
or an individual and get the work done with perfection. Having leadership skills will
help in taking good decisions and frame strategy for implementing ideas with positive
3). Databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 11g): This is important skill for present
business to build the data and have analysis to frame strategy for day-to-day
operations. Having knowledge on databases will help me getting into an organization
of my interest whose businesses are dependent on market data or customers
information. I have specially taken interest in learning databases because it will help
me grow myself as data scientist on professional side of my career.
Having better knowledge of different business models in global markets will help me
present new ideas within the organization; I would always like to work on research
side or on new product development. The success of this type of projects will

definitely get me recognition globally and personally I always wanted to have my

own organization with global presence. These skills will help me stepping up ladders
in my personal life and professional career.
At present I am used to reading journals and get updated what is happening in the
market through different means of media. I would continue enhance my knowledge
and skills by going through the research work going on within different organizations
and studying their long term plans. This helps me in predicting business changes and
challenges going to arise in the market. I will continue reading Wall Street journal
(www.wsj.com) which give updates from all over the world related to new policies by
the governments, political changes and new technologies.