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Instructions for filling out application

Please use your computer to auto-fill all BLUE HIGHLIGHTED SPACES.

This will be quicker and also help our club to read and process your
Attention Please: Corporations cannot join the gun club as a member.
A corporation May pay for a member’s membership, but under IRS tax
law a Corporation cannot be a social member of a social club. Please
do not sign your corporation up threw a credit card.
Again, you may use your corporate credit card to sign up an individual.


The undersigned being of legal age requests permission to shoot, hunt,

picnic and otherwise enjoy the property of 6101 US HWY 27 Southwest
Ranches, FL 33332 with limitations as described.

The undersigned agrees to obey all instructions given by Pops Gun

Club, directors; officers and agents. ________

The undersigned agrees that shooting activities involve natural risk

that may cause injury and, or death and holds harmless the land
owner; Pops Gun Club; officers; directors and agents in the case of
injury or death, or any harm._________

I understand that the situated property is located in a rural part of

Broward County and is in The Everglades that certain wildlife; reptiles
and insects inhabit that may be cause physical; emotional or bodily
injury. I understand that the terrain is not developed and I accept
responsibility of injury due to debris; ricochets, ejections; shrapnel and
other hazards. ___________

I agree that my children are my responsibility and I will teach them to

shoot and endeavor to school them with The NRA hunter safety
I accept total responsibility to hold Pops Gun Club; the property owner;
the directors; officers and agents harmless from any injury to my
children. _________

I agree to utilize my own health insurance due to any injury._______

The undersigned requests membership in Pops Gun Club, Inc. and

states that the following are entitled to membership being immediate




Home address:



I understand that I pick up my ID card at the range and the additional

donation of $20.00 per shooter is requested at the range depending on
the shoot.

I agree that Pops Gun Club membership cards are the property of Pops
Gun Club, Inc.

The initial donation to join Pops Gun Club is $50.00 per spouse and
minor children and self. Yearly renewal is not required, but 5 hours of
service work will be required per family annually. A monetary amount
may be set by the board of directors, not to exceed $50.00 per family in
the case that a family forgoes the service work. The service work must
be completed to retain membership.

The gun club address is 6101 US HWY 27 Southwest Ranches, FL 33332

We appreciate your membership!

1. NRA Safety Rules apply to all shooting activities at all times.

2. No pets allowed on property.

3. Children to be supervised by adult parent at all times.

4. No wondering premises.

5. Unless shooter verifies that he/she is a member of an NRA

Club, a safety class at Pops Range must be attended.

6. No electronics; glass; particle board or furniture is allowed for


7. All members are to display their ID cards at all times.

8. Members may bring 2 quests twice before quests need to become


9. No tracers, or incendiaries allowed. Tannerite is allowed.

10. All weapons must arrive on premises as unloaded, except your

carry gun may be loaded and kept in holster.

11. You may draw from holster with permission from Range Safety

12. Rapid fire is allowed.

13. Bump fire has to be cleared by the Range Safety Officer.

Violations of the above rules will result in Time Outs; suspension of

membership and, or permanent dismissal of club.

6101 US HWY 27 Southwest Ranches, FL 33332

Application and Procedural Process

1. Fill out online application form.

2. Make donation to join:

a. By credit card on the web-site,
b. Or by check threw regular mail,
c. Or by cash at the club.

3. Print the completed form:

a. Bring the form to Pops Gun Club at 6101 US HWY 27, Southwest
Ranches FL 33332 on any “member Shoot” day listed on our
Google Calendar on our web-site.
b. If you donated by credit card or you mail the form by US mail,
please notify the club by email at to
expedite the processing of your membership. Then pick a
“member shoot” day from our calendar and come to the gun

4. All members will first check the web-site calendar for “member
shoot” days and hours. A member may also call 754-224-1381 to
verify that the club is indeed open.

5. Our club is usually closed on Tuesdays and no employee is present to

take calls, or answer questions. Any messages will be returned on
the following business day.

6. The number listed on our web-site, 209USHOOT2, is for non-member

information and is not a good way to obtain member information
because it may take a week to get a response from that number. Nor
is contact threw email immediate. All members may use
754-224-1381 for a prompt response.

7. The calendar on our web-site specifies what days and hours that
members are able to enjoy the club. If a member desires any other
times other than listed, a member may call, or email to request
additional time. For example, night, or early morning. If there is no
activity conflict our club will be more than happy to meet your needs.
9. When arriving to the club please introduce yourself to the RSO on duty
and ask for your membership ID cards.

10. Please be sure that your firearms are unloaded with no magazines
attached to the firearm when you arrive to the club.

11. When you arrive to the gun club the gate may be locked in order to
prevent unauthorized persons from trespassing. If the gate is locked
and you arrive on a “member shoot” day within “open” hours as
specified by our web-site calendar, please call 754-224-1381. You may
have to leave a short message such as, “I am a member. Open the
gate”. The RSO will promptly open the gate for your entry. We
apologize for this inconveinance.

12. Please remember that if you plan on shooting that you need to show
up at least one hour before the club closes for the evening.

13. Every member will be given a member packet which further explains
the functions, rules and member privileges of the gun club. You may
request this packet by email at:

If you have any questions please feel free to call, or email us.

Thank You for joining Pops Gun Club!