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Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
CCS 224 Lichfield Street, Sharlene Powney sharlene.powney@ccsd Wide range of services
Disability PO Box 8066 (until 02/10) isabilityaction.org.nz including advocacy,
Action Riccarton, ChCh Kevin Grimwood kevin.grimwood@ccsdi supported living,
8440. sabilityaction.org.nz transition, youth groups
P: 365 5661, F: 03 etc.
372 9507
IHC/IDEA 1 Shirley Road, Christine Fraser – christchurch@idea.org. Wide range of services
Services PO Box 27202 Canty nz as above.
Shirley. P: 341 9200,
F: 341 9201 Nrth Canty
17 Durham Street, PO Pip O’Connell – north.canterbury@idea
Box 95 Self Advocacy .org.nz
Rangiora. P: 03 313 Pip.O’Connell@ihc.org.
5926, F: 03 313 4368 nz
Autism NZ Level 2, Trevinos info@autismnz.org.nz Support and information
Bldg, 22 Riccarton to families/carers.
Road, CHCH 8011. PO Alison Malloy www.autismnz.org.nz Training for parents
Box 42052, Tower and professionals
Junction, Addington, Information and
ChCh 8149. P: 348 research
2527 or Quarterly newsletter
0800 288 476,
F: 348 2526

NZ Down P O Box 4142, Christchurch national.coordinator@n Support and information
Association Auckland Angelique van zdsa.org.nz for families/carers
P: 0800 693 724 der Velden angeliquevelden@gmai Information packs for
(Press 3 for your l.com schools and
closest group) www.nzdsa.org.nz professionals
F: 64 3 360 2867


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Deaf 270-272 Gloucester Lachlan Keating transition@deaf.org.nz Support and information
Aotearoa Street, PO Box www.deaf.org.nz re the deaf community.
NZ 13332, Armagh, ChCh
8141 P: 379 5074, F:
379 5089

Royal NZ 96 Bristol Street, St. General assistance

Foundation Albans, CHCH 8014 Orientation and mobility
of the Blind P O Box 1696, Reading and writing
Christchurch. www.rnzfb.org.nz braille
Ph: 03 375 4300
Fax: 03 355 9151

Disabled Community House, dpachch@cyberxpress. Represents all people

Persons 141 Hereford Street, co.nz - ChCh with impairments in NZ
Assembly ChCh 8011. P: 379 gen@dpa.org.nz - Advocacy
8525, F: 366 8535. National Office Information

Disability 314 Worcester Street, dis@disinfo.co.nz Information about
Information CHCH 8011. P: 366 Jenny Swain- www.disinfo.co.nz disability and service
Service 6189, F: 379 5939. Nicholls providers

LifeStart 41 Essex Street, PO Julie Harker – lifestartchch@xtra.co.n Supports individuals

Box 35 219, Shirley, Service Mgr z with borderline mild
ChCh 8030. intellectual disability
P: 379 6020, F: 379 with vocational,
6030 recreational and social
requirements. .
People First 41 Essex Street, Graeme Parish www.peoplefirst.org.nz Self advocacy
Linwood. organisation run by and
P: 366 4210 for people with learning


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Lifelinks 205 Salisbury Street, Needs Assessment and
Christchurch. Cathy Jaegar jaegerc@lifelinks.co.nz Service Co-ordination.
PO Box 2379, Karen Lilley lillyk@lifelinks.co.nz Health funded services
Christchurch www.lifelinks.co.nz for people who have a
P: (03) 365 9593 disability which lasts
F: (03) 365 5244 longer than six months.

Ministry of 39 Princess Street, Murray Roberts Murray.Roberts@mined A range of education

Education PO Box 2522, Brian Coffey u.govt.nz and funding supports
- GSE Christchurch 8140. Brian.coffey@minedu.g for students with
P: 378 7300, F: 378 ovt.nz disabilities.
7302 www.minedu.govt.nz

Ministry of PO Box 1556, Sue Morton sue.morton001@msd.g Funders of the transition
Social Wellington. ovt.nz contracts. Need to be
Developme P: 04 916 3300, www.msd.govt.nz advised of all ORRS
nt F: 04 918 0099 funded students two
years out from
transition, fund
transition in the last
year of school.
WINZ - 231 High Street, PO Benefits
Disability Box 22496, CHCH. Job support
Employmen F: 365 9985. Health Disability Allowances
t and Disability P: 963 www.workandincome.g Travel Allowances
2395 ovt.nz
Gen. Enq: 0800
559 009
Job Search: 0800
779 009
Ministry of 36 Kingsley Street, Mark Veitch enable@enable.co.nz Providers of health
Health Sydenham, CHCH funded equipment, e.g.
- Enable 803. PO Box 33- www.enable.co.nz wheelchairs,
054, Barrington, communication devices
Christchurch etc.
P: 371 7600, F: 371 Assessment by
7619. accredited assessor


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person

Canterbury 57 Kilmore Street, PO info@cecc.org.nz Support, information
Employers’ Box 359, CHCH 8140, and networking
Chamber of New Zealand organisation for
Commerce Phone: +64 3 366 Canterbury businesses.
Fax: +64 3 379 5454
Christchurc 163-173 Tuam Street, Karen Rickerby Karen.Rickerby@ccc.go Sport and recreation
h City PO Box 237, vt.nz Kiwiable
Council Christchurch. www.ccc.govt.nz Support and advocacy
P: 941 8999, F: 941

Workbridge Cnr Armagh & Tui McBeath - tuim@workbridge.co.nz Support for people
Durham Sts, PO Box Mgr looking for employment.
643, www.workbridge.co.nz On the job support/ job
Christchurch 8140. training.
P: 377 2188, F: 377 Services for employers.

Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Skillwise Level 2, 106 John Grant jg@skillwise.org.nz Providing community
Gloucester Street, PO Judith Costello - www.skillwise.org.nz participation support,
Box 195, ChCh 8140. Transition transition and
P: 365 5066, F: 365 employment support for
5013 adults who have mild to
moderate intellectual
Helen 253 Madras Street, Debbie Andrews debshat@xtra.co.nz Providing programmes
Anderson PO Box 29062, ChCh. Allison Bell - transitionitsyourchoice post school for young
P: 365 5838, F: 351 Transition @hotmail.com people with intellectual
7287. disabilities.
Chris Ruth 20 Tankerville Road, Richard Belton Post school
Centre Hoon Hay, PO Box Marilyn Paston - mpaston100@paradise programmes for people
9027, ChCh, Transition .net.nz with very high needs
P: 339 2930, F: 339 disabilities.
Alpha 376 Ferry Road, Kate Ellenbroek alpha.kate@xtra.co.nz Day service for people
Support Phillipstown, PO Box with high to complex
24 144, Eastgate. needs.
P: 381 1609, F: 381
Kilmarnock 32 Riccarton Road, Rosemary Carr rosemary.carr@kilmarn Employment for people
Enterprises PO Box 8072, ChCh ock.co.nz with disabilities, mostly
8011. intellectual.
P: 348 5162, F: 348

AJs Day 426 Tuam Street, PO Jim Sullivan JimS@AJs.org.nz Risk Programme – for
Options Box 32107, ChCh. students at school for
Trust P: 374 9830, F: 374 developing life skills and
9832 confidence.
Work experience for
people who are looking
at moving into a more
sheltered environment.
NZ Care 248 Lichfield Street, Lee Meikle lee.meikle@nzcaregrou Residential and
Group PO Box 7684, ChCh p.co.nz supported living for
8240. www.nzcare.co.nz people with intellectual
P: 379 1602, F: 379 and physical disability
1603. as well as respite and
vocational day services.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Horizons 3 Burdale Street, Chris Topperwien horizons10@xtra.co.nz Work and leisure
Day Options Riccarton, PO Box www.horizons.org.nz options for people with
Trust 7591, Sydenham. intellectual disabilities.
P: 341 3073, F: 341
IDEA 1 Shirley Road, PO Kevin Hurndell kevin.hurndell@idea.or Day programmes,
Vocational/ Box 27202, Shirley, g.nz supported employment,
Day CHCH. community participation
Services P: 341 9200 F: 341 for people whose prime
9201 disability is intellectual.

Wai-Ora 48 Watsons Road, Ricky Ehau ricky@waioratrust.org. Landscape and
Trust Harewood, CHCH Alison Olrimer nz horticulture
8051 P: 359 7407 admin@waioratrust.org programmes. Provide
.nz personal skills training
www.waioralandscapes as a first step towards
.co.nz further training, or
Have a weekly
supported gardening
Te 250 Pages Road, Sherilyn Brown temarama@ihug.co.nz Marae based
Maramatan Bexley, PO Box rehabilitation daycare
ga ki 15009, Aranui, ChCh centre for adult Maori
Otautahi 8061. aged 16 – 65 years with
Trust P: 388 4607 F: 388 physical/mental/intellect
4574. ual disabilities.
Hohepa 23 Barrington Street, canty@canty.hohepa.o Residential and day
PO Box 28 101, rg.nz services for people with
Beckenham, ChCh intellectual disabilities.
8023. www.hohepa.com
P: 332 3179, F: 332


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person

Vision Level 3, 217 Des Wesley des@visionemployment. Individualised
Gloucester Street, org.nz employment service for
PO Box 13 099, www.visionemployment. people with diverse
ChCh 8141. P: 365 org.nz disabilities.
3525, F: 365 3585.
Catapult 111-115 Cashel Kevin Blogg kevinblogg@ces.org.nz Individualised
Street, PO Box 730, Brent Tretheway- brenttretheway@ces.org. employment service for
Christchurch 8140. Transition nz people with diverse
P: 365 7005, F: 365 www.catapult.org.nz disabilities.
Workbridge Corner Armagh and Tui McBeath tuim@workbridge.co.nz Support for people
Durham Streets, PO looking for employment.
Box 643, ChCh. Fran Clarkson franc@workbridge.co.nz On the job support/ job
P:377 2188, F: 377 training.
2176. Services for employers
Unit 3,11 Goulding
Avenue, Hornby. PO
Box 16504, Hornby.
P: 962 8369, F: 962
Mainstream MSD - Bowen State information@msd.govt.n A State Services
Building, Bowen z Commission programme
Street, which facilitates two
Wellington 6011, PO www.msd.govt.nz year placements within
Box 1556, the State Sector for
Wellington. P: 0800 people with disabilities.
678 732.

CCS 224 Lichfield Street, canterbury@ccsdisability Support for people
Disability Christchurch action.org.nz looking for employment
Action PO Box 8066, who are funded through
Riccarton, MSD or ACC contracts.
Christchurch 8440 www.ccsdisabilityaction.
Phone: 03 3655 661 org.nz
Call free: 0800 227
2255 Fax: 03


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
IDEA 97A Briggs Road, Brenda Thomas brenda.thomas@idea.org Supports people with
Working Shirley, .nz intellectual disabilities
Services – Christchurch. to find work.
Formerly P: 341 9200 F:
Worksights? 3419201
Job Connect 210 Cashel Street, Louise Deane jobconnect@clear.net.nz Assists people to set
(ComCare PO Box 22 004, realistic employment
Charitable CHCH 8013. goals, find a job which is
Trust) P: 377 2903 F: 961 right for them and stay
Mental 0798 in work.
Work 1 Lincoln Road, Sharon King sharonking@cdhb.govt.n Assists people 18-65
Solutions Hillmorton, Private Miriam Jowett z years old with work
(CDHB) Bag 4733, ChCh. miriamjowett@cdhb.govt skills and into the work
Mental P: 338 7068, F: 338 .nz place. Must come
Health 6857 www.cdhb.govt.nz – click through Specialist
on link to Mental Health Mental Health Services.

ASENZ PO Box 261 Ian Harper (Exec asenz@asenz.org.nz Association for
Wanganui Mail Officer) www.asenz.org.nz Supported Employment
Centre. Wanganui in New Zealand.
4540. Ph: (06) 343 Information,
3669 Mobile: (027) networking, research
457 4744 and policy advocacy.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Able Tours PO Box 18785, Denise Wedlake denisewedlake@hotmail. Recreation tours for
Enable ChCh 8030. P: 981 com people with intellectual
7910, F: 981 9019. disabilities.
Active Phone: 0800 22 www.activecanterbury.o Comprehensive
Canterbury 8483 rg.nz database which allows
(Push Play) you to search for a
activity in a particular

Activelinks 210 Cashel Street, James Frost enquiries@comcare.org. Criteria over 18 years
(Comcare PO Box 22 004, nz and receive services
Charitable CHCH 8013. through mental health.
Trust) P: 377 2903 F: 961 Anyone can refer.
0798 Provide recreation in
four bases plus one to
one support in some
CCC - Community and Rachel Mullins rachel.mullins@ccc.govt. Kiwiable leisure card
KiwiAble Recreation Unit. PO nz helps reduce the cost for
Box 237 ChCh. people with disabilities
P: 941 8774, F: 941 to participate in
8267 recreation, sport and
Delta 105 North Avon Fiona Walker? fiona@deltatrust.org.nz Promoting friendship
Friendship Road, and leisure opportunities
Link PO Box 26091, for people with
Richmond, ChCh. P: intellectual disability. A
389 0273, F: 960 range of groups and
3278. clubs are offered.
Floyds 229A Fitzgerald Sarah Thodey info@floyds.org.nz Access to arts
Creative Avenue, Chch 8142. creativearts@floyds.co.n development
Arts PO Box 22601 Chch. z opportunities and/or
P: 365 4849, F: 365 www.floyds.org.nz resources in a
4882. supported, integrated

Halberg PO Box 11 487, office@halberg.co.nz Links people with

Trust Ellerslie, Auckland. disabilities to sport and
P: 09 579 9931, F: active leisure.
09 579 9936.

Handmade 575 Colombo Street Pat Boyle – Mgr Craft co-operative for
Studio Trust Christchurch 8011. M Freeman – people primarily with a
P: 377 7042 Craft Supervisor physical disability.
Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Handiscope 2 Beswick Street, June Bryson june.bryan@snap.net.nz Provide facilities for
Kaiapoi 7630. P: 327 craftwork, recreation
3995 and companionship for
all people. Caters for
people with intellectual
and physical disabilities.
Jolt 163 Bordesley St, info@joltdance.co.nz Mixed ability dance
Linwood, Lyn Cotton lyncotton@hotmail.com group.
Christchurch. P:

Parafed Burwood Hospital, Ken Sowden info@parafedcanterbury. Caters for people with
255 Mairehau Road, co.nz physical disabilities.
Chch. www.parafedcanterbury. Offers a gym, training
PO Box 35080, co.nz opportunities, coaching,
Shirley, Chch. P: children’s after school
385 4449, F: programme and events.
Riding for 61 Wigram Road, Jayne Findlay admin@chchrda.co.nz Horse riding for the
Disabled PO Box 6163, ChCh. www.chchrda.co.nz disabled.
P: 348 4374,
3484339, F: 348

Specialised PO Box 32074, Don Nordhaus Provides day trips and
Charter Sumner, Chch. tours for people with
Services P: 3266802, F: intellectual and physical
3266237 disabilities from aged 7
and up.

Special QE11, 171 Travis Graeme Bain graemeb@specialolympi Sports training and
Olympics Road, PO Box cs.org.nz competition in a variety
18827, ChCh 8083. of sports for children and
P: 382 0769, F: 382 adults with disabilities.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Sport Sports House QE11 Justin Muschamp justin@sportcanterbury. Supports people with
Canterbury Park, Travis Road, org.nz disabilities to be more
PO Box 2606, ChCh. www.sportcanterbury.or active and thus create
P: 373 5050. g.nz active, healthy

Step Ahead PO Box 32-025, Helen info@stepahead.org.nz Programmes for people

Linwood, ChCh. P: McLaughlan www.stepahead.org.nz aged 18 – 65 years who
389 4001 experience mental
F: 03 389 4042. illness and are

Your Studio Rm 201, Old Steve Motley yourstudio@clear.net Fine arts tuition for
Trust Botany, The Arts www.yourstudio.org.nz people with intellectual
Centre, and/or psychiatric
Christchurch. P: 365 disabilities.
Disabled PO Box 13-429, Heather Clay Skiing, snowboarding
Snowsports Armagh Street, etc. for people with
Canterbury Christchurch. P: disabilities.
365 8348
Canterbury Level 3, Insignis Ariana Elley or ariana@cantyouthworks.co.nz This group have a
Youth House, 192 Cashel Hemi Te Hemi or knowledge of what
Workers Street, PO Box services are available for
Collective 3270, CHCH 8140. youth.
P: 377 8080;
F: 377 4578
NZ PO Box 38-169 Amanda Hill steve_manda@clear.net. Tennis for people with
Wheelchair Parklands, nz mobility issues.
Tennis Inc. Christchurch 8842. www.nzwheelchairtennis
P: 383 7797, F 03 .co.nz
313 5056
CINCH Christchurch City www.christchurchcitylibr Christchurch City Council
Website Libraries Website is aries.com database of a wide
a very good Search CINCH range of services.


Canterbury 3/118 Alpineview Jacky contact@uppclub.org.nz Friendship and social
UPP Club RD 5 network for people with
Christchurch 7675 down syndrome.
P: 3775 877

Sandow Cnr Yaldhurst & Horse riding for people
Riding Pound Road, with disabilities.
School Yaldhurst.
P: 342 7995
Southern QE11 Park, 171 Sarah Burke southern.centre@ccc.go Multi sensory
Centre Travis Road, New vt.nz environment with
Encounter Brighton, exciting interactive
Christchurch 8083. equipment that is fully
P: 941 7119 www.southerncentre.co inclusive and promotes
m recreational experiences
for all.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
IDEA Living 1 Shirley Road, PO Christine Fraser christchurch@idea.org.n For people with
Services Box 27202 z intellectual disabilities.
Shirley. P: 341 www.idea.org.nz Residential homes in the
9200, F: 341 9201 community.
Support for people
wanting to move into a
living environment of
their choice.
Christchurc PO Box 21-349, Support people living in
h Edgeware, own homes and have
Residential Christchurch. community housing.
13 Ferguson

F: 385 8177
Brackenridg 150 Maddisons Sharon Mackie Very high needs
e Estate Road, Templeton. disabilities.
Private Bag 4738. P: Respite care.
349 2154, Community housing –
F: 349 2123. flatting type
On site housing.
Avonside 168 Stanmore Road, Karin Hofmans karin.avonsidehouse@xt Residential housing for
House PO Box 32 156, ra.co.nz people with an
ChCh.8147 intellectual disability 18
Ph: 389 8844, Fax: years and over.
389 8844

Donaldson PO Box 29062, Carol Donaldson drtrust@xtra.co.nz Five residential homes –
Residential ChCh. fully staffed – people
Trust P: 351 7289. with intellectual
Hawksbury 41 Sir William Martin Harris martinharris@hawksbur Residential community
Community Pickering Drive. PO y.co.nz homes. Support people
Trust Box 39086, ChCh www.hawksbury.nz to live in their own
8053. P: 357 0057, home. Age 17 and up.
F: 357 0053. Primarily intellectual
Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
Hohepa 23 Barrington canty@canty.hohepa.org Community housing for
Street, PO Box 28- .nz people whose prime
101, ChCh 8023. disability is intellectual.
Phone: 332 3179 F:
332 7066
Independen 14 Bristol Street, Joan McKinley ictch@xtra.co.nz Residential and
ce House ChCh 8014. P: 355 supported independent
9466, living plus flatting with
F: 355 9468 support. Criteria - mild
intellectual disabilities
over 18 years.
Insight 2 Expo Place, Fergus Webber admin@insight07.co.nz 8 Residential Homes
Bromley, Chch Andy Dimond office@insight07.co.nz plus supported
8062. PO Box 35050 independent living.
Shirley, ChCh 8640. Intellectual disability and
P: 384 9054, F: 384 Autism over 18 years.

Laura 279 Ilam Road, Provide long or short-
Ferguson Fendalton, term residential support
Trust Christchurch. services, rehabilitation
P: 351 6047, F: 351 and carer support for
1804 people with physical
disabilities or a brain
Marralomed 50A Dunedin Street, Emma Pachnatz emma@marralomeda.or People with intellectual
a Charitable ChCh 8051. P: 352 g.nz disabilities over 18.
Trust Inc 8292. Residential housing.
Mary 534c Ferry Road, Gregory Support for people with
Moodie ChCh 8023. P: 389 Pickering an intellectual disability.
Family Trust 1755, F: 389 0052. Have two houses
offering long term
residential care for
young people.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of services
tion Address/Ph No. Person
NZ Care 248 Lichfield Street, Ron Trelease ron.trelease@nzcaregro People over 18 whose
Chch 8011. PO Box up.co.nz primary disability is
7684, ChCh 8240 . www.nzcare.co.nz intellectual. 35 homes
P: 379 1602. in the community and
one house providing
supported independent

Richmond Level 1, 17 Sir Ross Workman rworkman@richmond.or 7 houses for clients with
NZ William Pickering g.nz intellectual disabilities
Drive, CHCH PO Box over 18 years.
27060, Shirley,
CHCH. P: 357 5799,
F: 358 2530
Martros PO Box 16121, Ross Martin martin001@xtra.co.nz 7 homes for clients
Limited Hornby www.martros.co.nz 1 for aspergers
Christchurch. 1 female
P: 08006278767 5 high and complex
Rosewood 10 Ferngrove Place, Jill or John glenstaceyparis@clear.n People over 18, mostly
Queenspark, Chch Counsell or et.nz intellectual disabilities.
8083. Glen and Stacey. Community house
P: 383 4003 catering for 9 people.
Stepping 126 Lincoln Road, www.stepstone.org.nz People with mid range
Stones Trust Spreydon, CHCH. mental illness. Can live
P: 338 6390 for up to 2 years in a
F: 338 6398 house, provide short-
term for 2 weeks or
provide people with
support in own home.
Te Roopu 30 Sheffield Cres, Perry Kingi perryk@terooputaurima. People over 18,
Taurima O ChCh 8053. org.nz intellectual disability. 5
Manukau P: 357 8434, F: 357 www.terooputaurima.org Community houses in
8439. .nz Christchurch.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of
tion Address/Ph No. Person services

CPIT PO Box 540, Christine brennanc@cpit.ac.nz Discreet courses -
Christchurch 8140. Brennan ross-davisb@cpit.ac.nz Workskills Course and
P: 940 8000, Barbara Ross- www.cpit.ac.nz Independence Skills.
F: 366 6544. Davis CPIT also provide a
range of other courses.
University Private Bag 4800, info@canterbury.ac.nz Range of courses
of ChCh 8140. P: 364 Nicola McDonald nicola.mcdonald@canterb available.
Canterbury 2987. ury.ac.nz
Disability Resource
Coordinator – Ext
Lincoln PO Box 84, Lincoln Jean Garner – jean.garner@lincoln.ac.nz Range of courses
University 7647, Canterbury. Inclusive www.lincoln.ac.nz available.
P: 325 2811, 0800 Education Office
10 600, F: 325 3840
Hagley 510 Hagley Ave, Enrolment info@hagley.school.nz Literacy and numeracy
Community Chch 8011. PO Box Centre www.hagley.school.nz courses and range of
College 3084, ChCh 8140. other courses.
P: 379 3090, F: 379
Employmen 2nd Floor, Science Don Hammond d.hammond@eplus- Training for jobs.
t Plus - Alive Building, salvationarmy.org.nz Courses Mon – Fri –
Salvation Moorhouse Avenue, www.eplus- Computer training,
Army ChCh 8140. salvationarmy.org.nz computer graphics,
P: 379 4736 building/allied trades,
Literacy and numeracy,
early childhood

Avonmore 202 Cashel Street, Sue Gould sue.gould@avonmore.ac. IT Training – computer
Christchurch 8011. nz network engineering,
P: 977 2700 F: www.avonmore.ac.nz hairdressing,
977 2701 hospitality, reception
and office admin,
freight and


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of
tion Address/Ph No. Person services
Academy 387 Manchester Bronnie bronnie@chch.academy.a Wide range of courses
NZ Street, PO Box 21- McDonald c.nz available.
199, Edgeware,
ChCh 8143. P: 366 www.academy.ac.nz
3489 F: 366
Avon City PO Box 11008, Phil Hayes phayes.acford.co.nz Motor trade related
Ford ChCh. courses.
P: 348 4129, 0800
655 551; F348
Driving Occupational occthpy@cdhb.govt.nz Assistance for people
Vehicle Therapy with disabilities wishing
Assessment Department to gain a drivers
Service Burwood Hospital licence.

NZ Spinal Burwood Hospital Bernadette bernadettec@burwood.or Free computer classes
Trust Entrance 3, Cassidy g.nz for people with
Allan Bean Mairehau Road, www.nzspinaltrust.org.nz disabilities.
Centre Chch 8083. Private
Bag 4708, Chch
P: 383 9484 F: 383


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of
tion Address/Ph No. Person services

IDCT – Hillmorton Hospital, Annex
Ngaire Matthews ngaire.matthews@cdhb.g Support organization –
Intellectual Road, Private Bag 4733, ovt.nz direct referrals
Disability Hillmorton Hospital. accepted. Must have
Community P: 337 7969, F: 339 2869. an intellectual
Team disability and
challenging behaviour
– to the extent that
others are placed in
Canterbury ChCh Hospital – Canterbury DHB
District Private Bag 4710, professionals.
Health ChCh.
Board P: 364 0640. OT:
364 0700. PT: 364
0680, SLT: 364
Burwood Hospital –
Private Bag 4708,
P: 383 6836. OT:
383 6845, PT: 383
6833, SLT: 383
Oral Health 16 Tuam Street, Dental services.
Centre ChCh.
P: 364 0250, F:
364 0246.
Family 9 Washington Way, Paul Scannell chch@familyplanning.org. Contraception,
Planning PO Box 40113, nz sexuality advice.
ChCh 8142. P: 379
0514, F: 379 7860 www.familyplanning.org.n

Therapy P.O. Box 7807, therapyprofessionals@cle Range of therapy
Professional Christchurch 8002 ar.net.nz services – physio,
s Ph: (03) 377 5280, www.therapyprofessionals occupational therapy,
Fax (03) 377 5281 .co.nz speech language
therapy, music
therapy, dietics. Safe
handling training, i.e.
lifting etc.
Health and hdc@hdc.org.nz
Disability PO Box 1791, Auckland. www.hdc.org.nz Health and disability
Commission P: 0800 11 22 33, advocacy services.
Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of
tion Address/Ph No. Person services
Catapult 111-115 Cashel Kevin Blogg kevinblogg@ces.org.nz Contracted by MSD to
Street, PO Box 730, Brent Tretheway- brenttretheway@ces.org. support ORRS students
Christchurch 8140. Transition nz in their last year of
P: 365 7005, F: 365 www.catapult.org.nz school.
CCS 224 Lichfield Street, Sharlene Powney sharlene.powney@ccsdisa Contracted by MSD to
Disability PO Box 8066 Kevin Grimwood bilityaction.org.nz support ORRS students
Action Riccarton, ChCh kevin.grimwood@ccsdisab in their last year of
8440. ilityaction.org.nz school.
P: 365 5661,
F: 03 372 9507
Chris Ruth 20 Tankerville Road, Richard Belton Contracted by MSD to
Centre Hoon Hay, PO Box Marilyn Paston - mpaston100@paradise.ne support ORRS students
9027, ChCh, P: 339 Transition t.nz in their last year of
2930, F: 339 2981 school who wish to
attend the Chris Ruth
Deaf 270-272 Gloucester Lachlan Keating transition@deaf.org.nz Contracted by MSD to
Aotearoa Street, PO Box www.deaf.org.nz support ORRS students
NZ 13332, Armagh, from within the deaf
ChCh 8141 P: 379 community in their last
5074, year of school.
F: 379 5089
Royal NZ 96 Bristol Street, St. Stephanie Lange slange@rnzfb.org.nz Contracted by MSD to
Foundation Albans, CHCH 8014 support ORRS students
of the Blind P O Box 1696, from within the blind
Christchurch. www.rnzfb.org.nz community in their last
P: 03 375 4300 year of school.
F: 03 355 9151

Transition PO Box 29062, Alison Bell transitionitsyourchoice@h Contracted by MSD to

Its Your Christchurch. otmail.com support ORRS students
Choice P: 03 377 0853 in their last year of
Cell: 021 0278 school.


Organisa Physical/Postal Contact Email Outline of
tion Address/Ph No. Person services
Idea Cunningham House, Area Manager MSChristchurch@idea.org. Contracted by MSD to
Services 1 Shirley Road, nz support ORRS students
Shirley, ChCh. P: www.idea.org.nz whose prime disability
03 385 1422, is intellectual in their
F: (03) 385 2705 last year of school.

Skillwise Level 2, 106 John Grant jg@skillwise.org.nz Contracted by MSD to
Gloucester Street, Judith Costello - support ORRS students
PO Box 195, ChCh Transition www.skillwise.org.nz in their last year of
8140. P: 365 5066, school.
F: 365 5013
Vision Level 3, Platinum Des Wesley des@visionemployment.or Contracted by MSD to
Employmen Sport Building, 217 g.nz support ORRS students
t Gloucester Street, in their last year of
PO Box 13-099, www.visionemployment.or school.
ChCh. g.nz
P: 03 365 3525;
F: (03) 365 3585


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