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Annual Report 2015

Helping thousands reach home, independence and opportunity.

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Our Vision

hat all children,

families and
individuals in
Connecticut find a safe,
secure, affordable
home with the services
and supports necessary
to achieve a fulfilling,
self-reliant life.

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Our Story

or a quarter century, New Reach, formerly New

Haven Home Recovery, has implemented best
practices across the region from community
collaboration to collective impact, permanent
supportive housing to home case management
helping thousands of families and children achieve
stability and self-reliance. New Reach has emerged
as a leader in homelessness services, operating three
shelters, developing more than 90 units of permanent
supportive housing and providing a range of programs
that spark independence. At New Reach, we embrace
what was once only a dream. Daily needs are satisfied
by a home, nutrition, education and healthcare. Dreams
are nurtured with direction and encouragement. At
New Reach, we build bright futures on a foundation of
support, shelter and services. We aim for opportunity,
we employ cutting-edge tools, we deliver success and
we honor the dignity of all those we serve.

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From the Chief Executive Officer Kellyann Day

Our Mission
New Reach inspires

Reaching New Heights Together

From the moment CareWays Shelter for women
opened its doors in 1990 through 2015, this last
triumphant year of achievement and growth,
New Reach has refused to be just good enough.
I am proud of all we have accomplished together in the last 12 months
from earning national accreditation for the highest standard of
services and facilities to the federal funding we have been awarded to replicate our Housing First
program and expand it with our partners across the state.

independence for
those affected by
homelessness and
poverty through a
continuum of
housing and

But much more than that, I celebrate our realization that the only thing constant is change and that
New Reach, therefore, must manage that change to remain the dynamic, vibrant and emerging
force for good we have become in 25 short years.

support using the

We continue to expand and have risen to meet many new challenges. We run shelters and
supportive housing, we provide rapid re-housing services and develop affordable housing, and we
provide support for veterans and those who have experienced chronic homelessness. We have
found effective methods to stabilize families to prevent eviction, developed specialized childrens
services and even offered a furniture co-op for those moving into permanent supportive housing.
We are helping to ensure healthy outcomes for pregnant women at risk of homelessness and
intervening with services for at-risk students and those in need of community supports.

and progressive

continued on following page

most innovative

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Mostly, though,
we look forward
to another 25
years of helping
those who need a
hand, safe in the
knowledge that
their dreams and
our assistance
are adding up to
fulfillment and
brighter futures
for thousands of

From the Chief Executive Officer continued

None of this could have been accomplished without the unparalleled level of talent and
commitment exhibited by New Reach staff every day. They have led the fight to end homelessness
this year, serving the local and statewide communities in many capacities and educating state and
national audiences on innovative and successful housing and support interventions.
While we celebrate that success, we refuse to simply look back. We must embrace the future and
that is why I am so excited about 2016. We will grow services into a clearly defined model that can
be expanded to serve more people in more locations across our state. We will hone awareness and
energize our advocacy through a newly focused communications strategy. We will strengthen our
board of directors ability to leverage support and create a flexible infrastructure as the platform for
future growth. Finally, we will build a foundation for future service delivery with new philanthropic
The first 25 years were great, but the next 25 years will be better! We thank all of you for your
ideas, your interest, your support and your friendship. Mostly, though, we look forward to another
25 years of helping those who need a hand, safe in the knowledge that their dreams and our
assistance are adding up to fulfillment and brighter futures for thousands of Connecticut residents.
Wishing you all a happy, healthy, successful New Year!


Kellyann Day, MSW

Chief Executive Officer

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Our Values

Integrity: We never waiver

in our belief that everyone
deserves a home, good health,
support and fulfillment.
Compassion: We always
listen and help, even when
others will not.
Initiative: We never stop
working and, when barriers
arise, we work harder.
Professionalism: We always
treat our clients and colleagues
with respect and strive to meet
their needs.

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Without New Reach, I

would be lost. [They are]
a group that helps
people become
independent and achieve
their goals. Everyone has
obstacles in their lives
and sometimes you just
need help or

New Reach alumna

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Financial Summary Fiscal Year 2015

FY 2015 (JUNE)
n Shelter & Housing 65%

n Stabilization & Support 25%

n Community Connection 10%
FY 2015 (JUNE)
n Program 83%

n Operating 13%
n Fundraising 4%

FY 2015 (JUNE)

n Public Funding 73%

n Private Funding 27%

Full audited financials and our most recent IRS filings are available on our website

We are proud to
support New Reachs
cutting edge work
to deliver high
quality housing and

Janice Elliott,
Executive Director,
Melville Charitable Trust

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Goals Reached Together in 2015

New Reach has been a

valued partner with the
Department of Housing.
As a major provider of
emergency shelter services,
New Reach serves their clients
well and exemplifies the
states vision of truly making
homelessness a thing of the
past. By delivering high
quality services to those in
need, together, we will end
homelessness in the State of

Evonne M. Klein, Commissioner,

CT Department of Housing


1035 served

486 children served

Percentage of families who exited New

Reach shelters into permanent housing






New units of
affordable housing developed


New units of
supportive housing developed


1191 served

622 children

of families in our
Stable Families Program
have avoided eviction
We collaborate with over
100 agencies statewide

1 Housing 2 Employment Services

3 Financial Services
4 Household Needs 5 Childcare
Top 5 referral categories

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The Community Foundations long history

of support for New Reach reflects the very
high level of confidence we have in the
services it provides to some of the most
needy people in our community. Even
beyond that, we see New Reach as an
indispensable local leader, as evidenced by
the central role that New Reach is playing
in the development of a new, coordinated
system for serving the homeless in our

Will Ginsberg, President and CEO,

Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

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he names contained in this book, and

the amazing acts of generosity they

represent, are both inspiring and

humbling. We are so grateful for the

dedication of you, our friends and supporters.
The answer to homelessness is bigger than
any single individual or organization. It lies in
the commitment of an entire community.
Thank you for being a part of ours.
We will keep counting on you to support,
amaze and inspire usright up until the day
we end homelessness in Connecticut.

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Building Hopeful Futures Together: 2015 Financial Supporters

Please contact the development office with any
concerns regarding the names listed herein.
City of New Haven
The CarMax Foundation
The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
David & Joanne Goldblum
Fairfield Countys Community Foundation
JMS Foundation, Inc.
Lewis G. Schaeneman Foundation, Inc.
Melville Charitable Trust
Neighbor-to-Neighbor Lifeline, a partnership of
United Way of Greater New Haven &
The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven
NewAlliance Foundation
New Haven County Bar Foundation, Inc.
Ralph & June Rossi Charitable Foundation
The Robert F. & Ann Dahl Foundation
State of CT Department of Housing
State of CT Department of Mental Health &
Addiction Services
State of CT Department of Social Services
State of CT Department of Education
State of CT Office of Early Childhood
State of CT Office of Policy & Management
United Way of Greater New Haven
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
The Werth Family Foundation
The Workplace
Yale Hunger and Homeless Action Project
Yale University

$5,000 9,999
Robert Wechsler & Emily Aber
Archdiocese of Hartford
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
City Missionary Association of New Haven
Faxon Law Group
Garden Homes Fund
Knights of Columbus
The Maximillian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation
Newmans Own Foundation
Town Fair Tire
The United Illuminating Company Foundation
Vertical Church
Yale-New Haven Hospital
$1,000 4,999
ACT II Thrift Shop, Inc.
AIDS Walk New Haven
Amity Charitable Trust Fund
The David A. Beckerman Foundation
Peter Binkley
Blue State Coffee LLC
Wilson W. Bryan
Gregg & Elizabeth Burton
Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP
Community Health Charities
Connecticut State Medical Society
Leo & Kathleen Cooney
The Curran Foundation
Davita Acutes
William & Diane Dow
Faxon Law New Haven Road Race
Mary Ferrari
First Niagara Foundation
Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
Frontier Communications-CSF
Frontier Employee Community Services Fund Headquarters

Laura Goldblum
Robert & Mary Grande
Guilford Rotary Club
Guilford Savings Bank
Harkin Engineering LLC
Eino & Catherine Hautala
Justin & Maxine Howard
Hunger Relief & Development, Inc.
iOn The Ball LLC
Frank Kenna, III
William & Kate Lee
Liberty Bank
Liberty Bank Foundation
Michael Mellen Family Partnership
Nutmeg Consulting
Bob & Donna Olsen
Michael Palmieri & Lee Duval
Paul R. Bailey Architect
Peoples United Community Foundation
Jorge Perez
Ruth Petrone
Al Smith & Adrienne Micci-Smith
Spring Glen Church Benevolence Committee
St. Margaret Church
William Stempel & Dorathea Ann Lindbeck
Stephen W. Marcucio Charitable Foundation
For Battered Children
Trinity Church on the Green
UIL Holding Corporation
The University Church in Yale
Viking Construction, Inc.
Margery Vogt
Voltz Electric
Webster Bank
Michael West
James & Angela Westwood
WICC Holiday Fund for Children
Yale University Office of New Haven & State Affairs
Scott & Linda Zimmerman
Zurich Community Grants Program

The JMS Foundation,

in conjunction with an
anonymous donor,
generously provided new
bunkbeds for Life Haven
Shelter. This extraordinary
gift increased capacity

at Life Haven Shelter

from 32 beds to 70
beds and allows us to serve
families with up to eight
members. Previously,
larger families would linger
on a waiting list for
multiple units in a single
shelter or face being
separated in order to find a
place to stay.

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Building Hopeful Futures Together: 2015 Financial Supporters

The dedication of New
Reach staff continues to
humble us as employee

giving surpassed our

goal of 50% this
yearan incredible
testament to our staffs
commitment to building
hopeful futures together.

$500 999
Acelleron Medical Products
Aldo DeDominicis Foundation, Inc.
Jeffery Baird
Thayer Baldwin
Michael & Eileen Barbaro
Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman, LLP
Burzenski & Company, P.C.
Connex Credit Union
John & Kellyann Day
Edward Stanley Engineers LLC
Lawrence Kenney & Janice Elliott
Robert Farrell & Mary-Jean McGarrity
Foundation for Life Inc.
Julius & Ginny Friese
Richard Hanley
Heather Harris
Jack Harris-Sturges
Maryrose Hoffman
Horizon Tire
The Hurley Group
Shirley Jackson
Bethany Keyl
Melissa Knauert
L Suzio Concrete
Lab Logistics
Law Office of Elizabeth McMahon
Lenny and Joe's Fishtale
Joe LoPresti
Theodore & Amy Lynn
Marcum LLP
Richard & Anne Marnic
Merrill Lynch
Michelin Tire
Mohawk Rubber Sales of N.E., Inc.
Barbara Nelson
Nicholas R. Nesi, Esquire
Susan Nichols

Bob & Joan Ogden

Robert Patrick
Breanne Piazik
Nicholas Prencipe
Christopher Ryan
Sacred Heart Council #5780
Arthur & Margaret Sanders
Frederick Schumacher
Sandra Shaner
Start Community Bank
Brian & Christie Stewart
John & Dawn Strahley
Geralyn Tagatac
Elizabeth Tagatac
Christine Tirado
John F. & Angela Vigent
Voya Financial
William & Bernadette Welsh
Women in Support of Humanity Quinnipiac University
George & Deborah Woodworth
Wright Plumbing
Yale University Graduate and Professional Student Senate
$1 499
Melanie Abbott
Joseph Erff & Lynelle Abel
Acorn Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Advanced Office Systems
Pat Akers
Michael & Jacqueline Albis
Anderson-Krause Insurance
Todd & Cheryl Andresen
Steven & Kristen Andronowitz
Frank Annunziato & Hope Crescione
Joseph & Cathy Antonelli
Jeremy & Jocelyn Antunes
S. OConnell & Mary Armstrong
Meridith Arnold
ARS Restoration Specialists
Candace Azpeitia
Shannon Bagdigian

Anne Balogh
Mary Barneby
Nicole Barnofski
Theodora Barra
Bean, Hatzis & Associates, Inc.
Thomas & Anna Bellucci
Richard & Judy Bellucci
Norman & Patricia Bender
Patricia Berarducci
Jeanette Bernacchia
Emilie Bertschinger
Genevieve Bimonte
Philip & Beth Biondi
Marcia Bissell
Black Lives Matter
Jackie Blake
Andrea Bloom
Dawn Bordeleau
Harold Bornstein
Samuel & Andrea Bradford
Mark & Fiona Bradford
Edward & Lynne Bradstreet
Kim Braun
Joel & Patti Bregman
Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust
Cathy Briggs
James Brown
Nancy Brown
Gary Brown
Karen Brown
Carmen Brown
Lynn & Jean Brown
Jan Bruegel
Salestria Buckley
Anita Buckmaster
Robert & Kathleen Burns
Donna Burrows
Deborah Burt
James & Deborah Bussman
C. Michael Tucker Architects
Guido & Anne Calabresi
Cammarano & Rothman, D.M.D.

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When I didn't
believe in myself
New Reach believed
in me and they
continue to
do so.

New Reach client

NewReachAR2015 8wx5h 20pp_Layout 1 2/4/16 9:51 AM Page 16

With support from New Reach I

was able to accomplish so many
things, from education to
employment but most importantly
the reconnection to motherhood.
I have become someone in life.
I have goals now and I have
developed self-esteem and have
confidence in myself.

New Reach alumna

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Building Hopeful Futures Together: 2015 Financial Supporters

John & Heidi Campbell
Christine Candelora
Kara Capone
Robert & Lorena Capone
Sarah Capozzo-Colonnese
Maureen Carey
Helen Carocci & Anne-Marie Keish
Arnold & Carolyn Cary
Scott & Carly Casper
Brenda Cavanaugh
Bruno & Angela Ceniccola
Center of Light
Luke & Kat Challis
Poppy Champlin
Randall Chapnick
Timothy Nottoli & Marisa Anne Chen
Christ Church Angelican
Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church
John Barber & Carol Christmas
Christopher Columbus School PTO /
Student Government
Joan Ciano
Nancy Coffey
Arlene Cohen
Gari Collins
Eugene & Dorothy Colonese
Columbus Family Academy SHARE Club
Mary Colwell
William & Deborah Colwell
Sally Connolly
Leo & Courtney Connors
Scott & Nancy Conover
Clare Conover
Constitution Advisory Group
Elizabeth Cooney
Matthew Coppola
Mary Ann Cordeau
Country Squire Hair Salon
John & Betse Courtmanche
Henry Coyle
John & Catherine Crawford
Claire Criscuolo

Bill Cronan
CSC Service Works
Bradford & Katherine Czepiel
Andrew & Andrea DaCorte
Guy & Karen Daguanno
Jeanne Dahlin
Meredith Damboise
Christine Danilowicz
Christopher & Patricia Daur
Jennifer Davies
Hugh & Jean Davis
Day Pitney LLP Casual Days
Brian & Ellen DeBowes
Judith DeCoster
Robert & Roberta DeFonce
David Delise
Donald Delorenzo
Louis & Mary Beth DeLucia
Anthony DelVecchio
Richard & Marie DeMusis
Gary de Simone & Elizabeth Knope
Wayne & Patricia Devoe
DiAdamo & Tracey Bail Bonds
Charles & Kathleen Donato
Carmela Donlan
Sheri Dudra
Dunbar United Church of Christ
Marie Dunston
Bill Dyson
Ginny Eicher
Dawn Emerson
Valerie Erickson
Ryan & Karyn Errico
Linda Esposito
Salvatore & Kathleen Esposito
Anne Esquivel
Agnes E. Estes
Laura Evangelist
Thomas & Kathleen Fagan
Margo Faherty
Faith United Methodist Church
Tomassina Famiglietti & Sylvia Eisenberg
Kathleen Faught

Kenneth & Susan Fellows

Fireworks LLC
First Congregational Church of Branford
Katherine & Brian Fischer
Alan & Marianne Fontana
Rhonda Ford-Jackson
Foreign Tire Sales Inc.
Bernard & Bernadette Forget
Jeffery Foster
Robert & Rita Franchini
Randolph & Marianne Frankel
Michelle Funaro
Tonia Gaffney
Adrienne Gallagher
Keith Gallant
Katherine Garay
Thomas Pinchbeck & Bonnie Garmisa
Hubert Garnes
Diane Garrity
Kevin & Tina Garrity
Thomas & Jessica Gaudioso
Thomas & Susan Gaudioso
Michael & Monica Geary
Elizabeth Genne-Bacon
Maria Gennette
Georginas Hair Studio
Gregory Germino
Frank & Carol Gianelli
Jacqueline Gibbons
Thomas & Jennifer Ginz
James & Claudia Giulietti
Glyne Manufacturing, Inc.
Douglas Goldner & Melanie Rausch
Melinda Gorley
JoAnne Grabinski
Robert & Lyndle Gradoville
Jonathan Grande
Jenna Grande
Randy Grant
Michael Grappone
Frank & Mary Grazioso
Ralph & Valerie Greco

Richard & Norma Grossi

Lisa Guerrieri
Guilford Interact Club
Guilmartin, DiPiro & Sokolowski LLC
Alyssa Guirguis
Greg & Shelley Gullette
Grace Halsey
Yulanda Harrell
Hartland First Congregational Church
Paul Hayslett
Claudia Hearn
Jennifer Heath
Randee Hennequin
HI Stone & Co.
High Lane Club
Robert Hill
Hill Regional Career High School
Barbara Hobbs
Margie Hodge
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church
Honorable Order of the Blue Goose
Robert & Carla Horwitz
Hospital of St. Raphael Alumnae Association
Donald Hubert
John S. Hughes
Kathleen Hunter
Jesse Hwang
James & Michaele Imbrogno
Raymond Ingraham
InSite Search
International League of Muslim Women, Inc.
Jack & Jill of America, New Haven Chapter,
Teen Group
Joseph & Barbara Jerista
Jh Hair Design
Roger & Ruth Johnson
Kristine Johnston
D.Terrence Jones
Joyce C. Crofton Charitable Gift Fund
Dave Kane
Nathan Karnes
Faith Katkin
Jonathan Katz & Trisha Morris

Patrick & Ellen Kearney

Darlene Keder
William & Janet Kelly
Eileen Kenney
John A. Keyes
Stuart & Mary Klarman
Knights of Columbus Rodrigo Council 44
Raymond Kosinski
Pam Koss
Paul & Melanie Kregling
Veronica Krisavage
Rita Landino
Arthur Landry
Janice Lane
Liz Larson
Law Office of Christine Ciociola
Law Office of John Keyes
Law Office of Mary-Ann P. Haran
Frederick & Kimmy Leaf
Bessie Lee
Paul & Margaret Lerner
Hal & Audrey Levi
Marie Lillis
David Litvinoff
Gayle Logan
Tom & Roberta Lombardi
Martin & Ellen Looney
Barbara Louria
Scott Lucker
Brian & Palma Lynch
Brennan & Rachael Lynch
Marilyn Lyons
Scott & Amy MacDonald
Donna Magrath
Joshua Mamis
Gregory Marazita
Thomas & Jayne Marra
Jane Marshall
Elizabeth Marsi
Lenore Martorelli
Lynne Maser
John & Rose Massari
Charles Matassa

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Building Hopeful Futures Together: 2015 Financial Supporters

Scott Matheson
Edward & Alice Mattison
Nicole Mauro
Mayo Crowe LLC
Maureen McCarthy
Edmund & Dolores McGuinness
Kathleen McGuire
Kristen McKay
Katherine McKenzie
Gerald & Linda McKiernan
Barbara McLean Houston
William & Lisa McMahon
Brian Smith & Elizabeth McMahon
James & Elizabeth McMahon
Steven Mele
Mary Mellows
Arthur & Carolyn Merovick
Mark & Adele Messina
Brian & Karen Meyer
Mauro Greco & Cathy Migliore
Martha Miles
Frances Miller
Arlene Miller
Steve Mirabella
MLC Properties
Mohawk Rubber Charitable Corporation
Moms Club of Fairfield, S-CT
Nancy Monaco
Caryl Moran
Kathryn Morgan
Danielle Morgan
Renita Morriar
Bret & Gina Morrow
Ralph Morrow
Maria Nardella
Robert Narracci
Nicholas Neeley
Tamara Neighbors-Simpson
Michael & Susan Nelken
Jesse Newman
Newtown Kindness
Sally Noel
Larry & Elizabeth Norfolk
North Haven Rotary

Elaine Norwood
Ronald & Wendy Novick
Catherine OConnell
Martin OConnor
John Bunton & Linda Oechsle
Anita Oliva
Virginia ONeill
Teresa Opalacz
Orange Congregational Church
Gaspar & Iraida Ortega
Mindy Ortega
Our Lady of Mercy School
Linda Packard
Stephen Packard
Edward & Eva-Maria Palevich
Joseph Paolillo & Deborah Johnson
Kristin Parenteau
Macqueen Parker
Elizabeth Pasieka
Sujit & Aimee Patel
Regina Patterson
Joseph & June Patton
John & Maureen Paulishen
Matthew Palmer & Beth Pearsall-Palmer
Thomas Houpert & Ann Pellegrini
Joyce Pellegrino
Pension Plus Inc.
Eileen Perillo
Michael Perzin
Jean Petrelli
Peter & Bridget Petrillo
John Petrillo
Barbara Phelan & Carol Reed
Wesley & Elizabeth Phillips
Barry & Millie Piekos
Thomas & Ann Pisani
George & Deborah Platt
Renee Poet
Dominic Proto
Mark & Audrey Puscas
Lorraine Pyne
Robert & Ellen Quintin
Quota International of New Haven
Andrea Rametta

Isuru Ranasinghe
James Rascati & Peggy Bailey
Leslie Rascati
Rebecca Rastetter
Melisa Reid
John & Dolores Reilly
Reitman Personnel Services
Andrew & Ann Riccio
Frederick & Beth Richter
Ricks Plumbing Service, Inc.
Luis Rivera
Robert C. White & Co.
Stephen & Rebecca Robichaud
Nancy Rodriguez
Marilyn Rogers
Michael & Pamela Roos
Jim & Margaret Rose
Robert & Renee Rosenbluh
Fernande Ross
Lauren R. Rossi
Tracy Roth
Kara Rotheram
Kenneth & Kristine Rubano
Thomas & Dana Ruberti
Anne Rubin
Robin Russo
Russo Roofing
S & T Deleadning & Construction
Kim Sabino
Saint Lawrence Church
Deborah Samperi
John & Bonnie Sandel
Glenda Santos
Eleni Sarigianis
Robin Ann Savinelli
Timothy & Linda Scanlon
Patricia Scavone
Peter Lemley & Christine Schafer
Claudia Schatz
Amy Schiess
Ed & Elaine Schwartz
William Segraves & Carol Dorfman
Van Selden
Sam Sepot

Shalom United Church of Christ

Michael Church & Leigh Anne Shields-Church
Robert & Virginia Shiller
Sisters Of Charity
Tom & Suzanne Smith
Southern Connecticut State University
Gerald & Diane Spadacenta
Susan Spight
St. Francis & St. Rose of Lima School
Doreen St. Germaine
Doreen & George Stathis
James Steffenburg
Harvey Kliman & Sandra Stein
Gail Sara Stern
Martha Stone
Stone Academy Phi Beta Lambda
Robert & Susan Stout
Superior Plating Company
Henry Sussman
Kurt & Janet Swanson
Judith Talbot
Tech Impact
Diana Teixeira
Kimberly Telford
Carol Telford
Vivian Thain
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Friends Committee
for Children
The Marlin Company
Gregg & Christine Theiss
Neal & Katherine Thomas
James & Natashia Thompson
Riefe & Lynn Tietjen
Kelley Traister
Trash Masters, LLC
Travelers Community Connections
Matching Gifts Program
Trinity Episcopal Church
Penelope Trinkaus
UI Employee Giving
James & Maryann Uliano
United Methodist Church
United Way of Central and Northeastern

United Way of Coastal Fairfield County
United Way of King County
United Way of Massachusetts Bay &
Merrimack Valley
Anthony & Sheila Urban
Valley United Way Inc.
Ken & Kathy Vance
Pamela Vanwinkle
Constance Velander
Heino & Elisabeth Velazquez
W.S. Clancy Memorial Funeral Home
Daniel Wald
Anthony A. Wallace, Esq.
Charlotte Wallace
James Walsh
Jason Walsh
John & Marilyn Walters
Barbara Wareck
Arthur & Mary Lee Weber
Bruce & Lorraine Wentworth
Aly Weston-Murphy
Michael Whalen
Harry & Jane Whipple
Bernard & Kristina White
Particia Widlitz
Diane Wilson
Wireless Zone
Charles & Noreen Wolleben
Lisa Woods
Samone Wright
Michael & Linda Wronski
David & Enrica Yaffe
Yale University ITS CCT
Yale-New Haven Hospital: Womens Service
Nursing Shared Governance
John Artis Yopp
Peter & Judith Young
Carol Zandri

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Board of

Linda Zimmerman, Chair

Better Health Workouts

Deborah Woodworth, Vice Chair

Yale-New Haven Hospital

Alfred Smith, Esq., Secretary

Murtha Cullina LLP

Diana Teixeira, CPA, Treasurer



Leo Connors, Jr.

Merrill Lynch

Mary Ferrari

Quinnipiac University

John Keyes, Esq.

New Haven Probate Court

Frederick P. Leaf, Esq.

Law Offices of Frederick P. Leaf

Barbara Nelson

Early Childhood Learning Center

Bernadette Welsh

Contessa Insurance Agency

Michael West

UIL Holdings Corporation

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153 East Street

New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 492-4866
New Reach, Inc.

New Reach family of services:

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