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MicroStrategy Consultant
Miller Wilson

Over 7 years of IT experience Implementation of Microstrategy Suite, Reporting services ,OLAP

environments and tools, along with strong analytical skills.
Experience in MicroStrategy tool Suite with MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy
Administrator, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy OLAP Provider,
MicroStrategy Web, Microstrategy Narrowcast Server.
Extensively worked in creating and integrating MicroStrategy reports and objects (Attributes, Filters,
Metrics, Facts, Prompts, Templates, Consolidation and Custom Groups) with the data warehouse.
Implemented proactive delivery reports and implemented the business intelligence solutions using
MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server.
Extensive Experience in creation of Dashboards which helps in better understanding of the Business
Extensive work experience with Ad hoc reporting using SQL queries and standard reporting
Experience in Designing Data Marts using different multi-dimensional modeling techniques such as Star
Schema and Snowflake Schema, FACT and Dimensional tables, Logical and Physical data modeling.
System Optimization, performance monitoring and tuning experience in the BI application.
Exposure to client interaction, user-requirement analysis and User support.
Team player with good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work in a team
Excellent multitasking capability, efficiently plan and prioritize projects with strong technical and business
management skills.

OLAP Tools:
ETL Tools:
Programming Languages:
Web Technologies:
Operating Systems:

MicroStrategy 9.2.1/9.0.1/8.1.1/8.0.1 (Administrator, Desktop, Web,

Architect), Intelligent Server, Narrowcast Server, SSRS.
Informatica 9.0/8.1/7.1 (Power Center, Power Mart), SSIS.
C, C++, PL/SQL.
MS Office (Access, Word, Excel, Visio), Rational Rose.
Mac OS X 10.8/10.7/10.6, Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/98/95, MS-DOS,

EDCUTATION: Undergrad Bachelors of Engineering in Telecommunication

ING, Inc, CT
Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant

Nov 13 Present


Identified facts and dimensions, created hierarchies, relationships to develop a logical model.

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant

Designed and developed physical(dimensional) data model using star/snow flake methodologies using
Erwin tool.
Developed user-defined BI applications, projects against the business model stored in repository using
MicroStrategy Architect.
Developed Schema Objects (Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies and Transformations) using MicroStrategy
Developed basic and user-specified Metrics (level, conditional, compound).
Created Consolidations and Custom Groups as per the requirement.
Used Microstrategy functions such as ApplySimple and ApplyComparision in metric calculations.
Developed Filters (relationship, comparison) for complex reports.
Created Transformations for time-series analyses and Prompts in customer tuned reports.
Used Built-in advanced functions in conjunction with metrics.
Configured Very Large Database (VLDB) Properties at different levels (report, metric, project and
database Instance).
Created new user group and added new users to the group and assigned security privileges.
Extensively used MicroStrategy Desktop and Web to enable users to run pre-defined sales and inventory
reports, build their own customized reports and download information into Excel spreadsheets.
Created drill maps for end users to drill down and recover data.
Worked with Microstrategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development, Testing and
Production environments.
Involved in implementation of single sign on authentication .
Created various Monthly Dynamic Dashboard documents for the decision makers with multiple panel
stacks, selectors and customized widgets.
Implemented folder level security by creating security filters.
Implemented MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server to send personalized business intelligence information
and reports.
With License Manager verified and updated licenses.
Provided technical support and training for user groups.
Worked closely with ETL teams in case of any issues with the ETL loads.
Worked along with MicroStrategy Knowledge Base to troubleshoot any Report related issues.
Upgradation of Microstrategy 8.1 version to Microstrategy 9.0 by keeping a backup of metadata ,
established connection to it.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 8.1/9.0, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, SQL
Server 2005, Erwin Data Modeler 4.5, Informatica 8.1,Windows XP, UNIX.

BlueCross BlueShield, FL
MicroStrategy Consultant

Jan 13 Nov 13


Worked with power users from Finance department in gathering requirements and proposed solutions
with new tools & technologies.
Understood the requirements and built the BI architecture to support all reporting needs.
Created various logical & physical data models to build the schema in MicroStrategy.
Created reports and dashboards on Client Profitability, Statement of Operations & Balance sheets.

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant

Documented the standards to be followed for creating objects in MicroStrategy.

Completely involved in the lifecycle of the project from the beginning.
Created Public Objects such as Filters, Prompts, Metrics, Consolidations, Custom
Groups, Templates and reports on top of the Schema Objects.
Created Simple metric, Compound metric, Derived Metric, Conditional Metric and Transformation
metric to meet end user Requirements.
Created Dashboard Reports in interactive and Flash Mode by using Selector, Sliders and Widgets to
view selected data.
Created Intelligent cubes to reduce the database load and decreasing the report execution by using the
Cube Services.
Extensively worked on setting of VLDB properties at report and Metric Levels to tune the SQL and define
Outer Joins between tables to get complete data from the required table and used different Query
Optimization Settings Specific to database to improve performance of Query.
Involved in moving the objects between two projects and two different environments by using Object
Manager and resolve conflicts between environments by using conflicts resolution window.
Participated in testing reports upgraded from 9.0.1 to 9.2.1.
Implemented testing strategy methods (unit, system, functional, integration, performance) also utilized
MicroStrategy Integrity Manager.
Worked as production support for the business users.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.2.1/9.0.1 Desktop Reports, Web Intelligence Reports, OLAP Services,
Architect, Narrowcast Server, Administration, Dashboards, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008, Windows.
Pepperidge Farms, Norwalk, CT
MicroStrategy Consultant

Oct 11 Dec 12


Worked with business requirements analysts / subject matter experts to identify and understand
requirements and produce the report design specification and estimates the project.
Created the Detail design documents and Technical Specification Documents based on Business
requirement documents.
Design and developed MicroStrategy schema objects like Attributes, Facts and Hierarchies using
MicroStrategy Architect.
Created complex metrics with different level dimensionality condition and filters and transformations for
user and business specific reporting needs.
Closely worked with ETL team for maintaining the quality of the data and reconcile Fact and lookup
tables for finding the Gap analysis.
Worked extensively on creating Application Objects like Metrics (level, conditional etc), Compound
Metrics, Filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations for Complex Reports.
Developed filters, prompts, custom groups, consolidations and transformations to generate reports
for business analysis.
Created historical YTD and MTD filters and prompts specific to historical Projects.
Worked extensively on VLDB settings to reduce the number of SQL passes which in turn improve the
query performance.
Developed number of historical, monthly and daily reports and report service documents.
Involved in Performance tuning of SQL for long running reports.
Created Dashboards and Report service Documents for Sales summary, Productivity and Performance
Used report services for various banded report to satisfy the printing requirements of the user.
Coordinated in moving the objects from Development to Production Environment in MicroStrategy by
using Object Manager.

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant

Involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy prompts, Filters, Template, Consolidation, and Custom Group
objects in an enterprise data warehouse team environment.
Configured Narrowcast server and Involved in various Narrowcast task like creating Documents, service
designs, subscription, administration and scheduling.
Perform code review and unit, system, regression testing.
Prepared technical project related documentation.

Environment: MicroStrategy Architect 9.0.1, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.0.1, MicroStrategy

Web9.0.1., MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server 9.0.1, MicroStrategy OLAP Provider, Oracle 10g and UNIX,
Informatica Power Center/ Power Mart 7.1/6.2.
Biogen Idec Inc., MA
MicroStrategy Consultant

Aug 10 Sept 11


Involved in Full product life cycle like Configuring the intelligence server by providing the server
-Setup the project sources, creating projects, duplicating projects, moving projects, deploying projects,
mapping the warehouse catalog, creating metadata tables and statistics tables, creating necessary
MicroStrategy objects.
-Trouble shooting, performance tuning by setting VLDB properties.
Participated in requirement gathering, Data modeling, design and architecture of the Sales Processing
Created Attributes, Facts, hierarchies, Transformations and application objects including advanced
Created Reports using complex Filters , Compound Metrics and Prompts.

Used Advanced Prompts, Conditional, Transformation metrics and Level Metrics for creating
complex reports.

Define reusable run-time prompts as report input parameters to control scope of reporting analysis.
Used pass-through functions (applysimple and applycomp) in attributes and filters definitions.

Worked as backup administrator in charge of adding new users to groups and assigning them security
Designed developed and maintained reports, involved in data validation, analysis, testing and debugging.
Run Integrity Manager to Compare/Analyze discrepancies at the Data, SQL and Graph levels before
Project migrations and software upgrades.
Speed up project loading process by increasing/extending the size of element and object caches.
Designed and developed Dashboards for various sales analyses. Dealt with business users to gather
document requirements and performed gap analysis to finalize the requirements.
Day to Day Administrative activity of Sales processing project including maintenance, enhancement and
User Management using Object Manager, Command Manager and analysis of metadata using
Enterprise Manager as well as query directly against metadata tables.
Effectively Tuned MicroStrategy implementation for greater performance based on recommendations from
internal testing.
Contacted Microstrategy Corp. in case of an unmet issue.
Implemented Security capabilities by creating security filters and associated with Specific User/User

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant

Served as production support and User Management by providing training to the user groups.

Environment: Microstrategy 8.1.1 (Administrator, Desktop, Architect, Web, Intelligence Server, Narrowcast),
Oracle 10g, Toad, MS Office and Windows 2003.
Advanced Micro Devices, Sunnyvale, CA
MicroStrategy Developer

May 09 - Aug 10

Interacted with users in gathering the requirements from the user.
Involved in complete Data warehouse life cycle. Analyzed the business requirements and created system
requirement specification (SRS) document to support the business needs.
Created schema objects (Attributes, Facts, hierarchies, Logical Tables) and created the required
application objects such as Metrics, Consolidations, Custom Groups, Filters, Prompts, and
Used Advance Prompts, non-aggregatable metrics, transformation metrics and level metrics for
creating complex reports.
Used MicroStrategy Report Services to create dashboard reports.
Created Enterprise report for users usage information using Enterprise Manager.
Created Transformations for using in comparative reports from this year to last year.
Completely responsible for migrating objects from development to production using object manager.
Daily task including monitor all MicroStrategy report performance and ensuring that we have the most
efficient SQL joins for efficient report performance. Support on upgrades technical issues, including
report/query optimizations.
Performed onsite training for users across multiple states to use the BI Web tool.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.0 (Administrator, Architect, Desktop, Object Manager, Enterprise Manager),
Teradata, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Informatica.

MicroStrategy Consultant

Mar 08 Jan 09

Designed and Developed Customized Attributes, Hierarchies, Facts, Metrics, Filters, Prompts,
Custom Groups, Consolidations and Reports.
Extensively used Pass-through (Apply Functions) expressions to pass special functions.
Create connection maps to map users to different homogeneous databases or table spaces in a single
project to direct end users against production and power users against development database.
Designed, Developed and altered html document objects by placing multiple reports on it in Grid as well
as Graph View applying XSL formatting for each in the process of automating IT Dashboard reports.
Project duplication within and in between different project sources of Prod, Dev and UAT environments.
Installed and configured complete MicroStrategy product suite on Prod, Dev and RE&I Lab
Personalize the end user experience at report runtime by providing flexibility with reusable
prompts/report parameters

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant

Validate, Detect and Repair logical/physical inconsistencies and corruptions of MicroStrategy metadata
by running ScanMD/MD Doctor utilities.
Actively involved in the Implementation of Novell LDAP authentication for MicroStrategy Products.
Extensively used Object Manager, Project Merge and User Merge utilities to manage MicroStrategy Tier
1/ High Impact applications and objects.
Responsible for creating the MicroStrategy DB instances, DB connections, DB logins and ODBC DSNs.
Actively involved in the full life cycle of Migration process from MicroStrategy v7.2.3 to MicroStrategy
Actively participated in the proof of concept for the MicroSrategy v8.01 upgrade.
As SAP Consultant

Prepare TDS and unit test documents.

Develop / Modify RICEF objects using ABAP workbench
Created Vendor Performance Report that lists Vendor Name, Materials Supplied,
Planned & Actual Delivery Times.
Sales and Distribution status summary reports. The report provided sales summary region wise.

Environment: MicroStrategy tool suit 7.2.3/7.5.1/8.0, MicroStrategy Office 7.5.1, DB2 UDB V7.1/V8.1 for
Unix/Windows , Teradata, Windows 2000/2003, Sun Solaris V9/V10, Altiris Client Management Suite V6.0.