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Joomla Commercial Components

Demonoid-Exclusive Torrent
By FrailWords
A Note From Me: Included in this release are commercial, paid-for, components
for Joomla. Some of the best that I have had an opportunity to get my hands on. No
templates or free modules, there are tons of those releases out. But a release like this has
simply never been seen before on a torrent, so enjoy. If I could have found something
like this a year ago, I would have been thrilled, and I hope you are, too.
All of the below descriptions and screen shots have been taken off of
Joomla.org’s extension directory or from the author’s website. I have included them so
that you do not have to spend hours trying to figure out what a particular component
does, or looking it up. If you need any further info on any of them, then you can figure
out where to go from there.
Do not get the impression that I am promoting any of these titles, telling you that
these are the most up to date versions (at the time of this posting, 98% are up to date), or
telling you that there aren’t bugs or problems with them. This is simply a package of
good, commercial components so that you won’t have to spend a fortune trying to get a
good Joomla site going.
If you have any good quality commercial components and would like to share
them, drop me a message on Demonoid and I will be happy to add them to future updates
of this package. It is my desire to update this package every couple of months, but I need
help from the community to do that.
This package will be seeded by me for two weeks after its inception. After that, it
is up to the community. Let’s seed and keep the sharing going. It’s a pleasure to be able
to give something back to the community!
iJoomla Magazine v1.1.2 (Nulled)
iJoomla Magazine is one of the most needed component ever developed
for Joomla. It allows you to create a magazine layout for your Joomla
site that either wouldn't be possible otherwise or would require a great
deal of additional programming. Site created with iJoomla Magazine
look more professional and don't look like a "blog".
* Make your home page look great!
* Add horizontal and vertical items
* Add attractive quotes to your article pages
* Control the style of your pages with speical CSS
* Total layout control of your home page
* Create an unlimited amount of home pages using issues
* Add sidebars to your articles
* Use sidebars for Google AdSense, banners or other articles
* Display "more articles by this author" and "related articles"
* Display author mini profile on article page
* Show a list of authors
* Increase revenue with banners or Adsense
* Add 7 modules and 1 mambot
* Left side navigation for easy access
* Works with any template
* SEF support
* Free professional support
* Free upgrades for life!
JomComment : AJAX Powered Joomla Comment Component

JomComment is an AJAX-powered Joomla comment component.

We use it here in JoomlaHacks.com as a replacement of the good
old AkoComment component. AJAX-powered means that
comments are updated to the content page without reloading the
entire screen. Another nice feature of JomComment is the built-in
spam protection. When we were still using AkoComment, we
receive hundreds of spam everyday. And integrating a 3rd party spam protection is
somewhat time consuming. I'd rather pay someone $12.50 rather than deal with the
hassles. That amount is just about your lunch money.
JomComment Features: AJAX-powered - Comments are added on the fly without
reloading the entire page SPAM Protection - Fight SPAM bots and v!@gra(h) vendors!
SPAM litters your fine looking website - fight SPAM with Jom Comment’s advanced
Captcha (image challenge) technique. You can also block specific IP address from adding
new comments or allow only registered members to post comments. Personalize
Templates - Change from one look to another just by selecting a new template! RSS
Feed - Visitors can get RSS feed of comments posted to a particular content. Import
AkoComment and ComboMax data - If you use AkoComment or ComboMax,
switching is easy! You can copy old comments to JomComment by just a click of a
button. "Read More" Integration - You can integrate "Read more..." link in the same
line as "Add comments". Take a look at how this works in our front page. Your website
looks extremely professional and it doesn't make your comment system look like a hack
job. Language Support - Jom Comment supports data in the universally accepted future
format, utf-8, which means YOUR language will be supported (eg, Russian, Arabic,
Hebrew, etc).
Special Features: Gravatar Support - Bring your Global Avatar everywhere you go.
Jom Comment let’s you have that personal touch alongside your comments! Sliding
Feature - Sliding effect options for the input form and comment. Word-Censor - You
can block some words from your comments completely, or have the option to make it
look this way – c******d Comment Moderation - Moderate comments before they get
posted. Take control of who says what at your website!
Jomres, Joomla's favourite booking management
Jomres is the only fully functional reservation management
application for joomla. It offers a complete range of options and
includes many features unique to Jomres. This enables you to
realise an early return on your investment. Payback is
effectively the first or second booking you take on-line.

• Full real-time property availability for managers and

• Unlimited number of properties and rooms.
• The most highly configurable system for Joomla.
• Multiple tariffs, weekday,weekend,summer,public holidays etc.
• 20 + Mini-components.
• Full multi-language support
• Multi secure payment gateways.
• Billing management.
• Unlimited range of optional extras at booking time, evening meal,newspaper,
parking etc.
• Huge knowledge base and renowned support.
• Templating system used throughout, custom look easily achievable.

The Mambo Media Project

(MOSMedia) is an exciting enhancement to the Mambo content management system.
With this tool, you will be able to effortlessly manage the storage and display of your
multimedia files.
Mosets Tree 1.55 w/All Modules included
Mosets Tree is a directory extension for Joomla!. This is the
extension that powers the Joomla Extensions Directory at
You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory
directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to
handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a
Business Directory, Links Directory and Scripts Directory.
Because Mosets Tree runs on Joomla!, you have infinite
possibilities to include more features to your website by using third party CMTs
downloadable from Joomla! Forge. The latest release of Mosets Tree 1.5 introduces a
new technology that makes your directory run faster, even with up to one million listings
and 10,000 categories! No directory component for Joomla! can claim that. Mosets Tree
make sure your directory run faster.
If you have an existing Joomla website, you can install and run Mosets Tree in no time.
We have 2 pre-installed Tree Templates ready to use for local business directory and
links directory. If you're feeling creative and wants something different, customize the
template! We make it easy and flexible for web designer to modify the templates without
touching the core codes.

Multisites Site Manager component

USER: “Welcome to all of the courses/subsites at the XX Company”-
site, where the Registered User, when logged in, can see a list with the
courses/subsites, he is enrolled into. He clicks on a course/site link and is
taken to the Home page at the selected course/site, where he by auto is
logged in as a Registered User - ready to navigate all menu items only
shown for Registered Users.
ADMIN: When logged in as an administrator in the back end of Joomla!/Mambo the
admin user can see a menu item in Components called Multisites and can:
Create/update/delete and look at a list of courses/sites (that all ready are made in separate
folders each containing a total Joomla site OR can be made by auto incl.
configuration.php!!!!) Create/update/delete users with all user data (user, username,
password - also via batch import) Enroll/unenroll users into courses/subsites (also via
batch import) When submitting: the changes are updated in the database/in the database
for each course. You can either have a central database or a database for each
course/site.Then there is no need for hacking the courses/sites (if you want login on the
courses/sites to be done by auto you must install a extra component in each course/site.
This component is included in the download.) – you can use standard Joomla/Mambo
sites. Beside that you have several possibilities when doing the menu item for the
Sites/Courses list to be shown:
PDF Indexer
This Joomla Component allows you to index PDFs on your site and
the corresponding mosbot allows that index to be searched using
the Joomla search component. This allows the text of PDFs to be
viewed when searching a Joomla site

Phil Taylor's Knowledgebase FAQ Component for Joomla!

This Joomla Component eases the creation of an online FAQ area
or knowledgebase are of a Joomla powered website. Using the
integrated Joomla and mosKnowledgebase admin console you can
create FAQs for your site easily and quickly. mosKnowledgebase
has an AJAX powered administrator control panel making the
administration of the knowledgebase much faster than normal
forms based navigation. AJAX is also used for article commenting,
rating and email-to-friend features making this joomla component
one of the fastest to interact with.

Phil Taylor's mosDirectory

mosDirectory is a Joomla Component for creating a web based
directory like yellow pages by using Joomla! This Joomla
Component can be used as a directory system to display businesses,
schools, clubs, office locations or any other object that has an
address. mosDirectory was the first ever directory component for
Phil Taylor's mosGuestBook
mosGuestbook allows you to accept and moderate guestbook
signing from the visitors and readers of your site. They can leave
their name, email address and website address leaving a comment.
- Simple to use - no programming needed
Installs as a Joomla Component in one click
- Accept comments from passing visitors
No need to register to sign guestbook
- Moderation of Comments
You can hold submitted comments until you have approved them
- Report Bad Comment Feature
Allows the reporting of comments that are 'bad' or offensive
- Full support for basic formatting and Smiley Icons
Express yourself in your comments - let peple know you are winking ;-) =
- Template based output
Complete control on what shows where and even what fields are available or displayed
- Very easy to configure
All configuration is done in Joomla Admin Console
- Hides visitors emails from Spam Bots
However you as administrator can see the email addresses, the web browser the user used
and even his or her's IP Address.

Phil Taylor’s mosIPN - Instant eProduct Delivery

mosIPN takes orders made by PayPal and delivers the software or
digital download by Email to the purchaser - all while you sleep!

Phil Taylor's mosListMessenger

mosListMessenger exceeds expectation as a professional mailing
list component for Joomla, allowing you to send emails to 1000's of
people using Joomla! mosListMessenger is a Joomla Component
that, with the help of such open source projects as PHPMailer,
PCLZip and PHPSniff, exceeds expectations as a well designed,
easy to use and extremely robust mailing list management solution
for any Joomla Powered web site. ListMessenger is feature packed
but because of its intuitive design remains simple enough so any
administrator can quickly manage his or her own mailing list and send out important
newsletters or information to their subscriber base.
Phil Taylor’s mosLock
mosLock takes orders made by PayPal and creates registered users
on your Joomla website. Use this to charge for entry to your Joomla

Phil Taylor's Phil-A-Form

Phil-A-Form allows you to generate forms in Joomla, easily create
dynamic forms using this component and no programming
knowledge needed! Results can be emailed to anyone, or saved in a
database - or one of many other actions! All form elements are
supported, along with simple and complex validation rules powered
by Javascript If you don't know any HTML dont panic - Phil-a-
form will take care of that for you, however if you want the form to
display using your own HTML then that is also possible, just use
simple placeholders like {THIS} for your dynamic form elements! Phil-A-Form was the
worlds FIRST EVER mambo/Joomla! Form Generator!

SEF advance
SEF advance is a component for Joomla! 1.0 (1.5 version to be
available) which will extend its built-in search engine friendly URL
fuctionality and raise it on a higher level. Instead of ordinary Joomla!
SEF URLs like: http://www.site.com/content/view/1/2/ which don't tell
much about your content you will get URLs in form:
http://www.site.com/Section/Category/Item/ Because URLs consist of
meaningful keywords rather than numbers, SEF advance will
drasticaly increase your search engine positions. For more info read the FAQ and
documentation and visit the DEMO site. SEF advance is oldest and most stable SEF
component for Joomla! It has been developed and improved for 3 years by a core Joomla!
WYSIWYG Pro Content Editor for Joomla!
With the WysiwygPro Mambot plugin you will be able to edit
all your Mambo or Joomla content using WysiwygPro, which means no more mucking
around with HTML code and unreliable WYSIWYG editors. The Mambot plugin makes
integrating WysiwygPro into Mambo or Joomla super easy. Once installed you will be
able to control every aspect of WysiwygPro directly from the Mambot control panel in
you Mambo ot Joomla admin interface. You will be able to: Specify whether to generate
HTML 4 or XHTML 1.0, Specify whether to use "p" or "div" tags for line returns,
Specify a style sheet for the editor to use or have it automatically detect and use the style
sheet from your default Joomla template, Specify formatting, classes, fonts and font-sizes
to appear on the WysiwygPro menus, Specify snippets of HTML code to appear on
WysiwygPro's Insert a Custom Object tool, this will give you quick access to design
elements you use often, Enable/disable every button and menu, Basically customize
every feature without mucking around with scripts and config files!
The plugin will also allow you to: Make links directly to any of the content on your
Joomla powered website, insert images without mucking around with "mosimage" tags
(but if you like those tags you'll like the fact that the Mambot plugin supports them all),
Manage your images and downloadable documents from the WysiwygPro file browsers,
Other features: Built in security: only an admin will be able to upload and delete images
using the WysiwygPro file managers and you can specify what level of access the front-
end Authors, Editors and Publishers are allowed.

Xe-GalleryV1 PRO
Flash Photo Gallery - XML - PHP - MySQL - Actionscript 2.0!
Multiple Image Gallery - JPG/GIF/PNG/MP3/SWF supported.
Admin settings: Music MP3 - Active or not, URL MP3, Gallery
Distance to Top, Gallery Infotext - Active by start, Fullscreen
Image Active or not, URL Photo Directlink Active or not, Gallery
Transparency, Gallery Backgroundcolor, Thumbslist
Backgroundcolor, Menu Color, Gallery Width and Height, Automatic Dir Creator Images
and Thumbs, Photo Uploader, SWF Uploader, Gallery Categories nearly unlimited,
Gallery Photos nearly unlimited, Preview Photos and Thumbs...
.:update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready:.

Xe-MusicGal V1 XL
Awesome NEW Music-Gallery with fantastic Features:
Member Music-MP3 uploads supported, Private Messaging
supported, Categories Menu supported, Autoplay supported,
Special Text (above and below the MusicGal) supported, Buy
Now (Paypal link) supported, Fullsize Popup supported,
Multilanguage supported, Track Artist and Year info (MP3 ID3-
Tag), ... and more!
Your own MP3-Music Store is now possible!
.:update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready:.
Xe-iPod-Nano PlayerV1.1 Pro
iPod MP3 Player! Plays your own Server based XML and XSPF MP3
Files! Multiple Playlists and Webjay ready! Dual: Black/White Player,
Background transparent mode, Progressive streaming of MP3, One gallery
file (*.jpg) - Your image! One flash movie file (*.flv) Your movie!
Previous and next buttons, Continuous play options (autoplay, repeat),
Supports nearly unlimited number of MP3's and playlists, Scroll and click
list, Volume control, Times display and load indicator, More infos like:
Digital Clock, Calendar, Settings...
.:update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready:.

Multimedia Shoutbox which users can add their shouts. No reloading page -
Flash based chat! Skins supported - Make your own Shoutbox-Style! (Adobe
.psd file included), Shoutbox Textcolor supported, Shoutbox Title supported,
Shoutbox MP3 Sound supported, Mode registered supported, Shoutbox
name/message length supported, Censored Words supported, width and
height supported... .:update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready:.

Xe-SlideGal V1 LM
Flash based Image Slideshow with Backgroundsound - 10-Photos
- Slide Gallery - Pause Stop buttons. Supports JPG/PNG/GIF and
Audio MP3!
.:update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready:.

Xe-VidMambot WIDE+ V2
Your own mini youTube or videoGoogle! Embed Video (Share
Videos) now possible! Xe-VidMambot WIDE+ V2 displays
Adobe Flash .flv Videos and High Definition Movies in your
content! Startscreen and embed HTML Video Code like
Youtube/MySpace supported! .:Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x
Xe-VidMegaV1 HD
Progressive streaming of FLV HD Movies and Videos, Play and
Pause - Sound ON/OFF Buttons, Volume Control, Autoplay
mode, Stretch Movies, Movie Title, Movie description, Categorie
Title, Categorie description, Backgroundcolor settings, resize
movie width and height...
Admin settings: Movie-Control Distance to Top, Movie Title by
start active or not, Stretch Movies, Autostart active or not, Movie Control Background
Color, Movie-Control Width and Height, Automatic Dir Creator Photos and Movies,
Photo uploader, FLV Movie uploader, Movie Categories nearly unlimited, Movies nearly
unlimited, Preview Photo(MovieScreen)

Xe-VidMini V1 Pro
Plays your own Server based Movie *.flv (Macromedia Flash
Video) Insert Flash Video Movies into your joomla content!
Progressive streaming of FLV Videos, next and previous - play
and pause - sound ON/OFF buttons, Autoplay mode, Stretch
Movies, Title description, Title directlink URL, Backgroundcolor
settings, resize movie width and height...
.:update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready:.

Xe-VideoGalV1 XL
Multiple Movie and Member Video Gallery, Member Movie
uploads supported, Private Messaging supported, IntroMovie
supported, nearly unlimited number of Categories and Movies
supported, More info link Video and download FLV supported,
progressive streaming of FLV Movies and Videos, Movie Screen
JPG/GIF/PNG Images and Adobe Flash SWF supported, Play,
Pause and Sound ON/OFF buttons, Volume Control, Autoplay mode, Startscreen Infotext
supported, Various Info Panel Colors, Various Movie Control Colors, Various Menu Text
Colors, Movies Times display and load indicator, Player resize - width/height
supported.... :update: Flash 9 compatible - Joomla! 1.5x ready: