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There is a video of my ten year old self at a childrens party, where I

was asked what I wanted to become in the future. My answer was quick
and clear: I want to be a lawyer, I said. You might think that my answer
lacked imagination. Nonetheless, as a kid I believed that lawyers defend
the poor and weak, seek the truth when no one else does and try to make
this world a better place. What can be more creative than a kids dream to
change the world? My prior impressions of the profession developed over
the years, however the core remained intact.
My passion to practice law and defend human rights remained unchanged
throughout my school years, spent at the internationally-oriented private
school Moraitis of Athens. I graduated in 2009 amongst the top ten
students of my promotion with final classification excellent (18,7/20)
and was awarded the excellent academic performance State Award.
Thereafter, I successfully sat my examinations and was admitted at the
Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
This was the first step towards the legal world and making my childhood
dream come true.
My studies were challenging and demanding. They provided me with the
necessary broad knowledge and tools to become a contemporary and
open-minded legal professional. Most importantly, they offered me the
opportunity to stretch my limits, explore in depth all the different branches
of law and shape my professional interests. During my time at Law School,
I conducted several optional essays on legal matters of my choice and I
had the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Centre for Penal
and Criminological Research.
Along with my studies, I gained valuable hands-on legal experience by
working as a trainee lawyer in the Greek council for refugees. There, I was
able to put in practice the theoretical knowledge gained from Law school
by conducting legal research and proposing possible solutions for asylum
seekers. My internship in the Greek council for refugees helped me
develop excellent interpersonal relations as I was expected to cooperate
with refugee families along with foreign translators and show empathy for
weak and marginalized people.
Starting from February of 2013 I got a position as assistant to AVINs legal
attorney where I currently work. During my work in AVIN, which is one of
the leading brands in the Greek oil products market, I gained valuable
experience by analyzing and presenting legal cases, drafting of legal
documents (including Applications addressed to the Court of First Instance
and Court of Appeals) and I had my first encounter with court procedures
and procedural documentation. My experience in AVIN further developed
my organizational skills and efficiency and resistance under heavy
workload, and brought me up against responsibilities atypical for young

Recently I have begun to follow the activities of EIF and more specifically
JEREMIE, in my country and would be very interesting as well as
challenging to further explore the way your organization functions. It will
become a stepping stone for my future studies and career.
Hoping that my profile will be of interest to you and looking forward to an