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General Purpose Non-shrink Cementitious Grout

Deltagrout CG cementitious grout is a ready to use dry powder,
blends of portland cement, graded fillers and chemical additives which impart controlled expansion in the
plastic state whilst minimizing water demand. The low water demand ensures high early strength. The
graded filler is designed to assist uniform mixing and produce a consistent
Deltagrout CG is used where it is essential to eliminate shrinkage for completely filling the void between
a base plate and a substrate. Such an application would be the grouting of a stanchion base plate. It can
also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings.

Compensate shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state

Non metallic iron contents to cause staining

Pre-packaged material overcomes potential on-site batching variations

Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides

High ultimate strength and low permeability which ensure the durability of the hardened grout.
Mechanically powered grout mixer should be used for best results; a slow speed mixer should be used for
quantities up to 50 kg. To enable the grouting operation to be carried out continuously, it is necessary that
sufficient mixing capacity and labor are available.
Consistency of grout mix
The quantity of clean water required to be added to a 25 kg bag is depending on the required consistency.
To achieve the trowel able consistency is 2.7 2.9 litres, whilst for flow able consistency it needs 3.2
3.6 litres of clean water. The selected water content should be accurately measured into the mixer. The
total contents of the Deltagrout CG bag should be slowly added and continuous mixing should take place
for 5 minutes. This will ensure that the grout has a smooth and
even consistency.
Pour the grout within 15 minutes of mixing to gain full benefit of the expansion process; the grout can be
placed in thickness up to 100 mm in a single pour when used as an under-plate grout. For thicker sections
it is necessary to fill out Deltagrout CG with well-graded 10mm, silt free aggregate to minimize
exothermal process when the grout sets, with the proportion of aggregate and grout not more than 1:1.
Continuous grout flow is essential, thus sufficient grout must be prepared before starting. The time taken
to pour a batch must be regulated to the time taken to prepare the next one. Pouring should be from one
side of the void to eliminate any air or pre-soaking water becoming trapped under the base plate.


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When the grouting operation completed, exposed areas should be completely cured, this should be
done by continuous application of water and or wet hessian.
Deltagrout CG is supplied in 25 kg plastic bag.
The approximate yield per 25 kg bag is depending on the consistency of the grout.
Yield for trowel able grout is 12 litres, and yield for flow able grout is 13.25 litres.
Deltagrout CG has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry condition and stored in sealed bags. If
stored in high temperature and high humidity locations the shelf life will be reduced.

The following results were obtained at water to powder ratio of 0.19 and temperature of 26 C.
Compressive strength (BS 1881 part 116 1983)
24 N/mm2 @ 1 day
50 N/mm2 @ 7 days
60 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Flexural strength (BS 4551 1980)
5 N/mm2 @ 1 day
9 N/mm2 @ 7 days
11 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Time for expansion
Start 15 minutes
Finish 2 hours
Fresh wet density (depending on actual consistency)
Approximately 2170 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity (ASTM C469-83)
28,000 MPa
Expansion characteristic (ASTM C940)
Up to 2% @ 24 hours

Grouts should not be placed in any unrestrained situation, failure to comply may lead to crack
development in the hardened grout.
Deltagrout CG is non-flammable material.

CODE B1 - DC 08/2010

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