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Unoma Azuah is a Nigerian writer considered to be one of the focal

voices of the third generation of Nigerian writers because of her award
winning works and pioneer essays and research on sexuality issues in
Nigeria. A graduate of the MFA program at Virginia Commonwealth
University, Richmond, Virginia.
Unoma Azuah
If I were a captive
trapped in the lace of my skin
I would break away like the crust of a caterpillar
and fly like a butterfly.
But I am a captive trapped in the minds of a race
a swinging rope in the circus of circumstance.
If I were a captive trapped in the lace of my skin
I would break away like the sprouting of a seed
and dwell in a new world.
But I am trapped in the claws of a beast
ravishing the world from the cold.
The winds fool me
I break away from the crowd
set on a trail to trace hoarded treasures.
But my legs scurrying like a spider's
anticipating a crush from the master's boot.
If I were a captive in the race of my skin
I would bleach my life white and strut like a peacock.
But I am trapped in the minds of a race.

Summary: The poem is about black people and how others judge them by
their physical appearance. They cant free their self from the judgements of
others so they must accept it and live their life happily.
Theme: Judgements of others to black people
Literary Framework/Explanation:

Unoma Azuahs poem Alien tells about how other people see them. They
feel different because of the colour of their skin. The problem of racism.
Gabriel Imomotimi Okara is a Nigerian poet[ and novelist who was born in
Bumoundi in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The first Modernist poet of
Anglophone Africa, he is best known for his early experimental novel, The
Voice (1964), and the award-winning The Fisherman's Invocation (1978) and
The Dreamer, His Vision (2005).
Once Upon a Time
By: Gabriel Okara
Once upon a time, son,
They used to laugh with their hearts
And laugh with their eyes;
But now they only laugh with their teeth,
While their ice-block cold eyes
Search behind my shadow.
There was a time indeed
They used to shake hands with their hearts;
But thats gone, son.
Now they shake hands without hearts
While their left hands search
My empty pockets.
Feel at home Come again,
They say, and when I come
Again and feel
At home, once, twice
For then I find doors shut on me.
Summary: The poem Once Upon A Time written by Gabriel Okara
illustrates the changes a father has seen in him throughout his life which
have been influenced by the way society has changed.
Theme: Happier times gone past and hopes for a happy ending.
Literary Framework/Explanation: the poem is about the artificiality of
relationships and manners prevailing in the present day world. The past,

according to the poet, is better than the present; because there were love,
sincerity and faithfulness in the past. Now that in the present, everything
has changed. Hence the poet wants to relive the past.
John Chizoba Vincent hail from Nkporo in Ohafia local government area
of Abia state. He is a poet, novelist, and film director. He is a graduate of
mass communication and school of art.
A True Nigerian by John Chizoba Vincent
A true Nigerian is brave like the Lion,
He is courageous, hospitable and kind.
He never shies away from responsibilities;
In his hearts of heart he controls all within him.
Through faith, he moves without stopping;
Even when there are many road blocks, he conquers.
A true Nigerian is patriotic and loyal,
He is not a gambler nor a fraudster.
He walks to achieve a common goal; unity.
He sees black as black and white as white.
He is the eyes that the country boast of home and abroad when he brings
home the glory of love.
A true Nigerian never discriminates among his people.
A true Nigerian is a good leader in his home and country, he sees beyond
looting of money and Embezzlement of public fund in his trust.
A true Nigerian is perfectly perfect in perfection,
He is not dubious as you may think and have in your
Wrongly wronged mind of mind towards him.
A True Nigerian is never lazy and idle like they say,
He is hardworking, goal driven, dreamer and doer.
He knows his rights and obligations in his society.
A true Nigerian is a true African decorated with an
Unfading black blood in his strongly strong vein.
He is honest, gentle, courageous and easy-going man.
A true Nigerian is a poet because he sees beyond you.
A true Nigerian is holy not fanatic fool in the church.
A true Nigerian believes and hope in the land of his forebears that goodness
shall spring out from it.

He is educated, intelligent, world class citizen and

A thunder that strikes to destroy evil among his people.
He looks right into your eyes and tell you tomorrow.
A true Nigerian is a reader not a watcher of event,
He is a researcher, world class entrepreneur.
A true Nigerian obeys the laws of the land,
He is a goal getter among all in the World.
Show me a million successful men around the world and; I will show you
thousands of Nigerians among them.
We are blessed in many ways, nourished with a talent of gifts; Nigerians are
blessed and uplifted.
We believe that If something that was going to chop off your head only
knocked off your cap, you should be grateful and when a girl has beauty
without Brains, the Private parts suffer the most.
We are Nigerians, we are proudly Nigerians.
Summary: This is like an essay on a true leader of a country who is selfless
and upholds the traditional values and also works tirelessly in the interest of
his people. A True Nigerian is never lazy and idle like they say, he is
hardworking, goal driven, dreamer and doer.
Theme: Never give up!
Explanation: Even if there is always struggle on a Nigerians life they
believe in themselves to do their best.