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John M.


My career goal is: to be a team member at any level of employment as a: Draftsman, Job Captain, Project
Manger, to be creative in design while developing relationship and to help others in this field; in addition, to
learn more about my field with Education (DSA), Health Care OSHPD, Commercial, Residential projects and
to complete the “NCARB & ARE”: exams when employed. I.D. number is – I.D # 19269

Architecture :
My career started many years ago as a manual Draftsman on Velum and / or Mylar medium, Auto-Cad
draftsman, Job Captain, Designer, Design Development, Production , Detailer and project coordination and
currently, a Project Manager in Architecture. During my career, I have been trained by great people-
Architects: they had taught and guided me to be the best I can be in this field. Their influence had helped me
and my career; their influence had helped my career to receive city merit awards for my work during 2001-

Areas of expereince:
Ten plus years: Residential project Single Family Residence (S.F.R.) Custom Homes and Additons and home
Remodels, Planned Unit Develpments (P.U.D.), Commercial Buildings and Tenant Improvments.
Four years in each area of Health Care Architecture / Tenant Improvements and working with O.S.H.P.D. and
Educational Institution DSA projects.

Project Entitlement Process:

• Prepare Do-Diligence for projects, Code research for standard commercial buildings: Municipalities and
their departments, UBC & CBC and American Disability Act (ADA) requirements for the path of Travel:
for the site and the interior of the building. After the codes research has been completed, I continue to
determine the feasibility of the project: Ratios between parking and building s.f. and other requirements as
per the clients’ needs. After my diligence is finished: I request an approval from the client. During this, I
prpare a CSI format Divisions Division (1) (General) through Division (16) (Electrical), to determine the
“Cost Effectiveness Cost Proposal” called ,”Proforma” that includes: Municipality fees, A&E fees, (soft
and hard cost) that would determine the Preliminary budget for the project; as a result, of this format I have
determine the feasibilities for the following types of projects: Residential, Commercial, DSA and OSHPD
projects. In the same manner using the CSI format I have determine Specification and the Project Schedule
called “Critical Line Path” to determine Milestones for project and it’s dead lines, for all team members.

• My Public Speaking has been preparing and presenting projects in front of Local Municipalities,City
Commissioners (Community Development Department) in the San Luis Obispo County and the surrounding
Cities and not limited to: Landmark Historical, Coastal Commission, Architectural Review Board and
Landmark Historical Department.

• Experienced in Project Coordination: As a Project Manager, I have been able to schedule and coordinate
all types all consultants and for all types of projects (as mentioned above) during: Design Phase,
Construction Document Phase; in addition, during this time I have been able to submit the deliverables in a
timely manner as a result of a tight schedule. As soon as the Municipalities has determined plan check
corrections needed, I have been able to complete and coordinate the project with consultants in a timely
manner so the permit can be issued.

689 Verdemont Cir. / Simi Valley, CA. 93065

Via/ Email / / cell : (805) 428-1048
John M. Sanchez-Chew

Construction Administration Phase:

• During the Construction Administration Phase: I have been able to save money for the owner by:
reviewing and checking the drawings for its’ completeness & implement the city’s information, the clients’ needs and
• Pre- Construction Phase: during this phase, I implement my knowledge from PSMJ course: “The Critical
Line Path” to track projects and coordinate contactor and sub-contractors.
• Construction Administration Phase: During the Construction Administration process, I have been able to proof
read, prepare and executed: Shop Drawings submittal against Specification. Instruction Bulletins (I.B.) to all
consultants and team player; Responded to Request for Information (R.F.I.) / Reconciled and negotiated Change
Orders (C.O.).
• Working knowledge of Codes: the California Building Code and it’s Sections for OSHPD and DSA projects,
Uniform Building Code, Plumbing Mechanical Code, Electrical Code, Uniform Fire Code, American Disability Code
for accessibility for the Path of Travel ( Site and Interior) ,CFR44 for Disasters, and the “Aliquist Act” of 1971 to the
latest edition to determine Earthquake upgrades for Health care Facilities Seismic safety, Health Department Heath
Codes for restaurants.

Accomplishments and Samples of Work:

Below are are sample of my work: that received local City Beautification Awards.

Exterior Elevation Interior Wine Bar area Interior seating area

Project: Two Blocks off the Beach / Approved / built / 2006

Blocks off the Beach Restaurant, located n the City of Pismo Beach, California. Municipality: City of
Pismo Beach, and the Coastal Commission approval. The project is located on the corner of Dolliver Street
and Main Street; this existing Mix–Building building was built in the 1950’s. The project challenge was to
convert the lower level space to a Restaurant; advise the owner to provide a new occupancy separation because
the existing occupancy was removed during construction and corrordination of contractor and sub-contractors.

689 Verdemont Cir. / Simi Valley, CA. 93065

Via/ Email / / cell : (805) 428-1048
John M. Sanchez-Chew

Hand Sketches During construction

Project: Santos Residence / Approved & built – 2005

The Santos Residence, located in the Historical Zone in the City of Arroyo Grande. Municipality: City of
Arroyo Grande, Architectural and Historical Review. This residence was built in 1899 in the City of Arroyo
Grande. These sketches above were submitted to the Arroyo Grande Historical Society for Historical
Renovation approval. The project challenges were: to maintain the “Historical” integrity, save money for
engineering. During construction, I had advised the owner to raise the house and provide a new foundation
because the existing foundation was made from the lock rocks.

Existing Lot Front Elevation Side Elevation

Project: Nunez Building / Approved & built-2003
Nunez Mix-Use Building located in Pismo Beach, CA. The project challenges were: to design and a Mix-Use
building on a 25’x55’ existing lot and to receive an approval from the Coastal Commission and the Archeology
Commission because of delicate nature of the Historical Native American zone. The lower level of the building
has a commercial space and the upper level has an apartment.

689 Verdemont Cir. / Simi Valley, CA. 93065

Via/ Email / / cell : (805) 428-1048