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Creating the fragrance

Gujarat as a tourist destination was wrestling with the problems of the brand image. On an
average people thought of Gujarat as a culturally rich state and was well known for its spiritual
destinations and traditions. Gujarat was never known for its range of tourist destinations and
what it can offer. Officials of Gujarat tourism were well aware of the hidden tourism potential of
the state. They knew they have lot to offer, and given that if it is promoted well and aggressively,
it can do wonders, but the problem was how to showcase that?
Gujarat tourism had taken services of Ogilvy & Mather and Piyush Pandey was briefed about the
entire scenario. Both O&M and Gujarat tourism knew that tourism products already exist, but
people are not aware of these destinations. As tourists are unaware of these destinations, the key
task was to make them aware. The task was to make them aware in such a way that people find it
interesting. Piyush Pandey skillfully transformed the entire things into a creative campaign
known as Khushboo Gujarat Ki.
Format for Fragrance: Gujarat as a tourist destination was different from states like Kerala and
Rajasthan, where the fabulous locations gave a remarkable reason for visiting these states.
Additionally, these states have started their campaign quite early and had first mover advantage
as compared to Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh had used symbolism and dramatization for the
campaign MP ajab hai, Sabse Gajab hai. Tourists visiting Gujarat might have many reasons for
their visits such as spiritual reasons, cultural reasons, locational reasons such as sea coast or
business reasons. Hence it was a quite a challenging task for O & M to select a perfect idea for
the branding campaign. Finally, O&M zeroed in for different formats for campaign execution.
For television and digital world, travelogue was the selected format and advertorial format was
used for print ads.
Creative Strategy: Objective of this campaign was to build a brand image for Gujarat Tourism.
To full fill this objective it was important to package the value proposition creatively. Amitabh
Bachchan endorsed Gujarat Tourism and agreed to be brand ambassador for Gujarat tourism.
Many festivals and destinations were promoted through this campaign. This campaign
highlighted the benefits of visiting Gujarat, gave detailed description of cultural issues of

Gujarat, and informed people about the vibrant festivals and inimitable characteristics of the
KGK campaign showcased that Gujarat offers a range of destinations which are quite diverse.
Gujarat offers a unique mix of geographies from Desert to seacoast and hill stations like
Saputara. Campaign showed vibrant Rann utsav, Kite festival and monsoon festival. Thus KGK
was able to offer new uses of the existing tourism products.
From a tourists point of view a destination is an intangible product, but it leaves memories in
tourists mind. Tourists remember the experiences at the destination, what they did there and how
the entire experience evolved? KGK campaign promoted both intangible and tangible aspects of
Gujarat in a beautiful manner. Intangible aspects of diversity, ethnicity, culture and creativity
were promoted. Tangible aspects in terms of different festivals, different locations and
architecture were well showcased.
Fragrance of the campaign was spread in such a way that it brings out a trustworthy and vibrant
brand image of Gujarat. Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador was a well thought of plan to
add credibility to the brand Gujarat Tourism. Amitabh Bachchan the Bollywood superstar is well
known not only for his roles in Bollywood movies but also for his participation in social issues.
Amitabh Bachchans participation in pulse polio program had made brand Amitabh Bachchan
socially well accepted and a trustworthy celebrity. Gujarat tourism leveraged this trustworthy
association to promote Gujarat tourism as a trustworthy tourism brand.
Spreading the Fragrance:
1. Sequential fragrance
2. Media mix

Media Mix
To spread the fragrance a multi-pronged strategy was used. KGK campaign launched in 2011
was showcased on many TV channels [1], a series of radio spots were aired [2]. Digital media
was used aggressively [3] and creative methods were employed to spread the aroma of Gujarat
First television commercial which was released in 2011 was shown on TV channels and prime
time slots. A thoughtful mix of channels with a balance of continuous and pulsating schedule was
planned. Ads were released at a perfect time when during the festival season to gain the tourists
mindshare [1]. Campaign was also carried out on radio, across many popular FM radio stations
at frequent intervals. TCGL, with its well-received series of radio spots, won the radio advertiser
of the year award with two gold, one silver and one bronze medal [2].
TCGL wanted to target the niche domestic and foreign travellers coming to India [4]. Most of the
foreigners coming to India are coming through Delhi or Mumbai. Hence, TCGL used metro
wraps on Reliance metro airport express. This initiative was used because Reliance Metro
Airport Express connects people to the IGI Airport. Thus in a First ever Metro Train Branding
by a State Tourism Board, one entire Reliance Metro Airport Express train has been covered with
Gujarat Tourism advertisements for a period of three months spreading the flavors of KGK.
Recognizing the importance of the digital medium, Gujarat tourism also aggressively used social
media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited started
promoting tourism in the digital space through its own website; advertisements in various
websites, social networking sites and search engine optimization, etc. In order to have a strategic
outlook towards promotion of Gujarat tourism products and services on the digital space, TCGL
drafted social media communication plans which covered a multitude of media including
interactive content.

The media mix was supplemented with interactive below the line activities. These activities
included road shows, sound and light shows, summits and press meets t create awareness about
Gujarat as a tourist destination.
The Khushboo Gujarat Ki Campaign featuring the Indian Mega star Amitabh Bachchan was
Omni-present - whether you switch on the TV or tune in to your favorite FM Radio Station or
flip through the magazines and newspapers. BIG Bs charismatic face urges tourists to visit
Gujarat. The campaign connected all the state's attributes and worked very well for Gujarat
tourism branding. In words of Sanjay Kaul, Commissioner, Department of Tourism, Gujarat "No
other state had done this kind of concentrated targeted approach"[3].