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Subject code/Name: ME456-Dynamcis of Machinery
Total Marks: 50
Date & Time:01-05-2015 &2.00 PM-5.00PM
Year & SEM: IV & VIII
Answer all the questions


The human leg has a measured natural frequency of around 20 Hz when in its rigid 4
(knee locked) position, in the longitudinal direction (i.e., along the length of the
bone) with a damping ratio of = 0.224.
Calculate the response of the tip if the leg bone to v0 (t=0) = 0.6 m/s and x0(t=0)
=0(this correspond to the vibration induced while landing on your feet, with your
knees locked from a height of 18 mm). What is the maximum acceleration
experienced by the leg assuming no damping?


An underdamped shock absorber is to be designed for a motorcycle of mass 200kg 6

(shown in Fig.(a)). When the shock absorber is subjected to an initial vertical
velocity due to a road bump, the resulting displacement-time curve is to be as
indicated in Fig.(b). Find the necessary stiffness and damping constants of the shock
absorber if the damped period of vibration is to be 2 s and the amplitude x 1 is to be
reduced to one-fourth in one half cycle (i.e., x1.5 = x1/4). Also find the minimum
initial velocity that leads to a maximumdisplacement of 250 mm.

The figure below shows a simple model of a motor vehicle that can vibrate in the 4
vertical direction while traveling over a rough road. The vehicle has a mass of
1200kg. The suspension system has a spring constant of 400 kN/m and a damping
ratio of = 0.5. If the vehicle speed is 20 km/hr, determine the displacement
amplitude of the vehicle. The road surface varies sinusoidally with an amplitude of
Y = 0.05m and a wavelength of 6m.

The schematic diagram of a large cannon is shown below. When the gun is fired, 6
high-pressure gases accelerate the projectile inside the barrel to a very high velocity.
The reaction force pushes the gun barrel in the opposite direction of the projectile.
Since it is desirable to bring the gun barrel to rest in the shortest time without
oscillation, it is made to translate backward against a critically damped springdamper system called the recoilmechanism. In a particular case, the gun barrel and
the recoil mechanism have a mass of 500 kg with a recoil spring stiffness of 10 4
N/m. The gun recoils 0.4 m upon firing. Determine 1) the critical damping

coefficient of the damper, 2) the initial recoil velocity of the gun, and 3) the time
taken by the gun to return to a position 0.1 m from its initial position. Using Excel,
plot the recoil of the gun versus time. Be sure to show how you determined the
correct time interval for this plot so that it is a smooth curve without using excessive
time increments.

Derive the governing equation using General Lagranges Energy method. Find the 10
natural frequency and mode shape for the figure shown below for k1=K2=K3=K4=K
and m1=m2=m3=m using Eigen value method.




Write the equation of twisting vibration of a rod and explain the terms.


Find the natural frequency and free vibration solution of a fixed at both ends.

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