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May 19, 2008

!"#$%& '( !"#$%$#) *+,-'. /0#1
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9!"': >?@"AB3C'"D 8%E %&F"1" %&G"85 13HI& J"K" (LM': GMN+
%"1 O$: I>552%" ;$<= -3:H%& moreland leader $"1%& 8OP"
!>Q%"R -L >?S-1" T/5 ;">!LU%& ;= T/51" L/V >?@"AB3CR
W>6 1>3$" XYZ K'5 >690 I[%& J>$8%& ;= 65 ?")6?1" O$:3C
\ZZ K'5 W>6 3]6" >690 I>552%" ;$<= (A^6< 1">L% _ L- K'5=
L1"G"51" 21R J9%" ;$<- “1 3[% `51" /a:1" \Z b$"'"D 1"Q
5"c;M= 65 U I90, >6$:3C%" L"A: d8%& d-V I;0$<=”

65 e$, O$R 6 >?1"$)A'/"PV Wfg%'"D >!%(! I;0$< hZ K'5

Be a Changemaker
Social Entrepreneurs are changing the world. Learn how through Ashoka
IMI'%& b$k?" >?l"!$

-)6" >?@"AB3C'"D %&m9 %&F" J8%" C,17 3"OL3C 8OP" 1"Q e$, .'/$01" 1"QV !"HGn,T L"6 ?P" ;$<=
O6", >LK<$:1" 6 o$< -)6" `53C \Z ?P"Jpj" /a: ;$<=

f-)6V 8OP" %&F"1" /N+ 8% >?@"AB>L6 qR %r5" I[%" >A8H= O$: 21%& s-?3"5'"D ,'85 IM$"L& I>552%"
>A8= O$R %&F"1" t+5V 1"pu /)j" (]F<-"5& 5 I"5<!3& J8%& JpjV 1"pu 5 J"K" `P"O$ ($M5&t I[%" 52;$<= 65
O$R F"K& J"S"1" b?"v v%^8;$<, “dvw& v"xj" #9 %r5" 1 >%$ `P"OH;M ? ->j >61:'"D /N 1$ '"yjV$ J9
-3"H/"P I8 #p;…”

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1'"D -& %r5" U3: 1>3$" (,` $V !>Q%"1" ;">!$M(,` $V A"3" >A-&= qR -L >?S-1" x,1}+L$1" ObM5: I90 /"[
!>$ L&~%& >A8H= 65 %r$V 9!"': >?@"AB L1)-"1" !90 #$< >% J95 qR -L& I>5$H= 1 d{" I>552%& >A8H >%
%r$V >j$ O$%& -& IV5%"$M$: %"1%& !j^v"L #9;= (p66• !>Q%"1" ;">!8!,; f-LV J-&= 1'"D d{" ;, L/V
9!"': >?@"AB3C LM5,€6 ;$<=

-LL•/pt: A! L1"G"5 6!"DH !>Q%"%& 6'%& )‚-"$ %!:1" 2$0L‚$M#p;-

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30 9:;:</#0= »
1. jo nepali bhayara nepalilai chus6 to nepali bachnu ko kunai aartha 6ina

Comment by amrita nepali — May 19, 2008 @ 9:48 pm

2. Mr. Sky Australia,

Per the article published in the newspaper, it seems some of the pulbic rules have been voilated by
the owner. However, there was no any issues regarding immigration. I think you have problem
with Mr. Tamang who is earning money by helping Nepalese Students. Of course, MAHA KATNE

If you bring the statement of a Nepali is exploiting another Nepali, what do you say about the
bearucrates of Nepal exploiting all the general public ? WHY DON’T YOU WRITE AN

Comment by Chetan — May 19, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

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My Sansar » !"#$%& '( !"#$%$#) *+,-'. /0#1 5/20/08 9:50 AM

Comment by !"# - "$%&' — May 19, 2008 @ 10:11 pm

4. d%"{ b:,
6!"x†%& >?G"51" 9!"':R 9!"':'"D GMk%& b)6& '"‡ !>$ 1'"D f-)6& '"‡$ = TM'" 5 W>6)Wt: /b"5 J8%& n{1" -)6&
#p; = 8ˆPV L"1$%& J"O !L' !L'1" v5% #p; = }"3%'"D b3"H 1$ '"y-& f-3: >%p;$ = >%$ f-3: `51" /N !5<!-& 6
L/V'"D = J"K" t+5V J8, 1"pu t+5V J8 (%‰ Ši-"P ,'9, b6: ?P" %&F" ; f-6: 1"pu /N+ %r5V T61 = f-& `51" /N b"9%&
Ii6: 3& = b/b0)6: %LV'"D 5"‹%& J8 %"$Œ$: O!3G"5 ;jV; = -& %r$V FM'& L1)-" $V 3&x$ =

Comment by Rajan — May 19, 2008 @ 10:20 pm

5. %"H}+L: 5"b$ •&

>61:'"D („}+b: !a<$ dOH; ?
dOH; J9 8% !P% f-& (H}+b:1" R‹%& L1"G"5 !a
f-L!,; /i' U J8%& 3& /MŽ;•
(>$ -3"H J"S… ;"HP<$ dO '…

Comment by Nabin — May 19, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

6. Why students staying themselves crowded accommodation?

Are they looking comfortable accommodation by themselves?
Why they bringing their friends there?
Are they able to pay full rent? If able to pay rent why staying there? It is easy to blame other people but they forget
to look themselves to settle in the beginning how is hard. This is unique characteristic of Nepali saying and doing
everywhere inside and outside country.

Comment by Grg — May 19, 2008 @ 10:32 pm

7. these are all common in an abroad for accommodation, no need to protest/complain within the Nepaliese. Better to
be save ourself and search nice flat or house if he/she are able to pay. Main problems is students can’t afford
expensive flat/house in UK,CANADA,USA Ustr.as well as developed country,Because they are not allowed to
work as a full time and how to afford to pay as a part time work? Tamang is absolutely right to do some how little
business.no pain no gain. take care your self guys. cheers

Comment by Epsom, UK — May 19, 2008 @ 10:47 pm

8. that nepali must be grew up in some bad culture home. Its really sad to know about this.

Comment by himal — May 19, 2008 @ 10:47 pm

9. hey everyone…
I know very well about it….since I have been looking after 2 shared acco(as a manager). Nd I m here since last 11
months.see do u know mow many nepalese student come to sydney each month??do u know how much the rent
costs per week…I mean generally???do u know what is bond????and how much is it?????do u know how hard is
it to rent a flat or house??????just it is enough to say to make u utd.that it is impossible to rent anything in the
beggining…so they should and have to stay in these acco.and the cost rent…it is to be taken per head and the rate
is flat always…..and it is the can do nothing cause he cant say anyone to move away and the population definately
increases…not by bringing other stds. but because of their new friends from nepal…neither the population would
be limited..got it?
(further questions or anyone coming to sydney)

Comment by kailash_syd — May 19, 2008 @ 10:54 pm

10. yek tarfi kura sunera sadak ma utrene nepali haru ko k kura garne!!! dubai pakchya ko kura sune pachi matra k thik
k bethik bhanera chutyauna sakincha.Awasya pani naramro nai dekincha, tyotti ka bidhyarthi haru youta ghar ma
tara k te bidhyarthi haru murkha hun ta??? paisa ko badhyata. Padhnu cha, tution tirnu cha, ra kam pani garnu cha,
ani sake paisa pani jogaunu cha. Afai bujnus.

Comment by sujans — May 19, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

11. correction of the above coment

in 9th line (and the owner) instead of (and it is the)can u do the correction please …..umesh ji. here is ur hand if u
need any information from sydney umesh ji.photos of nepalese working…staying…celebrating.or anything.do mail
me I can help you…

Comment by kailash_syd — May 19, 2008 @ 11:02 pm

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12. ()*+,'-" %& .i/$0 1" /N+ 21 /3"45 61"7 b)6" FI 5 j'"' b& 9!"': >/@"AB 3C'"D FyjV d x52%" >A- f-)6" %&
/"[1" b"$%"5: >j(C !>$ -)6" FI 5 j'"' 3C (/%& L1"b 1" $"7+o"5 #$ L‚9 J-R TM•GjV b"$ L‚9 #Hj" -)6&
L••j${:' L1"G"5 >j$M#9 d%"{ ,b '"D t+5V t+5V tp-?"j =

Comment by Luna — May 19, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

13. dv‘ >/’-"AB 3& 5 dvr'"D !“$ ;/N %)6& /6"/5… G"”3; A"• #„j" #HjV >%$ 8OP"D F"O1" %&,G$M !-‰ ? •)*+,'-" L•1"
!M‡%" >/’-"AB !‚%" !$: /"– /",'%" e$ 3&'" ! U •)*+,'-" 1" (C `5 ;V$$ ? %: !"-"$$ `5 ? %: 8%E F"O1" /L• !V{"
/G"— 3& !!V{" /;"— 5 %1"— %& %r5" 3&'"! %&~5V /NM >%$ 4>$-"'"D LM$"O9 ?? L1"G"5%& ,JK1" 8OP" L1"G"5
/$"-"%& 3&'" e$ ?

Comment by siva — May 19, 2008 @ 11:13 pm

14. hey mate,

all is fair in this world, this is not the world of communism, its the world of capitalism, individualism, and
moneyism. i know i am talking rubbish, but to face the real world there is no way of takling all these theoritical
dillema, about nepali should help another nepalese in foreign country atleast. i totally agree with this so called a
religious and a theroy of humanity.
But its real world, what about australia and denmark, in each and every corner of the world we nepalese where ever
we go, we donot want to face the real challenge of that world and start to compromise from the very beginning
step, we seek for the other nepalese who are staying there. Unfortunately, they are trapped in the hands of those
nepalese who have stayed in the foreign just to earn money in any means.
So, what actually i want to say here is let us we nepalese people start getting bold and not to seek and take those
kind of help that is not of a good type. The best way to get rid of these problems is to be socialize with the foreign
community and get the proper information instead of going form nepal and again trying to get into another small
nepalese community. I am sure the guys of australia donot have to pay more than 300 aus.$ monthly for a student

Comment by Nagen — May 19, 2008 @ 11:14 pm

15. Australia ko testo mahango sahar ma euta kotha ko hapta kai 400 dollar parne thauma mahina ko 400 dollar tirera
basna paunu bhagya ko kura ho.
10 jana passenger chadne micro bus ma 25/30 jana kochine bani pareka nepali lai sayad tyaha pani basna teti garo
bhayena hola.

tamang dai le sahayog nagareko bhaye te nepali haru teti sasto ma basthe ta. es bata tmanag le badi phaida liyeko
pakkai pani chan kin bhane illegal tarika le nepali haru lai basna dida uni aphulai pani badi risk cha . ani risk badi
bhaye pachi profit pani badi hunu parena ta.

Ramro sanga basna lai paisa chahincha. paisa kamauna lai tesari nabasi hudaina.

Comment by Biran — May 19, 2008 @ 11:15 pm

16. My L„L"5} %" !"F% 3C, -& website 1" !>$ b"$ML<
http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23712361-2,00.html= 9!"': >?@"AB 3C /:n{ 1" I85 (’--$ I$0 b"$M (I">K
dvr (’--$ I$0 University %& L"AV dvr /N+ T"9 F"OH %& ˜-/)A" dHvER I[5 b"9 b:•. ?"5: )?&-1 >?@"AB %& 3&=
Tamang ,b '"D 1"Q j&S >j$ ,1ijV$ =™ 8ˆO6" %&F" 1" _h b$" 5"c9 1"pu Jpj" f-)6& F•O1" /N b"9 >/t-AB j&S:
nc;M = (o %6: >?@"AB 6 /"’-6" R !>$ f-L5: /N I8%& #$ L‚;=


Comment by annie, USA — May 19, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

17. This is good news after bad experience… I Suggest if there is any other Mr. Tamang…

On the last line There is written…

Please do that…Rather then Saying rubbish…thing here…

Please do…

Anyone with information about suspected unregistered boarding houses can phone the MFB northern division on
9665 4504 or Moreland Council on 9240 1111.

Comment by Kamal Karki — May 19, 2008 @ 11:23 pm

http://www.mysansar.com/?p=2637 Page 4 of 12
My Sansar » !"#$%& '( !"#$%$#) *+,-'. /0#1 5/20/08 9:50 AM

18. It’s meaningless to discuss. It’s not Hem B. Tamang’s fault. This is the fault of greedy students, who rather want to
save/earn money by living in the hell crowded.

Comment by Gautam — May 19, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

19. Dear My sansar’s readers, if you can’t find the news in the website, please below is the news that was in online in
the website of “news.com.au”.

Landlord crams 48 students into one house

By Mark Dunn and Natalie Tkaczuk Sikora

May 17, 2008 01:54am

Article from: Herald Sun

Font size: + -

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* Council investigates crowded houses

* Finds beds for 48 people in one property
* But Nepalese students defend landlord

A MILLIONAIRE landlord has been stacking up to 48 Nepalese students in a single house in northern Melbourne
and dozens in two other rundown properties, say council investigators.

Hem Tamang, 36, lives in a modern double-storey Coburg property and runs a city restaurant - but makes big
money by filling three suburban homes with dozens of students in each.

One six-room house in Loch St, Coburg, had beds for 48 people when council officers raided it last week and
slapped an unsafe premises notice on the property.

“One house is believed to have had up to 48 occupants and another had 28 people sharing appalling and squalid
conditions,” Moreland Council chief executive Peter Brown said.

Another of Mr Tamang’s houses, in Fowler St, had up to 28 students packed in and living in what was described as
third-world conditions.

It has four bedrooms and a study, and two bungalow rooms in the back yard.

“We understand 18 people lived in backyard sheds and one building has barred and locked windows,” Mr Brown

A third property was located at Lorensen Ave, North Coburg. Council inspectors believed there were 17 students
living at the three-bedroom house.

Mr Brown said subsequent investigations had found as many as 100 students from Nepal might be living at the
three properties Mr Tamang owned and a fourth house linked to an associate.

“This is at the very least exploitation of vulnerable young foreign students,” Mr Brown said.

“Students were believed to be handing over $250 a month each to live in circumstances where their health was
seriously at risk.

“We were also told another wave of students is expected to arrive in July.”

The Herald Sun visited the homes following the council raids and found filthy conditions, numbered dormitory-
style rooms and mattresses stacked ceiling-high.

One room was filled with dismantled bunk beds after government inspectors forced Mr Tamang to reduce tenant
numbers in each house to five.

Moreland Council became aware of the unregistered rooming houses when locals reported seeing large numbers of
foreign students using a nearby park facility as a toilet and to clean themselves.

Mr Tamang yesterday denied having 48 students in one house, claiming the most he ever had at one property was
22 students.

http://www.mysansar.com/?p=2637 Page 5 of 12
My Sansar » !"#$%& '( !"#$%$#) *+,-'. /0#1 5/20/08 9:50 AM

He said he was offering Nepalese students cheap accommodation out of the kindness of his heart and making $7500
a month rent, not up to $25,000 as council investigators claimed.

He said a total of 48 students lived in his three homes - but only 30 were charged $250 a month each for
accommodation, gas, electricity and water, and others stayed rent-free.

“My idea is that there is maximum each house 10 people,” he told the Herald Sun from his Flinders St restaurant,
Ghurka’s Express.

“But some don’t have jobs and nowhere to live. I don’t want them to go on streets because I’m also Nepalese so I
let them stay.”

Students yesterday rallied around him, saying that without him many Nepalese students would be lost.

Rajendva KC, 27, who is studying film, said he had lived at one of the houses for seven months and even though it
was crowded at times, it was what they were used to in Nepal.

Mr KC said Mr Tamang was not exploiting students at all.

“He’s a social worker for the Nepalese and is highly regarded,” he said.

“The reality is he is surely helping the students. It’s not easy to find housing and he takes everyone in.”

Student Dev Ghimire, 21, said he was looking for new accommodation because he was tired of the noise and people
arriving at all hours.

But he said the most he ever saw at the Loch St address was 15 people, and the six-room house was rented for $500
cash a week.

But he acknowledged he was there only briefly, working night shift from 11.30pm to 7am and attending a
computer course from 8am-5pm.

“There were 10 people here but sometimes there were more, friends of the guys would come around,” Mr Ghimire

He said he knew Mr Tamang and he described him as “cool”.

Comment by annie, USA — May 19, 2008 @ 11:44 pm

20. Every body is cheating one another.Now the point is Nepali perhaps can not betray/cheat the Kuire in Australia,I
guess.He can not cheat indian/other nationals who are already KHATARA in this area.Now only people that can be
cheated are the new comers from nepal(who has not any idea at all).
If the guy cheated,i do not see any big deal here.Every stronger/powerful is cheating the weaker one.I myself is
cheated by some CHOR Fataha (so called NEPALI graduate student ).So I suggest any nepali new comers do not
rely on other Neplese living abroad for the help.They will sooner or later exploit in one way or other.Nepali abroad
are really bad.

Comment by S.Bedi — May 19, 2008 @ 11:45 pm

21. Mr Kailash love,

I am amazed by your views..they are truly idiotic. I know (from what you said) that you have been managing two
of these acco. and also realize the number of students coming to sydney each year is pretty high but that is no
excuse for putting huge number of people in small rooms and violating health and saftey codes. It says there were
no fire alarms installed. Do you realize how important it is to have fire alarms in facilities where you have so many
people?? Also mentioned in the article is that people were queing at public restrooms near the acco. Do u have any
idea how unethical and immoral it is charge people service money and not being able to provide them adequate
restrooms?? I am also pretty sure that even restrooms weren’t probably clean and may be even sanitary conditions
there weren’t up to the mark.
Now, I am a housing business owner myself in USA. I own condos, a motel and one apartment complex and I can
tell you that from what i read in the newspaper, the whole scenario at that acco. is disgusting.
Hope you are maintaining better conditions at place that u manage.
Sandesh Bhatt

Comment by Sandesh Bhatt — May 19, 2008 @ 11:51 pm

22. I don’t think Mr. tamang is doing really worse immoral thing here. Students want to save money and Mr. tamang
http://www.mysansar.com/?p=2637 Page 6 of 12
My Sansar » !"#$%& '( !"#$%$#) *+,-'. /0#1 5/20/08 9:50 AM

22. I don’t think Mr. tamang is doing really worse immoral thing here. Students want to save money and Mr. tamang
wants to make money by provinding them housing.
Just a foot note. Nepaliese studends in Ocean City MD USA live like that during the summer too….15-25 students
in small apatment.

Comment by Raj — May 19, 2008 @ 11:52 pm

23. Yaslai CHUSEKO Vanna mildaina, yadi student lai mahango vayo yani(chuseko) vanne thaha paunda paundai kina
hem bahadur kai ma basne ta? ram bahadur ko ma gaya vai halyo ni. ,austrilia yani ki bidesh ho paisa kamauna
chance ma dance sabaile garna khojchhan afno bau daju vai ta vandainan paisale, baru usle new student lai sahayog
garechhan paisa nai sabaikuro hoina, yaha,

Comment by resham b paudel — May 20, 2008 @ 12:21 am

24. aadaranya mitra haru ma namaskar,hami pani urop ma pidit chhau. Nepali ko tyo bani samjera ta runa man lagchha
Denmark ma ta yk taauko barabar 1500 denis kr. linchhn hamra nepali daiharu le tar ke garnu ?

Comment by gokul — May 20, 2008 @ 12:25 am

25. The competitive market policy cant be an excuse for Mr. Hembahadur Tamang.

The buyers and sellers both are responsible for what they buy and sell. But the seller, being the source is always
treated as more responsible.

Businessmen being rich citizens must be more responsible towards the welfare of the society and the environment
in which the themselves exist.

The European union has started believing that money and human welfare are both inter-related and NO business
should aim for the development of just a single person or family.

Comment by koolhead — May 20, 2008 @ 12:50 am

26. ' f-& 6 (6: ?& 3&x$ 5 ? IK U 3& f-)6& 8OP" š1 1" _ b$" › 3&L< 1'"D G"H3: %)6& ´L1)-" ; J9 1M>$% $",b% 58
)%r[,1P5 1" 1"Q " œZZ 8%ƒV /NM ![%& ; !8j: %&3: ; J9 1 %3"H d8 #p; b)P " \ZZ >j85 /N'"D •>%8 !!!

Comment by kaji — May 20, 2008 @ 1:06 am

27. 1"A: %& Rajan Jp9 GV )?1 ,J1 $V 52; qR !ž" 'I"-= 65 Ÿ6: #HjV 1" Nabin R %:$ “%" [L:”? %& O!1" j:-& 5$JMi'
1" ![ !

Comment by ()*+,- — May 20, 2008 @ 1:27 am

28. Nabin,
It seems that you have some kind of antagonism with Rajan. Doesn’t he have the right to express his views? This is
a public forum, not only for u.
Perhaps, he is an NC-supporter, do u have any problem?
Be a democrat and learn to be polite.

Comment by Alexander — May 20, 2008 @ 1:53 am

29. dj5…:- !"F%¡-Œ3C , canada 1" !"$: `•0P: /"3C %& G"'" yestai ; / 1•%"1" G•%" hanne 9!"': %& /"$: b3" I8!$:
O)6V 3& /

Comment by lumbini sigdel — May 20, 2008 @ 2:15 am

30. `51",'%3š b3"H%" !$: O)6V #j" 52¢$: %£bŒL, (>?¤%: 5 ($V>6% / 3",1R ‚-"$"K"1" YZ Jpj" /“: 1&3:3š ,1R5 -3"H
8OP" `51",'%%& >/C¥1" 1M¦" 3"i$M ![%& >A-& 5 OL'"D 1M¦"1" 3"1:R !5",b6 !$: I[%" >A-•H / -3z%" 3¡b"5§
>/@"AB3šR G•51" LMŸ5 `5t>$3C%" %56Œ63C%& >/5&t b$"8%" >A8 / 2•/3"45 6"1zI b: 6 (¨*+,'8$ L"1p6:
`51",'% W>•,ž%" 9!"': L„)%5… 1"Q #$ /

Comment by Nityananda Khanal — May 20, 2008 @ 2:18 am

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CJReport Feature - Opinion: Present situation of Women in Nepal By Reeta Shrestha. * Have an English
article to share with Mysansar readers? Submit them here.

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