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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics for Grade 10

Plane Coordinate Geometry

A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics for Grade 10

Teacher Intern Bautista, Josh Ann M. / BSED 4- Mathematics


After 60 minutes the learners should be able to:


Subject Matter

Subject/Topic/Unit Mathematics/ Plane Coordinate Geometry

Grade Level/ Section Grade 10- Hawking/Herschel/Hubble

December 03, 2015/ 7-8am / 8-9am / 1-2pm



Derive and apply the distance formula

Apply distance formula in real life situation

Math Ideas and Life Application Series III: Geometry
Mathematics Learners Module Grade 10
Soaring 21st Century Mathematics: Exploring Geometry
PowerPoint presentation
Teachers Activity

Students Response

A. Preparation
1. Preparatory Activities
(Routine Activities)
Good morning, class!

Good Morning Maam.

Lets stand and pray. Who will lead the


(Student 1 stand and pray)

In the name of the Father Amen

Before we start please pick up the

pieces of paper under your chairs then
arrange your chairs silently. And also
please keep all the things unrelated to
our subject.

(Students pick up pieces of paper and

arrange chairs then keep their things).

None Maam.
Who are absent for today? Please look
at your seatmate.

2. Review/ Drills/ Motivation

Ok Lets start.
(Different students raise their hands.)
Class who among you ride a jeepney or
a tricycle when they are going to
school? Show of hands for jeepney? For
Student 1 you ride jeepney? How much
is your fare?
(write on the board the students
Student 2 you also ride jeepney? How
much is your fare?
(write on the board the students

Student 1 : yes Maam, 18

Student 2 : yes Maam, 7

Student 3 : tricycle Maam, 50

Student 4: Because of distance.

How about you Student 3 what do you
ride? How much is your fare?
Arent Student 1 and Student 2 riding
the same vehicle but why they dont
have the same fare? Yes, Student 4
B. Exploration/Discovery
Very Good, because of distance. Fares
are determined by the distance they
traveled. Fares are not the only thing
that depends on distance even our
time. Lets say when you are going to a
far places you need to prepare earlier
so you will come in the place of your
meeting ahead of time. So for today we
will discuss about distances.
So distance is just one of the topics we
will discuss under Plane Coordinate
Geometry. The other lessons we will
tackled in the future are midpoint
formula, coordinate Proof. So in

All: Yes, Maam

coordinate proof we will prove

geometric theorems using coordinates.

Student 5: theorems and postulate


Have you proven geometric figures

How did you prove, using what?
This time we are going to prove using
coordinates. After knowing these four
and master these four we will solve
problems involving geometric figures
on the coordinate plane.
So back to distance, what do you know
about distance? Yes, Student 5

Student 6: This is between the place of

your previous place to your destination.

Student 7: the measurement between

two points.

Student 8: No Maam

Another? Yes Student 6

Student 8: Still positive Maam
Very Good.
Is it possible to have negative value of
distance? Yes Student 7
What if I move backward?
Very good.
So distance is the absolute value or
amount of space or measurement
between two things or points. So there
are always two things or two points

Student 8: the distance between 2

points is absolute value of the
difference of their coordinates.

Could you still remember rulers

postulate? What do you know about
rulers postulate? Yes, Student 8.
Very good. For example you are given
Student 9: Subtract b from a.
this figure and you are ask to find the
distance between point A and B with an

coordinates a and b respectively.

How will you get the answer? Yes,

Student 9

(raising of hands..)
Student 10 : 5 units
Student 11: 3 units

Or b from a since we will get the

absolute value.
So the distance of AB/ BA is the
absolute value is b - a or a - b.
Lets try this once
AB? Yes Student 10

Student 12: 8 units

Student 13: They form perpendicular


BC? Yes Student 11

AC? Yes Student 12
How about when a line segment is
place on a coordinate plane. How can
we solve for its distance. Take a look at

this line segment. AB

is place on a
coordinate plane. When I extend a
straight line from point A downward
and from point B sideward what can
you observe? Yes Student 13

Student 14: 90

Student 15: right triangle.

Very good. When two lines intersect

and they form perpendicular lines.
What angle do they formed? Yes
Student 14

Student 16: C(X1 , Y2)

Since we form and triangle and it has

one 90 . Then this triangle is called,
Student 15?
All: Yes, Maam
Now, lets label our right triangle as

ABC . Can you now give me the

coordinates of point C?
Now, lets label our sides of our
triangle. Lets label a the opposite
side of point A, b the opposite side
of point B , c the opposite side of
point C.

Student 17: AC = |Y2 - Y1 | and

BC = |X2 - X1 |
Student 18: the hypotenuse

Student 18: c2 = a2 +b2

Using rulers Postulate can we

determine the distance of AC and BC?
Student 19:
Then what is the distance of AC and
(AB)2 = (AC)2 + (BC)2
BC, yes Student 17?
(AB)2 = |Y2 - Y1 |2 + |X2 - X1 | 2
(AB)2 = (Y2 - Y1) 2 + (X2 - X1)2
Back to our problem. We are looking for AB = [(Y2 - Y1) 2 + (X2 - X1)2 ]
. What part of right triangle is
the AB
the line segment AB? Yes, Student 18?
What is our formula for the
Using the given distance of AC and BC.
Can we solve for AB? Yes Student 19.
Show your solution on the board.

Very Good. So what Student 19 got is

the distance formula between two
points which can be easily calculated
using the formula.
d = (Y2 - Y1) 2 + (X2 - X1)2
So Lets try. Please turn on your book
on page 241
ACTIVITY 5 no. 1-10 on
your notebook.

(students get their book and start


Student 20: d = (Y2 - Y1) 2 + (X2 - X1)2

Student 21: Add all their side.

(Checking of papers...)
(Calling of students...)
C. Abstraction & Organization/

Student 22: Using distance formula.

Again what is the formula for distance?

Yes Student 20

Student 23: (plotting the 3 points)

D. Fixing skills / Application

All: triangle.
Lets now have our activity. Finding the
perimeter. How do find the perimeter of
a given geometric figures?

How can we find the sides of a given

figure if they are unknown?

Student 24: (solving for the sides)

AB=5 units
BC= 10.77 units
AC= 3.16 units
Perimeter = 18.99 units

Very good. So lets solve together no.

1. Kindly plot these three points. A(2,3), B(5.-7), C(1,3)
What figure does Student 23 graph?

Good day Maam


Student 24 solve for the sides of the
Very good. Solve for the remaining

E. Evaluation/ Assignment

Good Day class