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BSc. Computer System Engineering

DOB: 10th May 1986

NIC No: 35200-6100117-5
Res: +92 42 36624636
Mob: +92 333 4383756
Address: 87-D, Green City Housing Scheme, Barki Road, Lahore
Email: jibran.gill@live.com , jibran_online@hotmail.com


I am an enthusiastic computer engineering graduate with a professional attitude who
enjoys being a part of a leading, successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new
ideas and concepts, and to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems. I am able
to work well on my initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to
meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to
perform effectively

• B.Sc. in Computer System Engineering (2004-2008)
University of Engineering & Technology Lahore 1st Division

• F. Sc. (Pre-Engineering) (2002-2004)

Garrison Science Degree College for Boys Grade: A

• Matriculation (2000-2002)
Garrison Boys High School Grade: A

• CCNA Corvit, Lahore

• Wimax(802.16 (d),(e)) Certification Corvit, Lahore


• Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Architecture – To Improve the Class of Service
(CoS) & Quality of Service (QoS) of a virtual private network by using Multi Protocol
Label Switching and IP-Security and their combined approach..

• Worked on a project called Auto Lock. The project consisted of a circuit, controlled by a 40
pin Atmel 8051 microcontroller. A password was entered to open the door lock. The
microcontroller processed the password and activated the FET switch which in turn turned
on the solenoid coil disengaging the Lock. The code was written by me in C.
• Made a Student Registration System (Software) using C# .Net.
• Made a counter, A circuit that calculated the number of people entering and leaving a
building keeping track of the total number of visitors per day. 8051 Microcontroller was the
basic component.
• Worked on serial and parallel port interfacing. Interfaced a FM Radio with the computer’s
parallel port and designed software that controlled the radio frequencies.
• Made an air speed measuring device.
• Made a Home Automation Circuit that was controlled through a web server. User can
control devices from anywhere on LAN.
• Designed and implemented an embedded system that took analog inputs that were
temperature and pressure, for the monitoring purposes and plotted a graph between the two
and shutdown the plant if the threshold was violated.


• Working as management trainee BSS Operatoins, Ufone GSM Lahore.

• Worked with Skylink Media as System Engineer (NOC). Responsibilities include

monitoring all the HUB activities and the remote clients which are centralized via VSat
link, Configuration of Cisco routers and switches, IDirect’s Satellite routers, Network
Management system and protocol processors.

• Worked with World Call Wireless LTD. for three months as an Intern in the IT and
Networks department.

• Computer Information System & computer software’s expert.
• Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista (Installation + Troubleshooting).
• Proficient in Office Automation and Internet Tools.
• Strong LAN and WAN Concepts


• I play Guitar. I do Rhythm. Had played several times at gigs in university.
• Participated in the annual drama and skit competition.
• Swimming.
• Passionate about all types of music.
• Available upon request