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Thursday, 6 May 2010

South Shields Constituency

1. A poll for the election of a Member of Parliament for the Constituency of South Shields will be held on Thursday, 6 May 2010,
between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

2. The names, addresses and descriptions of the candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of the people who
signed the nomination paper for each candidate are:

1 2 3
Surname Other Names Home Address / Description Names of Proposer Names of Proposer Names of Proposer
(in full) Constituency (if any) Seconder and Seconder and Seconder and
Assentors Assentors Assentors
D T Allen, L A Allen E A Russell, A Dailly Stanley Smith,
George Smith
The P Brown, Geo Wilkinson C Taylor, H D Jones
24 Kingsway Conservative M Wilkinson, N Adamson W Thorpe, D Thorpe Quintin I P Smith,
ALLEN Karen South Shields Party F A Adamson, J D Bonner J M Alderson, F Brown Brenda Smith, R Huartt
NE33 3NN Candidate H R Lavender, J Brain W W Watkins, J Watkins M Huartt, Y Petterson
N A Petterson, J Walls
Thos K Walls
Terry Ford, B Atkinson

214 Mowbray Road J Ford, L Ford

FORD Shirley Florence South Shields Green Party L Barber, P Harman
NE33 3BE S H Elliott, R Taylor
A Taylor, A Elliott

A Joyce, L Joyce

47 Beach Road F Wood, I Ibrahim

Independent H Rostaie, N Rostaie
KAIKAVOOSI Siamak South Shields Mohammad Qazi,
NE33 2QZ Shazeb Qazi, J Barratt
G H Babadi

Ray Spencer, M Stewart D Round, K Palmer Neil Maxwell, F Cunningham

4 Tynedale Road The Labour R Olley, T J Pigott M Langley, M Spence E M Gibson, C Brown
MILIBAND David South Shields Party A J Donnelly, W Moad H Moore, I M West A Pigott, Paul Freeman
NE34 6EX Candidate F Ord, Alexander Donaldson A West, J Irvine J Carter, A McMillan
R W Ord, Iain Malcolm B Horwood, G Keedy W E Brady, C Palmer

J E Lovely, B Carcary

Address in the North J Carcary, M Rutherford

NAVABI Sam Durham Independent M Mackenzie, M Mackenzie
Constituency P Wood, M Fisher
G Symonds, A Symonds

B Dolphin, P Talbot

39 Cherry Tree Walk Fight For An S Scott, D Granger

Anti-War C Afshari-Naderi,
NETTLESHIP Roger Hebburn J Tinmouth, W Topping
NE31 2QL Government
R Tennet, Alan Newham
Alan Trotter

W J Troupe, C Troupe
63 Teviotdale
Liberal L McLaughlin, I Dodd
PSALLIDAS Stephen Anthony Democrats A Dodd, S Dodd
Newcastle O Fee, L Lincoln
NE7 7PX M McTavy, F Troupe

M Miners, P Bolam

10 College Drive L V Thompson, A Bolam

THOMPSON Victor South Shields S Thompson, Eileen Bell
NE33 3DX E Anderson, K Jefferson
E Douglas, M O'Brien

Peter Hodgkinson,
L J Lovelock
Address in the British C Foreman, P Foreman
WATSON Donna South Shields National Party M Hodgkinson, J Spour
Constituency K S Stephenson, I Gilchrist,
G Gilchrist, M Capstick

DATED: 20 April 2010 Martin Swales

Acting Returning Officer

Printed and Published by the Acting Returning Officer, Town Hall, Westoe Road, South Shields NE33 2RL