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Every business organization that comes into contact with the

customer develops a perception in the mind of the customer.
Today, in this competitive world every organization needs to know
the perception in the mind of the customers. In order to gain mind
share or heart share of customers along with the market share is
the main lookout for the organizations. Especially in consumer
electronics sector, where the products are more or less same, the
only way to leave positive impact on customers mind and to gain
competitive advantage is providing best possible services to the
Introduction part of this report is classified into two different

1.Problem Statement:The principle cause behind this project is to know that to

level customers are enjoying and aware of Videocon TV offered
By the company and what further improvement can be done in
future in this area so as to get brand awareness.

2.Objective:To have an overview of Videocon.

To know the reputation of Videocon T.V. in the market.
How the consumer preference towards the brand Videocon.
The main objective how to increase the reputation of Videocon
brand in the market.
To understand its competitors in business.

How Videocon will create a good image in the market.

To understand the 4 Ps used by the Videocon in business


Before the liberalization of the Indian economy, only a few
companies like Kelvinator, Godrej, Allwyn, and Voltas were the
major players in the consumer durables market, accounting for no
less than 90% of the market. Then, after the liberalization, foreign
players like LG, Sony, Samsung, Whirlpool, Daewoo, Aiwa came
into the picture. Today, these players control the major share of
the consumer durables market.
Consumer durables market is expected to grow at 10-15% in
2009-2010. It is growing very fast because of rise in living
standards, easy access to consumer finance, and wide range of
choice, as many foreign players are entering in the market.
Consumer durables are the products whose life expectancy is at
least 3 years. These products are hard goods that cannot be used
up at once.

Consumer durables Sector can be classified as

1. Consumer Electronics:- It includes VCD/DVD, home theatre,
players, colour televisions (CTVs), cameras, camcorders, portable
audio, Hi-Fi, etc.
2. White Goods:-It include dishwashers, air conditioners, water
washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum
cleaners, kitchen appliances, non-kitchen appliances, microwaves,
built-in appliances, tumble dryer, personal care products, etc.
3. Moulded Luggage:- It includes plastics.
4. Clocks and Watches.
5. Mobile Phones.


History of consumer Electronics in India:The Electronics Industry in India took off around 1965 with an
orientation towards space and defense technologies. This was
controlled and initiated by the government. This was followed by
Developments in consumer electronics mainly with transistor
Black & White TV, Calculators and other audio products. Colour
Televisions soon followed. In 1982-a significant year in the history
Television in India the government allowed thousand of colour
sets to be imported into the country to coincide with the
broadcast of
Asian Games in New Delhi. 1985 saw the advent of Computers
Telephone Exchanges, which were succeeded by Digital
Exchanges in 1988. The period between 1984 and 1990 was the
golden period for
Electronics during while the industry witnessed continuous and
In recent years the electronic industry is growing at a brisk
It is currently worth $ 10 Billion but according to estimates, has
Potential to reach $ 40 billion by 2010.

The breakup of production in various segments the

industry is shown below:1950s Radios -imported & Sold
Late 1960s B&W TV Transmission started
1970s Manufacturing of B/W TV started
1982 Colour TV Transmission, Manufacturing of CTV started
1992 Economic Liberalization Process initiated
2001 Non tariff Barriers on Imports removed.
2005 DTH Services Started
2007 Entry of Organised Retail
2008 FTAs with other countries & FDI in retail likely.

CURRENT SCENARIO OF VIDEOCON COMPANY:The consumer durables market in India is valued at US $ 4.5
billions currently. In 2008, microwave ovens and air conditioners
registered a growth of about 25%. Frost-free refrigerators have
registered significant growth as many urban families are replacing
their old refrigerators. Washing machines, which have always
seen poor growth, have seen reasonable growth in 2006. More
and more Indians are now buying electrical appliances due to
change in electricity scenario. The penetration level of color
televisions (CTVs) is expected to increase 3 times by 2008.
Currently, the split between CRT and Flat panel television
(FPTV) is around 97% and 3% respectively. In addition to this, one
of the most striking changes sweeping across the colour television
market in Indian market is the exponential growth of the FPTV
market, in common parlance called the liquid crystal display (LCD)
and plasma televisions. Moreover, as per recent research data
available, the global market for FPTV is expected to grow from 51
million units in 2008 to 127 million by 2011.

In present scenario top player for colour television


Competitor Analysis
A detailed analysis of some of the major players is done
LG Electronics rightly understood the consumer motivations
to create magnetic products, price them strategically, position
them sharply and keep making the magnetism more potent.
Having understood the finer differences in consumer motivations,
it opted for sharp- arrow reasons-to-buy differentiation over the
blanket-all approach taken by most of the other players. It is an
aggressive marketer. It focuses on low and medium price
Initially the strategy of Samsung in India was to create
premium image by emphasizing global brand. After facing stiff
competition from another Korean major- LG, Samsung also started
playing price game. In 2004 it reverted back to its premium
positioning, although it resulted in some loss of market share. In
line with the Global Digital Initiative of the Parent Company,
Samsung India is seeking to acquire digital leadership in India by
introducing its digital ready televisions like the 40" LCD Projection
TV, 43" Projection TV and the Plano series of Flat Colour

Like Videocon, it has also been able to hold its market share.
The world-class quality of Onida has enabled the company to
make a breakthrough on the export front. It has technical tie- up
with the Japan Victor Company, better known as JVC. So focused
is Onida on positioning itself on the premium, high- tech plank
that it is even planning to push its own envelope on obsolescence,
much. The strategy is aimed at further broad basing the product
offering of the company, which has largely dominated the top-end
of the television market, across multiple market segments.
Videocon has always been a price player and has an image
of a low price brand. This includes providing more feature at a
given price. It has taken over multinational brands to cater to
unserved segments , Sansui to flank the flagship brand like BPL,
Philips, Onida, and taken over Akai-tail and brands for brands like
Videocon is one of the largest manufacturers of television
and its components in India and thus has advantages of
economies of scale and and low cost due to indigenisation. It has
the widest distribution network in India with more than 5000
dealers in the major cities. It also has a strong base in the semi
urban and rural markets.


Brief Profile:The Videocon group emerges as a USD 2.5 Billion global
conglomerate continuing to set trends in every sphere of its
activities from a conference room sized assembly line in 1979.



Color & BW TV
Washing Machine
Home Entertainment
Electric Motors




Glass Shells for CRT


Kitchen Appliances
Crude oil


Compressor Motors


Philips Color TV Plant Take


Vision & Mission

Videocons mission: A reflection of continuity and

Videocons mission expression has been crafted to

envelope both extant and emerging realities:
To delight and deliver beyond expectation through ingenious strategy,
intrepidEntrepreneurship, improved technology, innovative products, insightful
marketing And inspired thinking about the future.

Future Plans of Action:In the coming days company is aiming to acieve

development in the following areas trough Research and
Development:Manufacturing of components for consumer Electronics
product:1) Multimedia TV.
2) Plasma TV.
3) Launching of New Brands and Sub Brands under Videocon
4) Composite Home Entertainment System with intrnet
5) To work on better feature. Better quality and improve
reliability with reduce or low price.
Videocon company always attempts to use the latest and
advanced technology in production process. Keeping pace with
the technological developments, the company keeps on adding
to sophisticated equipments with focus on automation to
minimize manual intervention in the manufacturing process
thereby ensuring quality of the final products.




1. Purchase of all items indented by user functions like spares
Consumables etc., other than plant and equipment.
2. Registration of suppliers and evaluation.
3. Maintenance of Stores.
4. Inventory control of stock items.
5. Co-ordination with finance department for timely payment to
the Suppliers.

To comply with legal and other requirement.
2)To provide information for stakeholders about financial
performance and viability.
To provide managers with information for decision-making
4)To provide a structure to business activity based on the careful
processing of numerical data.

The smooth functioning of the marketing, sales and delivery
Corrective actions on customer complaints
New initiatives taken for sales maximization of the company

Handling relationship with personal, communicating and

reporting to the Management.
Developing sales programs and formulating and designing
sales polices.


Production and planning

Design and technical supports


SWOT Analysis
Strengths:1. Videocon has largest distributed capacity manufacturing
base across India with 17 facilities and plant in china, Poland,
Italy, Mexico.
2. Manufacturing capacity is 1, 40000 units.
3. Videocon has a network of 400 plus service and 85 mobile
service vans to give better service to their customers.
4. Tie up with the Matsushita electric company of Japan add to
Goodwill of Videocon.
5) Customers are aware about Videocons products.
6) Company has good brand name.
7) Videocon has largest distribution manufacturing based
across in India.
8) Large brand basket
9) Multi brand strategy
10) 3rd largest picture tube manufacture in India
11) Cheap price.

12) Globally acceptance.

1. Less investment on advertisement of Videocon CTV
2. Fewer margins to the distributor/dealer.
3. Weak promotional strategy of CTV.
4. No proper approach of target customer.
5. Wide brand basket, which might lead to conflict of interest
Effectively managed
6. CRT technology is losing popularity.
7. Less focus on unconventional channel.
8. Not providing good service.
9. No exclusive show rooms

1. Videocon takes over the Electrolux.
2. Videocon buys Thomson color picture tube manufacturing
3. Videocon international is going global.
4. Videocon exploring whole new segment.
5. during the climate of Jorhat becomes hotter day by day and
coolers do
not fully satisfy the customers requirement. This provides a

opportunity for manufacturers.

6. Growing semi urban market.
7. Industry is in increasing phase.
8. Price has come down; now more and more people are going for
9. Due to financial facilities even the medium segment is going for
10. Focused on unconventional channels.

1. Entrance of global competitor like china.
2. Brand loyalty is more of LG &other company.
3. Market condition like slumps in market.
4. A new competitor in your home market.
5. Competitor has a new innovative substitute product or service.
6. Increased trade barrier.
7. Brand reputation is not good.
8. Competition in global CPT market especially from integrated
such as LG, Phillips, Samsung, and Matsushita are



1. During the project training in the market, I understand how it

practically from start point to end point. Before that I have only
theoritical idea of marketing management.
2. It is great experience to see these entire things happen in front
eyes. It enhances my practical knowledge from one level to
3. I have also learnt how corporate world functions and the
importance of
discipline in the work life.
4. I have learned about the Videocon products esp. television
are sold in India
5 I have learned about sales procedure of company.

6. I have learned about the competitors of Videocon.

7. I became much more confidant and the experience has helped
me to brush my communication skills.
8 Apart from this entire thing it gives me real picture about supply
chain. I visited each department & it is good learn experience to
when employees share their experience for the organization to
achieve the goal.
9. I have learnt that to convince someone what is required is
knowledge of a product and how will it benefit the
10. The training was informative & educative. It was a practically
exposure to me.



Research problem
Problem Statement:
The problem of this project is to know that to what level
customers are enjoying and aware of Videocon TV offered by the
company and what further improvement can be done in future in
this area so as to get brand awareness. The main objective how to
increase the reputation of Videocon brand in the market.
By this project I want to Create brand awareness of
Videocon for the following reasons:
Videocon brand name makes it easier for the seller to process
orders .

Videocon brand name provides legal protection of unique

product features.
It become well-known brand helps the seller in segmenting the
Brand awareness of Videocon brand gives seller some
protection from competitors and greater control planning.
Good Videocon brand awareness helps in building the corporate
Videocon brand awareness gives warranty of quality and
satisfaction in the mind of the customers.

Videocon brand awareness helps buyers /

In following ways:
Brand awareness helps shoppers in moving quickly through
super market or retail store and helps in making quick
For customer the Videocon brand is Easy to identify and
It should be distinctive and create a good image in customer
Should be capable of being registered and protected legally.
A deep brand must have Brand Equity.

Research methodology:
Research methodology is considered as the nerve of the
project. Without a proper well-organized research plan, it is
impossible to complete the project and reach to any conclusion.
The project was based on the survey plan. The main objective of

survey was to collect appropriate data, which Work as a base for

drawing conclusion and getting result.

Research design:
Research design is important primarily because of the
complexity in the market as well as marketing approaches
available to
the researchers. In fact, it is the key to the evolution of successful
marketing strategies and programmers. It is an important tool to
buyers behavior, consumption pattern, brand loyalty, and focus
changes. A research design specifies the methods and procedures
conducting a particular study.
These issues are addressed as the following: Research Type
Data Type
Research Tools
Sampling Units
Sample Size
Sampling Method
Sampling from

Descriptive Research
Primary and Secondary data
Customer/Dealers/ Retailers
Customer (50)/Dealers/Retailers (5)
Random Sampling Method
Jorhat Town( Krishna International, Ankita
Electronics, Sathi Electronics)

The data collection was done through:1. Secondary Data Analysis
2. Survey
Secondary data is obtained by contacting the retailer and dealers.

Scaling Techniques
We asked the customers to rank the various attributes on a
scale of very important, Important and not very important. To
find-out the brand
Perception of various brands, paired comparison between them is

Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire design was the critical issue as the
questionnaire reflects the survey purpose .The questionnaire was
meticulously prepared
by identifying the various variables. The same scale of yes/no and
important, important and not so important was used throughout
so as to
make the respondent comfortable.
Firstly a questionnaire was prepared and few people were
surveyed. After this survey we realized the flaws in the
questionnaire and then a modified questionnaire was prepared
and people were surveyed on this modified questionnaire.

Sampling Techniques
In the survey conducted, the sample was random in nature
comprising of people from different age groups and income

Data Collection

Data collection is the important step after the sample is

selected on which the survey is being conducted. With data that is
available in the hard
form we converted that to electronic form, to analyze the data
using the MS Excel softwares. In the data collection customers
were approached during the working hours at dealers point.


Demographic profile
Gender profile

Male 28%
Female 72%



Income group determines the sector in which a company wants

to foray
and be a market leader; also knowing the income level
of the customer will help the company to modify the products
according the buying capability of the customer, which depends
upon the Income level.
Here I have divided the customers according to Monthly Income
and found that the most of the consumer income is below
Rs10000, so they prefer only less costly television.
There is also good amount of people of high income (Rs.
Here I can infer that there is all income level people available in
this segment so company needs a good product range.

Awareness about VIDEOCON, SAMSUNG & LG by

(Given in percentage form)

From the above pie charts, it is clear that most of the
customers (62%) of Videocon came to know about Videocon
through TV advertisement as compare to customers of Samsung
and LG. As far as print media ad is concerned, only few customers
came to know about Videocon through print media ad as compare
to customers of Samsung & LG. But no customers of Videocon
came to know about Videocon through hoardings and billboards,
but few customers came to know
about Samsung & LG through hoardings and billboards.
Hence, I can infer that Videocon is doing positioning through
TV advertisements rather than through print media ad and
hoardings and billboards. They should more focus on word to
mouth marketing because they are weak in this.

Why Videocon, SAMSUNG or LG?


(Given in percentage form)

From the above figures, it indicates that people give more
preference to price as compare to other attributes (Like Brand &
Quality) while buying the Videocon products. I observe here that
service is not good at Videocon
Hence, I can infer that LG & Samsung are strong brand and
having more quality than Videocon (as given in Table and Piechart). Also, LG & Samsung products are more expensive than

From where customers prefer buying consumer


1. A majority of customers prefer to buy from Co.shopper. Very
proposition of customers buys from Online and Exhibitions.
2. 49% customers are prefer to by from the showrooms because
showrooms are more convenient to customers they also think
these shops give more discounts.

3. People are less interested to buy from the exhibition they only
the exhibition for price quotation of the product and the
of the product.

Do customers prefer any financial scheme to

purchase consumer durable?


1. Majority of the consumer do not want to go for financial
2. 16% consumer is not a small amount, there is only T.V. few
which provide financial scheme

3. If TV. Company easily provide this scheme to consumer so

they can attract more customers.

Would Customer wait for festive season for available

discounts for purchase a Television?



By this Ian infer some customer prefer to buy TV. on some


East India is more believe in festival.

On festival company can attract customer by give some type

of discount.

Up to how much money are customer willing to

spend on a TV? At this time:
a) Less than 6000
b) 6000-13000
c) 13000-20000
d) 20000-30000
e) More than 30000


1. By this diagram I can infer than most of customer is see

price, if
company provide some good product with more
features and style and design it will help in increase market share.
2. Some customers are wanted to spend a big amount of money
on TV. these customer dont care money because of high
income so company also need to work on R&D, so company
can provide a different product.


Dealer survey Findings

1. By calculating the display shareI found that in most of store
VIDEOCON has 24% display shared almost all categories.
2. By the actual monthly sale of particular store I came to know
the capacity of the store and how much product can they sale.
3. It helps me to know that wheather dealer is capable of being a
direct dealer of VIDEOCON or not and it also helps to find out the
new dealer who are capable of being the dealer of VIDEOCON.
4. I also came to know while visiting the shops that there was big
problem of after sale service.
5. Many dealers were facing the problem of after sale service
because there is no follow up calls from VIDEOCON.
7. Videocon is on 3rd rank in Jorhat CTV.
9. Price range preferred by consumer is generally in between
70000 to 13000.
10. Dealer are not satisfied with the incentive provided by the
11. The top competitor of VIDEOCON product in Jorhat is LG and

12. In Jorhat area the performance of VIDEOCON is in better

position but the Competitor also hold closer margin.
14. Word of mouth plays a vital role in awareness among
customer. This is onefactor, which can play a good role in
promotion of products as well as demonstration given by the
shopkeeper also plays a vital role for customer.
1. VIDEOCON should improve its after sale service because its
hits badly
VIDEOCONs market share in Jorhat region.
2. The company should look into the matter of person hiring for in
shop Demonstration. A big VIDEOCON showroom should have at
least 2 such kind of person.
3. The marketing managers should make better relations with
dealers and
Reputation of the company.
4. Customer considers quality as their first preference, so the
company should give more stress on this.
5. The product is well aware and it is on top of mind of customer.
So company
Should always improve services and update their technology.
1. Secondary supports play an important role in the customers
mind and create awareness among the customers. The secondary
support includes Demonstration, Exhibition & Even Sponsors.
2. From the survey it was found out that the majority of customers
dont buy

Consumer durables from exhibitions. They just visit the

exhibitions to see the Co. latest model.
3. They want to buy from the showrooms or from co. showrooms.
For them
service is important. Beside convenience and other factors
service is key
4. Also majority of customers do not want any financing scheme
for purchasing the durables.
6. Customers are also now very choosy in buying the product and
it is important for the company to make loyal customer of their
7. In survey we found that VIDEOCON has captured maximum
market share in every category. VIDEOCON dominates CTV, LCD,
and Refrigerator, and Washing machine, category.
Exhibitions do not help to generate so much sells but they
should be conducted regularly. This helps in generating
awareness regarding the product in customers, which ultimately
helps in sales.
Also it is helps in advertising for the new products. Like in this
exhibition new LCD was advertised. Company should always focus
on service.
Display share should be increased where there is less than 50%
as VIDEOCON also believes that JO DIKHTA HAI WO BIKTA HAI.
Company should concentrate more on its major drivers LCD, IT,
and GSM. Branding and promotions should be done effectively as
it creates a long lasting image in the mind of customers.

Company should also cater to the needs of sub dealers as some

of the sub dealers have potential of high sales.
Jorhat market is still a virgin market for these techno-survey
products. Customers need to be made aware of the productive
usages of these products if Videocon want to target these
untapped market segments of customers and rural customers.
Also Videocon need to modify their advertising strategies in order
to promote these products and services. This also a challenge for
Videocon, for a positive thinking about Videocon.
Hence Videocon need to work upon the real factor through
Dealer and Retailer for a KAIZEN continuous productivity in these
products will make these products more friendly and customized.
Hence Videocon will be able to win a major market share
between the competitors.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I, student of J. B (JAGANNATH BAROOAH COLLEGE) Jorhat am
Conducting a survey for the television industry. We request your
kind cooperation
1. Name of the Dealer

3. Mention the brand name of the T.V presents in your Showroom?

4. What are the ranges of price that the company offers?

5. Rank the various brands in order of their selling

6. Why the rank 1) Product is sold high?

a) Less Price [ ]
b) Design and style [ ]
c) Good brand image [ ]
d) Good product features [ ]

7. Why the rank 2) Product is sold high?

a) Less price
b) Design and style [ ]
c) Good brand image [ ]
d) Good product features [ ]
8. Why the rank 3) Product is sold high?

a) Less Price [ ]
b) Design and style [ ]
c) Good brand image [ ]
d) Good product features [ ]
9. What more can the company do to increase its sales?

10. According to you which company has the best marketing


11.Any Suggestions?
Thank you for participating in the Survey


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am student of J. B (JAGANNATH BAROOAH COLLEGE) Jorhat
and as part of our curriculum I am conducting a market research. I
would like your cooperation for the same, with an assurance that
all the information, which youll give, will remain confidential.
Customers personal profile:
1. Name

2. a) Age (in years)

b) Gender (please tick) : Male / Female

4. Address.
5. What is your occupation?
a) Business b) Govt. Service
c) Pvt. Service d) student e) others
6. What is your monthly income?
a) Below Rs 10000

b) Rs 10000-15,000

b) Rs 15,000-25,000 d) Rs 25,000 -35000

e) Rs 35000+
Consumer Survey for various Brands of television:
1. Which of the companys products would you prefer to own?
a) Videocon b) LG

c) Panasonic d) Onida e) Samsung f)

2. Why you prefer this company product? .............................

3. What were the factors that persuaded you to come to your
chosen brand?
a) Company advertisements:
b) Dealer efforts
c) Any other; please specify

4. Do you prefer any financial scheme to purchase consumer

a) Yes b) NO
5. While purchasing consumer durable which parameter
influences you?
a) Price b)Brand Image c)Product feature Service. d) Design
and style.
6. From where you prefer buying consumer durables?
a) Co.shopper b) Showroom c) on-line d) exhibition
7. Up to how much money are you willing to spend on a TV? At
this time:
a) Less than7000 b) 7000-13000 c) 13000-25000
d) 25000-35000 e) more than 25000
8. Would you wait for festive season to avail discounts?
a) Yes b) No
9. Which TV Channels do you watch on a regular
12. How do you feel after using the Videocon TV?
a) Excellent b) good c) fair

d) poor

10. Any other comments.

Thank you for participating in the Survey


Marketing Research Naresh K. Malhotra
Business research method- S. N. Murthy
Business today
Business world
Economic Times
Times of India

--: THANK YOU:--