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György Márkus

The native form of this personal name is Márkus György. This article uses the Western name order.

György Márkus (born April 13, 1934) is a Hungarian philosopher, belonging to the small circle of critical the- orists closely associated with György Lukács, usually referred to as the "Budapest School". He completed his philosophical training at Lomonosov University in Moscow in 1957. Due to ideological disputes, he was removed from his teaching positions in Hungary in 1973, and fled in 1977 to Australia, where he has since 1978 taught at the University of Sydney. Following political liberalisation in Hungary, Markus has been reassimilated and now teaches regularly in his homeland, although he remains resident in Sydney. He is external member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1990). He is also on the editorial board of the academic journal Thesis Eleven:

Critical Theory and Historical Sociology.

He is married to eminent Polish sociologist Dr. Maria Márkus, a lecturer at the University of New South Wales. They have two sons, György and András.

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Akademy Prize of the Philosophy and Humanities Section of the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sci- ences), 1966

Lukács György-Prize 2005



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