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Distribution of Departments and Tasks Between ORANGE MOTION PICTURES and

Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd Ad films branch i.e REBELOMA FILMS.
For the right work-flow of work, below is a draft by which responsibilities will be handled by both





Location Scouting


Art Direction

Models Selection



Concept Discussion

Direction In Some Cases




Client Management





Color Grading


Extra Characters


Extra Equipments if Needed



Background Score

Models Provision

Shot Division







On time Payment

Male Models

Extra Lights If Needed


Property list extraction after

getting concept

Poster Design

Direction in Some cases

Steadicam Operation

Executive Producer

Slider Operation


Below are the details of any transaction between Orange Motion Pictures and Filmdukes
Media Wave Pvt. Ltd

Technical aspect will be handled by Rebeloma Films which is Ad Films Branch of

Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd
For any shoot female models and male models will be provided by and will be finalised by
Orange motion pictures. Both parties are open for discussion for options but final decision
will be in hands of Orange motion pictures.
For proper planning, Orange motion pictures will inform about shoot before 7-10 days of
actual shooting date.
Payment Terms 30 Percent amount will be paid in advance, 40 percent will be paid on
shoot and remaining 30 percent will be paid while delivery of media product on which both
parties have been working.

Copyright Both Orange Motion Pictures and Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd will held the
copyright of shot material and are free to use for commercial and non-commercial pupose
with proper attribution. Both parties can use shot material for promotion of company
services with proper mentioning of other party's involvement in the process of media
If there is any addition of work which was not mentioned while working in pre-production
phase, payment of Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd will also be increased according to the
amount of work increased on particular project.
If there is any substraction of work which was not mentioned while working in preproduction phase, payment of Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd will also be increased
according to the amount of work decreased on particular project.
For any additional service which has not been mentioned while working on project, extra
costs will be added for that particular service by Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd and will
be paid by Orange Motion Pictures.
On shoot, Team of Four Film-makers will be provided in any project by Filmdukes. One
director, one cinematographer, one helper, one production manager.
Director will Discuss concept with art director, cinematographer, art director, costume s
manager and production manager. After discussion, art director will prepare property list
which will be used for shoot and will be arranged by art director. The look of characters will
be discussed with costumes manager and it will be responsibility of costumes manager to
arrange everything related to costumes and accesories of characters. Production Manager
will look after anything related to technical aspect of film-making on set. A list of required
extra lighting or gears will be handed over to him before shoot and according to it, amount
shall be handed over to him for pre-buying or renting of required technical nuts and bolts of
One day shift will be maximum 12 hours which starts at call time. If at any given day,
shooting period exceeds 12 hours, it will be considered another shift and will be paid
accordingly by Orange Motion Pictures.
There should be gap of atleast 10 hours before next shift begins for charging of batteries,
backup of shoot and rest period of crew.
Last minute changes from the client will not be accepted by Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt.
Ltd until and unless there is also increase in the amount of payment client is willing to pay
for last minute changes.
Neither Orange Motion Pictures nor Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd will be responsible for
delay in shoot if the delay is caused due to lack of training of actors/actresses on shoot.
If there is any extra footages or photos taken on shoot which were not required by clients
then those photos and footages will be property of Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd and
Orange Motion Pictures and can be used for future projects or any commercial or noncommercial purpose.
There should not be a gap of more than 8 hours between meals or breakfast on set.
Any project undertaken by Orange Motion Pictures with Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd
will be mentioned anywhere as Produced By Orange Motion Pictures and Presented by
Rebeloma Films . Logo of Orange Motion Pictures will be Above follwed by Logo of
Rebeloma Films below Logo of Orange Motion Pictures.
APS-C sensor cameras will be provided by Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd along with
slider, tripod and steadicam. If any other camera is needed, it will be hired on demand with
extra charges by third party camera providers.
Shot Division will be responsibility of Director and Cinematogapher.
Production Manager must hand-over all the bills and vouchers on time to executive producer
in any shoot.
One director will not interfere with another director's decisions for the proper workflow of

media product formation.

Neither party will provide screenplay to each other which will be only handled by director
of particular shoot after director has been appointed.
There will be a first cut by editor which will be open for further changes by Orang Motion
Pictures until output in Apple Prores Has been taken. No further changes will be made if the
ouput has been taken in Apple Prores.
To copy, distribute or upload data, Orange motion pictures will provide medium such as Cd,
Hard disk, Pen Drive or Data Connection to Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd
Any deal between Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd and Orange Motion Pictures will be
done under control of Prajakt Meshram and Nadeem Khan. This contract will be terminated
if either party crosses clients or teammates of each other's company.

If Orange Motion Pictures requires Individual Services from Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd
then Below are Individual Service Charges.

Rates in INR

Poster Design Per Poster or Hoarding

2000 /-

Photo Editing without Skin or Lifestyle Retouch 50/- Per Pic

Photo Editing with Skin or Lifestyle Retouch

200/- Per Pic

Photo Editing with Skin, Lifestyle and BGR

350/- Per Pic

Color Grading Per AD ( Below 5 Minutes )

5000 /-

Video Editing Per AD ( Below 5 Minutes )

5000 /-

Cinematographer Per Day with Steadicam, 12000 /Slider and Tripod with 2 Cameras.
BGM, Foley and ADR per AD ( Below 5 5000/Minutes)
Direction Per Ad ( Below 5 Minutes )

10000 /-

Noise Removal Per Ad

3000 /-

DCP creation per ad ( below 5 minutes)

3000 /-

Female Models Provision Per Ad Local


Female Models Provision Per Ad National


Extra Cinematographer Per Day with Tripod


Writing Concept, Dialogues per ad


Please Note that this information is confidential and neither Filmdukes nor Orange Motion Pictures
should reveal anything related to this contract to any third person in written, print or digital form.