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Psychotherapy- treatment of mental disorders and behavioral disturbances using verbal

and nonverbal communication, as opposed to agents such as drugs or electric shock, to
alter maladaptive patterns of coping, relieve emotional disturbance, and encourage
personality growth. Also called psychotherapeutics.
Individual Psychotherapy- Through one-on-one conversations, this approach focuses on
the patient's current life and relationships within the family, social, and work.
Group Psychotherapy- Group psychotherapy is a special form of therapy in which a
small number of people meet together under the guidance of a professionally trained
therapist to help themselves and one another. Group therapy helps people learn about
themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships. It addresses feelings of
isolation, depression or anxiety. And it helps people make significant changes so they feel
better about the quality of their lives.
Definition: A simple group therapy which aims to bridge the fantasy- world of the
Psychotics to the real world. Is a technique of simple group therapy, objective in nature,
used with a group of patients in an effort to reach the unwounded areas of each
patients personality & to get them back into reality.
Title of the poem: Ang Bulaklak
The short poem describes the importance of flower in our nature.
To stimulate patients to be fellow explore the real world.
To develop their ability to communicated and share ideas and experiences with
the other people.

To develop feelings of acceptance.

To promote group harmony and identification.
Role of the nurse:
To be a facilitator in the activity
To encourage clients feeling about the topic
To present the reality to the client about the poem.
Definition: Newspaper therapy is giving information to the clients about events and what
is happening outside
Newspaper therapy is cutting clippings from newspaper and sharing this information to
the clients and knowing their feelings and ideas about the information given. Providing
basic information about places/events may motivate the clients to follow the medical
regimen to be well. The facilitator let the clients to read the topic, then ask them
Title of the cut news: Boxing
The news was all about boxing competition held in Araneta Coliseum & who won
for that competition.
To give information to the clients on what is happening outside and to give latest
news today.
To encouraged emotions and reactions about the news

Role of the Nurse:

To introduce topics that will encourage clients participation/cooperation

To assess level of intelligence of the clients
To encourage the clients to express/verbalize feelings/ideas regarding to the topic
Definition: A form of psychotherapy used to help them express or act out their
experiences, feelings, and problems by playing with dolls, toys, and other play material.
Name of the Play: Ball catching
The clients are instructed to catch the ball with their respective partners.
To establish rapport since it is the first recreational activity of the client
To encourage release/ express clients emotions
To let the client learn on how to cooperate
To let the client play freely and actively
Role of the Nurse:
To be the facilitator of the game
To let and encourage the clients to participate on the play
Definition Dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving direct expression through
the body. Dance /movement therapy effects changes in feelings, cognition, physical
functioning, and behavior.

Title of the dance song: Cha-Cha-Cha

Facilitators are in the front, dancing different steps, in able for the client to follow
easily the facilitators.
To encourage release/ express clients emotions
To let the client learn on how to dance in simple steps
To let the client dance freely and actively
Role of the Nurse:
To be the facilitator of the game
To let and encourage the clients to participate on the dance
Definition: A kind of recreational therapy under the music category, which connects us
with our creativity, innate wisdom and our vast inner resources for growth and wellbeing. It has a soothing and pleasing effect and provides for emotion and release.
Title of the song: Tag-ulan
Using the visual aids that has the written lyrics, the patients read it first.
The nurse sings the song with the use of guitars.
Nurses, together with the patients, sing the song.
Lastly, let the patients sing to the tune of guitars.

Develop patients ability to read and reflect.
Develop patients listening skill.
To encourage them to participate and cooperate.
Patients will learn to express emotions and feelings.
Role of the Nurse:
Explain the procedure to the patients.
To be a good facilitator.
To be an active participant too.
To promote trust.
Definition: is the use of art materials for self-expression and reflection.
Name: House-Tree-Person
Patients are provided with crayons and 3 pieces of paper as drawing
They are then asked to draw a house, afterwards a tree, and lastly, a person
on each of the papers with the use of crayons.
Series of questions constitute the post drawing interrogations.
During post drawing phase, paients are given opportunity to define,
describe, and interpret the objects drawn.
To obtain data concerning patients progress.
To aid in the establishment of rapport between the nurse and the patient.

Help the patients gain insight through interpretations.

Measure patients self perception and attitudes.
Role of Nurses:
Explain the procedure of the activity.
Provide the means of the therapy (crayons, papers).
Interrogate patients during post drawing phase.
Assessing and interpreting answers based on Bucks HTP interpretation.
Develop a deeper nurse-patient relationship through building of trust.
Definition: Any activity, mental or physical, prescribed and guided to aid an individuals
recovery from diseases or injury. This activity excludes competition and pressure. There
is opportunity for creativeness and produce something tangible out of patients own
thinking and imagination. Self confidence and personal achievements are also
Title: Designing Picture Frame
Procedure: Designing Picture Frame
Nurses play a great role in making this therapy successful.
Nurses give picture frame.
Different shapes of cut cartolina & different styles of stickers are also
given along with the glue.
Patients are asked to design their picture frame wherever they like.
Expose patients hidden abilities in designing and pasting.
Increase patients self confidence.

Assess patients motor and intellectual functioning.

Role of Nurses:
To select the most useful activity.
To facilitate the activity successfully.
To assist the patients.

To promote positive personality growth