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I am writing this same with open mind and open for correction as I believe nobody is perfect moreover until

and unless one

does not listen to views of others and do not participate healthily in any discussions topic becomes futile.

Numerology basically takes up your full name as written officially, nick name for friends or prevalent in your business
circles like if you are writer, astrologer etc. Here it could also be debatable whether to take full name or just first name and
middle name (if person have it) and do away with Sir Name as done for knowing favorable mobile number last 5 numbers,
just the house no /apartment number specific to you. For example you are living in Bombay Marine Drive, say Emerald
Heights, Tower No 5 Apartment Number 807. It means just 807 apartment number would be specific to you. But somehow I
feel this is wrong as Emerald Heights reduced compound number value and single reduced value of total value of T5 (as
generally tower is not written completely) + 807 should be in affinity with Persons lucky numbers. Numerology takes into
consideration your date of birth, month of birth and year of birth. Now calculation part to derive important numerology
values which are:

Numerology Calculations:

1) *Ruling No./ Basic No. (Generally/After 26 till 52 years): Day of Birth digit reduced to single digit
2) *Ruling No./ Basic No./ Social Status No. (Generally/ Till 26 years): Month of Birth digit reduced to single digit
3) *Ruling No./Basic No./Mentality No. (Generally/After 52 years): Year of Birth digit reduced to single digit
4) *Life Path No./ Birth Path No.: DOB+MOB+YOB reducing to single digit
5) *Fate No./Destiny No.: Compound number of Birth Path/Life Path No.
6) *Articulation No /Expression No./ Present Personality Trait (Physical & Mental Strength): Compound number of all the
words present in person's full name reduced to single digit
7) *Compound Articulation No /Expression No./ Present Personality Trait (Physical & Mental Strength): Compound number of
all the words present in person's full name
8) *Maturity No./Ultimate No.: Sum total of Expression No & Life Path No. reduced to single digit
9)* Ultimate Horoscope No. of D-1: Seeing D-1 Add numeric value assigned to that house lord and planet tenanting it for all
the 9 planets. If more than 1 planet in a house suppose 2 planets so take numeric value of planet lord of that house double
and add both the numeric value of the 2 planets tenanting it.
10)* Ultimate Horoscope No. of D-9: Seeing D-9 add numeric value assigned to the house lord and planet tenanting it for all
the 9 planets. (My take)
11)* Ultimate Horoscope No. as per Nakshtra Navmasa Pada Sign lord: Here I mean for example Saturn is in Pushya
nakshtra 2nd charan navmasa falls in Kanya rashi. Here I am not talking about the Nakshtra owned Rashi as it would mean
same as ultimate horoscope no. of D-1 (My take)
10) *Personal Year No.: DOB+ MOB+CY / (DOB + MOB+ CY)
11) *Personal Month No.: DOB+MOB + CM+CY / (Destiny No + Number of Months after Last Birthday)

12) *Personal Daily No.: DOB+ MOB+ CD+CM+CY/ DOB+ MOB+ CD+CM+CY

(*) means that there are certain numbers which could not be reduced to a single digit number which are 11, 22 (Some
opine 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 & 99 also). While there are some Karmic debts numbers like 13,14,16,19 (Some opine 61& 63).
Here I like to add actually 11 and 22 could be possible in both as birth date number, destiny number as well as Expression
number and other numerological calculations. But other could be in only seen in expression number. My logic for master
numbers is that as 2 same numbers together show a very high thrust of that thing in ones life or difficult to manage the
same in ones life. As far as Karmic debt numbers are concerned I dont know there logic but I feel 13 means totaling 4 so
contradictory Nature of 2 digits of a given number in comparison to its compound number reduced to single digit. Again 14
as both digits are having contradictory nature themselves though their compound number reduced down comes to 5 which
go with both digit numbers. Again 16 again 2 contradictory nature digits while compound number reduced is 7 which go
with 1 but not 6. 19 dont know as its compound nature comes to 1 which goes with both of them, but it could means both
aggressive nature together makes person powerhouse of raw energy and self focused. Some opine Karmic debt numbers
makes person a hard working, to face difficulties in life and generally these people are self made personalities.

Here there are few things to clear for example February is month of birth of a person or current month that too with
variance some full month name while some abbreviated month name. So some numerologist take total of numeric value of
the February word reduced to single digit. Some goes for total day that month have reduced to single digit. While most
applicable one is which month it is suppose Feb means 2nd month of solar year, December 12th month so on.

One more thing for finding out birth path number reduce each birth date, month , year separately to single numbers and
then add together to get its compound numbers and then reduce them to single number. But whenever master number
comes we do not reduce it. In this case the resultant number will remain same but the compound number varies.
Compound numbers also play vital role in ones life.

1to 3 numerological calculations I dont give much emphasis or rather I have not tried them much till date.

Week days: Number

Sunday: 1
Monday: 2
Tuesday: 9
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 3
Friday: 6
Saturday: 8

Planets: Number
Sun: 1
Moon: 2
Mars: 9
Mercury: 5
Jupiter: 3
Venus: 6
Saturn: 8
Rahu: 4
Ketu: 7

Here I like to add that some say 4 as negative Sun while 7 as negative Moon. But I dont treat them like that.

Three Elements and Numbers:

1,5,7 numbers have water element in them and are creative numbers
2,4,8 numbers have fire element in them and are business-oriented numbers
3,6,9 numbers have air element in them and are administrative oriented numbers

Pythagoras System which Helyn Hitchcock used:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89

Chaldean system which Cherio also used:

1 2 34 5 6

7 8


- F

- - G - H-

- -

I/J K L M N-


Q R S T -U/V/W - -

- - - X-


Y - - - --


I follow Chaldean system

Attraction of digits to each other (Option 1):

Group 1: 1, 2,4,7
Group2: 3,6,9
Group 3: 5
Group 4: 8

Attraction of digits to each other (Option 2):

Group 1: 1, 2,4,8
Group2: 3,6,9
Group3: 5
Group 4: 7

Attraction of digits to each other (Option 3):

Group 1: 1, 2,3,9

Group2: 4,5,6,7,8

I go for Option 1 for looking attraction.

If choosing a compound number one group number should be given importance. To arrive desired number. Prime Numbers
most powerful. Odd numbers are less powerful than Prime while even numbers are least powerful.

(Numerology General)

Number Friends



2,3,4,5,7,9 6





1,2,5,6,7,8 Nil



1,2,3,7,9 Nil









Numerology for Marriage compatibility: purpose more based on aggressive and submissive nature of the planets a number
denotes as I could understand. Moreover lots of other variant available here 1 is of KP astrology based but not putting them

Number Best Ok







1,2,5 Nil










2,4,8 Nil











I dont use any of the above tables.

Vedic Astrology based: (According to natural planets affinity, enmity and neutral based but little modification done
regarding 4 & 7 numbers list)

Number Friends Enemy Neutral



4,6,8 5,7



1,2,7,9 4,5,8


1,3,7,9 2



1,2,7,9 3

1,3,5,9 4,6,8



1,2,3,7 5





I use this table for seeing affinity, neutral and enmity

Vedic Numerology based: (Only God Know how they derive it)

Number Friends Enemy Neutral





























Various Number Qualities:

1 Godhead, (Numero Uno). Individualistic, Action, Decision maker, Inventor. Laziness, Fear and Destruction, Confusion, Ego,
overactive person, freedom lover
2 Dualism. Relationship, Emotion, Sympathy, Imagination, Impatience, Ill health, Chaos Confusion, Indecisiveness, Secrecy,
Sensitive people
3 Triangle force matter consciousness youth and happiness, Expansion Happiness, Richness, Intuition, faith, Religion,
Egoist, Conflict, Stress, Anger, Carelessness, Scatters Energy, No fixed Goal, Hard working, Goal less people
4 Herschel Sudden change, Determined person, Investigative nature, Solidity, Strength, Power, Realisation, Property,
Possession, Great learner Argumentative, Choosy, Individualistic people
5 Reason, Logic, Ethics, Commerce, Change, Travel, Friend, Regularity, Versatile, Energetic, Aloofness, Temperament
Falsehood, Scatter their energy, Born Leader, Too independent
6 Peace, Harmony, Cooperation, Slow decision maker, Materialistic, Beauty, Perfectionist, Annoying, Irresponsible, Standard
loving people
7 Mystism Intuitive Sacred, Prosperity, Cultured, Develop Strong Will power, Emotional person, Freedom, Equilibrium,
Deceit, Stubbornness, Aloofness
8 Inauspicious, Saturn One Sided, Loner, Dissolution, Protection, Justice, Good Health, Energetic, Believer of Karma,
Dissatisfied people
9 Sweet Natured Person, Powerhouse Number, Penetration, Aggressive, Egoistic
10 Same as 1 Energetic and born leader

11 Dynamic and Quick Decision maker

22 Diplomatic, Social, Analytical

Planet Number Diseases Business/Job House No

Sun 1 Stomach and Heart PSUs Best suitable for Higher authorities any field be it business or government
Moon 2 Brain, Lungs Pharma Person related to Glamour
Jupiter 3 Fat, Body Growth Banking Any person, good for academicians
Rahu 4 Grave deceptive Diseases It could be suitable for modern politicians, Power brokers but it should be avoided as
clash between young and old could happen
Mercury 5 Ears, Brain faculties Telecommunications G
ood for Business Man and Intellectuals
Venus 6 Sex Organs Auto, automotive components Film Industry and Fashion People
Ketu 7 Grave deceptive Diseases Oil Spiritual people but should bring lot of tension in home
Saturn 8 Bones, Knees Machinery, heavy engineering Should be avoided or good for Mahatma like people having their
Ashrams Civil Contractor house, Petrol Pump Owner, Mining People.
Mars 9 Bone Marrow, Energy Electricity, real estate More suitable to Engineers and Army Persons, Security Business people,
Civil Contractor house

Application of Numerology in Astrological Chart:

In Astro Numerology no number is bad or good it is totally dependable upon its application or reference to it in
horoscope how it is linked there house it owns, planets having its Nakshtra, planets having Navmasa in its house, planets in
whose Nakshtra the planet in question is.

The Birth number and fate number irrespective of being friendly or bad in the horoscope tends to give protection to
its signification. Though if badly placed nothing good be felt but nothing of grave nature will happen for the same in general
but if Maha Dasha is on or going to start some remedies to pacify the same should be done.

Moreover these birth number and fate number converted to planets attracts other numbers converted to planets will
also tends to give protection like birth number, fate number.

These Numbers will play important role/activation of its houses planets placed in it the house where their Navmasa
falls and place they tenant in D-1, Nakshtra they are into and planets whose Nakshtra lord these planets become, in ones
life irrespective their Maha Dasha, Partyantar Dasha is on or not. We can say like in horoscope degree of ascendant is
important so the planets degree wise close to it plays its role daily in persons life on same logic.

Fate number and Birth number gives the person in built qualities of the planet it represents. So if that planet is bad
dont try to preach the person to improve its ability but simple upaye to pacify the same. If person is having weak Sun dont
say you do not need to tell how to manage things, but simple remedy of offering water to Surya Devata will do.

Numerology chart Lucky and unlucky numbers does not play important role but it depends upon the nasargik planets
affinity , neutral enmity chart according to Vedic Astrology. Moreover to be specific panchadha matri chart could also be
used. Generally according to Astrology lucky and unlucky numbers depend upon 1st House Lord, 2nd house lord, 5th House
Lord, 9th House Lord, 11th house lord seeing their Shadbal , Isht and Kasht phal power, Ashtakvarga points, Nakshtra lords
of the above stated houses, their D-1 , D-9 and Nakshtra Depositors position to each other and jointly and many other
factors. To find correlation between Numerology & Astrology lucky and unlucky numbers, we should take out common lucky
and unlucky numbers as ultimate lucky and unlucky numbers. While uncommon lucky and unlucky numbers according to
Numerology should be cross-tallied in Horoscope. If unlucky planet related to the numerology seems good in horoscope
then it is neutral. If planet related to that number seems bad then it is unlucky.

After finding out Ultimate Horoscope No., Ruling No., Expression No., Life Path No. Numbers that have been repeated
maximum time (both compound numbers and reduced single digit number), we can assess which numbers are most
powerful and will play important role specially materialistic gains, could harm living signification if owing bad placement but
good houses in the horoscope. Due to affinity they are playing role not because they are friendly or not that could be seen
from Panchadha Matri chart by converting planets into its respective numeric value. Businesses related to those numbers
are most suitable to the person.

Present Year number should be converted to Planet connecting to it and seeing it natal chart where placed, in Gochar
where placed in annual chart where placed could show person focus for that area also like Maha dasha lord of Vismottari
Dasha System.


For Pratyantar Dasha Personal Month number converted to Planet connecting it could be considered.

10) For Daily Prediction Personal day number converted to Planet connecting it could be given additional importance along
with Moon movement.

11) Expression Number of the person should be in harmony with person's Ruling number and should be friendly with Life
Path number and also with City Name Number to be successful in business along with selecting right first Akshra both
Nakshtra and planet and sign it represents and testing the same for how many Akshars from use of Katapadiya System.

12) Sometime City Name No. seems to be in harmony with Person's Expression No, Ruling No and Life path No. but still the
person is not successful in business. This is due to lack of harmony between person's first name first letter and City name
first name first letter number due to Nakshtra enmity, Rashi enmity planet placement in the horoscope. Here we should
also check animal Varga in which the person name falls is not 5th from city name first Akshra animal Varga. I forget the
name of this system but having it saved in my office computer.

13) Suitable friends/ Business Associates: Expression no should be in harmony with Expression No. of another person on
above sated principles.

14) Usually, if the Birth Number or life path number if 4, 7 & 8 or not considered good numbers and the native is prone to
miseries and hindrances in ones life certain

Numerology Correlation with Horoscope:

We can check that the given horoscope is correct or not by seeing whether Birth date number, or the Life path/destiny
number or both of them if connected with:
1. Natal Ascendant, D-9 Ascendant or Sun Ascendant
2. Ascendant Lord or Moon Sign Lord or Sun Ascendant
3. Lords of Nakshatras occupied by Moon or Ascendant Lord or Sun.

Hope this document makes some sense to all the learned members here.