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A New Look At Magick

This is a simple explanation on everything I believe Magick

to be. Yes, there are a few beliefs that you may not agree with,
but Im sure there is quite a bit you can take away from this. I am
one who does not believe in karma, and its very simple why I do
not. I am an agnostic pagan, following La Veys atheistic path
towards Satanism as well as mixing a bit of Asatru in with it.
Being agnostic, I have no doubt as to the validity of Magick, but I
am uncertain of anything theistic. This includes the belief in a
cosmic ledger that requires balance in order for a person to
evolve; this is what most people see as karma. The Buddha
refused to answer the question Is there a god? because it is
pointless whether there is or not. God or not, life is still filled with
suffering. Thus, to me, being agnostic is an extension of this
futility of whether there is or is not divinity. For what its worth,
theres my credentials into my belief of the divine.
Now, for what you have been waiting for, the Magick. Im
sure most of the people who have been pagan for a while have
run across the term thoughtform. If not, I would be happy to
explain it. A thoughtform is an extension of the belief in
Thoughts becoming actions. This is to say, what you focus on
becomes reality, which is why one of the goals of a Witch is to
Keep your thoughts in good order. For example, if you hate
someone that you see daily, and focus on this hate day after day,
week after week, you are bound to become a hateful person.
Conversely, if you think happy thoughts, you will generally be a
happy person. The universe, your environment, even the people
and animals around you pick up on that. This causes people,
events, and the environment to react to you. When your thoughts
affect the universe as a whole, this is what we see as Magick.
But the question is, what is Magick? Magick is equal to the
energy, focus and will that you put into this change in the

universe. A great example is with the Christians. Christians are

probably the most common people to curse others, and oddly
enough it is by accident. Weve all been told were going to hell
at some point. This is putting words to the negative focus they
already have on you (IE judging you for not being Christian). This
is the energy put into the curse, combined with a negative
focus. The last part is the will, which would be their faith itself in
their words. Thus, Focus plus Energy plus Will/faith equals
Another thing that must be considered is the belief of the
person being influenced. If someone doesnt believe in what our
example Christian is saying, they wont be affected; at least not
on the intended scale. The problem is, just as with Witches and
other pagans, a Christian curse is able to be amplified as well.
Say for example a Christian mother goes to her church ranting
and raving about her pagan child and how they refuse to give up
their life of sin, or some other such nonsense. The entire
congregation begins praying for this poor child. Thus, all of the
factors of the curse amplify, making the curse that much stronger.
A positive example so to speak would be, say, a Witch is low
on money and wants to gain a job. They could simply pray for it
or try and focus it using my aforementioned method of using
Magick. This is not necessarily a bad way to do it, but there is a
way to amplify this as well. When you use my method with no
focus points (say a candle for example), you have to focus your
will and the energy you put into the Magick that much harder
because the energy doesnt know what to do or where to go.
However, when you have focus points (Say a candle or some sort
of symbol) that you have designated for each focus and aspect of
the spell, the energy you have already put into the object will help
direct it. That means that you wont have to give yourself a
headache while focusing. And each time it will get easier to do
that sort of spell with those objects or symbols because these

items will retain some of that energy. That is why symbols such
as the cross or the pentagram are such powerful symbols.
A point I should mention about the focus objects are what I
call Associated objects. These are things belonging to the
person or representing the person, like a lock of hair or a symbol
that represents them. Say for example, you have a friend who
likes to gamble. You could possibly use a picture of them, sure,
but if you use and object representing the specific trait you want
to influence (A die, for example, or their favorite playing card
hand/suit), this is giving shape to the Magick. This gives you
more freedom to focus your intent and the energy youre putting
into the spell versus focusing on who you want to affect.
In conclusion, Magick is a fairly complex process with a notso-complex formula. Dont make it too hard on yourself. Ritual is
not necessary when you have the tools to make Magick without
them. Blessed Be.