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PHP Course Details

Duration : 2 Month
PHP Training PHP Course Details

The Origin of PHP

Difference between Client Server Relation

Static and Dynamic website

Introduction of Wamp and Xamp Server

Understand the importance php.ini file

Understand the basic root folder(www)

PHP Basic Syntax

Define PHP script

PHP Opening and Closing Tag(<?php ,?>)

Describe echo() and print() function

Difference between echo and print function

Types of error in PHP

PHP Data Type and Variable

Data Type in PHP : (integer,string,float,array)

Define PHP Constant and Variable

Rules for declaring PHP variable

var_dump() function

Password encryption and decryption process

PHP Operator

PHP Arithmetic Operator

PHP Assignment Operator

PHP Relational Operator

PHP increment and decrement Operator

PHP Logical Operator

PHP Ternary Operator

Control Structures

If(), else if() and else if condition Statement

Nested if()

Using the for() loop

Using the while() loop

Using the do-while() loop

Nested loop

PHP Switch Case


What is a function

Creating a function

Returning value from function

User-defined functions

Dynamic function calls

Variable scope

Accessing variable with the global statement

Function calls with the static statement

Setting default values for arguments

Passing arguments to a function by value

Passing arguments to a function by reference


What is an Array

Types of Array

Indexing Array

Associative Array

Accessing Array

Looping through an indexing array

Looping through an Associative array

Single Dimensional Array

Two D Array

Multi Dimensional Array

Merging Array

Testing an array by using print_r() function

Array Predefined function

Describe foreach() loop

String Manipulation

How to handle single quote() and double quote()

String function

Strrstr(), stristr(), strops(),

Strcmp(), strpbrk() and many more .

PHP Super Global Array




Basic HTML Tags

Html Introduction

Html Editors

Html Basic Structure

Html Element and Arrtibute

Html Heading, Paragraph, Link, Images, List, Table, Style.

HTML Forms

Html Forms Introduction

Forms Element

Form Input Types and Attribute

Classes and Objects

Object oriented concepts

Define a class

Class attributes

An Object

Creating an object

Object properties

Object methods

Object constructors and destructors

Class constants

Static method

Class inheritance

Abstract classes

Final keyword

Implementing Interface

Object serialization

Understanding Advance and New

Checking for class and method existence

Introduction To Database

What is RDBMS technology?

Introduction to SQL

Connecting to the MYSQL

Selecting a database

Adding data to a table

Displaying returned data on Web pages

Finding the number of rows

Looping through database

Inserting data

Deleting data

Entering and updating data

Executing multiple queries

Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys

Understanding Database Normalization

Dealing with Dates and Times

Join Types
(Miner Project using Database)


What is Session and why its required.

Initialization of Session with session_start() function

Define session_id() function

Describe $_SESSION[] global Array

How to set and get the session

PHP session_destroy() function

PHP unset() function

Retrieving PHP Session Variable Data

What is Cookie?

Initialization of Cookie Variable

set_cookie() function with different attribute

Cookie set and retrieve process

Difference between Session and Cookie

Advance PHP techniques

File Uploading

What is File uploading

How to File Upload in Folder using PHP

How to insert the image in database

Retrieving Image from Database

Element of file

Downloading a file


JavaScript and Jquery

Introduction to JavaScript and Jquery

Form validation using JavaScript and Jquery

Email validation using JavaScript and Jquery

Exception Handling
JSON in php


Introduction to XML.

Create a XML file using PHP

Accessing a XML file Data using PHP

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Introduction to AJAX

Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object

Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest

Application of AJAX in web application

Google search using Ajax

Create Image Gallery using Ajax



Email Sending with PHP

SMTP setting

Introduction about FTP

File Upload and Download form Server

Web Services

What is a Web Services

How to create WebServices

Introduction of SOAP

Introduction of XML-RPC


Introduction of Wordpress

Wordpress Customization


JQUERY Basic Operation

Jquery Slider

Jquery Date picker

Jquery Validation

Jquery based Salery Management Module.

Jquery Ajax

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Training Detail
Company: Ruchi InfoTech Ltd.
Employee: 4
Fees: 20000
Duration: 2 month

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