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University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

BA (HONS) Graphic Communication year3

My chosen word

Presentation by: Ary Coelho
Censorship is a big fat …
Initial preconceptions

Censorship of state secrets and prevention of attention;

Censorship of educational sources;

Censorship in music and popular culture;

Censorship of maps;

Creative censorship;

Censorship implementation;

Internet censorship.
What does Censorship means?

Censorship is the suppression of ideas

and information that certain people,
individuals, groups or government
officials have find objectionable or
Most of the time there is no
“freedom of speech!”
Rationale in Different types of

•  Moral Censorship
•  Political Censorship
•  Religious Censorship
•  Corporate Censorship
Moral Censorship
Removal of materials that are obscene.

Example: Pornography, specially child


Moral Censorship is a tool of social

engineering has many doubtful roots
in objective utilitarian or liberal
democratic morality.
Political Censorship

Occurs when governments take

distracting information and keep it from,
or purposefully issue it to, their citizens.

What does it do? It prevents free

expression that might foment rebellion.
Religious Censorship

Means by which any material

objectionable to a certain faith is

Often involves a dominant religion
forcing limitations on less prevalent
Corporate Censorship

Is the process by which editors in

corporate media outlets intervene to
halt the publishing of information that
portrays their business or business
partners in a negative light.
Where there is Censorship, there is a Censor…

Censors try to use the power of the state to

impose their view of what is truthful and
appropriate, or offensive and objectionable,
on everyone else. The censor wants to
prejudge materials for everyone.
It is no more complicated than
someone saying,

"Don't let anyone read this

book, or buy that magazine,
or view that film, because I
object to it!”
Visual Research


It seems that censorship still is in the control of the

information and ideas circulated within a society.

Nowadays, censorship was achieved through the

examination of books, plays, films, television and radio
programs, news reports, and other forms of communication
for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas found to be
objectionable or offensive.

“the family, the church, and the state."


How can we understand censorship, and the impulse to


Do people self-censor themselves?

Every society has had customs, taboos, or laws by

which speech, dress, religious observance, and sexual
Direction and aspects

I am primarily interested in the “no self

expression” of censorship.
Which people can’t express themselves how
they are supposed to because they have
been censured in a way and in their own

Example: dress code, fashion sense, lyrics,

freedom, speech.
Target audience

I will be targeting teenagers and young adults

between 15 to 25

People that have been censured for being

Or tried to express what they feel.
Censorship for a better world…or not.

Thank you for watching.