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The original inspiration for this anthology came from Dr. Ibne Hassan, Ph.D from prestigious
Universites-Oxford,Cambridge,Columbia Harvard, Princeton and Yale - who suggested the
production of a three-volume comprehensive thematic series on the “Organization of Ummah-i-
Islamiyah,” “Disorganization of Ummah-i-Islamiyah,” and “Reorganization of Ummah-i-
Islamiyah.” While this initial idea remains alive to be undertaken at some more opportune time,
the present collection is launched as its precursor.

In the course of preparation of the treatise, I have received help and encouragement from many
persons and organizations, who have freely shared with me the fruits of their thought and
experience. To all of them, I express my deepest thanks, for their generosity and attention.
Specially, I am indebted to the authors and publishers of respective articles for their letting me
use copyrighted materials, which have provided the primary bases of the study. I am equally
grateful to the Board of Editors who, by their cognitive reflections and critical insights, have
given the advantage of reviewing and arranging the selections in a presentable form.

I am particularly thankful to Mr Azhar Azeez, Chairman, Islamic Association of Carrolton for

their generous contribution and Ms .Carole Sturm who has very diligently and painstakingly
read and corrected the manuscript. while giving the benefit of her useful remarks. In addition, my
inimitable gratitude goes to the distinguished Board of Editors-Sulayman Nayang,Asaad
Basool ,Dr. .Agha Saeed,Sarwat Zakir Hussain,Dr.Irfan Toor,Brig(Rettd) Liaqat Toor of
Lahore,following benefactors, who by the offer of their invaluable comment and criticism have
greatly enriched the study: The Chronicles of Muslim Nation.

Thanks are due to distinguished scholars whose articles we have the pleasure include:
Prof.Khushid Ahmad,Dr.Israr Ahmad,

Then, I must acknowledge with appreciation the guidance and support given by Mr. Zahid Ali
Khan and Farrukh Khan toward the publication of this volume as well as by the publisher for the
acceptance of such a challenging engagement.

Last, but not the least, I am obligated to my wife Sajida Shamim Ahsani and my son Syed
Muhammad Ali Ahsani, who patiently bore with me during the travails of my scholarly pursuits
and allowed me to take time off domestic chores. Besides, among other things, they were helpful
in maintaining communications and running errands.

While I could not have completed the book without the plentitudes so abundantly and ardently
bestowed upon me, for whatever lapses might have remained, I alone am responsible.

Syed A.H.Ahsani