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ROAPPL BW: Application Components

ROAPPLT BW: Name of the Application Components

ROAUTH Authorizations for DataSources
ROBWQTSTAT Delta Update Status
RODCHA BW: InfoObjects / Characteristics
RODCHABAS InfoObjects / basic characteristics in the
RODCHABGEN Generated objects for the basic characteri
RODELTAM BW Delta Process
RODELTAMT BW Delta Process (Text)
RODIOBJ InfoObjects of the source system
RODIOBJCMP BW: InfoObjects / Compounding
RODIR Released Objects Directory
RODKYF BW: Key Figures
RODSAPPL DataSource Application Components
RODSAPPLT Texts for Application Components of a Data
RODSEXIT DataSource Events
RODTIM BW: Time Characteristics
ROEXSOURCE ABAP Source Code for BW Extractors
ROHIEBAS Assignment of hierarchy class / domain for
ROHIEOBJ Derivation of hierarchy class and node typ
ROIDOCPRMS Control parameters for data transfer from
ROIS InfoSources in the source systems
ROISGEN Generated objects for the InfoSource
ROISIOBJ BW: Assignment of InfoSource Fields to Inf
ROIST Name of the InfoSources
ROLE_INAK Inactive roles buffer
ROLE_INAKT Inactive roles buffer
ROMDDELTA BIW: DataSource Assignment - Change Pointe
ROMSDIOBJ BIW: Assignment of master data attributes
ROOHIECAT Additional Hierarchy Information for DS in
ROOHIECOM Compound Information for Hierarchy DS in S
ROOSFIELD DataSource Fields
ROOSGEN Generated Objects for OLTP Source
ROOSGENDLT Generic Delta Management for DataSources
ROOSGENQ Generated Coding for DS (Only for Delta Qu
ROOSGENQV Extract Structure Versions
ROOSGENQVF Field Descriptions for Extract Structure V
ROOSGENSEG Generated Objects for OLTP Source
ROOSOURCE Table Header for SAP BW OLTP Sources (Rele
ROOSOURCET Texts for an OLTP Source
ROOSPRMS Control Parameters Per DataSource
ROOSPRMSC Control Parameter Per DataSource Channel
ROOSPRMSF Control Parameters Per DataSource
ROOSSHORTN DataSource Short Name
ROPC_BOR Process Chains Started (Workflow)
ROPC_WFBOR Workflow Processes Started
RORQSTATTR Request Attributes
RORQSTPRMS Protokolltable Request
ROVERCUBE1 Transaction Data for Verification Scenario
ROVERCUBE3 Transaction Data for Verification Scenario
ROVERCUSTA Attributes for Customers in Verification S
ROVERCUSTT Customer Texts for Verification Scenario F
ROVERFIEA Field Number in Verification Scenario
ROVERFIELH Hierarchy using Test Fields in Verificatio
ROVERFIELT Texts for Field No.
ROVERHIE Hierarchies in Verification Scenario
ROVERHIET Hierarchy Texts in Verification Scenario
ROVERREGIA Region in Verification Scenario
ROVERREGIT Texts for Region in Verification Scenario
ROVERTABLE Tables for Verification Scenarios
ROVERTYPEA Test Type in Verification Scenario
ROVERTYPET Texts for Test Type in Verification Scenar