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Why universal education a successful one?

Based on 2015s statistics, 757 million adults, including 115 million youth, who still
cannot read or write a simple sentence, which are two-thirds of them are female












interchangeably. An educated one, is basically has higher understanding of things

where on the other hand, a literate one just simply knows how to read and write but
doesnt understand what hes doing.
An educated one has more advantage to life than being just a literate one.

One of the dilemmas why prosperity in ones community fails is that because they
are not educated as what others do.
One of the reasons why there are dilemmas existing not in the International
Governance but in the world is because of the various education systems imposed
on the people in different regions, countries, and society they belong with. With that
stated, people tend to have a different levels of thinking. Some of them may
consider rational, critical, and nonsense. Different education systems basically will
end up with different reasoning as well.

In contrary, universal education is the solution to come up with a universal solution

that will largely be accepted by the majority. Having this universal education system
across the world will help everyone to engage with what is going on around them,
politics, for example. They can cope up with the discussions made by those who are
in that field that could propose solutions to resolve an issue because of the
education that they have gained.

Having universal education also means of giving equal opportunities among people
who wants to get involved in running the government, lessen poverty, and a






(http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/education.shtml). This is an avenue in making a

stable and progressive community. The ones who are educated enough has the
edge to interact and act for improvements. A community with these kind of people
can result to create more ideas that might be the key for development.

If universal education is within reach, everyone can be capable of doing something

that can benefit from. Everyone is open for improvements and better decisionmaking. Civilized society is a key to ones progress and avenue to ones
development (http://www.cgdev.org/files/2844_file_EDUCATON1.pdf)

Attaining universal education can help the people to engage themselves in

whatever field they wanted to be in. Having that said, one can become somebody
because of the education that he has fulfilled like what others have. For an instance,
one cannot simply confine himself just being poor, with the proper education, he
has the capacity to strive for the better. (http://www.theguardian.com/globaldevelopment/2014/jun/30/universal-primary-education-andris-piebalgs-eucommissioner)

Another point, for those who are given this kind of education, has the capacity to
change what they want to change and replace it by a better one. For an instance,
theres a chaotic phenomenon existing in the government, therefore, the educated
ones can engage and get involved in the system they are part of. They are the ones
who can revolt with those people who are taking advantage of them, whereas, the
uneducated ones are prone to be taken advantage of because their ignorance.
(https://verdict.justia.com/2012/03/29/an-educated-population-is-essential-to-anations-prosperity-yet-some-politicians-are-demonizing-our-educational-system-forpolitical-advantage) They are the ones who can change the system into a better

one, with their collaboration of ideas they can break the old system and replace it
with a new paradigm that

Thus, a population comprises with educated people is a weapon to fight struggles

that come their way. Given the universal and proper education can affect one and
the people around with it. Universal education is a way to open discourse and
improvements not just in International Governance but in life. This part presupposes
that theres an existing conflict in the world because of the different education
systems people are faced with. And that being said then, people have different
knowledge of things, pursuits, and their field of interests- the root of conflict.