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Chemistry & Technology of fertilisers

Manual of fertiliser processing
Dictionary of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Processing
Hazardous area classification in petroleum and chemical plants: A Guide to mitigating
5. Handbook of fire and explosion protection engineering

Model Code of Safe Practice in the Petroleum Industry: Guide to Hydrocarbon Loss
Accounting and Control in Petroleum Refinery Operations Pt. 17 (Petroleum measurement

Expanders for Oil and Gas Operations: Design, Applications, and Troubleshooting

10 Demanding Books of Piping Design

6. Process Piping Design Handbook
7. Piping And Pipeline Engineering
8. Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems, by: Bruce E. Larock
9. Piping Design and Engineering - 6th Ed
10.The Fundamentals of Piping Design: Drafting and Design Methods for Process
Applications (Process Piping Design Handbook) (v. 1)
11.Process Plant Layout and Piping Design, by: Ed Bausbacher, Roger Hunt
12.ASME Collection for Process Vessel and Piping Design
13.Advanced Piping Design (Process Piping Design Handbook - Vol 2)
14.Piping Design for Process Plants, by: Howard F. Rase, M. H. Barrow
15.Piping Handbook, 7th Edition, by: Mohinder L. Nayyar
16.The Piping Guide: For the Design and Drafting of Industrial Piping Systems, by: David R.
Sherwood, Dennis J. Whistance
17.Pipe Drafting and Design, Second Edition, by: Roy A. Parisher Robert A. Rhea

1. Subsea Engineering Handbook

2. Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations" ed. by Tyler G.
4th edition
3. Well Production Practical Handbook" ed. by Henri Cholet
4. ASM Handbook Volume 1-21
5. Natural Gas Measurement Handbook" by James E. Gallagher
6. Piping handbook" ed. by Mohinder L. Nayyar
7. John E. Bringas " Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards
(Astm Data Series Publication, Ds 67a.)
8. Advances in petroleum chemistry and refining, Kenneth Albert Kobe
& John J.macketta

9. petroleum chemistry and refining, Speight

10.Petroleum refining processes, spght
11.Chemistry of diesel fuels,Chunsham song
12.Hydroprocessing of heavy oils and residua, Jorge Anchetya,J.G.speight
13.Handbook of petrochemicals and processes, G. Margaret Wells
14.Handbook of indiustrial catalysts, lawrie loyd
15.Industrial burners handbook, Charles E.Baukal
16.Qatar oil and gas exploration laws and regulation handbook
17.Qatar mining laws and regulations handbook
18.Handbook of Energy: Diagrams, Charts, and Tables, Cutler J. Cleveland,
Christopher G. Morris
19.Handbook of polymer synthesis. characterization & processing, By Enrique SaldivarGuerra, Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima

20.The Chemistry of Alberta Oil Sands, Bitumens and Heavy Oils O.P Strausz and
E.M Lown
21.Working Guide to Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations
22.Chemical & Process Plant Commissioning Handbook: A Practical Guide to
Plant System And Equipment Installation And Commissioning - Martin
23.Process Utility Systems: Introduction To Design, Operation And Maintenance
24.Chemistry & Technology of Coal
25.The Petroleum Engr Handbook-Sustainable Operations (Islam and Khan)
26.Natural Gas: A Basic Handbook (Speight)
27.Handbook Of Fire And Explosion Protection Engineering Principles: For Oil,
Gas, Chemical And Related Facilities -Dennis P. Nolan
28.Natural gas measurement handbook / James E. Gallagher.
29.The Oil & Gas Engineering Guide , HERV BARON

Operatirs guide to rotating equipment
Slurry system hb
Valves, piping and PL HB
Waukesha Pumps engg Manual