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Free Zimbabweans Unified

in Voice, Purpose, Peace

and Determination


The Office of the Prime Minister
No 10 Downing Street POVERTY
United Kingdom

17th April 2010

For the Attention of the Prime Minister

Dear Sir

We the people of Zimbabwe have gathered together with 1 Million Zimbabwean Voices Limited to present to
you a petition calling for action from the International Community on behalf of Zimbabwean people around
the world, to continue to place pressure on the government of Zimbabwe in order to give the people of our
nation the fundamental right of participation in the free and fair general elections to choose the leader of our
country, no matter where they choose to live.

Currently over four and a half million Zimbabwean Nationals are denied the opportunity to vote freely as the
current government continues to withhold our right to vote while outside of the boarders of Zimbabwe. We
present this petition to the British Government of the day calling for you to use your power and influence as a
Leading World Power to ensure that the rights outlined in our petition are granted to our people.

It has always been out intention to present this petition to the Zimbabwean Government along with the
International Community to show that the people of Zimbabwe are serious about their desire to participate in
the politics of our nation. However at this time, we have become aware of numerous reports in both
Zimbabwean and International media of increased levels of violence against opposition leaders, and members
of various minority parties. People have been arrested for speaking out publicly against the current regime,
and there is a real concern for the safety of our people in Zimbabwe. For this reason we have made the
decision not to present this petition with names of people living in Zimbabwe to the government. It would be
horrific to think we have placed people in danger while trying to win the rights of Zimbabweans living

Please accept this call from over 1000 Zimbabwean people who have signed this petition, to address the
issues outlined in the document, and continue to bring focus to the issues of Zimbabwean People around the
world. Without the help of the International Community and Leaders in your position to continue to put
pressure on the Zimbabwean Government, we will never realise our desire to live in a free, prosperous and
safe environment in our nation. We thank you for your time in considering our request, and look forward to
working with your office to bring results to the people of Zimbabwe. Together we have a real chance to bring
change to our nation, and with your continued help, support and pressure, Zimbabweans everywhere may one
day have the opportunities we all take for granted.

We have come to the realisation that our country needs us, and today we stand as 1 Million Zimbabwean
Voices, united in our desire to see our nation liberated from the greed and corruption that strangles the life
blood from it. We are peaceful and friendly people, and have endured much in the last three decades. It is our
time to stand up and call for change, and your support in this process is critical to our success.

We look forward to your response and trust that our future will see us change dreams into reality as we strive
together to solve the problems of our nation.

Yours sincerely HEAD OFFICE

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices

Ms Barbara Nyagomo P O Box 519
For and on behalf of West Glamorgan
1 Million Zimbabwean Voices Limited SA1 9DA

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices Ltd is a Registered Non Profit Organisation in England and Wales Reg No. 7160445
The Office of the Prime Minister
No 10 Downing Street

Copies sent to:

Director General – European Commission

Director General – European Commission – Pan African Issues and Institutions
Office of the President – The Whitehouse
Office of the President – South Africa
US Department of State
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Amnesty International Secretariat
SADC Secretariat
The Chairperson – The African Union
UK Department of Foreign Affairs
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs

17th April 2010

For The Attention of the Prime Minister, the Hon Gordon Brown

Dear Sir

In recent times, world leaders have been heard to suggest that Africa’s problems need to be solved by African people.
As Zimbabweans we understand that it is our responsibility to confront the issues that corrupt and bleed our nation of
its Livelihood. Furthermore we accept that it is Zimbabwean people that will provide a final solution to the crime and
corruption that cripples our nation. However, we petition the world to realise that alone we cannot overcome a
powerful dictator and remove the rot from within without the support of the world at large.

Each voice signed below is a Zimbabwean who understands that they have a role to play in changing the face of
Zimbabwean Politics. However each voice is prevented from being an effective voice for democracy in Zimbabwe by
the violation of their individual human rights. Everyone of us is eager, willing and desperate to stand and be counted
as Zimbabweans, and we demand that our voice be heard.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights lays out the following concepts of Human Rights in its articles. While
there have been many breeches of the Articles laid out in the Declaration of Human Rights, and the Zimbabwean
people have suffered significantly as a result of Human Rights abuses since 1980, in this instance the following two
Articles are of critical importance to the freedom of Zimbabwe.

Article 15

 Everyone has the right to a nationality.

 No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

Article 21

 Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen
 Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.
 The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in
periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret
vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.
As Zimbabwean Citizens living abroad we are denied these freedoms.
1. As a Zimbabwean Citizen living outside of Zimbabwe’s borders some 4.5 Million Zimbabweans are
denied the right to vote in any election taking place in Zimbabwe.

Therefore by word of this petition we demand the reinstatement of our constitutional Human Right as Zimbabwean
Citizens to vote in any election undertaken for Zimbabwean Leadership at any time, regardless of our location in the

The last general election in Zimbabwe was undertaken in suspicious circumstances with the results being ignored and
the population intimidated and bullied into voting for the ruling party.
1. Counting was delayed for weeks leading to speculation in vote rigging.
2. The result of a clear win by an opposition party was ignored.
3. Force and Intimidation, ghost voters, and vote rigging were widely used in a runoff election that was not
legal or accepted by the people of Zimbabwe.

Therefore as is clear from the results of the last general election campaign and its subsequent runoff election, we
demand International Observers to be present at every election undertaken in Zimbabwe. This demand extends to free
and independent monitors at every polling station, adjudicators at every counting station, and international observers
present throughout the country in the run up to any election.

We as free Zimbabweans speak in one voice. We demand the right to take part in free and fair elections that give us
the power to bring change to our nation. Regardless of our colour, creed, tribe, sex, language, creed, religion, location,
wealth or age we demand the freedom to choose who we want to rule our nation, to see prosperity and normality
restored to our nation. We seek law and order and the right to live, work and be happy in the land of our birth. No
man, organisation or institution has the right to withhold these fundamental rights of every human being from us, and
we implore the International Community to stand by us, and support our call for freedom and our drive for change.

Our future stability and prosperity is to your advantage. We are a peaceful people seeking a peaceful resolution to the
greed, crime and corruption that has reduced the Nation of Zimbabwe into a land of paupers reliant on food aid,
monetary assistance and international health aid. Zimbabwe was once the bread basket of Africa, and with your help,
guidance and support we can once again make Zimbabwe the Nation it was. As Zimbabweans we will take action and
fix our nation, but to do this we need your support and for this reason, this petition demands we all take action to
reinstate the basic Human Rights of every individual Zimbabwean throughout the world, so we have every opportunity
to fulfil our responsibilities to our country.

Signed by Zimbabwean People and their Supporters.

1093 Signatures were added to this document from the 11th March 2010 until the petition was closed to signatures on
the 16th April 2010.

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